Brotato Review

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    Brotato topdown endless shooter where the more waves you survive, the stronger you get, but so do the enemies. Here is our Brotato Review.

    The game was developed by published by Blobfish. It was released on September 27, 2022, for PC, but released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and in early 2024.

    Brotato is a simple yet extremely fun game, it also does give you a bit of a challenge the longer you play. There is an endless mode but also a mode where you can play till 20 and then unlock a higher difficulty, this is the mode I personally enjoyed more because while it does set a limit, it gave me something to work for. Each wave you will get some money based on your items and amount of enemies you took down that you can spend to either get new weapons or items which are all random.

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    The chance you win or lose is both skill and random, it all is about the weapons and items you will get. You can reroll and lock items of course, but this also costs money, so there is a limit to how lucky you can get. The endless amount of enemies does get a bit stale after a play session of an hour, but that’s mainly because you are looking at purple enemies the whole time, at the same time, this is also a good thing. Having only purple enemies makes the game a lot more clear and you will be able to see item boxes and trees you can take down a lot more clearly to see.

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    It’s just a very fun game, but it’s best played in timeslots of about an hour because after a while it’s just a thing of been there and done that, but if you have like 30 minutes to kill and nothing to do, then this is the perfect game to play. I personally hope they keep updating the game once in a while with new items, enemies, or backgrounds to keep it alive with either free updates or small paid DLC packs because I can see this game being a classic in the making.

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    A fun but simple game where you will just lose the sense of time while playing

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    A fun but simple game where you will just lose the sense of time while playingBrotato Review