5 great couch co-op videogames to play with non-gamers

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    Hi there! I don’t know about you, but in my country, the quarantine has extended for 30 more days. Instead of writing my new post, I’ve been slacking off with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Which made me think about Nathan’s relationship with Elena, adventuring around the world, setting down together, ooohhh the love. I know many people right now live quarantine with some relatives or love partners who may not care about videogames. Or might as well care, but are not quite the “gamer” as us.

    So, in this opportunity, I present to you 5 great couch co-op videogames to introduce anyone to videogames.

    Any sports-related

    Ok, I’m cheating right now. As I said before, there nor current season of any sports right now, so, a good way to pass time could be recreating your dream match on your favorite sport. F.C Barcelona vs F.C Madrid in FIFA 20, Red Sox vs Yankees in MLB The Show 20, the 24 hours of Le-Mans on F1 and many more.

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    You can find sports-related videogames in basically any console and PC. So get some snacks ready for a co-op or competitive match with your love partner. Be careful though, these games can get very competitive so you may want to keep it cold at times.

    Overcooked 1-2

    I never thought I would play a funny videogame about cooking, but that’s Overcooked is. A hillarious “cook-em up” videogame where up to 4 players takes one simple tasks on a restaurant such as cooking, washing the dishes and take the food the customers.

    The game can be chaotic as well as fun when the orders pile up. I’ll let you below the trailer of Overcooked 2 so you can have an idea of how’s the game.

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    Borderlands series

    Borderlands is an first-person shooter (FPS) videogame with some elements from RPGs. In these game we can play with up to 3 other friends both online or offline and we’ll control a group of vault hunters in search of the treasures hidden inside the legendary vault.

    Borderlands is well known for both it’s addictive loot mechanics and hillarious comedy. It’s the ideal game for couples that want to relief some stress through killing hordes of enemies. Also, it’s an easy game to get into even for newcomers and the characters will provide with dozens of hours of funny moments.

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    Borderlands is available on PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintebdo Switch with local co-op for 2 players. The latest PS4, Xbox One and PC version support local co-op for up to 4 players. I’ll let you below one of the trailer videos from Borderlands 2 featuring one of the greatest villains/antagonists ever created: Handsome Jack.


    Here I am, cheating again. Ok, Deponia is a hilarious single-player point & click videogame with a great sense of humor. I played this with my girlfriend and we both had a great time both solving the puzzles and laughing with Rufus’s stupidity. The game follows Rufus’s misadventures to escape his home-world, Deponia, in search of the beautiful floating city, Elysium.

    There’re currently 4 games in the series, so you’re up to for a bunch of hours of crazy puzzles and hilarious moments. All games are available in all current-generation consoles as well as PC.

    Rocket League

    Rocket League is a game that combines soccer and cars, even though that sounds crazy. In this game, you can play with or against your friends in a very interesting sport. While driving a rocket-powered car, you’ll need to hit a giant ball and score in the opposite team’s goal. That’s it, just like soccer… But driving powerful cars. It’s easy to get into the game but it’s hard to master, that aside, once you get hooked to this game you can get dozens of hours of fun and if you happen to have a partner who shares the love for a game like this, bingo!

    Rocket League is available in all curent-generation consoles as well as PC.


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