Best Substories in the Yakuza Franchise

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    Welcome to our selection of the Best Substories in the Yakuza Franchise. These have been a difficult thing to pick as there are so many to pick from, however, we feel that these are the top ones that deserve a mention. They have been selected based on memorability and, although there were so many that hit these criteria for one reason or another, these were the Best Substories in the Yakuza Franchise that we felt were at the top of the list.

    The Legendary Dragon – Yakuza Kiwami 2 – Kazuma Kiryu

    Best Substories in the Yakuza Franchise - The Legendary Dragon - Yakuza Kiwami 2 - Kazuma Kiryu

    Out of all the picks, this one came to mind best of all, featured in a few of the Yakuza games in one form or another, Kiryu’s double in Kiwami 2 has to be the best one. During your adventure in Kamurocho in Kiwami 2 you will encounter two characters in the Champion District, who resemble Kiryu and his Subordinate from Kiwami’s opening sequence. Kiryu being the Legendary Yakuza and the 4th Chairman of the Tojo gets attention, but nothing like this guy, using Kiryu’s name to instill fear around the city. Needless to say, Kiryu is not impressed and your challenge is to put him down, taking the spot of the one and only Kazama Kiryu.

    Akimoto and Mizuki Stories – Yakuza Kiwami to 3 – Kazuma Kiryu

    If you have played Yakuza Kiwami, Kiwami 2, or even 3 you might know these characters as being so irritating, but pretty entertaining. Let’s face it they came back not once but twice. It should be noted that you actually need to have Haruka with you to be able to get these stories as Both Haruka and Kiryu become invested in the events that transpire between these strange characters. Originally starting off in Kamurocho in Kiwami, Akimoto wants to jump off a building on Taichi Bvld, just another day in Kamurocho. Upon investigating Kiryu and Haruka need to help him move on from spending so much on a Hostess, Mizuki. If you haven’t gathered, he doesn’t jump sadly, and the story ends pretty nicely. The next time you will encounter them is in Kiwami 2 where once again they are in Kamurocho, and who would have guessed it on a rooftop. This time he is armed with a knife, and Mizuki is being threatened, once again he is trying to do something stupid. While Kiryu and Haruka’s interference is welcomed it is not really needed as Mizuki will diffuse the situation. The final time you will encounter them is in Okinawa during Yakuza 3, when they appear at the orphanage’s private beach. This time around they have three total encounters, once on the Beach, once in the food area, and once on the cliff that overlooks the orphanage. Realistically only the final location feels natural as Akimoto is his normal self that you have come to know from Kiwami and Kiwami 2. Here he will try to kill Mizuki until she finds her way out of the situation. Although these 3 are an investment in the games and take some time to see through to the end they are little easy and entertaining stories.

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    The Clan of Assassin’s Stories – All Yakuza – All Characters

    Anyone who knows Yakuza will know the legacy of this character. The clan of relentless assassins, the Amon Clan. Within all the games of the franchise, you will encounter “the” some will say, hardest boss there is to fight. The games vary depending on how hard he is to fight but he isn’t all that tough overall. Because of how memorable Amon is we had to include him. Except for Yakuza Like A Dragon, you will fight him for Sub Stories which normally will unlock 2 trophies, one for Defeating Amon and one for Completing all Stories.

    A Doctor’s Duty – Yakuza Kiwami – Kazuma Kiryu

    Introduced to Kiryu in Kiwami, Doc Emoto played an important role in the early days of Yakuza. Not only are there Sub Stories related to this character but he is the go-to medical person in Kamurocho, at least during the events of the first 2 games. One of these Sub Stories has been picked as it best represents Emoto and his profession. This Story is only accessible when Haruka is with you although you can start it without her. The idea is to help a kid who is waiting for his mother, only he gets sick and Kiryu decides to take him to the closest doctor who happens to be Emoto. Upon arriving there the good Doctor realizes that the child is in more serious condition than the patient who is there, and takes the boy into the operating room. Shortly after the relatives of the first patient take offense at this and decide to act by interfering with the boy’s operation. Kiryu, being Kiryu won’t stand for this and has to fight them off before Emoto comes out of the operating room and reveals that the boy is stable, however, the two guys start complaining that Emoto let their brother die to save the boy. This is not true and as doctors in games go Emoto is the last sort of person you would expect it from, however, he is able to assess and prioritize the stability of his patients, come on he is a doctor after all, the Story ends with Emoto revealing that the two guy’s brother only had a kidney stone.

