Assassin’s Creed Liberations Remastered Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 3/10
    Estimated time to platinum/100%: 20 – 25 hours
    Missable trophies: None
    Glitched trophies: None
    Difficulty related: None
    Playthrough: 1


    Welcome to the Assassin’s Creed Liberations Trophy Guide!
    Enter the 1700s world of New Orleans as Aveline De Grandpre, an Assassin in training with the Brotherhood under the supervision of Agate. Discover the secret of the First Civilization and uncover the mystery of Aveline’s past across 3 locations.


    Step 1: Story

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    Within this stage, you are going to want to go through the story getting the fake ending and working on 100% if not attaining it.

    Assassins Creed Liberation was originally released on PS Vita and then brought to PS3 as an HD remaster. The game sees you take up the role of Avaline, an assassin with the New Orleans Brotherhood, operated by Agate. The Story will take Aveline from her New Orleans home to the swampy marshland of the Bayou and the lively tropics of Mexico, in her quest for answers. As Aveline searches for answers about the missing slaves she stumbles deeper into the Templar web, and eventually finds herself in an impossible situation with her mentor, and stepmother.

    You’ll be earning these trophies:

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    Sequence 1
    Sequence 2
    Sequence 4
    Sequence 6
    Sequence 8
    Complete Aveline’s Story

    Step 2: Clean Up
    After completing the story you should have a few of these trophies achieved through the progression of the Story, you are going to want to collect the remaining things.

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    Most of the Clean-up trophies in the game are related to killing or collection. Most of these are available to you from the moment that you start Sequence 3 except for:

    • The Truth
    • Complete all Mission Constraints
    • Collector
    • Persona Collector
    • Shipmaster
    • Hangman
    • RHP Master
    • Business Woman
    • Ship Crew
    • Bayou Fever
    • Liberation

    These listed above will unlock later than Sequence 3’s start and therefore will need to be completed after

    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:

    The Truth
    Complete All Mission Constraints
    Human Shields
    Persona Collector
    Swamp Queen
    Death By Poison
    Secret Lives
    My 1st Dressing Chamber
    Buy All Dressing Chambers
    On Watch is not Enough
    RHP Master
    Business Woman
    Ship Crew
    Bayou Fever
    Julius Caesar

    Tips and Strategies:

    Persona Breakdown:

    Unlike other Assassin’s Creed games, Liberation deals with the lead character in a unique way. Aveline does not just need to be an Assassin, this means that she has a wider skill set than previous heroes of the Creed.

    Aveline has 3 persona types, which are explained below:


    The slowest and weakest of the personas for her to use. In this persona, Aveline appears noble and can use her Charm ability to have people follow and even defend her in combat. This outfit also removes Aveline’s ability to climb and makes her big weapons such as a sword and pistol unusable, you do, however, still have her hand-to-hand combat and a special pistol. You will additionally unlock the Umbrella to use as a poison weapon.


    Probably the most useful of all her outfits, the slave allows her to blend in and access restricted areas without raising suspicion. Like the Lady Persona, you will still be limited on what you are able to achieve, however not so much as the Lady. In this persona, you will still be able to climb and use larger weapons like the sugarcane machete and you will be more or less an all-rounder in terms of stats. There are no real downsides to this persona. Like the Lady, and unlike the Assassin, you will not start at 1 bar of Notoriety.


    The Assassin persona is the one that most people will choose to use and only has 1 major flaw, which is you will always be at 1 bar of notoriety. This isn’t as bad as it sounds and is not something that you should worry about. There is no real glaring weakness like for the lady, and the Assassin can use all the weapons and tools that you collect, so picking this would be your best option. Just keep in mind that when free-roaming you will need to play it safe near guards or kill them, they will be suspicious of you in this persona.

    Collectables overview:

    Throughout the world of Assassin’s Creed Liberation, numerous different items fall under the collectables banner. Not only ones that counts for your trophies:

    Persona Collector

    There are also chests that you can collect throughout the game.

