Assassin’s Creed Unity Review

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    Assassin’s Creed Unity follows Arno Dorian, the son of an assassin, who joins the brotherhood in search of revenge. Here is our Assassin’s Creed Unity Review.

    The game was developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft, it was originally released on November 11, 2014, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

    The story starts off with an intro as a young Arno goes to a palace where his father gets killed, he gets taken in by the person his father was meeting there and kind of becomes one of their own. Things go south when he becomes older and sees him get murdered and finds out it’s the templars. Arno wants revenge but gets thrown in jail for his murder, there he finds an old friend of your father and finds out he used to be an Assassin. He is training Arno in prison and after their escape, Arno gets accepted into the brotherhood and starts going after the templars who are behind the murder.

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    It’s a great story but does feel a bit off at times, mainly because in the game we never really go after the people who killed your own father, something that you know if you played one of the other AC games, but here it never really gets explored. Coming back to its original format after some big open spaces in Assassin’s Creed 3 and Black Flag, Assassin’s Creed Unity felt like a breath of fresh air with its story being a lot more streamlined and removing a lot of unnecessary filler and tailing missions that made the game a lot more enjoyable than those games.

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    During the game, each sequence was a perfect length, it didn’t feel too long going after 1 thing and those 2/3 missions focused on 1 thing were perfect. With some of the older ones, there was so much travel time in between missions and side stuff you were forced to do, but here, you can just walk over because the map is so much better with it being compact. Overall, the map is just a massive improvement over the recent few games really making it feel more like the AC 2 era games.

    I just love the openness of the map and that you now can go through buildings, it really makes the game feel a lot more realistic but also makes traversing everything a lot easier. Unlike with Black Flag/Rouge, I even went back and did some side missions and collectibles again and it was a lot of fun doing that again, especially because it felt like doing those helped your playthrough again by rewarding you with money to invest in social houses or new gear and sometimes, the missions even rewarded you with some pieces of gear.

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    The new gear system is a lot better and also feels a lot more like the gear upgrades you could buy in AC2 and Brotherhood, every time you got something new it felt like you actually got stronger and the difficulty levels were a nice indication of if I wanted to do some of the side contents at what moment. With the side content also came a few new mission types like solving murders but also going forward in time like WW2 to save other people that got stuck there and get some synch points rewarding you with money, these missions were a breath of fresh air to do in between main missions even tho some of them got forced, but due to how well it got integrated into the story, it just felt right.

    The free-running is fully redone and it feels a lot smoother but also faster than before, but with one of the new inclusions it also got thrown for a loop once again and that is windows. When wanting to avoid or go into windows, it doesn’t always do what you try to do, sometimes with disastrous consequences. That also brings up another issue, the enemy NPCs seem to be a bit too much on their toes at times and spot you from some baffling distances or places that also sometimes just ruin what you try to do.

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    Visually the game is fine, nothing that special compared to today’s games but I do remember it being rather impressive when the game came out back in 2014, and for a game this old, it held up pretty well. At random points in the game, it just had terrible muffled sound for no apparent reason, I’m not sure if I just got used to it and randomly noticed it again, or if it fixed itself, but it was there at least a few times during the beginning and middle of the game.

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    A return to the format that made the game popular from AC Brotherhood with a lot of the bad things from AC 3 and Black Flag being fixed and improved.

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    A return to the format that made the game popular from AC Brotherhood with a lot of the bad things from AC 3 and Black Flag being fixed and improved.Assassin's Creed Unity Review