Atlas Fallen Review

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    Atlas Fallen is an open-world action-adventure game where you play as an Unnamed that finds a gauntlet that hides a god inside. Here is our Atlas Fallen Review.

    The game is developed by Deck13 and published by Focus Entertainment, it was released on August 10, 2023, for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. This review is being made possible due to a free review key we received. (Image captures sadly went wrong, so ill be using screenshots provided by their press release).

    Atlas Fallen starts off with you, an Unnamed, that wants to start a rebellion against the soldiers but gets set outside of the camp to find a thief. You do end up finding the thief, but also a gauntlet that holds great powers, the power of the god Nyaal who seems to not have all his memories, and the further you go on your adventure, the more you learn about the past, the world and the 2 gods battling for power.

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    You travel through multiple locations and cities to find parts to make the gauntlet stronger, but to go to them you will need to battle great foes, the Wraiths, they are creatures being controlled by the evil god that does everything to try and destroy the world. But what the people in the world don’t know, is that the god they pray to is that evil god.

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    A lot of the game its story is told through more of a storytelling perspective with some visuals on a scroll-like thing. This is my only complaint about how the story is being told, I wish there were more in-engine cutscenes because there were not many of those and could be counted on 1 hand. But either way, the story is still great.

    The game reminds me in some ways of both Forspoken with a bit of Darksiders. While Forspoken is clearly a new game and can’t really be inspired by it, its gameplay feels a lot like it but a lot smoother and easier to control, something that I didn’t like about that game, so Atlas Fallen did a perfect job with it. The gameplay and combat also felt a bit like Darksiders, I personally only have played about 1/2 hours of one of those games, but the combat felt really similar to that.

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    My final time with the game’s main story ended up being a pretty short 10 hours, probably one of the only down points about this game, because it for sure had a lot to offer but a lot of it is in the form of collectibles and challenges you can complete to gain new buffs. I personally wish the game was just a bit longer because it did feel like an over-the-top DLC in some ways due to its length.

    I do admit, I did play the game on easy, but even then, Atlas Fallen gave me a bit of a tough challenge, especially with its bigger and stronger enemies, something I usually never have any issues with when I play on normal or even sometimes hard difficulty in other games. So I’m not entirely sure if the game is supposed to be this hard and I surely don’t have the guts to even attempt the game in normal difficulty.

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    While most big enemies gave me an extremely hard time, the final boss fight felt super easy for some reason. His attacks all had an easier way to predict them and I barely took any damage, something I had a super hard time with with the rest of the game. But the final fight was a lot of fun, just a bit more of a health sponge than anything.

    The combat felt smooth and just really satisfying, if the attacks weren’t that hard to dodge or block. There was a small light that indicated the attack, but each attack had a different flow so timing the block ended up being really hard and each enemy also had a different timing with its attacks, so that made it even harder. This is what got me to lose most fights and also made me wanna avoid fights a lot of the time as well, but it was manageable at least without that many issues in the end.

    In the department of visuals, there was not anything wrong for the most part. The world looked beautiful with a few different types of land areas, but most of it was covered in sand. I Don’t Like Sand. But that was the smallest of the visual issue because the biggest one was the playable character just looking off in many of the situations where it showed his/her face. It just stuck out like a sore thumb every time. In the character creator, it looked great, but beyond that, it was distracting.

    I had a few issues that were not in the notes I got but did come across that was a bit annoying. The game Freezes when putting the ps5 in rest mode. The more I got to the end, the game kept crashing more and more in big fights. It made me redo some of the fights, and while it was annoying it could have been a lot worse.

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    The game is a lot of fun and the world itself looks beautiful and gameplay feels great, but its lack of in-engine cutscenes, length and overall difficulty makes it feel more like a massive DLC or prequel for a game while in reality it isnt.

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    The game is a lot of fun and the world itself looks beautiful and gameplay feels great, but its lack of in-engine cutscenes, length and overall difficulty makes it feel more like a massive DLC or prequel for a game while in reality it isnt.Atlas Fallen Review