A Plague Tale: Requiem Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 3/10
    Estimated time to platinum/100%: 20-25 hours
    Missable trophies: None (Chapter Select)
    Glitched trophies: None
    Difficulty related: None
    Playthrough: 2 (one on Narrative difficulty, one New Game+ to max out remaining Skills)


    Welcome to the A Plague Tale: Requiem Trophy Guide!


    Step 1: Complete the game on Narrative (easy), get all Collectibles and Chapter-specific trophies

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    I highly recommend playing the game on Narrative (easy) difficulty. More knives spawn on this difficulty – they are needed for opening Secret Chests which are needed for a trophy. The knife break for each you open, that´s why you need to have one in your inventory at all times and DON´T use them on enemies. You also want to focus on the Opportunism skill point on this playthrough, you need 2 playthroughs for all skills, but this is the trickiest to get – See “Malignant” for more info.

    It´s possible to get all Upgrades in 1 playthrough. You just need to do a backup save near the end of the game, upgrade what you can afford, download the save, and repeat – this way you can get all upgrades without much trouble. See “Pocket Laboratory” for more info. But you need 2 playthroughs anyways for all skills. 

    Complete the game while collecting all collectibles and chapter-specific trophies – See “Immortal Memories” for a 100% video guide for your initial playthrough.

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    You’ll be earning these trophies:
    Under a New Sun, Newcomers, A Burden of Blood, Protector’s Duty, In our Wake, Leaving all Behind, Felons, A Sea of Promises, Tales and Revelations, Bloodline, The Cradle of Centuries, The Life We Deserve, Nothing Left, Healing our Wounds, Dying Sun, King Hugo, Alchemist, Fighter, Sneaky, Perfect Shot
    Knights!, Herbalist, Ornithologist, Explorer, Not a toy anymore, Improved crossbow, Handful of pockets, Effective instruments, Pocket laboratory
    Perfect Throw, Old Protector, Mercy, Immortal Memories

    Step 2: New Game+ playthrough to earn remaining skill points
    Start your New Game + playthrough and focus on Opportunism again and get the remaining skills. This should be your last trophy for platinum. See “Malignant” for clarification on the skills.

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    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:


    Trophy Guide:

    Earn all “A Plague Tale: Requiem” trophies

    You earned all other trophies and earned the platinum trophy!

    Under a New Sun
    Complete chapter 1

    Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

    Complete chapter 2

    Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

    A Burden of Blood
    Complete chapter 3

    Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

    Protector’s Duty
    Complete chapter 4

    Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

    In our Wake
    Complete chapter 5

    Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

    Leaving all Behind
    Complete chapter 6

    Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

    Complete chapter 7

    Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

    A Sea of Promises
    Complete chapter 8

    Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

    Tales and Revelations
    Complete chapter 9

    Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

    Complete chapter 10

    Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

    The Cradle of Centuries
    Complete chapter 11

    Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

    The Life We Deserve
    Complete chapter 12

    Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

    Nothing Left
    Complete chapter 13

    Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

    Healing our Wounds
    Complete chapter 14

    Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

    Dying Sun
    Complete chapter 15

    Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

    King Hugo
    Complete chapter 16

    Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

    Complete all chapters

    Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

    Find all flowers

    See “Immortal memories” for more

    Find all feathers

    See “Immortal memories” for more

    Open all the secret chests

    See “Immortal memories” for more

    Immortal memories
    Recall all souvenirs

    A Plague Tale Requiem has the following Collectibles: 21 Souvenirs, 12 Hugo’s Herbariums (7 Feathers, 5 Flowers), 10 Secret Chests, 16 Knives (needed to open Secret Chests), 24 Tool Chests (needed to craft Upgrades), 16 Old Protector’s Items (counted as 1 trophy in the video), 4 Chapter-Specific Trophies, 1 Secret Armor.

    Finding all collectible locations unlocks the following 4 trophies & achievements:

    -Herbalist [Silver]

    -Ornithologist [Silver]

    -Explorer [Silver]

     -Immortal memories [Gold]

    Nothing is missable! Everything can be collected by using chapter select.

    NOTE: It´s important that you save knives for opening the Secret Chests.