    Trophy Guide:

    Julius Caesar
    Earn every Trophy.

    With the threat of the Templars dealt within the Bayuo and New Orleans you should take this shiny Platinum.

    Sequence 1
    Complete Sequence 1.

    This chapter is just to teach you how to play the game. You will have 3 missions with optional objectives to complete in this chapter. The Trophy will pop when you have learned about the chain kill ability.

    Please refer to Complete all Mission Constraints for more information on Missions with bonuses.

    Sequence 2
    Complete Sequence 2.

    This chapter will send you up against your first Templar and introduce you to Citizen E. You will get this after the mission ‘Eve of Saint John’. There are 5 Missions with optional objectives.

    Refer to Complete all Mission Constraints for more information on Missions with bonuses.

    Sequence 4
    Complete Sequence 4.

    Here you will be in Mexico investigating the disappearing slaves. This chapter will end upon getting the first part of the Prophecy Disk. There are 5 missions in this Sequence with optional objectives and 4 missions in Sequence 3.

    Refer to Complete all Mission Constraints for more information on Missions with bonuses.

    Sequence 6
    Complete Sequence 6.

    In this sequence, you will return to Mexico and hunt down the second piece of the Prophecy Disk. There is 1 mission with an optional Objective in this sequence and 4 in Sequence 5.

    Refer to Complete all Mission Constraints for more information on Missions with bonuses.

    Sequence 8
    Complete Sequence 8.

    Within this sequence you will work with your “Brother” from New York, Conner from Assassins Creed 3’s Main Game, to hunt down the Templar Davidson. There is 1 mission with an optional Objective in sequence 8, and 2 in sequence 7.

    Refer to Complete all Mission Constraints for more information on Missions with bonuses.

    Complete Aveline’s Story
    Complete the game (fake ending).

    Here you will have to confront the Templar master and end the story. There are 3 missions with optional objectives. You will be thrown into the last ending as the credits roll where you will need to reach Citizen E, then the final mission where you will need to kill the Templar master.

    Refer to Complete all Mission Constraints for more information on Missions with bonuses.

    The Truth
    Kill all Citizen E and experience the true ending.

    There are 6 Citizen E’s located throughout the game, 4 of these you will need to hunt on your own, the other 2 the game will give you. You should know when a hidden sequence is by the look of the animus glitching. If you see this then there is a Citizen E target somewhere in one of the maps.

    Credit to Powerpyx for the Video

    The Above video outlines the location of the 4 that you will need to find in the open world. What is not noted in the video is that they only spawn after key story events. You will know this by the cut scene glitching like it does the first time you see it. You will also note that when you are within an area for Citizen E you will be notified.

    Complete all Mission Constraints
    Achieve 100% Synchronization in all Sequences.

    NOTE: Not all missions have bonus constraints for the 100%. The ones that have bonuses are listed below.

    For this, like other Assassin’s Creed Games, after Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, you will need to not only complete the mission but complete any constraint that is active in the mission. Constraints are little sub-objectives that you need to complete for the trophies, they range from not being detected, not entering combat or killing in a certain manner or not killing.

    See the table below for more information on all the constraints in the game.

