Best Sports/Racing Game – Game Craves Game Of The Year 2023

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    The Game Craves Game of the Year Awards highlighted a lot of games already, but now we go to the sports and racing category. From high-speed racing to strategic sports simulations, this year’s contenders brought a diverse range of experiences to gamers worldwide. Let’s take a closer look at the Best Sports/Racing Game in 2023.

    Forza Motorsport – Best Sports/Racing

    Best Sports/Racing Game - Forza Motorsport

    Claiming the top title, Forza Motorsport demonstrated once again why it is a titan in the racing genre. The latest installment in the beloved series took racing simulation to new heights with its hyper-realistic graphics, dynamic weather effects, and meticulously detailed car models. The game’s physics engine delivered an authentic driving experience, making every race feel exciting. With a lot of tracks and cars, coupled with its commitment to realism and precision, Forza Motorsport offered both casual racers and hardcore enthusiasts an unparalleled racing experience.

    LEGO 2K Drive

    In second place, LEGO 2K Drive surprised many with its innovative and fun approach to racing. Combining the charm of LEGO with the thrill of kart racing, the game offered a unique and engaging experience. Players could build and customize their vehicles with LEGO bricks, giving a creative twist to the typical racing formula. The tracks were imaginative, colorful, and filled with the whimsy expected from a LEGO game. LEGO 2K Drive appealed to all ages, providing a playful yet competitive racing experience.

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    The Crew Motorfest

    The Crew Motorfest came in third, offering a vibrant open-world racing experience. Set in a beautifully rendered environment, the game combined exploration with high-octane racing. Players could traverse diverse landscapes, from bustling city streets to serene countryside roads, in a wide variety of vehicles. The game was praised for its vast, open-world design and the freedom it offered players to explore and compete in an array of racing challenges.

    MLB The Show 23

    MLB The Show 23 secured the fourth spot, continuing its reign as one of the premier sports simulation games. This installment further refined the series’ gameplay mechanics, delivering a more realistic and immersive baseball experience. The game boasted improved graphics, more detailed player models, and enhanced AI, making each match more engaging. The depth of its modes, from career to online play, provided baseball fans with an authentic and comprehensive representation of the sport.

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