A Little To The Left Review

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    A Little To The Left is a very chill and laid-back game where you organize basic household objects and drawers. Here is our A Little To The Left Review.

    The game was developed by Max Inferno and published by Secret Mode, it was released on November 8, 2022, for Nintendo Switch, and PC but was later released for the Xbox Series S|X and PlayStation 4/5.

    At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be much of a story, but on some levels, there is this cat who will mess up the things you are organizing. Even later in the game, there is also a level where you have to organize, so it seems like the game is about cleaning up your cat’s messes, and nearing the end, the theme of the cat comes into play more and more.

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    The gameplay is simple, but its simplicity is its biggest power. There are no instructions, but they also aren’t really needed most of the time, It’s all about organizing things in the right place or order, and those are the only instructions you really need. Some levels do need some thinking, and some even have multiple ways you can complete them, like putting them from big to small, having the right pattern, or having things line up the perfect way. The way the game is so simple but still makes you think is just so nice and refreshing.

    A Little To The Left Review - book level

    The game is a lot like Unpacking where the story is told through the levels themselves not not really any narration, it sets you to think, just like in the levels. The game does have its limits, there are around 60/70 levels and there are some Christmas and Halloween-themed levels because the game is so much fun, I wish there just was more, but we can’t have anything. They also have daily levels, at the moment I only played 1 of them, because each day you will be able to play a new one, this will for sure give me a reason to keep the game installed and do a level a day, not just for fun, but also achievements

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    The game has some amazing puzzles that make you think, and while there are a lot of levels, i just wish there were just a bit more.

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    The game has some amazing puzzles that make you think, and while there are a lot of levels, i just wish there were just a bit more.A Little To The Left Review