A Plague Tale: Innocence Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 3/10
    Estimated time to platinum/100%: 20 – 25 hours
    Missable trophies: Technically 2 (Not A Toy Anymore/Handfull Of Pockets)
    Glitched trophies: None
    Difficulty related: None
    Playthrough: 1 (Clean Up can be done in Chapter Select)


    Welcome to the Plague Tale: Innocence Trophy Guide! Get the best tips and tricks to unlock all the trophies for A Plague Tale: Innocence in the best trophy guide for the game on the internet.

    Darkness Plagues the land, spawning from beneath the earth, strong enough to pull man and beast into its thrall. Shadows loom over the house of De Rune where a young boy and his sister’s fate is about to change forever.

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    Step 1: What it Means to be A De RUNE
    The first stage of the game should be spent getting your bearings and completing the story, learning what happened and gaining all collections and upgrades that you would like. There is no Difficulty in the game which means you play in a generic difficulty.

    You’ll be earning these trophies:

    The de Rune Legacy
    The Strangers
    The Apprentice
    The Ravens’ Spoils
    Damaged Goods
    The Path Before Us
    Our Home
    In The Shadow Of Ramparts
    All That Remains
    Blood Ties

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    Step 2: Collection & Clean Up
    This stage will see you complete all the collections in the game including the 1 off-types like The Blacksmith, in addition to completing challenging trophies like Captain Sidekick. Please refer to the individual trophies for more information.

    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:

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    Resource Sharing
    More Practice
    Feeding The Hungry
    Curiosities Hunter
    The Hard Way
    Captain Sidekick
    The Blacksmith
    Big Sister

    Tips and Strategies:

    Notes & Important Information:

    This guide Has Spoilers!
    Information used within the guide will not rely on you “Auto-Popping” the trophies from the PS4 release of the game and you can obtain all using the PS5 release of A Plague Tale: Innocence.


    Stealing from the Rats?:

    During your adventure, you will come across sets of Rats who you can set on enemies. This is a valid way to dispatch enemies in your way, however, this can hinder you as much as help. As you might know, you can get Item drops from enemies you dispatch without Rats, but did you know that Dispatching Guards using the Rats doesn’t stop Item Drops? If you are lucky enough you can even pick up the items which are dropped by enemies you have let Rats Devour, this only really applies if you don’t have a light source, as using a torch there is next to no danger. There is an image below showing what is meant.

    The game is straightforward and only has slight detours to find collectable or “Collectable” based trophies, like The Blacksmith. Because of this, it is recommended to play through and obtain all that you find along the way then return later to collect up the remaining ones once the game’s campaign is completed, that being said some tips can be found below.


    • Although 2 Trophies are classified as MISSABLE, this is not totally Accurate. They are classified this way because you need to do them in the Linear fashion of the story, however, there is a glitch which can be done later to obtain the trophies.
    • The Game Plays to the linear story.
    • Out of all the resources in the game, there are abundances of most of them save, Fabric, Sulphur, and Saltpeter. These 3 resources were difficult for the author to come across at times, thankfully there is a glitch which is outlined in Handfull Of Pockets (This is not a Method made or discovered by the Author).
    • Ammo is not scarce however to craft it you will need to use up your crafting resources which could be used elsewhere.
    • From the author’s standpoint, it was more useful to craft the second Upgrade for the Attira. This lets you craft on the go without the need for a Workbench. Although there are better upgrades, like the Pockets, being able to craft an upgrade while you are away from a Workbench was a valuable ability.

    Trophy Guide:

    Earn all “A Plague Tale: Innocence” Trophies

    With the threat of the Bite behind them and the Macula under control has peace arrived? Better take this Shiny Platinum to distinguish your achievements in these dark times.

    The de Rune Legacy
    Complete Chapter 1

    Learn the basics of the game and meet your enemy.

    The Strangers
    Complete Chapter 2

    You learnt that there is an epidemic in the nearby town and had to kill to protect yourself and your brother.

    Complete Chapter 3

    Walking on Holy ground safety seems at hand but in the depth of the church the darkness stirred.

    The Apprentice
    Complete Chapter 4

    Finding the Alchemist your mother sent you to in her dying moments is short-lived but a new partner joined your ranks.

    The Ravens’ Spoils
    Complete Chapter 5

    War is everywhere and on the battlefield, a war of survival is waged.

    Damaged Goods
    Complete Chapter 6

    Having escaped your captors with the aid of looters, the Inquisition nearly caught up.

    The Path Before Us
    Complete Chapter 7

    Having regrouped with Lucus, thanks to the battlefield looters, you found the legend the Alchemists kept secret and learnt a dark secret within its walls.

