Bug Fables Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 6/10
    Estimated time to platinum/100%: 45 – 55 hours
    Missable trophies: None
    Glitched trophies: None
    difficulty related: None
    Playthrough: –


    Welcome to the Bug Fables Trophy Guide!


    Step 1: Play the game on Hard

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    The first step, as usual, is playing the game. I recommend doing it all through on Hard. There are no missable trophies, but, if you beat each chapter on Hard, you get medals that can really help early on, and this makes it so you don’t have to fight each boss many, many times! You can also focus on some discoveries and quests in this stage as well! By the end of this, you’ll have the majority of the list done! Also, BOSS TROPHIES ON HARD DONT POP UNTIL THE NEXT CHAPTER BEGINS! So don’t freak out when the game says achievement unlocked, but you don’t get a trophy.

    You’ll be earning these trophies:

    Gold Good Deeds
    Gold Reconciliation
    Gold The Truth
    Bronze Battle Ready
    Silver Vicious Spider
    Silver The Guardian
    Silver Heavy Duty
    Silver The Watcher
    Silver The Terror
    Silver All Geared Up
    Silver The End
    Bronze Chapter 1 Complete
    Bronze Chapter 2 Complete
    Bronze Chapter 3 Complete
    Bronze Chapter 4 Complete
    Bronze Chapter 5 Complete
    Bronze Chapter 6 Complete
    Bronze Chapter 7 Complete

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    Step 2: Complete all the quests, and do all the super bosses!

    In this stage, we’re gonna be completing all the quests! As there are a few post-game side quests. Also, to fight Maki and his team, and all the Bounty Bosses. Maki and the Bounty Bosses DONT NEED TO BE DONE ON HARD! After this stage, you’ll only need the collectibles and the arcade trophy!

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    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:

    Gold Ultimate Team
    Gold Plant Enchanter
    Silver Bounty Hunter
    Gold Helping Hand

    Step 3: Finish all the collectibles and Arcade High Scores

    This is the last and final stage. Time to fill up those collectible journals and find all the crystal berries and medals! Then, if you haven’t got the Arcade High Scores yet, do that now. By the end, you’ll have the platinum!

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:

    Bronze Gamer
    Silver Crystal Collector
    Silver Medal Collector
    Bronze Pro Explorers
    Silver Cooking Maestro
    Bronze Field Researcher
    Bronze Music Collector
    40-platinum Our Job’s Done

    Tips and Strategies:

    I feel like this is needed, as there are quite a few things in the game you wouldn’t know. So here we go.

    • The level cap is 27, but no stat maxes out. So you could keep increasing HP and it wouldn’t stop. I recommend leaning more towards TP and Medal Point upgrades, with some HP sprinkled in;
    • The bug at the entrance of the Forgotten Lands can respec your level up points. In case you focused go much on one stat increase, like HP for example;
    • You can only hold 999 Berries at once;
    • Once you deposit 2,000 Berries in the bank at the Ant Kingdom, you get the double interest and make money, hand over fist;
    • You can participate in the Metal Island Spy Card Tournament many times. This is the best way to earn money. You can get about 125 berries every 10 minutes;
    • In Defiant Root, there is a bug sitting next to the ice vendor. They sell stat up berries. But only 1 of each. So you get 1 HP, TP, Attack, and Defense Berry from them, and that’s it. Buy them ASAP and use them all on Kabbu;
    • Don’t sell any Dark Cherries! These are rare and are needed for food dishes. If you do though, they can be bought at the Bandit Hideout;
    • I recommend going to the options menu right away and turning the “Fill Bar” option from “Mash Button” to “Sequential Buttons”. A lot of bosses make you fill a bar to avoid damage. If you can’t mash X fast enough, you’ll always take a lot of damage, and usually get a status effect. Sometimes these moves come right after the other. So unless you want your finger to hurt, this is the way to go.

    Trophy Guide:

    Our Job’s Done!
    Saw all there was to see!
    Ultimate Team!Gold
    Defeated a VERY powerful opponent!

