Anodyne Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 3/10
    Estimated time to 100%: 6 – 10 hours
    Missable trophies: None
    Glitched trophies: The entire list. Refer to Roadmap step 1 for more info.
    difficulty related: None
    Playthrough: 1


    Welcome to the Anodyne Trophy Guide! A weird Zelda clone, that is basic, yet also so much fun. You’ll meet strange characters, see a ton of pretty areas, and explore unique dungeons, all while you save this weird world!


    Step 1: Play The Game And Make Sure Each Trophy Pops When It Should

    During this stage, you’ll just be playing the game and enjoying it. It’s not very long or complicated, so you won’t get lost. The trophies are kind of a glitchy mess though. You’ll probably be forced to do some boss fights more than once. Luckily, there’s a workaround and a ton of saves everywhere. It seems like the game only lets a 1 trophy pop, per session most of the time. So if you do the requirements for a trophy, like beat a dungeon boss, and it doesn’t unlock, close the game, open it up, and do it again. Always be aware of the trophies! Also, DO NOT GET 100% CLEAR YET! In this step, you’ll earn most of the trophies.

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    You’ll be earning these trophies:

    Bronze A Tool
    Bronze Temple Seer
    Bronze Grotto Rogue
    Bronze Cavern Wall
    Bronze Change
    Bronze Hotel Manager
    Bronze Apartment Watcher
    Bronze Circus Servants
    Silver Sage’s Challenge
    Silver A Meeting
    Bronze 36 Cards

    Step 2: Finish the Side Quest To Get To The Archives.

    This quest is annoying. Luckily it’s pretty quick though! You need to do this quest to be able to get some of the post-game cards. Follow the steps below!

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    1. At the Cliffside, as you’re climbing the mountain, you’ll find someone. When you talk to them, they’ll talk about someone going to the Ocean. Now proceed to the Beach.

    2. Go to the Beach, and from the Nexus portal, go left twice, then down. You will be on the pier with Hews. Talk to him. He tells you of someone going to a forest. Now head to the Swamp area.

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    3. From the Nexus portal in the swamp, go right once, then up twice. You’ll be in the area with James. Talk to him and he’ll tell of someone going southeast of the lake. Go back to the Beach area.

    4. From the Beach Nexus portal, go up and then all the way right. You’ll be in the area with Rank. He’ll tell you of someone going to an underground labyrinth. Proceed to the 8 Bit Maze area.

    5. From the Nexus Portal in the maze, take the top right exit, and go up a screen. You can then swap into the room with the character. He’ll tell you that the person went to a nearby town. So now it’s off to Black And White Town.

    6. From the Nexus Portal in the town, you want to go up one, then left and talk to the man in the yard of the house. He’ll tell you that the person went to “an alternate area of space”. So now we’re off to the Psychedelic World!

    7. From the Nexus Portal in the Psychedelic World, go down one screen. You then have to talk to the blinking triangle. It will tell you that they’re going off to a shed. Now to the final area!

    8. Now to go back to the final area where you found swap, and in the top right of the map, you’ll find a staircase. Swap the bushes to get to it and go down the stairs. Go into the light and you can interact with an object or character. It’ll tell you about a blue forest. Now to the Forest area of the beginning of the game!

    9. Now for the final step. In the Forest area, go to the top left of the map, which is where you used 4 cards to get through a gate. Now once you get there, you can swap one of the little trees and get behind it all. Once you start, go up one, go right one, then go all the way up until you go into a building. Now you’re in the archives and can get the cards here.

    Step 3: Collect All 48 Cards

    At this point, you can finish off collecting all the cards, so you can have all 48! There are only 11 Post Gamecards to get at this point.

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:

    Silver Lots Of Cards

    Step 4: Get 100% Clear

    Now is the time to get 100% Clear. The reason we’re saving this for the last step of the playthrough is because there have been reports that getting this trophy, fully locks out all the other trophies on this playthrough, so saving it for last saves you a lot of time. So go get the Broom Upgrades or Health Upgrades you missed, then beat The Briar again.

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:

    Bronze All Broom
    Bronze All Health
    Silver 100% Clear

    Step 5: Do A 100% Clear In Less Than 3 Hours

    This is the last step and sounds harder than it is. If you have everything by the time you hit GO, and get the Swap upgrade, you’ll be done! Refer to Fast 100% Clear for some tips.