    Our Home
    Complete Chapter 8

    Having found a new home fate had a different idea and Lucus needs a book to help Hugo’s condition.

    In the Shadow of Ramparts
    Complete Chapter 9

    Arriving in the town you saw first-hand what the Inquisition is capable of and and found an invaluable tool.

    The Way of Roses
    Complete Chapter 10

    Inside the walls of the Library, you followed the Roses as Lucus told you meeting a Blacksmith who joined your ranks.

    Complete Chapter 11

    Returning to your castle, winter starts to set in and Lucus thinks that your mother’s research might hold the key.

    All That Remains
    Complete Chapter 12

    Returning home, you find the secret laboratory and see ground zero for the rats.

    Complete Chapter 13

    Having lied to Hugo, you have to make amends and try to find him.

    Blood Ties
    Complete Chapter 14

    Trapped in the heart of the Inquisition, you set out to find your mother.

    Complete Chapter 15

    Having been separated from Hugo for a month, things seemed dismal until his sudden arrival with Nicholas.

    Complete Chapter 16

    Having lost a member of your group you set out to put an end to the grand Inquisitor and save your mother.

    Complete all chapters

    With the threat of the plague and inquisition being only 3 days behind you, it might be too early to celebrate, but a big sister knows how to make her brother feel better for now.

    Find 6 flowers

    Please refer to Botanist for more information.

    Find all the flowers

    Please refer to Curiosities Collector for more information.

    Curiosities hunter
    Find 13 curiosities

    Please refer to Curiosities Collector for more information.

    Curiosities collector
    Find all curiosities

    For these trophies, you will need to collect all the collectables that are located throughout the game. There are a total of:

    • 11 Gifts
    • 26 Curiosities
    • 13 Flowers
    • 5 Alchemists Cart.

    Below is a breakdown of what can be found in each chapter, and a video of where to find them.

    Chapter 1: The de Rune Legacy:

    • Gift 1: Duck Whistle
    • Curiosity 1: Spices
    • Curiosity 2: Tablecloth

    Chapter 2: The Strangers:

    • Gift 2: Talisman
    • Curiosity 3: Soap
    • Curiosity 4: Incense

    Chapter 3: Retribution:

    • Gift 3: Rosary
    • Flower 1: Carnation
    • Curiosity 5: Brew
    • Curiosity 6: Crusader Tabard

    Chapter 4: The Apprentice:

    • Curiosity 7: Hermetic Vessel
    • Gift 4: Diary of Alchemist
    • Flower 2: Aquilegia
    • Curiosity 8: V.I.T.R.I.O.L.

    Chapter 5: The Ravens’ Spoils:

    • Flower 3: Gladiolus
    • Curiosity 9: Sickle
    • Curiosity 10: Oliphant
    • Gift 5: Ballastella

    Chapter 6: Damaged Goods:

    • Gift 6: Knucklebones
    • Curiosity 11: Pound Sterling
    • Curiosity 12: Declaration Of War

    Chapter 7: The Path Before Us:

    • Curiosity 13: Horseshoe & Curiosities Hunter
    • Flower 4: Hawthorn
    • Curiosity 14: Map of France
    • Alchemist Cart 1
    • Gift 7: Vinegar

    Chapter 8: Our Home:

    • Curiosity 15: Iconography
    • Gift 8: Alchemist Crucible
    • Curiosity 16: Bird Language Manual
    • Flower 5: St John’s Wort

    Chapter 9: In The Shadow Of Ramparts:

    • Flower 6: Lavender & Herbalist
    • Curiosity 17: Sheepskin
    • Curiosity 18: Piece Of Transis
    • Alchemist Cart 2
    • Gift 9: Chessboard

    Chapter 10: The Way Of Roses:

    • Flower 7: Daisy
    • Curiosity 19: Study of a Skinned Person
    • Curiosity 20: Theriaque
    • Gift 10: Glasses
    • Alchemist Cart 3

    Chapter 11: Alive:

    • Flower 8: Rhododendron

    Chapter 12: All That Remains:

    • Gift 11: Calamus & Big Sister
    • Curiosity 21: Helmet
    • Flower 9: Cinquefoil
    • Alchemist Cart 4
    • Curiosity 22: Family Tree

    Chapter 13: Penance:

    • Curiosity 23: Rag Doll
    • Curiosity 24: Knight Figurine
    • Flower 10: Daffodil

    Chapter 14: Blood Ties:

    • Flower 11: Nightshade

    Chapter 15: Remembrance:

    • Flower 12: Rockfoils

    Chapter 16: Coronation:

    • Alchemist Cart 5 & Resource Sharing
    • Curiosity 25: Discipline
    • Flower 13: Christmas Rose & Botanist
    • Curiosity 26: Inquisitor’s Manual & Curiosities Collector
    Big sister
    Find all the gifts for the orphans

    Please refer to Curiosities Collector for more information.

