6 Gaming Facts You Might Have Never Heard Before

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    There are a lot of things you might have never heard, like how Xbox got its name, or that the GameCube is not actually a cube. So why don’t we take a look at 6 Gaming Facts You Might Have Never Heard Before?

    Gaming Facts You Might Have Never Heard Before - Gaming Cardridges

    Even though, Nintendo advised players not to blow in the cartridges by putting a warning on the back, Kamal Gray from The Roots, set a world record after blowing into 43 video game cartridges in 20 seconds. Think your childhood self could beat him?

    The “ding” sound that pops out when a Fat Man nuke is launched in Fallout 3 is the lunch bell from Bethesda Softworks’ cafeteria. You will never prove the same satisfaction as before after this, I know but maybe you will feel hungry from now on.

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    Halo 2 release for Windows Vista was delayed due to a curious fact: Charlie Gough, one of the Lead Engineers, hid a picture of his behind inside one of the various files of the game. The photo was later removed with a patch. 

    Grand Theft Auto idea came up from a glitch inside another Rockstar game: Race n’Chase. Luckily or not, they changed the initial project before release and the first Grand Theft Auto has seen the light in 1997.

    In Diablo, you can hear Diablo saying a demoniac phrase… However, if you play it backward, it’s just a wise hint he gives to all the players: “Eat your vegetables and brush after every meal”.  Blizzard cares about your oral hygiene!

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    Batman: Arkham Asylum was a rhythmic action game during its first development phases. Then they changed it into a 2D fighting. However, both of these attempts were a failure but they fueled the basis of the final combat system we have nowadays.

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