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:

    Silver Fast 100% Clear

    Trophy Guide:

    A Tool
    You found the broom!

    This will naturally as you start playing the game. You get the Broom, which is your weapon, within the first few minutes of starting the game.

    Temple Seer
    You defeated the Temple Seer.

    This is the boss of the first temple. It takes 6 hits to kill. You can easily get 3 hits in right when the fight starts. The boss will then start bouncing around the room, leaving dust spots all over. You can hit it when it’s bouncing. If it goes to the top of the screen, with a line through it, it’s charging it’s super attack. Simply put a piece of dust anywhere in front of you and stand behind it to stop the attack. Once it’s dead, the trophy pops.

    Grotto Rogue
    You defeated the Grotto Rogue.

    This boss is the boss of the dungeon in the red sea. You have to hit it 12 times to kill it and it has 2 attacks. It throws balls from a side of the map and throws it’s tentacles up. But, an easy way to kill it, is sitting right above its head and a piece of dust, and it should never hit you once.

    Cavern Wall
    You defeated the Cavern Wall.

    This is the boss at the end of the Cliffs Dungeon. Compared to the other bosses you may have faced to this point, this is one tough. The Cavern Wall takes 11 hits to kill. He has 3 attacks that suck. He will try to slam you with one of his two fists, he will spit projectiles from his mouth, and he will do a laser with his hands held apart. Luckily, with the hands attack, you can hide in one of the top corners and he won’t hit you.

    You activated the windmill!

    Activate Windmill. After you beat the first 3 dungeons, go to the right side of the Lake area, and open the gates with the keys! Pop’s when you open chest.

    Hotel Manager
    You defeated the Hotel Manager.

    At the end of the Hotel Dungeon, you’ll meet this boss. This fight is split up into 2 screens. On the first screen, you’ll be on a piece of dust in water and just see an eye. You have to hit the boss 6 times. The boss will shoot out red clouds that can be destroyed by hitting them. The next screen, you’ll see the bosses body. This time it’s running around wildly instead of floating around the water. It will constantly charge you. Hit it 6 times again and you win!

    Apartment Watcher
    You defeated the Apartment Watcher.

    This boss is at the end of Yings Apartment. The boss takes approximately 15 hits to kill. This boss can be a little tough if you don’t know what to look out for. He has two attacks. One, he will make 3 clones. They will circle you, one on your right, left, and up top. When the ones beside you flash, move up or down and they remain stationary. When the top one flashes, move left or right. Now the attack that will get you, is when the boss sits at the top of the screen and shoots fire. You can either dodge it, and take your chance to hit him when you can, or stand there, take damage, and get plenty of hits in.

    Circus Servants
    You defeated the Circus Servants.

    You fight these bosses in the dungeon after the 8 Bit Maze. The bosses take about 10-15 hit cumulative between the two, to kill them. The area is a speed track with a giant pit in the center. All you gotta do is chase them, and then one will get thrown at you and make shockwaves come from the ground. You can either dodge them or take the hit and pummel the boss that got thrown on the ground.

    Sage’s Challenge upscale-245262160018212
    You defeated Sage.

    This boss is behind the gate where you need 36 cards. The sage takes 12ish hits to take down, and everytime you hit him, the screen fades to black and comes back in. He starts by throwing lines of lasers at you that you can jump over. After enough damage, he’ll bounce around the arena with fire swirling him. At this point, just go all in. Eventually, he’ll change to throwing fireballs from the top of the arena. This part is easy to dodge and with enough hits, you’ll finish him off.

    A Meeting upscale-245262160018212
    You defeated Briar!

    The Briar boss fight is a little rough and will take a couple tries. The boss only takes 6 hits to kill though! So, the boss will make spikes, in your path, from left to right, while shooting projectiles at you. This is the hardest stuff to dodge. Eventually, one side of him will open a bit. If red opens, grab a piece of dust, put it beside the blue side, and let the projectiles hit the dust to open the blue side, then hit it for damage. If blue opens, stand in front of the red side. The blue side then shoots an ice ball at where you were standing. Hit the iceball into the red side and have it open for damage. The thing about the ice ball, is you have to keep hitting it because it gets bounced back. Once both sides are hit 3 times for damage, the boss dies.

