5 Videogame Quests/Missions That You Need To Play

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    Hey everyone! How’s it going? I’ve recently been playing a little bit of a few games. A little bit of Fall Guys (not really good thou), a 30% completion of Red Dead Redemption 2, and a few hours of Control. After all that for some unknown reason I started to think about epic moments in videogames. But not just scenes, but quests, missions, gameplay sections so memorable that stay with you for years, maybe forever.

    So I’m taking this chance to share with you my personal top 5. Epic quests and missions that will live forever in my memories.

    Beware for the upcoming spoilers about the following games:

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    • Mass Effect 2
    • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
    • GTA San Andreas
    • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    • Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

    Suicide Mission (Mass Effect 2)

    My personal favourite, the best of the best. I haven’t meet anyone who doesn’t think this mission is really amazing. The game itself is a masterpiece, but the final mission is a carousel of emotions, and choices.

    Everyting you did through the whole game counts in the final assault agains the “Collectors”. Every companion you recruited, every upgrade in the Normandy SR2 (your spaceship), the amount of crew members that are truly loyal to you.

    This final mission consist in a final assault on the Collectors base in order to rescue most of your crew that were abducted. In this mission you will need to know very well your companion’s strenghts and weaknesses and how much they trust in you.

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    You will not only need to choose 2 of your companions to help you in the fight but also choose roles for the rest of them. Who’s going to be the team leader? Who’s going to be the tech specialist? support? who’s going to escort the hostages back to the ship once you rescue them?.

    All those choices can lead to the success of the death or your crew, and yours maybe, so be wise.

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    The battle of Kaer Morhen (The Witcher 3)

    Another one very special to me, very similar to the last entry too. In order to protect Cirilla; Geralt, Yennefer, and the rest of the witchers from the wolf school select Kaer Morhen as the battlefield against the Wild Hunt.

    Every little help counts in the battle against this formidable threat. So you have the choice to ask some of Geralt’s acquaintances for help. This will result in certain advantages during the quest. Keep in mind that most of Geralt’s acquaintances will only agree to help him if you complete certain quests related to them prior to this stage of the game. Side-quests pay well!

    In regard of the battle, is just epic. The quest itself is awesome, fighting in both the school of the wolf as well as the lands surrouding it. The quest has many variants depending on the characters you recruit for the battle. The ending is also very touching since you get to know what’s in store for the secondary characters and close most of their stories.

    End of the line (GTA San Andreas)

    The last mission of the game is all about the final strike of the Jhonson’s brothers to the traitor Big Smoke. Sweet and CJ find about Big Smoke whereabouts, he is in a well-guarded building in The Flowers neighborhood. The city is in chaos, gangs fighting with the police, people robbing the stores, etc.

    There are important emotional moments such as Sweet and CJ’s farewell when the last one decides to enter the building alone. Big Smoke’s last words after getting shoot by CJ and the reunion of the Jhonson’s brothers and their friends.

    Speaking about gameplay, this mission has everything you can ask for. You have to steal a SWAT truck and use it to break a wall in the building. Then fight a bunch of enemies while you make you way up. Defeat Big Smoke in some sort of boss fight. An epic car chase to finish off officer Tenpenny, and remember, the city is in chaos. Can’t get any better than that.

    Video uploded by youtube’s user Moiz009

    The Ultimate Heist (TES IV: Oblivion)

    The Elder Scrolls franchise has brought us epic quests and memories for over 20 years but my after thinking a lot I choose this one as my favourite.

    The ultimate Heist is the last quest of the thieves guild. This quest represents the last part of the Gray Fox plan on stealing an elder scroll. After being collecting items and intel from the previous quest the player is asked to follow Gray Fox’s instructions to infiltrate the imperial city palace library. This will be a roller-coaster of emotions since the quest can take a complete hour or even more depend on the character’s build and it will only take 1 mistake to fail the quest.

    First, you will need to infiltrate in the basement of the palace to activate a giant hourglass. After that make your way to the sewers and prepare to fight a bunch of ghosts, skeletons, etc. Fight your way through to find some puzzles were you will need to use the boots of spring heel Jack to make an otherwise impossible jump and reach a mechanism that opens the door.

    Later you will need to make a perfect shot with the arrow of extrication (which is a key) to open the door. Sneak your way to the imperial palace upper chambers by a secret passage. Finally, make your way through the corridors without being spotted by the guards to reach the library where the elder scroll is located. Use a secret fireplace passage to escape to the sewer and then out of the city.

    You think that was a long explanation? Try reading the quest log. The quest ends after delivering the quest to the Gray Fox and watch the cool epilogue which I will not spoil this time.

    Loose Ends (CoD Modern Warfare 2)

    It was hard to choose between Modern Warfare and the Black Ops games. But I think that anyone who has played these games will agree this is an epic mission indeed.

    By general Shepherd orders, Roach and Ghost are sent to look for Makarov in a safehouse along with the other members of Task Force 141. After being ambushed by a lot of hostiles and barely scape, they find no clue of Makarov’s whereabouts. But they do find one of Makarov’s computers which provide them with a lot of intel. While the team downloads the information they get ambushed again and forced to defend the hardware for a certain time. Once they gather all the intel, they flee to the extraction point while being attacked. Roach gets severely injured forcing Ghost to carry him over to the extraction point. By this point, the rest of the time are all dead, so Ghost can not count on them to cover him.

    Luckily, they receive cover from the Little Bird gunship at the extraction point. Shepherd personally walks out of it while commenting something about cutting “loose ends”. He takes his gun and shoots Roach, then he shoots Ghost in the head before he can act. Shepherd takes the intel from Roach’s body, then 2 shadow company soldiers soak the dead soldier’s bodies in gasoline. Shepherd toss his cigar to the bodies, setting them alight. As they burn, Price voice can be heard in Ghost’s radio, warning them of Shepherd’s betrayal. A little too late

    Is really hard to pick only 5 missions/quest because there are so many great games with epic moments. But I’m sure that anyone that have already played this games keep their memories about these great moments.


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