    For this trophy, you have to first beat the game, then finish the “Confidential” side quest. Then, Maki will be standing in front of the Ant Kingdom Castle. You have to talk to him to start this fight. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BEAT THIS ON HARD! Now, you have to face Maki, Kina, and Yin. Now, Maki is the main pain, but, if you damage him, Kina gets angry. Then Yin just buffs and heal. Now follow the same basic strategy of Kabbu using Under Strike, then turn to relay to him, and using it again. They will do an attack where they charge. So if they get the green arrow around them, finish your turn with Leifs Shield Bubble skill. Kina and Yin are close enough together to hit them both with Under Strike. So do this until they’re dead. Then, focus everything on Maki. Under Strike, then turn relay, then basic attacks. Bring a lot of reviving seeds and TP healing items just in case! After you beat all three, the trophy unlocks.

    Good DeedGold
    Gave something expecting no reward!

    This quest starts at the beginning of the game technically. In the Ant Kingdom theatre, there’s a bug that sells a plushie for 40 berries. You can buy this whenever you get the chance. Now, once you beat the Colosseum in chapter 6, there will be a bug outside of it on the left, standing near a sitting bug. Talk to the standing one and she’ll talk about how the other is sad. Once you have the plushie from the vendor in the theater, talk to the bug who is sitting on the log. After the short cutscene, the trophy will unlock.

    Helped a friend out!

    You get this once you finish Vi’s side quest, “Vi’s Request”. If you look in the quest trophy under “After Chapter 3”, you’ll have a step by step of the quest.

    The TruthGold
    Found the truth!

    This is for completing Leifs side quest, “Leifs Request”. You get this after Chapter 3, but can’t finish it until Chapter 5. If you look under Chapter 3 of the side quest trophy, you can find a walkthrough for this quest.

    Plant EnchanterGold
    Met a new ally!

    This is from an unlisted sidequest. After you get the A.D.B.P medal from the old Professor Bee in the Bee Kingdom, you have to kill the Mother Chomper. This boss is found in the Chomper Cave on the Golden Path. The boss will make spawn some baby chompers every turn, so there’s always 2 on the field. Then, use Kabbu for his Under Strike constantly. As there’s always an enemy up front, so you can’t hit the boss with normal attacks. The boss falls real fast with enough Under Strikes! Then once it’s dead, you get a seed! Go back to the Professor with this seed, watch the cutscene, and get this trophy.

    Bounty Hunterupscale-245262160018212
    Defeated all bounty bosses!

    Bounties start once you finish the “Request Assistance” side quest. You then gain access to the hidden lair of bounty hunters, and with it, bounties. These are harder enemy fights that are basically bosses. They all have their own “hidden” areas, where they’re located. You have to clear them all for a trophy. I recommend saving these until after you finish the main game, so you have a better understanding of the battle system, and can have a max level with a nice range of medals!

    Here a walkthrough of every bounty:

    • Bounty: Seedling King – For this boss, all you wanna do is use Kabbu and his Under Strike. Until the boss gets off the Seedlings. Then, you can start hitting him with Heavy Strikes and normal attacks. Or you can just use Under Strike once a turn for the extra damage. Try to hit both the boss and 1 enemy with the Under Strike, because when the boss is on his own feet, he won’t spawn seedlings as much anymore! Either way, just focus the boss constantly.
    • Bounty: False Monarch – Pretty much like all the other bosses, this fight is the same way. Use Under Strike as your first move, then turn relay to Kabbu and use normal attacks. Now, this boss has an attack that agents multiple projectiles towards you and can easily kill 1 character if they happen to be the constant target, even with blocking. But with a nice Magic Seed, they’ll be back on their feet ready to fight. The boss also has a charge move. So if he gets a green arrow over him, make sure to attack, then use Leif for his Bubble Shield move to block everything that comes your way! Eventually, the boss will fall and it’s onto the next bounty!
    • Bounty: Devourer – This is the easiest of all the bounty bosses, as he has little health. Unfortunately, he does hit a bit hard, with constant poison. It will spit 3 poison balls, for the attack that it seems to use the most, and each one will do 4 damage if not blocked right. Just do the usual strategy of Kabbu and his Under Strike, and turn relay, and the boss can fall in as little as 3 turns!
    • Bounty: Tidal Wyrm – This boss is actually pretty easy. As always, the strategy applies to use Kabbu with his Under Strike and turn relaying to him. Now, the bonus to this boss, is if you take out the tail, the boss will fall over stunned for a turn. But the tail does come back. You can hit both the boss and his tail in one Under Strike if you time the hit right. The boss will also summon enemies. Don’t worry about these, and he will summon another, the second it dies. This boss should fall relatively easily.
    • Bounty: Peacock Spider – This is the hardest boss of the bunch. It can summon enemies, as usual, but it can also give buffs to the enemies and heal them. Also, the enemies are spaced out far enough, that you have to be extremely lucky to hit both the enemy and the boss with an Under Strike. Unfortunately for this fight, you have to be more liberal with healing. But stick to the same tactic of using Kabbu for damage, and not killing the enemy the boss summons.
    Indulged in games!

