Another Crab’s Treasure Review

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    Another Crab’s Treasure is a unique and colorful Souls-like game where you have to get back your shell. Here is our Another Crab’s Treasure Review.

    The game was developed and published by Aggro Crab, it was released on April 25, 2024, for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

    Ever since this game was announced, I was excited about it, I just wanted to play it straight away but sadly had to wait. The wait paid off because when it launched, it launched on Game Pass, which is a massive plus for a game like this that probably has many people guessing if they want to buy it. The wait was surely worth it, Another Crab’s Treasure is an outlier in the Souls-Like genre in both its gameplay and visuals.

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    For you souls-like people, this game is perfect, because it’s hard, for those people who want to get into souls-likes? this game is perfect! it offers so many accessibility options that even if you are one of the worst players in the genre, it’s possible to finish from start to finish. I honestly didn’t even know this game was a souls-like till I booted up the game, but with these “easy-mode” settings, it made it possible for me to enjoy without the worry of being bad at games like these.

    Another Crab's Treasure Review - boss fight

    I really enjoyed the story, it didn’t take itself that seriously at all and the characters are just goofy and stupid, but in a good way. It’s about this crab that gets his shell taken by a loan shark for not paying the protection money. When you finally catch up to the loan shark you will have jumped through many hoops already, but that is just the beginning because he pawned off the shell for some money and you have to find the shell now to get it back.

    If you think Souls-Like, you probably think dark and gloomy, but Another Crab’s Treasure is all but that. It still has its dark and gloomy moments at times, but the majority of the game takes place with a nice bright underwater color pallet that makes the game stand out among its competitors in the genre. I just love how the game looks and how much there is to do, and while souls-likes might not be for you, this surely is one worth trying.

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    Its an amazing souls-like with accessibility options that make it playable for the people who cant play souls-likes.

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    Its an amazing souls-like with accessibility options that make it playable for the people who cant play souls-likes.Another Crab's Treasure Review