    Not a toy anymore
    Fully upgrade the sling

    Please refer to Handfull Of Pockets for more information.

    Handfull of pockets
    Fully upgrade the equipment

    Fully upgrading your equipment only encompasses 5 categories, however, there are 3 tiers of each totaling 15 upgrades. While this doesn’t sound too bad, the bad part is collecting the resources. Some are pretty low in quantity which makes creating the upgrade time-consuming and a drawn-out trophy. In addition to this you need to do the upgrades in a single playthrough as replaying the chapter will not result in keeping upgrades gained later in the game. Fret not, as there are more than enough resources to gain the upgrades before you complete the game. That being said there is a glitch that you can use once you have reached Chapter 10: The Way Of Roses. There are some prerequisites that you will have to meet before you can actually perform the glitch. The first is that you will need to be able to craft ammo, it doesn’t matter what ammo just as long as you have some you can craft. Secondly, you will need to be able to use Chapter Select. Once you have met these conditions you will need to do the following:

    • Pick Chapter 10: The Way Of Roses in Chapter Select.
    • On the Title Screen where the mission information appears you will need to hold the Touchpad down.
    • Once Amicia has finished speaking see if you can still move, if you can you are doing well.
    • Hold R1, this will tab over to the Upgrades, but more importantly, you should now have the Weapon Wheel up.
    • Navigate to an item to craft the ammo for with the Right Joystick and with the Left an Upgrade you have already Bought.
    • When you are happy, Hold the X Button and you will start to craft the item and upgrade. BEFORE it finishes use the Left Joystick to move to an upgrade you don’t own and continue the upgrading.
    • If done correctly you should obtain the upgrade, now you just need to progress through the remaining upgrades you need. To help you there is a video below.

    Note: This was someone else’s method, the author can not take credit for this and is just passing it on.

    In case you want to know how to do this properly you would need to head to a workbench which is highlighted below:

    They are scattered throughout the game and you come across them pretty easily. Interacting with them will pop up a menu which is shown below:

    The gold ones are ones that you can afford, the Red ones are ones you can’t. White ones are the ones that you have while ones with Locks on require you to have the previous upgrade. Down the side are your resources, Highlighted in Gold are resources you have enough for, while Red ones are ones you don’t and Greyed-out ones are unused in the current craft. Simply hover over the one that you need to get and have the resources for and hold the X Button. Do this until all except the Alchemy Tree is completed.

    Craft 100 ammunitions

    This is simply for crafting a total of 100 ammo overall. There are a total of 6 items you can craft for ammo, which are highlighted below.

    • Ignifer:
      • Rock
      • Sulphur
      • Alcohol
    • Somnum:
      • 3 Sulphur
      • 4 Salpeter
      • 4 Alcohol
      • Fabric
    • Devorantis:
      • Rock
      • 2 Salpetre
      • Alcohol
    • Luminosa:
      • 3 Sulphur
      • 4 Saltpeter
      • 4 Alcohol
      • Leather
    • Odoris:
      • Rock
      • Sulphur
      • Episanguis
    • Extinguis
      • Rock
      • Saltpeter
      • Episanguis

    If you have completed the PS5 version before the PS4 you will unlock this on starting the game on PS4, It is unknown if it works the other way as the author did the PS5 version first and does not rely on Auto-Popping.

    Resource sharing
    Enter into the 5 alchemist carts

    Once you have made it to Chapter 7: The Path Before Us, you will be introduced to alchemical resource stores known as Alchemist Carts. Thankfully there are only 5 throughout the game and they are not too hard to find. Their locations are:

    • Chapter 7: The Path Before Us (Story)
    • Chapter 9: In The Shadow Of Ramparts
    • Chapter 10: The Way Of Roses
    • Chapter 13: All That Remains
    • Chapter 16: Coronation

    For a video walkthrough please refer to Curiosities Collector.

    More practice
    Complete the aiming training

    This trophy is achieved in Chapter 1: The de Rune Legacy.

    Once the opening credits have rolled you will resume control in the de Rune Estate. If you look to the right side where the stables are you should see a man with a pitchfork carrying some hay. If you approach him he will tell you that he has set up some targets out back for you to practice on, head round back of the stables to find them. You can find a bag of stones next to the far right target. All you need to do is line up all the targets and shoot them, there are 6 in total, if you miss restart the checkpoint to try again. There is a video below.

