Borderlands 3: Bounty of Blood DLC Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 3/10
    Estimated time to 100%: 7 hours
    Missable trophies: None
    Glitched trophies: None
    Difficulty related: None
    Playthrough: 1


    Welcome to the Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood DLC Trophy Guide!

    Gear up and prepare for the 3rd out of 4 planned pieces of DLC for Borderlands 3. It’s the Wild West and where there’s law, there are those who are looking to break it. Saddle up and prepare to take down the Outlaws of Planet Gehenna.

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    Step 1: Story
    Finish the story and don’t worry too much about side-mission and crew challenges as some of them require you to have abilities unlocked later in the story of the DLC.

    You’ll be earning these trophies:
    Bronze Stone Cold Killer
    Bronze It’s a Wash
    Bronze Getting Off Track
    Bronze Ruin on the Horizon
    Bronze Bounty: Hunted

    Step 2: Side-missions and Crew challenges.
    Now you can back-track and complete all the side-mission and crew challenges you missed while going through the story of the game, some of the crew challenges are quite difficult to find because unlike previous DLC’s, they appear on the map on;y when you get really close to them.

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    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
    Gold How the West Was Done
    Bronze That’s Quite Challenging
    Bronze Helpful Hunter

    Trophy Guide:

    How the West Was DoneGold
    Complete all plot missions, side missions, and crew challenges on Gehenna.

    This trophy is awarded for completing everything in the DLC. Going through the story and then going back for all the Side-Missions and Crew Challenges. Refer to
    Bronze That’s Quite Challenging and Bronze Helpful Hunter for more details on Side-missions and Crew Challenges.

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    That’s Quite Challenging
    Complete all crew challenges on Gehenna

    This DLC brings some new crew challenges with it. These are very similar however to previous crew challenges from the base game and past DLC’s. However, these are harder to find as they don’t appear on your map unless you’re extremely close to them and there are a lot of puzzles involved and the use of Telezappers to reach certain locations for these challenges. around 40% of these require you to have at least finished the first 4 missions, so you can use the new telezappers.

    The Crew Challenges in this DLC are:
    • Creature Feature (Pick-up Film reels)
    • Gehenna’s Most Wanted (Special Enemies similar to Wild-Hunts)
    • Good Prospects (Hidden Treasures, sometimes you have to find a map before-hand)
    • Soto’s Saga (Similar to Typhon logs)
    • Soto’s Cache (Similar to Typhon Cache)
    • Skin to Win (Similar to Wild-Hunts)
    Here are some great video guides for the crew challenges:
    Helpful Hunter
    Complete all side missions on Gehenna.

    This DLC adds 11 new side missions to the game. These are all straight forward and appear on the map (Press Touch Pad Left or  Touch Pad Right to access the map) After completing all of the 11 new side-mission the trophy will unlock.

    These new missions are:

    • Devil Rustlers
    • Dirty Deeds
    • Last and Found
    • Miracle Elixir Fixer
    • Money Back Guarantee
    • Of Blood and Beans
    • Saurdew Valley
    • The Dandy and Damsel
    • The Legend of McSmugger
    • The Meatman Prophecy
    • The Quick and the Quickerer
    Stone Cold Killer
    Complete mission “Blood from a Stone”.

    This is awarded for completing the first mission of the game. You start off by heading to the planet Gehenna. You make your way through the plains while killing waves of enemies with rose, a newly introduced character. Once you make your way to town, you go to a saloon where you participate in a bar fight. The sheriff comes by to stop the bar fight, and then he walks with you to the city center. Where the Obsidian stone lays, you get attacked by a gang of enemies, and you have to defeat them to progress. From there-on it’s just fight after fight until the end of the mission where a cut scene plays-out

    Spoiler: Rose makes a return dueling the sheriff, she wins, then she and her gang steal the Obsidian stone in the center and your left to revive the sheriff, however, you are unable to. You pick up his badge to finish up the mission and progress.