    The Bump & Scammers – Most Yakuza Games – Kazuma Kiryu

    This time around we have incorporated about 12 different Sub Stories into this one entry as they are all pretty much the same. Anyone who has played Y3 will know this mission set pretty well, in Okinawa there is a series of scams ongoing, one sequence of these scams is Bumps. The basic idea is there is a group of Yakuza-looking guys walking around somewhere and if you walk near them you will apparently bump into them hard enough to break bones. They then demand a hefty fee in order to not beat you up, you could also tell them that you will not pay and beat them up which is way better as then they really can complain of broken bones. Unfortunately, there is not just one encounter with them but multiple throughout Y3, and there are different groups in other games or variations of the scam like in Kiwami 2 there is a guy who treats his car like a person, and getting too close will result in the same outcome.

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    Master Sotaro Komaki – Most Yakuza Games – All Characters

    Out of almost all the Yakuza Games and even Fist Of The North Star, you can find the hardest of all the enemies to fight. If you were thinking this would be the deadly Assassin Amon you would be mistaken. This honour is reserved for none other than Master Komaki. Along with being a mentor to both Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima, he is on the search for strong opponents to do battle with. Seeing the potential in both Majima and Kiryu he trains them, and although he is a master for most characters which are separate from the Sub Stories system, he is a set of Sub Stories in Kiwami, which ends in you battling him.

    Rise Of The Dragon – Yakuza 0 – Goro Majima

    Back in 1988 before the Omi invasion of Kamurocho led by the patriarch of the Go-Ryu Clan, Ryuji Goda, there was a kid with a pretty bad reputation, who thought he was strong enough to take down the man who would come to be called the Mad Dog Of Shimano. This kid would grow to become the man who would carry the title of the Dragon Of Kansai and be the instigator of the events that would unfold in Yakuza Kiwami 2 some nearly 20 years later, however, for this mission he’s nothing so strong. The idea of the mission is you need to find the kid who has beaten up high schoolers and stolen their trousers. A simple yet nice call to future events in the franchise, while Majima is more than a match for Ryuji in 1988, we aren’t so confident that he would pull off a win later in life, Sorry Majima.

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    The Seven Mysteries of Ryukyu – Yakuza 3 – Kazuma Kiryu

    Yakuza 3 has its own charm and with it its own set of unique Sub Stories in the form of Downtown Ryukyu’s 7 Mysteries. These are presented by 3 High school girls who can be found in different locations around the town. There isn’t really much to these Sub Stories all you really need to do is head to the location they point you to at the allotted time of day and perform the actions needed. The final one is the one that makes this more memorable which is when some scammers try to swindle Kiryu and he drops the act. The previous 6 are good but not as memorable as the 7th.

    The Fate of 30 Million Yen – Yakuza 4 – Shun Akayama

    Yakuza 4 opens with a host of new characters and even 4 playable ones. One of these playable characters is Akayama, a loan shark in Kamurocho who runs Sky Finance and has rather unique criteria for conditioning his loans. One of these Side Stories is particularly memorable as it involves a kidnapping which is more than meets the eye. A customer turns up at Sky Finance and wants a loan in order to save his daughter from some kidnappers, so far so good, however, it is revealed to be fake and the daughter is fine. When Akayama finds this out however he confronts the man to find out what it is really about in a hotel in the north of Kamurocho. There he finds that the family has a bath full of money. Akayama is forced into a battle with the man and ends the story expecting the money returned.

    Green Shadow – Yakuza 4 – Taiga Saejima

    While Yakuza is a more realistic take on events and things it can almost be guaranteed that seeing a Kappa is the last thing you would expect in Kamurocho. Kappa are turtle or frog-like creatures from Japanese folklore, so for Seajima finding one in Kamurocho is something a little out of the ordinary. Upon placing some Kappa Roll, made at Sushi Gin from a Cucumber, at the manhole in the Children’s Park you will find that you catch yourself a Kappa. You will need to chase the Kappa down, but upon catching it you will learn that it was an actor getting into character for a film. Before the Story ends and control is given back to you Seajima will sense something watching him from a manhole, alluding to a real kappa living under Kamurocho.