    36 Cards
    You collected 36 cards!

    After you collect 36 cards, this trophy unlocks. This comes naturally though as you need 36 to beat the game. You can refer to 48 Cards for a complete list of where to find all the cards.

    All Broom
    You found all the broom upgrades!

    You have to get all the broom upgrades for this trophy, here are the locations.

    Widen: In the Red Sea dungeon, there 5 areas to enter, we’ll call them left, top, right, bottom, center. If you explore the Red Sea, going around the left side, you’ll hit the bottom entrance to the Dungeon. Finish this jumping puzzle for this upgrade.
    Extend: Cliffs. Once you get the jump shoes, go back to the little cave entrance you past, and do the jumping puzzle.
    Swap: Story related. After you beat The Sage, it’s in the town in a chest.

    All Health
    You maxed out the health bar!

    You have to get all the health upgrades for this trophy. Most are from killing bosses, but there are 4 that are not, and must be found. Below is where they are located.

    In the Forest area, which is the first area, you find this. Going through the area, you’ll see a gate that needs 4 cards to get through. The health upgrade is through there.
    One is on the beach. If you explore to the left side of the area, you’ll find a gate that needs 8 cards. Through this gate is the upgrade.
    One health upgrade is in Black and White Town, 2 screens right of Nexus Teleporter. You’ll need 16 cards to open the gate to get this.
    From the entrance to the 8 Bit Maze, if you go right, you’ll find a gate. You’ll need 24 cards to get through, and the upgrade is in this section of the maze.

    100% Clear upscale-245262160018212
    You finished the game with over 37 cards, all the health and broom upgrades!

    For this, you need all 37 cards in the main game, all broom upgrades, and all health upgrades. This should be saved as the last trophy in your playthrough, as there’ve been reports of a 100% save, not letting any more trophies pop on that save file. Once you have all the things you need, go kill The Briar again and get this trophy.

    Fast 100% Clear upscale-245262160018212
    You 100%’d and finished the game in under 3 hours!

    This is just like 100% clear, except you have to do it in under 3 hours. The tricky thing about this though is the in-game clock NEVER STOPS RUNNING. Whether you pause the game, or sit on your XMB while it’s still open, the clock is always going. So be warned! If you manage 100% clear in under 3 hours, this trophy will be yours! I got this trophy to pop as I picked up the last Broom Upgrade in GO, as I already had 37 cards and all health upgrades. My total time was about 1 hour, 55 minutes. A good trick is to save at the first save point of every new area, look to see where the cards are, then restart the game so you can have those few minutes back.

    Lots of Cards upscale-245262160018212
    You found all 48 Cards!

    This is the longest trophy if you aren’t grabbing the cards as you go along. Luckily most cards are broken down by sections, so I have broken down the locations, section by section. Please note that the area before the Cliffside is a forest, but I called it a Swamp for clarification from all the other forests.


    Card 1: In the forest area, after the girl crashes her bike, go left twice, then take the bottom right entrance, and follow this path. You’ll get to a chest with this card.

    Card 2: You can’t get this till you activate the Windmill. After you come out the other side of the first temple, go right one screen, then keep going down some stairs. You’ll be going through a couple screens of enemies. At the end of this gauntlet, the card will be in a chest.


    Card 3: In the first dungeon, in the chest in the room after killing the first boss.

    Card 4: In the first dungeon, as you’re working through it, and checking every room, you’ll find this naturally.

    Card 5: In the first dungeon, from the entrance, go up two screens, right one, down one, and then left. You’ll be in a little spot with this card.

    Card 6: You must activate the Windmill to get this. Once it’s activated, go to the first dungeon, through the teleporter hub, and go to the new area. This card is in a chest right next to the key you need.


    Card 7: In Black and White Town, when you find the teleporter for The Nexus, to the right will be a house. The man in front of it will tell you how many people you have to kill to get in. In that house, is this card.


    Card 8: Comes naturally as the end reward for beating Yings Apartment dungeon.

    Card 9: In the Yings Apartment dungeon, after Black and White Town, it’s in the bottom right corner of the first floor.