    MissionWhat ConstraintHow
    Sequence 1
    5: Taking Care of BusinessDon’t Kill AnyoneSimply don’t attack anyone
    6: Father TroublesCharm a guard in the Lady PersonaThis is simple to achieve, there is a guard in your way that you will need to press the Circle Button to Charm in the Lady persona
    8: The Colony’s GoodInfiltrate the Mansion in the Slave or Lady PersonaYou should be able to achieve this easily in either persona. The Slave can walk straight in carrying a box, and the Lady can bribe the guards to let her in. This is best done in the Slave persona due to the next constraint
    Kill the Governor with a MusketOnce inside the mansion, you will need to eliminate some guards before meeting the governor. When you get there you will want to disarm a guard carrying a musket and use counter kill to eliminate the governor.
    Sequence 2
    2: The False MackandalComplete the mission in the time limitYou will have 2 minutes to eliminate all the dummies as instructed. This is really simple and you shouldn’t have much trouble.
    3: Meet the SmugglersUse Poison to kill a GuardThis will be hard to miss, when you get to the smugglers you will have the opportunity to take out the guards using your newly acquired Blowpipe with a fast-acting poison. Doing this will allow you to stay at range and kill the guards silently. This can be combined to get you the trophy Death By Poison.
    4: A Faithful AcolyteKill the Followers in the timeThis will take place after the Alligator and your introduction to the Egg collectables. You will have 3 minutes that you will need to kill all the followers, which isn’t all that difficult. Remember the guy up top and the rest are on the ground.
    5: The Second CampOnly kill the AcolyteRather simple, follow your path, being careful not to be seen, when you get to the back of the camp jump into the haystack and wait for your opportunity. When the target has his back to you simply go and kill him.
    6: Eve of Saint JohnDouble Air AssassinationAnother easy one, you will want to follow the trees up to the 2 guards located in them. take both of them out silently. after the second guard, you should see a set of tree stumps, hop down to them and wait with your hidden blades equipped ready to pounce on your targets for a double air assassination.
    Sequence 3
    2: Prelude to RebellionEnemies are beaten using FistsSimply use only your fists to attack with
    4: Vanishing SlavesBeat your opponent in the raceReally easy one again. All you need to do is beat your opponent in the race, she isn’t all that fast and you should be able to achieve this easily. You can, if you so wish, cut corners and not take the straight path to the finish, but it is your choice.
    6: In Vino VeritasGain no NotorietySimple task, just stay away from anything that will gain you notoriety.
    6: In Vino VeritasCarriage retains 50% healthThis one can be a little tricky. You need to do this in part 2 of the mission and are required to keep the carriage above the 50% health mark. Where this sounds easy the hard part comes when you have obstacles on your path and your ally telling you the wrong direction a lot of the time. Your best bet here is to rely on your own instinct and judgment by observing the path ahead. You can always restart the checkpoint if it dips below 50%.
    Kill Enemies in 1 minuteThis is a cruel task, as you need to get upstairs and kill enemies as you go. You will have 5 total guards to take out, 4 when you take control and 1 at the top of the stairs. No hanging around in this section you need to be fast. The best option is the counter-kill method, then sprint to the last guy as fast as you can.
    8: A Governor No MoreSet up the Ambush in the time limitThis one is rather easy but still challenging. you need to take out some guards, sabotage a water tower and plant powder kegs. You should be able to do it well within the time constant of 4 minutes. Just make sure you don’t take too long on a single part. The blowpipe will speed up the killing of the guards and then it’s a case of navigation.
    Sequence 4
    1: SouthboundDo not SwimAvoid going near the water and you should be fine with this constraint. Using the slave you should be able to gain access to the ship without much hassle.
    3: Gathering ToolsNo Open ConflictSelf-explanatory, If you need to kill do it quietly and unseen, like an assassin.
    4: The Company ManThe Captive retains 50% healthAnother simple task, use the counter-kill method to take out the guards fast and to keep them off your ally.
    5: Trail and TruthComplete the mission in the time limitYou will have 5 Minutes to follow the breadcrumbs, pretty easy and you should be able to achieve it in time. Just keep following the green markers and using eagle vision.
    No Open ConflictThe second part of this mission’s constraint is to not enter combat. You should only have to worry about the start of this mission as you are a slave the guards will not bother to question you in non-hostile zones. just be aware of the 5-minute time limit.
    6: The Secret of the CenoteSolve the puzzle in the time limitYou will have 2 minutes to complete this puzzle. The puzzle is really rather simple but can be annoying to achieve in the time limit. You need to get the ball through the maze and although this sounds easy the physics of the ball can have a mind of its own if you’re not careful.
    No DamageThis is a challenge to get right and only applies to the end of the mission. you will need to fight a boss and some guards. There are many methods to achieve this, however, the best option you probably have is the Smoke bomb method.

