Big Mike’s Top 5 Food From Games

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    There is a reason why they call me BigMike. I like food, good food. But what kind of meals make my mouth leak while playing games? Let’s check out Big Mike’s Top 5 Food From Games.

    Big Mike’s Top 5 Food From Games - Red Dead Redemtion 2 Coffee
    From Reddit by r/OllieIsDead69

    I can’t start my day without a good cup of coffee. That brings us to coffee from Red Dead Redemption 2. An easy way to restore stamina and Dead-eye. I love the way how you are able to brew your own coffee at your campfire. You only need two main ingredients for brewing this coffee. Ground coffee and a Coffee percolator. Maybe I can ask Dex to hire an intern to make coffee?

    From Reddit by r/CapPengu_YT

    What do we need for a good cup of coffee? Let’s bake a cake! How many times did we make a cake in Minecraft when we were younger? And it’s easy to make! We need some wheat (3), an egg (1), milk (3), and don’t forget the sugar (2). A single slice restores 2 hunger and 0.4 hunger saturation.

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    Message to Dex: my birthday is in two weeks, maybe you can use this recipe!

    We gamers don’t have much time to make a lunch. We want something that is easy to make and tastes well. I really love a grilled cheese sandwich. Grilled Cheese is a secret aspiration introduced in The Sims 2. We don’t need much ingredients for this one. This isn’t the recipe from The Sims.

    But I bet this will make your grilled cheese sandwich way better! Ingredients: 2 slices of bread, 2 slices of cheese (cheddar, American, or your favorite type), and 2 tablespoons of butter. You can also add some optional ingredients like tomato slices, bacon, avocado slices, or some pesto.

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    Dinner time! Again, we gamers don’t want to spend much time on food. We need to get that last trophy or achievement. So don’t worry, I got you. We have some Cup Noodles from Final Fantasy XV.

    After this, you receive the following boosts: Attack Boost (3): Increases strength by 30, HP Boost (6): Increases maximum HP by 300. I can give you a recipe, but it’s better to go to your local supermarket and buy some Cup Noodles.

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    After some good dinner, it’s time for chocolate. I want my chocolate in a fancy way, like the Choco Fountain in Persona 5 Royal. This item is one of the items that can be put on the floor in the protagonist’s room in Café Leblanc.

    I bet you got hungry after reading this. What is your favorite? And do Dex and I need to cook this in our Airbnb? That would be a funny video for sure! ChatGPT wrote us some recipes for my top 5.

    If you’re looking for more games to add to your collection, be sure to check out some of our other gaming lists. From in-depth reviews to top 10 type lists, we’ve got plenty of content to keep you entertained and informed.


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