Alone in the Dark Prologue Preview

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    Enter into the dark once more with a re-envisioned version of the Classic Horror game, Alone In The Dark. Here is our Alone in the Dark Prologue Preview.

    As this author is only familiar with one or 2 previous installments in the series, it was felt that a “Back to Basics” and exploring the franchise as a whole for a new audience was a nice direction to go, considering all the remakes and re-envisioned releases in recent years Alone In The Dark Needed a Revival. As a whole, the Prologue was nice, short, and an expertly crafted work of art with a limited control scheme and emphasis on Psychological thrills. That being said it didn’t necessarily instill the Horror essence of Alone In The Dark that was present in other titles. Whether this is because of the length of the prologue or the deliberate lack of intentional incidents that can happen is unclear at the time of writing, we shall only know come release in October.

    Alone in the Dark Prologue Preview - Control layout

    This short and almost sweet, anything-but horror game opens up by showing Grace’s room and her in the act of making a paper mache mask using what appears to be the script for Alone In The Dark as the paper. Upon hearing a commotion she stops making the mask and the player takes control and can explore the world within limitations. The overall Prologue to the full game is only around 10 minutes long and is mostly about bringing Edward Carnby and Emily Hartwood to the building, thus sparking the game.

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    Overall it doesn’t seem to represent what the game will look, feel, or play like as you are thrown into a character who, in the grand scheme of things, seems to end up missing. Additionally during the full experience players would be playing as either Edward Carnby or Emily Hardwood meaning Grace’s introduction to being a playable character is a little misleading to the experience players would eventually have come October 25th. The conceptualized feel of the game is present however and although minimal, does show what gamers who intend to play Alone In The Dark are getting involved with.

    To conclude I think that the prologue, where short would have been better in the main game as an introduction to why the events are in motion. That being said, it probably is the very beginning of the game going on how cut scenes play out. If this is the case a Demo Presented where you would play as either Edward Carnby or Emily Heartwood would have been a better pitch to gamers.

    The thing that gets me about the entire time playing the Prologue, is that Grace is hardly fazed by the strange happenings occurring around her. Like the foyer is transformed and Grace is level-headed about it not freaking out. Considering she is an 11-year-old girl, this shows that there is way more going on than meets the eye and if an 11-year-old is not fazed by what goes bump in the night something sinister is waiting in the darkness for Edward Carnby and Emily Hardwood. Grace also shows resourcefulness in these incidents, like using the stuffed bear as a bridge.

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    There are things that were a little “Badly” presented in the game, these were minimum and quite honestly it’s early days so they could have been patched out in the final release. These things were mainly mismatches with interactions like doors, See below:

    This, as stated is only a small thing but enough to be a smudge on an otherwise perfectly presented experience. Moving forward I would hope that there are fewer of these experiences and more of the Horror aspects that we have seen in games like Resident Evil 2 and 3 Remakes and even Dead Space, although only time will tell if Alone In The Dark lives up to the legacy it has built over the past 30 years.

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