    Smoke bomb:
    For this, you will need to have a good supply of smoke bombs that can keep the boss and his guards from attacking. when stunned use the whip and attack, rinse and repeat till he is beaten.

    The whip method is one recognised method to use, essentially it’s the same as the Smoke bomb but without the stun of the bombs. You will need to be more on your toes with this method and you are required to take out everyone to remain safe and untouched.
    Sequence 5
    2: Rotten BracketsAssassinate the Recruiter with a Powder KegWhere this sounds hard and somewhat difficult to pull off, all you really need is patience. You will be in the fort for this mission and you will need to locate the recruiter with eagle vision. Once done, you may notice he walks in a set route around the fort, and conveniently there is a powder keg that he passes. Position yourself in a good place out of sight of everyone else then when he is in location kill him with the keg.
    Remain undetected After assassinating himYou should find him easily, using eagle vision you will see the routes to take. You might only have 1 minute but it should be completed in enough time.
    3: The Power of VoodooFind Agate in the time limitYou should find him easily, using eagle vision you will see the routes to take. You might only have 1 minute but it should be completed in enough time.
    4: The LighthouseDo not SwimThis constraint will be easy to do, even without being too careful. You have a few options for getting to the lighthouse, however, as long as you do not swim you will get this constraint. I normally pick the more risky boat path and ground it on the bank under the lighthouse, just to get there fast and make sure that I don’t swim, but have a look around for the route that best suits you. Remember you can’t kill either. This includes knocking out with fists
    Do not kill anyoneThis part is the hard one, you have to restrain yourself from attacking enemies in any way, including knocking them out. With the boat route, you should only have to worry about 1 or 2 guards total. Depending on timing there might be some on the bank or pier that spot you for a second or two but just be careful not to draw too much attention. Your main problem is the guy at the top of the lighthouse, you need to time it perfectly so that he won’t see you when you go for the switch, other than this it’s easy
    5: Stolen GoodsCarry 2 CratesMake sure you personally carry 2 crates to the boat to hit this constraint. You should have plenty of time between when the guards spawn to take the crates you need for this.
    Sequence 6
    1: The Return to MexicoSolve the Puzzle in 5 moves or lessThere are a few different solutions to this puzzle so you might have to play around and find what is right for you. However below is my solution.

    1) Top Right – Down (New Position Center Right)
    2) Top Center – Right (New Position Top Right)
    3) Middle Center – UP (New Position Top Center)
    4) Center Left – Right (New Position Middle Center)
    5) Top Left – Down (New Position Center Left)
    Sequence 7
    1: An Urgent FavorNo Open ConflictThis is after you save George and need to get him out of the city. Simply do not engage in open conflict.
    2: Supplying the RevolutionDo not SwimThis is simple and does not need an explanation. Just restart if you lose it.
    The Raft retains 50% HealthThis is a little more complicated considering your other constraint is Melee only. You will need to manually assault the position of enemies without swimming while keeping the health of the raft above 50%. To do this you will need to tree run and be fast to get to the location ahead of the raft. If you lose this restart the checkpoint.
    Only Melee weaponsPretty simple only use melee weapons to kill targets.
    Sequence 8
    1: Fools ErrandClimb the Waterfall in the time limitThis might sound tough with a 1-minute timer but it is really simple. Follow the route outlined by the camera and you should make it with seconds to spare. you can also restart if you take too long or fall.
    Sequence 9
    2: Confronting AgateComplete the Mission in the time limitYou have a 5-minute timer for this mission, although it sounds like a long time, coupled with the No Damage you will find it to be harder than needed. It is recommended to have a full stock of equipment and the maximum set of pouches that you can buy before taking on this mission. There are multiple methods for this but it’s down to what you are comfortable with. A method that might have worked earlier, was to use the whip and pull enemies to you to take them out. You can also use the Smoke bomb method to stun enemies and kill them while they are stunned.
    No Damage
    3: ReconciliationKill Citizen E in the time limitThis is a simple task that you can’t really go wrong on. You need to follow the route to Citizen E, you have 2 minutes in which to reach and assassinate him for this constraint. If you fail simply restart the checkpoint.
    4: EruditoNo DamageThis is one of the hardest challenges you will need to do. You are tasked with taking on multiple enemies while remaining unscathed. Your goal here is to last long enough to take out the boss, when they join the fight you will want to focus on them. Smoke bombs and your guns are a good combo here if you have enough resources left from the earlier mission. If you do not then the whip method is a good one, as well as the counter kill. Just make sure to look out for the Brutes with the axes, they will really mess up your day. If you fail then restart the checkpoint.

