7 Achievements You Will Only Unlock By Being Lucky

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    There are currently millions of Achievements and Trophies for you to collect on both Xbox and Playstation, but there are a few of them out there that just have you do the same thing over and over again just to get lucky and get that 1 item to unlock it. Here are 7 Achievements You Will Only Unlock By Being Lucky.

    Monster Hunter: World – Giant Crown Master

    In Monster Hunter: World, there are these crowns you can get for defeating enemies. The catch for this achievement is that it’s random and the drop rates are pretty low, but you need a ton of them from enemies that can take a big to defeat and that are super strong. This achievement alone makes the game take hundreds of hours and makes the total of the 100% base game almost to 1000 hours.

    Injustice 2 – Cat Fight

    A gaming list about annoyances isn’t complete without some loot box talk and in Injustice 2 there isn’t actually an achievement for it, but there is one for defeating Cheetah with Catwoman while she has a specific piece of gear. You can probably guess where this is going because that piece of her gear can only be obtained by these annoying boxes. This isn’t just annoying for the loot boxes, but the grind in general to even open the boxes can take a while and will probably be a massive undertaking for the people who dare try to get this rare achievement.

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    Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 1: 400 Days – Two out of Three

    This achievement sounds pretty simple. It’s just Rock paper scissors, but it’s completely random every time, if you lose, you need to restart the episode and redo the first 5 minutes before reattempting, if you are as unlucky as me, you can retry for a few hours. It was absolutely terrible because this is the only achievement in the game that isn’t “complete chapter/episode X”.

    Yakuza 0 – Cat Scratch Fever

    7 Achievements You Will Only Unlock By Being Lucky - Yakuza 0 Cat Scratch Fever

    Think winning Rock Paper Scissors 1 time is bad? try winning 10-button mashing competitions in a row against an AI that randomly decided who wins… Because that is the Cat Scratch Fever achievement in Yakuza 0. While this can be super annoying, this isn’t the only luck-based achievement in the series, there are a lot of others like beating someone in mahjong and other minigames like that. So if you plan on going through the yakuza series, you have some fun RNG to look forward to.

    Borderlands 2 – Challenge Accepted

    For Borderlands 2 this achievement in general is a big pain, but it’s been made worse by having to defeat 1 random rare spawn enemy as one of the challenges. This enemy can take hours to spawn and is completely random with a low spawn %. This is the worst part of the whole game, but not only in this Borderlands game, they decided to repeat this same thing in the next one… Want to know the real kicker? If you play it in multiplayer with a friend, it only counts for the person that defeats it and not for the 2nd person.

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    Watch_Dogs 2 – Hold My Hair

    Having to deal with drunk people is never fun, but having to follow one for minutes and hoping that he will just vomit is even worse because that’s what you have to do for this achievement. You have to walk over the city and take a picture of someone who is puking. Over the course of the game, you might see a few of these, but if you don’t take a look at the achievement list beforehand, it can take a pretty long time to find one, and is just generally really frustrating because some of the drunks might not even vomit after following them.

    Want to know a bit more about Watch Dogs 2? Check out our review of the game.

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    Assassin’s Creed Origins – Overheating

    While we are on the Ubisoft RNG walking achievements… Let’s talk about Assassin’s Creed Origins. In this game, you have to walk across the desert and just hope that 1 of many random events activates and it starts raining bugs… This can honestly take more than an hour and is just one of the most annoying things ever, there are so many random events that can occur that the one you actually need seems a rare oddity because the other ones seem to spawn more often than the one for this achievement.

    Please let us know if you ever had an annoying luck-based achievement like these in the comments or on Twitter/Discord!


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