Best Games To Play With A Partner

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    Welcome to Team Tuesday. Here we look at a recent or upcoming game and talk about something related to that game. This week we are not here on Tuesday but on a special day, Valentine’s day! Because this is a special day it made us think about some amazing games we could play together with a partner.

    Multiplayer. It’s a word a lot of people know. Some play Multiplayer games 24/7. Some play when the company is over. Others don’t ever play because they just hate the premise. But love it or hate it, it’s here to stay. Also, speaking of love, playing games with your partner’s can go one of two ways! Either you enjoy it, or you break up. Yikes!

    But today we’re talking about fun games to play with a partner, and my choice is Mario Kart Double Dash. Everyone knows Mario Kart! Shooting, driving, racing, rage-inducing fun! But Double Dash was different. It encouraged teamwork, it had great ideas and executed them great, then we never saw them again. If you sucked at driving, your partner could drive while you threw items or vice versa. So many teams to make too! Getting a gold cup together in a Grand Prix felt amazing! That’s why this is my choice of the week.

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    So along with a nice present, and some love, chocolate, and anything else play some Double Dash with your partner this Valentine’s Day, and race into their heart!

    I’m kinda a lone wolf when we speak about videogames. That’s why I’m not into coop/online games that much. However, I really love games with multiple ending and multiple choices like Heavy Rain. Imagine playing it with a friend or with your partner while having a comparison on what to choose and what to do… It would be amazing to do more than a playthrough in order to don’t have to argue on choices or actions too! Heavy Rain has plenty of them and if you love interactive drama and an action-adventure game that’s the best game to play on a sofa

    Remembering a game that some have never heard of and even more have forgotten about Buzz Quiz TV is, without doubt, a game that has given me one of the biggest laughs with friends and loved ones.

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    This was a game that would have me in stitches when the simplest of questions were answered completely incorrectly.

    If you’ve not heard of this game, is come across it in the past it is one that you really should try. The fun factor and comical sketches are something to experience.

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    When I played we even had wired buzzers….. if you can imagine that….?!

    My pick for this week is Portal 2. Due to its amazing CO-OP mode, this game is perfect for any 2 people who choose to play it.

    Portal 2 is a puzzle game and that isn’t always everyone’s favorite genre but, in this case, with someone by your side, the game becomes immensely fun. The unique puzzles made for two are fun to go through and due to the fact that you need each other to complete them, there’s a lot of room for trolling and messing around with each other. But, as the game picks up speed and complexity, it becomes more clear that players need to split responsibilities, something co-op games all try to accomplish but, rarely pull off.

    This week is a hard one for me, I don’t really play anything couch coop that often. Despite that, I managed to think of something everyone loves to play together. Of course, I had to pick Lego again, but what lego game is it this time? Lego The Incredibles! That game is so different in story and character from the other games, and its a bit more colorful that is playable for everyone of all ages.


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