    This should help when you need to go for 100% in each mission with the constraints.

    NOTE: IF you have completed all of these and still have not obtained the shiny  then you probably have the Connor’s Way mission installed and you will need to complete it. This mission is located in Sequence 8 and is Mission 2. 

    Human Shields
    Block 10 shots or firing lines with a human shield.

    The Human Shield mechanic is introduced to the series in Assassins Creed 3, and you can do this as Aveline. It consists of grabbing an enemy as other enemies are going to shoot at you, this grabbed enemy will be placed in front of you saving your precious health from taking the hit and taking out an enemy.
    The fastest and easiest place to do this is in front of the palace and Cathedral. Simply just counter throw with the X Button, till someone tries to shoot you and then grab the closest guard using the X Button.

    Refer to the Video if you need more help.

    Credit to Powerpyx for the video.
    Collect all diary pages, alligator eggs, Mayan statuettes, and mushrooms.

    The collectables in Assassins Creed Liberation are similar to others in the series. There are 4 types that you need to collect for this trophy these are:

    • Diary Pages
    • Alligator Eggs
    • Mayan Statuettes
    • Mushrooms

    You will find Diary pages everywhere there are 30 to collect. Alligator Eggs are only located in The Bayou, there are 12 to collect. Mayan Statuettes are small artefacts that are mainly located in Mexico, however, 2 are located in mission locations, There are 10 to Collect. The Mushrooms are related to the Bayou Fever missions and therefore only in the Bayou, there are 10 to find.

    Diary pages are the remnants of Aveline’s mother. As mentioned above there are 30 to collect in total, the first will be given to you by Aveline’s father in a story segment. The other 29 are scattered throughout the game and although they do not fly away like the Black Flag Shanties or 3’s Almanac they are in a similar sort of location, up high or somewhere you aren’t always likely to stumble over them easily.

    Diary Pages:

    Credit for the Above video to go to Powerpyx.

    Because there is a wilderness like what is in AC 3’s main game, there are also some things related to it, unlike the other AC games to this point you will be confronted by Alligators. Alligators are deceptively fast on the land and if you are swimming you will not stand a chance. When you approach an Alligator you will be presented with a Quicktime Event where you need to press 3 buttons to kill the Alligator, If you fail you will be thrown off and take some damage. Once the Alligator is dead you will be able to loot the nest and claim your prize. You can also if you are fast enough loot the nest before alerting the Alligator and escape.

    Alligator Eggs:

    Credit for the Above video to go to Powerpyx.

    These are small stone icons that are only found in the Mexico region of the game. There are 10 in total and only 2 of them are located in mission locations. These 2 missions are:

    • Memory 6 of Sequence 4
    • Memory 1 of Sequence 6

    To obtain these you will need to complete the missions in order for the collectable to be registered.

    Mayan Statuettes:

    Credit for the Above video to go to Powerpyx.