    Card 10: In Yings Apartment Dungeon, make your way to the top left corner of the first floor. You’ll find a staircase going up, follow this gauntlet of enemies, room after room, and you’ll end up in a single room with a chest that contains this card.


    Card 11: In the main hub area, at the bottom of it all, in the water, on the ride side of the map, you can find an alcove of grass. If you follow this alcove you’ll hit a spot with 2 holes. You need the jump boots from the Cliff for this. Once you have them, simply follow this path to the end and get this card.

    Card 12: This is a hard one to explain. In the main hub area, on the south side, there is a ton of water. You have to traverse through it all to get this card. The path starts when you find an area with a thing of spikes that you have to walk through. To get here, from the main teleporter, you go down 2 screens, right one, then down one.

    Card 44: In the main hub area, in the top right of the map is a cave with a fish in it. Take all the dust and put it in the hole and the fish will give you this card.


    Card 13: After you activate the Windmill, open the chest at the base, and this card is in it.


    Card 14: In the Swamp area. From the start, go right one, all the way down, right 2, then up all the way and you’ll find the chest with this card.


    Card 15: This is on the Cliffs after you’ve activated the windmill. Once you start climbing high up the mountain, in the new area, you can eventually walk left along a stone bridge and you will find a chest with this card.

    Card 16: This is in the Cliffs once you’ve activated the windmill to get the new area. As you’re traveling along the cliffs, if you go to the bottom right of the entire area, you’ll come across 4 ladders. If you take the ladder, 2nd from the right, you’ll be at the bottom of the map of the area. Simply follow this trail to the left till you hit the chest.


    Card 17: On the beach, you’ll find a pier with a crab on it. Just one screen above him is a chest with this card.


    Card 18: In the red sea. From the start, go down one, left one, down one, left two, down one, then follow the little path going right, and you’ll get to the chest with this card!

    RED SEA DUNGEON – This maze is set up weird. There are 5 sections to it. Middle, Bottom, Left, Top, Right. Bottom is where the Broom upgrade is. The cards are in the center and top sections. It’ll be pointed out

    Card 19: This is in the Red Sea dungeon. In the center area, you get a key from each side of the dungeon. From there, go straight up from the entrance and open the 2 locks and get this chest.

    Card 20: This is in the Red Sea dungeon, in the top area, if you follow the blood river left, it’ll be in the last room as you go along.

    Card 21: This will come from the chest after you kill the boss of the red sea!

    8 BIT MAZE

    Card 22: This is in the 8 Bit Maze that you reach after going past the statue in the Red Sea dungeon. Thankfully this is the only card in this area, and it rests at the very top left of the map. So once you work your way there and find this chest, the card is yours.


    Card 23: In the dungeon after the 8 Bit Maze, you’ll come to a room that’s a giant square, with 4 separate exits, and speed pass to jump to each entrance. Take the left exit and follow the pathway to the chest with this card.

    Card 24: In the dungeon after the 8 Bit Maze, it’s at the top left of the map. You’ll be in a room with one, really tall enemy. Once you kill it, use the dust to cross the fire pits to get to the chest.

    Card 25: In the dungeon after the 8 Bit Maze, after you beat the boss and go one screen up, you’ll notice a locked door in the top left corner of said screen. Make your way around to the door, and go through the gauntlet of enemies until you get to the chest.

    Card 26: This card is gained at the end of the dungeon that comes after the 8 Bit Maze.


    Card 27: In the Cliffs dungeon in the top left corner of the map. You have to go through a jumping puzzle for this one.

    Card 28: This is in the Cliffs dungeon, on the second floor. You’ll know you hit the second floor when you’re outside for a screen and climb some ladders. From the entrance of the second floor, go up, and right, through the locked doors, then follow this path.

    Card 29: This card is acquired at the end of the Cliffs dungeon, in a chest after you defeat the boss.


    Card 30: In the weird psychedelic world after the Cliffs, if you start at the entrance and go right one, then up one, then all the way left, and up, you’ll find this card.

    Card 31: In the weird psychedelic world after the Cliffs, I’d you start at the entrance and go right one, then up one, you can go all the way to your right and follow the couple ladders you see until you get to this chest and card.


