5 New Free-To-Play Games To Play in 2023

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    Free-To-Play games are coming out on a daily basis, but some big AAA are pretty rare. So why don’t we take a look at 5 New Free-To-Play Games To Play in 2023? Did the game you are looking forward to make the list or do you have one that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

    5. KartRider: Drift

    New Free-To-Play Games To Play in 2023

    This cute chibi racer has been announced a while ago and has had multiple betas, but it will finally come out this year. KartRider: Drift is a kart racer game by Nexon, the publisher behind some of the biggest MMO Maplestoroy. KartRiders had some games in the past but it will finally be back on modern consoles.

    Want to learn more about the game? Read our preview from the beta here. The game is available right now!

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    4. Disney Dreamlight Valley

    Ever wanted to play a Disney city sim? then Disney Dreamlight Valley will make that dream come true. Make all the inhabitants happy by completing their stories and start making new friends by going to their realms. There is a big variety of Disney characters already in the game with more and more characters that are going to come out over the next few months.

    Want to learn more about the game? Read our Disney Dreamlight Valley Review!

    Disney Dreamlight Valley will release on later in 2023 for free but is currently already available to play in a paid option with extra content or on Xbox Gamepass.

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    3. Disney Speedstorm

    The 2nd racer game on the list is a brand-new game by Disney. Play as a character from your favorite Disney franchise and win new characters along the way. They are currently announcing new content for the game and hold playtests regularly you can join.

    Disney Speedstorm will release later in 2023. Keep an eye on the Disney Speedstorm Twitter if you want to stay up to date about new characters and its release date.

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    2. Blue Protocol

    Love anime RPGs like Genshin Impact or Tower of Fantasy? then Blue Protocol might be the next thing to get your hands on. With a refined combat system and the anime visuals you know and love, you can jump right into this massive open world to explore.

    Blue Protocol will release later in 2023.

    1. Tom Clancy’s The Division: Heartland

    Ubisoft is making another attempt at the Free-To-Play genre after Hyper Scape (RIP) and Roller Champions, but this time with a known IP, The Division. Not much is known yet about this spin-off entry in The Division saga, but its likely going to be similar like the previous 2 games in the series.

    Tom Clancy’s The Division: Heartland will release later in 2023.

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