Attack of the Toy Tanks Review

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    Ratalaika Games is back with another easy platinum for ur trophy list. This top-down tactical shooter is great if you need to distract yourself a bit but playing this for a long time really burns down the enjoyment of the game.


    The gameplay is all very similar, you get dropped at a place in the map and try to avoid the blasts from the enemy tanks. There are a few different types of those and they really define the courses together with the map placement. There are a few combinations that can be horrible and some that are easy. the problem is that it all does get really repetitive, bland and boring after a while. Another problem with this game is the controls, they are extremely clunky and hard to control.


    The Graphics are actually one of the amazing things in this game. I love the style of it and the color palette for the levels. The only downside is that every level starts to blend into each other and all kinda have the same visual feeling to it.

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    There are tons of levels so you can always come back for a few more levels. When those levels are done you can still replay them but there is not really a point other than getting all the gold stars. Where I do see some amazing fun and replayability is on the multiplay, I think that there is some great fun in this to play around with some friends. I did play it only on ps4, where it might be a bit less fun to do it but on the Nintendo Switch this could really shine if you and a friend have 5/10 minutes of waiting time and nothing to do.

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    • Fun Coop
    • nice visuals
    • variety of enemies


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    • repetitive
    • levels to similar
    • some level designs



    • Dex Fragg

      Founder of Game Craves and Reviewer.

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