Anuchard Review

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    In Anuchard you play as someone who can wield a bell and go to dungeons to restore the people that turned into statues. Here is our Anuchard Review.

    The game was developed by stellarNull and published by Freedom Games, it was released on April 21, 2022, for Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

    I wish I had a lot of positive to say about the game, but sadly I don’t. While the story is there, the mix of art style and slow gameplay put me off the game pretty quickly after I started it. When I saw the game was coming to Game Pass, I instantly was hooked due to how the art style looked at first glance, but when it got added I instantly booted it up and got disappointed pretty quickly, its very bleak, and the style I expected to see, just didn’t really connect with me, the same thing goes for the general gameplay of the game.

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    The best part of the game is its story, you are the bell wielder who can go into dungeons and get the souls back of the people who went in and never returned and bring the souls back the the people who turned to stone. The bell called out to you, and nobody else except you ever returned from the dungeon. It’s a pretty interesting story, but the mystery behind the bell is what has the pull and drive to learn more, but for me, the slow gameplay was a bit too off-putting to really get interested in it.

    Anuchard Review - village

    When you get to the dungeon, you also get into the combat, for me this was the worst part, and with that being the main point of the game, I was not very impressed. It was just extremely slow in a lot of ways, from walking, to hitting enemies, to progressing with the minor puzzles that the game had where you had to a ball the right way to activate a crystal or something, it was just a slow drag.

    Something else I was kind of sad about was the visuals, on images I saw before on PC and phone, the game looked pretty good, but when I did start playing it myself, and looked longer and longer at the game, the visuals became just annoying to look at, with characters not really having a face it kinda felt off at times as well. Another thing I missed was a tiny bit of voice acting, I dont mind reading, but the text boxes just were so boring as well, the colors just feel not as colorful as I expected and it’s very one-toned with a lot of the same color pallet coming back the whole time.

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    I think that the game would have been great if it was a bit more fast and had a kind of different art-style. but the way it currently is, it feels a bit boring.

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    I think that the game would have been great if it was a bit more fast and had a kind of different art-style. but the way it currently is, it feels a bit boring.Anuchard Review