Best Games on PS Premium and Extra – May 2023

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    Welcome to the Best Games on Game Pass of May 2023. This month we wanted to bring some attention to the Eastern warriors throughout games on the service, to this end we searched around and found some of the best candidates with two different titles thrown in.

    Ghost Of Tsushima

    Best Games on PS Premium and Extra - Ghost of Tsushima

    A Storm is Coming. 1275, Tsushima Island stands on the brink of invasion by the Mongolian hoard, only a handful of elite soldiers stand to protect their homeland, these brave souls are the Samurai. Brutal and deadly specialists in combat the Samurai attempt to defend Tsushima from the advancing power of the Mongols to no avail. With the Samurai crushed and the lord leading them to battle captured no one can stand against the Mongols… Except for 1 Man.

    Developed by Sucker Punch and published as a Sony exclusive, Ghost of Tsushima has everything you could want from an open-world action game set in a Japanese world. Released for both PS4 and PS5 and featuring auto-unlocking trophies for the PS5 if you transfer the data, this venture to the Japanese world is a marvel.

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    Set around an island inspired by New Caledonia, Tchia is a new adventure with so much going on it. You play as the titular Tchia who is on a quest to find her father and save the island from an evil force. Unlike most games you could think of, Tchia has an awful lot going for it, a prime example is the fully kitted-out Ukulele which can be used as a progressional tool or played as a musical instrument when you feel like it.

    Developed by Awaceb and published by Kepler Interactive this adventure is very reminiscent of Disney’s Moana, given they are from the same sort of area of the world has it working as an advantage but Tchia has something about it that makes it unique.

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    Black Mirror

    Enter the mysterious Sgàthan Dubh house, and uncover the secrets of the Gordan estate. The game feels like a modern take on the original Resident Evil’s formula where you have a static camera location in a horror setting. As good as the game is, there is only so much that you can do with the formula. By the time you reach the end, you can feel a little disappointed. That’s not to say the game isn’t good, it has its own things going for it. The thing that should make this game stand out is its Scottish handling of the horror situation and its puzzles. Honestly, the puzzles that the game has are really interesting and can keep you thinking. The really bad part of the game is the control system and the fact you are not directed anywhere for your objective, this alone shouldn’t deter you however.

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    Developed by KING Art Games, and published by THQ Nordic in 2017, this gothic horror game is one of a kind in today’s market. Most Horror games now adopted the 3rd person approach, but as stated, with Black Mirror you play from a static camera which tracks the movement of the player, a very old-school feel. That coupled with wondering if something was going to jump out at you or not really makes you want to continue.

    Way of the Samurai 3 (US Only)

    Greed. Loyalty. Honour. Deception. Betrayal. Your Choices Define You.

    If Ghost Of Tsushima wasn’t enough samurai action for you then strap in for this next venture to the East. Set in the Sengoku Era, when Japan was engulfed in a conflict set about by 3 factions. Pick your side and battle your enemies as a weapon master and carve your destiny and how you will be remembered.

    Way Of The Samurai 3 is exclusive to the USA PS Premium service and pretty dated in how it works, however, if you have the patience for slower-paced games with action sequences it’s worth every hour. At this point, it should be noted to obtain all trophies the game will have you investing a lot of time and playing through the game a total of 22 times at the very least. This is because the game features a total of 22 different endings, based on the actions that you take throughout the game, even choosing to kill instead of pacify has repercussions.

    Developed by Gambridge Studios and published by Acquire it was released in 2010 for PS3 and Xbox 360. For how old the game is, it feels like you are taking on the role of a samurai, not as much as Ghost Of Tsushima but enough to make the game an interesting and exciting adventure with each run.

    Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

    Rejoin the Dragon Clan in the second game (15th in the franchise) in the sequence of events for the legend Ryu Hayabusa. Taking you from the skylines of Tokyo to the subways of New York and the waterways of Aqua City in Italy.

    Ninja Gaiden could be called a dark fantasy with its fantastical creatures and emphasis on powers that are greater than mortal men, however with that being said it has its realism and grounding force of being set in the modern day. This coupled with the fact that you combat creatures like vampires, demonic creatures, and a sealed god makes the adventure all the more thrilling. The only downside to any of the ninja gaiden games is the amount of damage you end up taking feels like your playing a souls type game, but the upside of this is Ryu is a master ninja so he has some pretty awesome moves like the izuna drop.

    Developed by Team Ninja and released originally for the Xbox 360 in 2008 NG2 was a morale-crushing game, with some pretty cool glitches, combat and story elements that were worth checking out even back then. Skip ahead a year to 2009 and Tecmo Koei published the PS3 release of the game entitled Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. Where Sigma 2 is the same in most aspects as its original counterpart on Xbox it followed the same formula as Ninja Gaiden Black, meaning for more it was slightly easier.

    Looking for more games to play? Be sure to visit our Games To Play page and discover a wide range of categories of games. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions.

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