5 videogame Franchises To Keep You Motivated

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    Hi everyone! I have recently been kinda tired, with no desire to write, totally without inspiration. Between real-life work and personal matters I barely find time to enjoy games. But I recently went back to Persona 4 Golden (currently on my 1st playthrough) and the inspiration came back to me.

    Because Persona 4 Golden is such an amazing game, that I started to remember all those great videogame franchises I could play basically forever. Games that motivate me to talk about them, to play more games, to be grateful for being alive when they got released. So here are 5 videogame Franchises To Keep You Motivated.


    I’m not a hardcore fan of the Persona franchise since the first I played was actually Persona 5. But even so, that single game won my heart and motivates me to play the previous games. I have always loved huge open-world games where you can explore and lose yourself in. Persona 5 for instance, and massive RPG with an enjoyable story and a masterpiece of gameplay.

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    Persona has always been a kind of RPG where spending time with your teammates and friends is as important as level up in dungeons. Deepen your relationships with your friends allows them to unlock new perks or skills that will help you a lot. So you will probably have a hard time deciding whether to kill some monster or going to the cinema with your friends.

    I totally recommend this game for any anime or JRPG lovers out there, I’m certain it won’t disappoint you.

    Final Fantasy

    Even though I started playing Final Fantasy in my PlayStation 1 it wasn’t until Final Fantasy X when I actually became a fan. This game is a masterpiece for me and one of my favorites of all time. Final Fantasy X is a beautiful JRPG with an unforgettable story, my favorite love story actually, screws The Notebook.

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    In Final Fantasy X we will accompany Tidus and Yuna in their journey to save Spira from the deathly Sinh. The game features solid character development, an amazing story, and both challenging and satisfactory gameplay. This is also the one game that I love to grind, leveling up, getting the Astral weapons, unlocking and beating the optional bosses, lovely. I could spend dozens of hours getting ready for a fight and will still having a blast, to be honest.

    Metal Gear Solid

    I’m a huge fan of both Hideo Kojima and his masterpiece in gaming story, Metal Gear Solid. This is probably one of the best stories ever made in gaming. The effort Kojima and his team put in the script of this game are just, well, inspiring.

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    Even though I love all games in this franchise, if I have to pick one, it’ll be Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Hiding in the Russian jungles using the environment to your advantage, killing enemies as stealthy as possible, taking care of your injuries, and making use of the local fauna as your dinner.

    The gameplay is a masterpiece but the story may be the best part of the game. The character development is fantastic, the argument, and the perfect ending. I never get tired of this game, I could watch all the cutscenes as a movie for the whole day. If you like great stories that will keep you hooked, this franchise is for you, especially the 3rd entry.

    The Elder Scrolls

    All right, let us get some hate. In my opinion TESV: Skyrim is the game of the franchise developed for casuals and first-timers. The way you develop your character is way easier than in their predecessors, also, the factions quest are 1000 times better in both Oblivion and Morrowind. That said, Skyrim has a special place in my heart and it’s a game I’ve spent hundreds of hours in.

    What I love about Skyrim is… Well Skyrim itself. The Nord lands full of beautiful landscapes and mysteries to uncover. A beautiful masterpiece of the fantasy genre, a game that allows you to play it however you want. I’ve spent over 500 hours on my main save file and it still feels fresh, like the first time I play it. There’s always something new, a new cave to explore, a new NPC to interact, a new quest to complete, a new random event you have never seen before.

    Skyrim is a wonderful masterpiece I’ll recommend to anyone who love the fantasy genre. Also, if you enjoy Skyrim you may as well try the previous entries of The Elder Scrolls franchise.

    Mass Effect trilogy

    This is Bioware finest work, in my opinion, the epic sci-fi trilogy of videogames where your actions actually matter. Mass Effect tells the story of Commander Shepard and his team on their battle against the “Reapers”. What makes this game so good is that you make your own story through your actions and choices, and then import your save file to the next game. So, the alliances and enemies you gain in one game will be present in the next, this makes each game truly unique for all players and even for the same player if he/she decides to start a new game and make different choices.

    If I have to pick one game of the trilogy, it will be Mass Effect 2 without doubts. Enjoyable gameplay, perfect story, great characters with great development, the game just keeps you hooked from the very first to the last minute. And speaking of last, that final mission, oh my god, my favorite final mission/quest from all videogames history, just EPIC!

    I will recommend this game to any sci-fi lovers or anyone who loves great stories and gameplay.

    So there you have it, my personal “must-play, must-love” videogame franchises. Videogames I can play forever. Most important, games I can play to motivate me whenever I’m down or not in a good mood. Speaking about love for videogames, check out the post below to find out which games we will love to play again as a new entry in the series with more content and stuff.

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