    Not a toy anymore
    Fully upgrade the sling

    See “Pocket laboratory” for more

    Improved crossbow

    Fully upgrade the crossbow

    See “Pocket laboratory” for more

    Handful of pockets
    Fully upgrade the gear

    See “Pocket laboratory” for more

    Effective instruments
    Fully upgrade the instruments

    See “Pocket laboratory” for more

    Pocket laboratory
    Fully upgrade the alchemy

    You will most likely get this during your New Game + playthrough, but there is an easy way to get it done in your initial playthrough. Save up as many tools and scrap as possible until you get to one of the last workbenches. Upload your save to the PS Cloud, go into the game, fully upgrade what you can, quit the game, download your save, and repeat. This way you can get all the upgrade trophies in one playthrough.

    Overview of all upgrades:


    1. 1 Tool + 20 Pieces
    2. 2 Tools + 65 Pieces
    3. 3 Tools + 90 Pieces

    Crossbow (unlocked during Chapter 5):

    1. 1 Tool + 40 Pieces
    2. 2 Tools + 55 Pieces
    3. 3 Tools + 80 Pieces


    1. 1 Tool + 30 Pieces
    2. 2 Tools + 60 Pieces
    3. 3 Tools + 85 Pieces


    1. 1 Tool + 30 Pieces
    2. 2 Tools + 55 Pieces
    3. 3 Tools + 90 Pieces


    1. 1 Tool + 30 Pieces
    2. 2 Tools + 65 Pieces
    3. 3 Tools + 80 Pieces
    Night guard
    Extinguish 40 fires

    You need to use Extinguish on torches, fire pits or other, throughout the game. You will most likely get this through natural play throughout the story.

    Craft 100 ammunitions

    Again, another simple trophy, which is almost un-missable. Halfway through the game, I got the trophy. Crafting ammunition covers all your ammo types.

    You craft ammo via the item wheel (R1). Craft any 100 ammunition and the trophy will unlock.

    Fully improve the Prudence skills

    See “Malignant” for more

    Fully improve the Aggressive skills

    See “Malignant” for more

    Fully improve the Opportunism skills

    maxing out all Skills (Prudence / Aggressive / Opportunism) is semi-missable. You must go into New Game+ to get all skills to max. You only get progress towards one skill after a combat encounter – your playstyle during that specific encounter determines your skill point type. “Opportunism” is the hardest or trickiest skill to level up, so focus on it from the start and on New Game+.

    Prudence: This Skill Tree is progressed by playing stealthily. Complete encounters in complete stealth and don´t kill any enemies. You have broken stealth when enemies start chasing you.

    Aggressive: Kill all enemies and get spotted – engage in open combat. To make sure that you get progress towards this Skill Tree, kill enemies with melee (if they have no helmets) and crossbow bolts.

    Opportunism: Earned by using alchemy. For example, throw a jar of Tar and then Ignifer on enemies, using the environment, or using Extinguish on enemies´ torches so the rats kill them.

    When you are working towards a specific skill, remember how your Skill Tree looks are taking a screenshot. Then restart a combat encounter if you didn´t progress to the desired skill.

    Perfect shot
    Shoot all the pine cones

    Chapter 1: Under A New Sun / Sub-Chapter: A long journey

    Near the start of the game, you will be tasked to shoot all pine cones Hugo throws in the water. This works as a little tutorial on how to use your Slingshot. If you miss a shot, restart the checkpoint.

    Perfect throw
    Successfully complete all throws in the Crowns game

    Chapter 8: A Sea of Promises / Sub-Chapter: Celebration of the Brighter Days

    Super simple trophy. This can be gotten by following a little optional path near the start of Chapter 8. After exiting the first area you will se an optional area to your left.

    Here is a little minigame where you must throw 4 pots through 4 rings. This is also a Souvenir for the “Immortal memories” trophy.

    Old protector
    Interact with all the old protector’s items in the sanctuary

    Chapter 9: Tales and Revelations / Sub-Chapter: Phoenix

    Near the end of Chapter 9. You will be walking around and exploring the area. You have to find and interact with all 16 items to unlock the trophy.

    Don’t kill the guard on the docks

    Chapter 4: Protector´s Duty / Sub-Chapter: Obligatory Corporation

     Near the end of Chapter 4, after you have cooperated with the soldier. He will come down the stairs and you must “deal with him” to progress. First hit him with Ignifer Slingshot, then a Tar Slingshot – then run past him and through the door to unlock the trophy. 


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