    Feeding the hungry
    Find a lunch for Hugo

    This is achieved in Chapter 2: The Strangers.

    Once you take control in Chapter 2, you will be on the outskirts of a town. Heading into the town wouldn’t make you feel very invited, however. Progress through the town a little until you come to a sequence where Hugo will comment about the marks on the doors. Head up the street a short way and you should find an Alley to your right. Detour through here and you should see a tree on your left. Approach it and interact with the Triangle Button to grab an apple and pass it to Hugo getting the Trophy. There is a video below.

    Play hide-and-seek

    This is achieved in Chapter 4: The Apprentice.

    On your way to the farm where Laurentius lives, you will come to a field of crops after a sawmill and a small stream. As you approach it Hugo will run off into the crops and hide. If you take the main route up the centre you will miss the trophy and void your attempt, instead head to the left side, crouch and crab walk through the crops until you see Hugo at the end of the line. From here it is just a case of slowly approaching him and pressing the Triangle Button to catch him. Below is a video.

    Save a soldier

    This is achieved in Chapter 5: The Ravens’ Spoils.

    During your exploration of the battlefield, you will come to a siege tower which has fallen over. You will need to head through for the story, however heading forward will push rats to the guard at the end, subsequently killing him. In order to avoid this you will need to head to the technically first floor where there is a bracket to put your torch and free your hands to use your sling. Look up towards the guard and you should see a torch next to him that is extinguished. Aim an Ignifer at it using your sling and light it to get the trophy. There is a video below showing this.

    Find the tomb

    This is achieved in Chapter 8: Our Home.

    Once you need to head to Lucus in the Lab you will need to head down a set of stairs. Before you head into the laboratory you should take note that there are some more stairs heading down. Start making your way down and Hugo will join you to explore. Carry on all the way down and you will eventually arrive in a crypt, wait for the conversation to play out and the trophy is yours. There is a video below to help you.

    The hard way
    Enter through the main door

    This is achieved in Chapter 9: In The Shadow Of Ramparts.

    At the end of the Chapter you will be at the Library, here you will have the option to sneak around the side and enter or, for this Trophy, you will need to head through the heavily guarded main entrance. Although it’s started to be heavily guarded there are only 2 guards, they have helmets and shields which makes them tricky to deal with if you head on. Thankfully there is a more stealthy approach, provided you bring a pot to throw. Since there are two guards you will need to head over to the little wooden fence next to the doors. Get your pot ready and throw it in front of the horses to distract the far guard. There is a pot to pick up next to your location here, grab it and throw it at the back of the carriage when only 1 guard is highlighted. Once he goes to investigate you can jump through the fence and head to the door, avoiding conflict and getting the trophy. There is a video highlighting this strategy below.

    Above is an image showing the location of where this trophy takes place.

    Save the dying

    This is achieved in Chapter 12: All That Remains.

    During your trip back to the de Rune Estate you will need to use some of the inquisition lanterns to make your way onward. After the first lantern you need to use you will encounter an enemy on the ground asking for mercy, instead of letting the rats devour him you need to leave him alive. To do this you need to use some Odoris and run past to the next point of light. Here you will find a second guard, also dying. Once again you need to throw an Odoris so you can get past, this time you will need to run to the gate to finish this trophy. Provided that you left these two guards alive the trophy is yours. In both instances, you could throw a Luminosa to dispose of the rats but it’s not really necessary, just a safety feeling. Below is a video to help you.

    Captain Sidekick
    Stay with the captain

    This is achieved in Chapter 14: Blood Ties.

    Once you make it to the ground floor of the church you will get a cutscene which shows you the Grand Inquisitor losing his mind before sending Nicholas to check on Beatrice de Rune. This is the starting point of this trophy but it is pretty simple until you reach the garden. This is where you need to make it through the garden and into the corridor before Nicholas. As difficult as it sounds it’s really not that bad. Instead of giving a written walk through there is a video below to help.

    The Blacksmith
    Find Rodric’s forge

    This is achieved in Chapter 16: Coronation.

    Once you have made it through the burning building you will come to an area where 3 guards have 2 prisoners in front of a carriage. Kill the guards to free the prisoners and watch them get shot, instead of interacting with the carriage head directly behind it and there is a burning barricade. Look to the right and you will see an organic growth with an opening head through there and to the back, if you look to the right you should see a small opening which reveals a gate which is locked. Throw a stone with your sling to open the gate and head back to where you came into the area. If you are looking at where you came from with your back to the carriage you should see a gate on the left, head to it and walk up the path. Rodric will run off up the path, catch up with him and wait for the conversation to play. There is a video below showing this.


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