    The Mushrooms are part of the Bayou Fever mission set and should be treated as a fetch quest. The mushrooms grow high up in trees and will require you to tree run whereas the patient will be somewhere on the ground and look like they have been poisoned. You unlock these missions from the bayou healer in Sequence 2 you should hunt down the mushrooms and then hit the patient who is close to the mushroom. This is the most effective way of addressing these.


    Credit for the Above video to go to Powerpyx.

    Bayou Fever

    Credit for the Above video to go to Powerpyx.

    Note: The Mushroom and Fever collection have been placed together here because they work hand in hand and you may notice that the fever person isn’t too far away from a mushroom. For this reason, it would be best if you do both together, hitting the mushroom location and then heading to the nearest person to administer the mushroom. See Bayou Fever for more information

    Persona Collector
    Collect every persona-specific collectible.

    In addition to normal collectables, there are persona-based collectables. Each persona has 10 meaning 30 in total, scattered through the game. These are:

    • Assassins Coins
    • Voodoo Dolls
    • Jewelled Brooches

    For the Assassin, you will need to find the Assassins Coins, for the Slave you will need to find Voodoo Dolls, and for the Lady, you will need to find Jewelled Brooches. you can only collect the respective collectable using that persona, this means that the Slave can not collect the Coins for example.


    To get the coins you will need to kill or knock out the targets that hold them, they are identified by a coin-falling image when in the Assassin Persona. Once done you will need to loot the person, you could also pickpocket them.

    Assassin Coins:

    Credit for the Above video to go to Powerpyx.


    The person you are looking for in the Slave persona, who is holding a Voodoo Doll, looks like a native American. You should use your pickpocketing skills to get the Voodoo Dolls, they look like crosses on the map.

    Voodoo Dolls:

    Credit for the Above video to go to Powerpyx.


    This persona is a pretty unique one, you will be limited in this persona, and you can’t do things like climbing, but you can charm certain individuals some of these individuals have the brooches you want. They are only located in New Orleans and look like an envelope on the map.


    Credit for the Above video to go to Powerpyx.
    Kill 5 guards in 15 seconds using only the Sugarcane Machete (without using the Chain Kill).

    This might sound a little daunting, however, it is actually rather easy. As the trophy states, you are not allowed to use Chain Kills, which you learn at the end of sequence 1. The best way you can do this is by chaining from a previous kill, like what was introduced in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. Just Counter kill 1 guy then link in 4 more kills, it shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve this outside the palace.

    Alternatively, if you need some guidance Powerpyx has a good video that can be seen below.


    Credit to Powerpyx for the video
    Survive 10 animal encounters.

    To encounter any hostile animal you are going to need to be in the Bayou, you will be introduced to this in the story. Simply hunt down the Alligator eggs and you should get this along the way. There are some cats that will attack you in the bayou but it’s best to stick with the Alligators guarding the eggs, as they do respawn and the locations are set at the nests. Refer to Collector for more information on the Egg locations.

    Buy the maximum number of ships (8).

    You do this in the Trading system, introduced in the story. You can access the Trade System in shops after you have learnt about it. For this trophy, you will want to buy any 8 ships filling your docking capacity in 2 ports. Each port can hold 4 ships, you should pick a port that you are happy with and buy 4 ships for that port. It is recommended that you look at the best deal that you can make, for example, if you buy tobacco in Cuba your best sell point might be New York. This will allow you to make some money while using the Trading system, which you will need, in addition to this a ship with the best cargo capacity is what you should be looking for. This will allow you to transport more goods, meaning you will make more money than with a ship that has Speed over Capacity.

    Swamp Queen
    Tree run for 10 branches without touching the ground.

    This is really easily done in the first mission in Sequence 2, and even if you miss it then you should obtain this as you work your way through the game. At the beginning of Sequence 2, you will need to tree run, this will be your first opportunity to get this and it is the easiest point to do it. All you need to do for this trophy is not leave the trees till the trophy is complete. Just make sure you don’t leave the trees till this pops and it’s that simple.

