Born of Bread Review

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    Born of Bread is about Loaf and his new friends who try to uncover the mystery of some stones and why a new group of bad guys are looking for them. Here is our Born of Bread Review.

    The game is developed by WildArts Studio and published by Dear Villagers, it releases on December 5, 2023, for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series S|X, and PlayStation 5.

    The story of the game is great, it has an origin story, a mysterious group of villains and it offers a steady introduction of new elements and people for your team. The game never really gets boring due to this because you are always looking for something, like the sleeping lizards that you can trade in for skill points, so even while you are just walking around, there are plenty of things to look out for.

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    The group of this little flame guy is looking for some stones, but everyone in the world seems to have forgotten about them due to them only being useful ages ago when the bad guys got locked up. Luckily around the same time the bad guys got let loose, Papa Baker magically makes our protagonist, Loaf, a human bread that stumbles in right when the bad guys attack the castle.

    Born of Bread Review - combat

    There are also a bunch of side-quests you can do, not all of them are great, and some are even a bit confusing at times, but it does give you some extra stuff to do and rewards to get. Each time you level up you can get an upgrade to some of your things like health, mana, bag space, and more, sometimes it’s a bit of a guesswork for what you need, but it’s nice you can pick yourself in some way.

    The gameplay is a lot like Super Mario RPG both with its world and combat. It’s all about timed attacks and if you don’t do it at the right time, you either miss or do less damage, and if you do it perfectly you do more. I really like it but at times it does feel like you need to keep paying attention to the game during combat while most RPGs that dont have that type of combat are a bit more laid back.

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    Born of Bread Review - snow world

    For its 30$ price, it’s an amazing alternative if you dont have a Nintendo Switch or are looking for something similar to Super Mario RPG. It’s just a lot of fun and its gameplay resembles it a lot other then its visuals and amount of characters. The art style kind of reminds me of Away: Journey to the Unexpected at times with its 3D environment but 2D characters, it just adds a lot of character to an already unique-looking game.

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    A great indie alternative to Super Mario RPG on other platforms and even gives it a run for its money on the Switch.

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    A great indie alternative to Super Mario RPG on other platforms and even gives it a run for its money on the Switch.Born of Bread Review