Best Video Game Parents

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    There are characters who stand out not only for their heroic deeds but also for their exemplary parenting skills. These characters serve as role models, guiding and protecting their children through challenging and often dangerous journeys. Let’s celebrate five of the Best Video Game Parents who have left a lasting impact on players:

    Kratos – God of War

    Best Video Game Parents - Kratos

    Known for his fierce combat prowess and relentless determination, Kratos from God of War may not seem like the epitome of a caring parent at first glance. However, his journey in the 2018 installment of the series reveals a deeper side to the character. As he embarks on a quest with his son, Atreus, Kratos learns the importance of empathy, patience, and understanding. Despite his troubled past, Kratos strives to be a better father figure for Atreus, teaching him valuable lessons about strength, resilience, and the value of family.

    Joel Miller – The Last Of Us

    In The Last of Us, Joel Miller emerges as a protective and nurturing father figure to Ellie, a young girl he agrees to escort across the post-apocalyptic United States. Throughout their perilous journey, Joel forms a deep bond with Ellie, providing her with guidance, support, and unwavering protection. Despite his flaws and troubled past, Joel’s love for Ellie drives him to great lengths to ensure her safety and well-being, making him one of the most memorable and compelling parental figures in gaming history.

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    Kazuma Kiryu – Yakuza

    As the protagonist of the Yakuza series, Kazuma Kiryu may be known for his tough exterior and involvement in organized crime. However, beneath his stoic demeanor lies a heart of gold, especially when it comes to his adopted daughter, Haruka. Throughout the series, Kiryu goes to great lengths to shield Haruka from the dangers of the criminal underworld, serving as a steadfast pillar of support and guidance in her life. His unwavering dedication to Haruka showcases his admirable qualities as a parent, earning him a place among gaming’s best parental figures.

    Ethan & Mia Winters – Resident Evil 7

    In Resident Evil 7, Ethan and Mia Winters find themselves thrust into a nightmarish ordeal involving bioweapons and mutated horrors. Despite the chaos surrounding them, the couple’s primary concern remains the safety of their daughter, Rosemary. Throughout the game, both Ethan and Mia demonstrate courage, resilience, and a fierce determination to reunite with their child. Their unwavering love and sacrifice for Rosemary underscore their roles as loving and protective parents in the face of unimaginable horrors.

    Lee Everett – Telltale’s The Walking Dead

    Black Video Games Protagonists - Lee Everett

    As the protagonist of The Walking Dead, Lee Everett forms a poignant bond with Clementine, a young girl he encounters in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Despite the grim circumstances, Lee takes on the role of a nurturing father figure to Clementine, guiding her through the dangers of their harsh reality. His wisdom, compassion, and selflessness make him a standout example of a positive parental figure in gaming, leaving a lasting impression on players long after the game’s conclusion.

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