    Snow Festival Performer – Yakuza 5 – Taiga Saejima

    Once again you will control Seajima in a city local to where he is incarcerated. In this city, you will be able to find a performer at the top of the map wondering what he could do to help out the festivities. Although this is not related to The Side Story, we feel that it really should be. Talk to him and tell him the idea, upon returning to the location you can trigger a Revelation which shows what had become of the performer. Although the mission is nothing special, the revelation is something that we can not ignore from this list.

    Starbound – Yakuza 5 – Haruka Sawamura

    This, much like the last entry on this list isn’t really a Sub Story but it starts off life as a Sub Story in Sotenbori for Haruka. During the events of Yakuza 5 Haruka and Kuryu are separated and walk their own paths, this path leads Haruka to Sotenbori on a journey to becoming an Idol. Unlike normal Yakuza games, Haruka can’t engage in combat like Kiryu would, therefore, her “Battle” stance is done using Dance Battles where she will be able to battle against opponents on the street. One of these dance battles is the one in question, all you need to do is beat her and return later to encounter a revelation with her.

    Shinada the Store Clerk – Yakuza 5 – Tatsuo Shinada

    During the fourth act of Y5, you will get control of the once-famous baseball player Tatsuo Shinada, although fallen from the spotlight and has a drastic occupation change this hasn’t stopped him when a stranger offers him a huge sum of money from learning the truth as to why he left the field. On Shinada’s trip around the city, you can head to the M Store and be recruited to be a store clerk to stop shoplifting. This is where the fun comes in, you will be tasked with remembering things much like a shop worker would have to know, and most of it should be common sense. There are only 3 customers so it doesn’t last that long but the combination of different answers you could pick is interesting.

    Paul Lim Stories – Yakuza 6: The Song Of Life – Kazuma Kiryu

    Although The Song Of Life is a pretty expansive game and there is so much to do even in the Side Stories, there is one in the game that catches our attention more than most, which is the two for darts. These are so memorable, and you will probably stumble over them without trying, all you need to do is play darts in Bantam. Winning this will trigger the Legendary Dart Player Paul Lim to appear and set Kiryu up for a challenge. Once you have completed this Story head over to Club Saga Theater Square and win against all the darts players there, then head back to Bantam. Provided you have proven yourself worthy Paul Lim will accept your challenge and be your opponent for a new Sub Story. Win or lose the challenge to go against him is the best part of these Stories.

    Ono Michio – Yakuza 6 & Like A Dragon – Kazuma Kiryu & Ichiban Kasuga

    This Legacy starts in Yakuza 6: The Song Of Life when Kiryu is in Onomichi looking for a lead on where Haruka is and what she was doing during his incarceration from the end of the 5th installment. While there Kiryu becomes a Mascot for Onomichi and develops the character of Ono Michio, this on its own is enough to make our list as he is fantastic, however, it doesn’t end there. When Ichiban is in Ijincho, he is shot by Masumi Arakawa in Kamurocho and sent there, and he encounters the Manager of Ono Michio. This in turn will involve the young dragon in looking for fake Ono Michio Merchandise and eventually have him step in to protect the Manager. Ono Michio also plays another Role for Ichiban, which is as a Summonable support ally in battle, known as a PoundMate. These two games are good for his appearances but there is another appearance of the Mascot Ono Michio, which is in Judgment as a Side Story where he is set up as a thief.

    Pound Town – Yakuza: Like A Dragon – Ichiban Kasuga

    Our final selection for this list is not strictly a Side Story. During the story of Like A Dragon Ichiban is introduced to the famous G.B. Holmes, who is advertising a service called Poundmates. This is an “on-call delivery service” for some backup in battle. Now the Sub Story only relates to activating and completing the immediate events, although for this addition we felt that some Poundmates were necessary to tag onto the story. These are of course the likes of Goro Majima, Kazuma Kiryu, and Ono Michio.

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