    Simply finish the first mission of the DLC to get this trophy.
    It’s a Wash
    Complete mission “The Name of the Law”.

    This is the second mission of the DLC. You are introduced to Juno, who gives you a syringe that allows you to use Breezer’s (Basically a launchpad from the pre-sequel) You and Juno go searching for Titus. Another new character. You have to travel to a new part of the map (The Blastplains) This is a very large and open area, Just head to the mission marker on your map, while collecting any side mission that may pop-up. You’ll progress to yet another map. Ashfall Peaks, from there you go move through a more linear path to a small hideout to rescue Titus. You’ll have to take out waves of enemies, once you arrived. Afterward, you’re introduced to a new mechanic, Coresploders. Hit a coresploder and it will travel in the direction of the hit and deal massive damage to enemies but also destroy specific walls.

    You will keep moving through the map towards the huge hideout the devil riders have.

    Spoiler: Once there, you’ll use different methods to destroy the hideout and eventually gather the attention of one of the leaders, Kormash. Kill him and collect his key to this secret room. You also save a prisoner named Wanderer, who explains that the Obsidian stone is actually an egg, for a beast called “The Ruiner”

    Simply finish the Second mission of the DLC to get this trophy.
    Getting Off Track
    Complete mission “Off the Rails”.

    This is the 3rd mission of the DLC. After heading back to vestige you explain Roes’s plans to Juno when the town gets attacked by the Devil riders. After taking out waves of enemies you head through The Blastplains yet again except this time you’re going to a new location “The Obsidian Forest” You meet a woman named Oletta. She’s going to help you stop Rose.

    Spoiler: After stopping the train you get into a mini-boss fight with Bellik Primis. It turns out Rose wasn’t on the train as she sent someone to do her dirty work for her. ​

    Simply finish the Third mission of the DLC to get this trophy.
    Ruin on the Horizon
    Complete mission “Riding to Ruin”.

    This is the fifth mission of the DLC. After talking with Juno, it’s time to finish this once and for all. You protect the town yet-again from Devil-riders before making your way to The Blastplains were you pursue Roes to the Crate Edge, a new location, and the final one for this DLC.

    Buggy warning:

    “Riding to Ruin” is buggy. If you started following the posse, but then wandered off, only to catch up with them later at the gate, they might get stuck in an endless loop of conversation, and you’ll be unable to complete the mission. If you start “Riding to Ruin” make sure to follow through with only the quest and it should complete properly.

    Buggy warning 2:

    There is a bug that For whatever reason won’t allow you spawn into a vehicle on Gehenna which while annoying early on also, game-breaking due to the fact that you’ll be unable to proceed with this mission because you cannot spawn a vehicle. People have tried Hi-jacking enemy vehicle to no successes, it’ll only give you a prompt for unlocking new parts but won’t put you in the vehicle.

    Spoiler: After reaching Roes, she feels unstoppable and fights you. This isn’t a difficult boss fight. Once her health reaches zero, a cut-scene plays and she calls upon The Ruiner to save her. The Ruiner has many large green crystals on it’s back, that’s where you want to shoot, to deal the most damage. There are Telezappers to help you dodge attacks if needed. Once The Ruiner is dead, head back to town to collect your reward. After that, the mission is complete and you’ve successfully finished the DLC.

    Simply finish the Fifth and final mission of the DLC to get this trophy.
    Bounty: Hunted
    Complete mission “Where It All Started”.

    This is the fourth mission of the DLC. After meeting with Juno, it’s time to take Rose head-on. You’ll get a new device (The Telezapper) Which allows you to teleport between different Telezappers.

    Spoiler: You make your way through a facility filled with guards. You have to stop the launch of firepower that’ll be used to help hatch The Ruiner. Near the end, there will be a mini-boss fight with Quartermaster and Oaken Wolf. You are unable to stop the launch and now Rose almost has the Ruiner hatched.

    Simply finish the Forth mission of the DLC to get this trophy.


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