    Card 32: In the Hotel Dungeon, after you unlock the door that opens the elevators and the portal to the Nexus, continue going right. Follow this path and clear the jumping puzzle to get to the chest with this card. This puzzle is on the 4th floor.

    Card 33: In the Hotel Dungeon, on the 3rd floor, go through the upper left exit. Go up 2 screens and go through the locked door there. You’ll have a jumping puzzle of spikes, and at the end will be the chest, containing this card.

    Card 34: In the Hotel Dungeon, on the 3rd floor, if you go up 2 rooms from the elevator, on the right-hand side, and go right, and follow this path, you’ll hit a staircase. Now, you go along the left side of each screen until you hit a thing of dust. This is used to cross the water to get to this chest. Make sure you put the dust in the water and travel on it to each previous screen, or else you won’t have it and you’ll need to restart the puzzle all over.

    Card 35: This is in the chest at the end of the Hotel Dungeon after you’ve killed the boss.


    Card 36: In the area where you need 36 cards to get through, go all the way right and up and you’ll find this chest with this card.


    Card 37: Once you’ve beaten The Briar and done the side quest to get to the Archives, you’ll hit a room with a save. Above this save is 2 portals. Go in the one to the right. You’ll be on a beach. Follow the sand until you see a bridge. Use the sand with the swap ability to make it to the bridge. Once on the bridge go up 2 screens, then left. You’ll see a black part of the screen, you wanna go to that using swap on the sand to get there. Once in there, swap the wall underneath the chest and get the card!

    Card 38: Once you’ve beaten The Briar and done the side quest to get to the Archives, you’ll hit a room with a save. Above the save is two portals. Go in the left one. Go to the bottom of the screen and swap the statue and wall and go down a screen. Now you wanna go right 3 times. The trick to this is by going through the wall in the top right, or you’ll get stuck. In the 3rd room going right, you’ll find this chest and card.

    Card 39: After you’ve beaten The Briar, go back to the hotel through the Nexus. From the portal, go all the way up, so you end up on the roof, then go right. When you hit the screen with the ladder, swap out one of the right-hand wall pieces. Go through to the next screen and follow this until you hit the chest. Kill the enemies to drop the gate and get this card.

    Card 40: This is the last card you can get. This one is lengthy. You need all 47 other cards. First, go to where you got card 45, then at that chest, continue upwards until you see another portal. In this new area, keep making your way downwards until you hit a gate that needs 47 cards. Once inside you’ll be in a black and white area. Go right twice, then up once, through the teleporter. Now save. Now head left. Now go right, up, left three times, then down. Now, you need a piece of dust with you at all times for this entire sequence. At the end is the final card of the game.

    Card 41: After you beat The Briar, go back to the 8 Bit Maze from The Nexus. From the teleporter, go left, up, left, and you’ll see a portal. Go into it, then follow the path to the end for the chest with this card.

    Card 42: After you beat The Briar, go to the alternate reality world, with all the triangles. From the Nexus portal, go all the way down, and swap squares till you go to the other side of the small gap. Now you have to go left AND right, to unlock both sets of gates. Once all the gates are down, go past them, and find the chest for this card.

    Card 43: After you beat The Briar, go to the Black and White World from the Nexus. From here, go down and swap through the fence. Continue through 3 screens of enemies and buttons to get to this chest with the card

    Card 45: After you defeat The Briar, go to the Windmill area from The Nexus. Proceed to swap through the gate to the right, and move up and climb the windmill. Once you hit the new area, go right one, and up 3 screen. You’ll see a portal, go into it. After that, continue going right until you hit the chest.

    Card 46: After you defeat The Briar, go to the lake area, which is the big central hub. You’ll notice in the bottom right of the map, you haven’t explored this yet. Now you can with swap. Go 2 screens right, one up, and then right one into a hidden section. The chest will be in the middle of a lake.

    Card 47: After you defeat The Briar, go to the highway area, which is the very first area. Now, from the portal into the area, swap the road with the left-hand side of the map, and work your way down the screen. Once you go down a screen, the chest will be in the open to take.

    Card 48: After you defeat The Briar, go to the red sea area. From the Nexus portal, go all the way to the bottom of the map. You’ll end up in an area with a stone, and 2 tall walking creatures. From here, swap through the left of the area, and keep heading left until you find the chest.


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