Best Remaster 2023 – Game Craves Game Of The Year 2023

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    The Game Craves Game of the Year Awards recognized some remarkable remasters that not only paid homage to their originals but also enhanced them for a modern audience. Let’s dive into the top three remasters of 2023 that stood out for their impeccable execution and how they breathed new life into beloved classics. Here is the Best Remaster 2023.

    Resident Evil 4 – Best Remaster 2023

    Best Remaster 2023 - Resident Evil 4

    First place goes deservedly to Resident Evil 4. This iconic survival horror game, originally released in 2005, received a spectacular overhaul. The remaster wasn’t just a visual upgrade; it brought with it enhanced gameplay mechanics, improved AI, and more immersive sound design, all while retaining the essence of the original story that fans loved. The meticulous attention to detail in reviving this classic ensured that both new players and returning fans experienced the chilling adventures of Leon S. Kennedy like never before.

    Dead Space

    Claiming the second spot is the remaster of Dead Space, a game that set the benchmark for sci-fi horror when it first came out. The 2023 remaster reimagined this spine-chilling adventure with stunningly reworked graphics, refined controls, and atmospheric audio that amplified the sense of dread. The developers did an outstanding job of updating the game for modern hardware while preserving the tense, claustrophobic experience that made the original so memorable.

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    Like A Dragon: Ishin

    Taking third place is Like A Dragon: Ishin, a lesser-known gem in the Yakuza series that finally got its Western release. This remaster took players back to the chaotic Bakumatsu period of Japan with its rich narrative and intense action. The game’s overhaul included not just a translation for Western audiences but also significant improvements in graphics and gameplay, introducing this fantastic title to a whole new generation of gamers.

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