    Death by Poison
    Kill an enemy with a poison dart.

    You shouldn’t miss this as it’s an optional objective. See Complete all Mission Constraints for more information.

    To get it if you miss the opportunity in the mission you will need to equip the blowpipe, take aim at a guard and shoot him. When it kills him you will get the trophy. This could be combined with Predator.

    Secret Lives
    Complete all persona-specific side missions.

    This trophy is like the Persona collectables, you will have missions for each persona. It is recommended to work on this at the same time you are completing the work on the Persona Collectables, this way you will only need to run around the maps once to get both sets of collections done. These missions are shorter than main missions and easier, however, they will take you away from your start location meaning that you will need to run back there every time.



    These are simple tasks where you perform your assassin duties, there are 5 in total.

    1. Delayed Justice
    2. The Snitch
    3. Free Delivery
    4. Safe Passage
    5. Pigeon Hunt



    These are quests where you need to solve a crime of sorts. They are really not that hard, just basically follow the clues, there are 5 in total. The first 3 are in New Orleans and the last 2 are in the Bayou.

    1. Helping Hand
    2. The Case
    3. Hot Trail
    4. Witness Protection
    5. The Culprit


    The Plot

    These are like the Business rival missions and like the other persona’s, missions are easy. There are 5 in total.

    1. Barely Made It
    2. Payback
    3. Breadcrumbs
    4. Bon Voyage
    5. Old Friends

    You will need to use the persona that you want to get the mission for, so the Assassin for Contracts, and so on. You will also need to check the Bayou for the last 2 missions in the Slave set. Once you have completed all 15 you will get the trophy, don’t forget you can track your progress in the tracker. 

    Kill 25 enemies with the Parasol Gun.

    The Parasol Gun is limited to the Lady Persona and is essentially the Blowpipe for the other personas. You will get this through the natural progression of the story, the same rules apply, aim and shoot, you have fast poison and berserk darts. Kill 25 like this and you will get the trophy. The best place to do this is at the palace/ Cathedral where you farm the Human Shields, just walk around and shoot the guards you see if you run out of ammo go to the nearest store or smuggler.

    My 1st Dressing Chamber
    Buy your 1st Dressing Chamber.

    You will get this in an early mission in Sequence 1. This is a story-related trophy and is a mission objective in Sequence 1, therefore you will not miss this trophy and is highly likely that it is your first trophy. Gerald will provide you with the money to go and pay for your first dressing chamber to help you complete the mission, this will unlock them to buy after the mission.

    Buy All Dressing Chambers
    Buy every Dressing Chamber.

    Dressing Chambers are a place where you can change the persona you are currently using, they are scattered around both New Orleans and the Bayou. They cost 500 each and are easy to see on the map by the person icon on the map.

    Pickpocket 5000 écu.

    Pickpocketing in the Assassin’s Creed games is nothing new, however, only pickpocketing will count for this trophy. You can get it in any persona and is easy enough to do, however, obtaining enough for the trophy will take some time to do to random guards and civilians. The recommended and fastest way to get this is to gain full notoriety in the Assassin Persona and bribe a Magister,  from here all you need to do is pick his pocket. You should only need to do this 2 or 3 times in order to obtain the trophy. 

    Perform 10 predator moves using the Whip.

    There are 2 constraints you must meet for this trophy. The first is that you have made it to Sequence 4, and the second is that you are standing on a branch or rope. The reasons for these are as follows:

    • The Whip unlocks in Sequence 4
    • You need to perform the Hangman move, which can only be performed from one of these 2 locations. If you try this from a flat platform or roof Aveline will just strangle the target.

    To use the Hangman move you need to use the Triangle Button + Left Stick Pulled Back with the Whip equipped. This will make Aveline drop down behind the branch still holding the whip and plant it in the ground on reaching it, you will also see the guard that you grabbed shoot up in the air and assume the Hanged Man position. Do this a total of 10 times and the trophy is yours.

    One Watch is not Enough
    Collect all the pocket watches.

    For this trophy you will need to buy up all the Pocket watches in the game, they are held in stock by smugglers based in New Orleans and the Bayou. As you look through them they will increase in price so farming some money in the trading system would be a good idea. There are 10 in total that will set you back around 180,000

    Pourpre Rosa4375
    Flemish Timepiece9375
    Parisian Masterpiece21250
    Engraved Silver28750
    Armada Gold35000
    Admiral’s Treasure43750
    Information on cost from IGN, all credit to them.

    Above are the watches that you will need to get the trophy.

    Use berserk poison to force an enemy to kill 5 enemies.

    Your best chance at doing this is to shoot a captain with the dart and hope he kills enough in the time, or before he is killed. Captains are tougher opponents and you can find one in the Palace grounds, Simply shoot him with the umbrella or blowpipe and wait and see, if it doesn’t work come back in a little while to try again when he is back.
    Alternatively, you can find a captain and enough enemies in Sequence 3 Mission 4, when you need to get to the convoy of slaves. Instead of killing all the guards yourself take advantage of the situation and let the captain kill them off. If you fail to do it you can also restart the checkpoint.

    RHP Master
    Synchronize all viewpoints.

    Viewpoints like in any other Assassin’s Creed game, are scattered throughout the game, they are indicated by an eagle icon on the map. In normal fashion, they are the tallest structure around, depending on where you are in the game that could be a Mayan temple, a New Orleans Cathedral or a great big tree. Like in Connor’s story, Assassin’s Creed 3, you will have the Fog of War to clear from the map so you can see things. You can do this in 2 ways, the first by running around the map and manually clearing it, the second is by climbing up a viewpoint and synchronizing to get the fog of war cleared around you and one step closer to the trophy. This can be achieved as early as chapter 4, if you have all the viewpoints in New Orleans and the Bayou.

    Business Woman
    Complete every Business Rivals mission.

    As the name and description imply you will have to take care of a rival business to help Aveline’s thrive. You do this by eliminating the rival business owner, this will free up the area stores for you to purchase and gain a discount. There are 7 business rival missions, upon completing them the shops around New Orleans, and in the Bayou will be yours to buy. You will find these missions by the Crosshair icon on your map, they shouldn’t give you any trouble and are rather fast to complete.

    Ship Crew
    Complete every Ship Crew mission.

    Ship Crew missions are missions that are given to you by Captain Dominguez, who you meet in Sequence 1. There are 3 in total and can be identified by the crew icon on your map. Although there are only 3, 1 of which can prove troublesome. These start to become active at the beginning of Sequence 5, to gain your first you will need to find Captain Dominguez.

    Bayou Fever
    Complete every Bayou Fever mission.

    These aren’t really missions, what you need to do is collect up the Mushrooms, and head over to a fever victim, indicated by a skull. They are all located in the Bayou, and in relatively close proximity to one another. You will know the Fever missions by the skull icon and Mushroom icon on your map.
    Refer to Collector for more information on the location of Mushrooms and Fever people

    Complete every Free Slaves mission.

    Slave missions are small missions where, as the name implies, you will need to help slaves. If you are familiar with Freedoms Cry and Adwalle you may see a resemblance between these missions and what he did, by freeing slaves, however, the main difference between them is that Aveline will need to enter a mission state rather than interfere with a world event. There are 3 missions that you can complete after sequence 3, these are identified by the fist icon on your map. The first is a follow-up mission from the main story, you will find the second in New Orleans and the Third in the Bayou. 

    Kill an enemy from a tree, with the blowpipe, while using eagle vision.

    For this trophy, all you need to do is get to the Bayou and get the Blowpipe in mission 2. The rest of the requirement is easy, all you have to do is climb a tree, enter eagle vision and kill a guard with the blowpipe. If you happen to be struggling there is a guard near the main entrance to the Bayou.

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