    For this, you have to wait until the end of Chapter 6, where you drop the Queen and some Termites off in Bugaria Outskirts. After that, you can go to the Ant Kingdom to find a new spot in the commercial area. It’s an Arcade! There are two games. One is a Flappy Bird clone and the other is a dungeon searcher. You have to beat the High Scores to get this trophy. The Flappy Bird clone has a high score of 4,500 and the other has one of 9,500. The Flappy bird one is the worst. Literally, the best advice is to try and get as many flowers when you can, when you see them. If you get 25-30 flowers collected in a row, you’ll beat this score easily. Now for the other one, called Mite Knight, you have to run through 3 levels, and find a key to open a door to proceed. It’s a dungeon crawler, where you turn with left and right, and go forward and back. If you hold X to block, you can sidestep and move a bit quicker. To attack enemies, you walk into them. So walk into them, then block, then walk into them. If you stand still, a compass appears to show you where the key is, or the exit is. The only real tip for this is to be as fast as you can, kill whatever you see, and end the 3rd level with full health and you’ll just barely beat the high score.

    Crystal Collectorupscale-245262160018212
    Found all crystal berries!

    This is one of the many Collection trophies in the game. Crystal Berries are collectibles that are gained from side quests, talking to the bug behind the counter in the library in the Ant Kingdom about your “Discoveries”, or found in the world. There are 50 in total! Now, the ones listed below are the ones found in the world! If you are missing some, complete sidequests or talk to the library bug! A lot of these require backtracking with future upgrades, but I will break them down, by area, and list what ones need upgrades that you need to backtrack too. Later on in the game, you’ll have upgrades, so by then, you’ll be able to get those collectibles instantly. So the upgrades needed won’t be listed.


    • Outside Snakemouth Den, there is a save crystal. Around the bush in the top left of the map, near the entrance, is this Crystal!
    • (REQUIRES KABBUS ROCK SMASH ABILITY) In Bugaria Outskirts, go towards Snakemouth Den. But instead of going in it, go to the old bugs house. Beside his house is a pile of rocks that can be destroyed. Behind it, is a berry!
    • (REQUIRES VI’S FLIGHT ABILITY) In Bugaria Outskirts, you need to go south, towards the tunnel that leads to the Golden Path. Once you have Vi’s flight skill, you can finally fly over to the cliff you’ve passed many times. Then dig up the spot and finally get this Berry!


    • Inside Snakemouth Den. You find it after the spider boss when you cut grass with your horn.
    • n the room with the big door in Snakemouth Den, you can go left or right. This one is behind the big mushroom on the left side of the room! Go around the left of the mushroom.
    • This is in Snakemouth Den. At the entrance, start going to the left. You’ll eventually hit your first jump pad. Then go down and you’ll see some platforms to your right. Fly to them with Vi, then use her boomerang on the vine holding the berry. Now you have to jump down to claim it!


    • Once you reach the Golden Path from the cave from Ant Kingdom, go down the steps. Then go up and cut through the grass. Then follow the path and you’ll hit a bounce pad and land next to the Crystal Berry.
    • (REQUIRES VI’S FIRST BOOMERANG UPGRADE, HURRICANE TOSS) In Golden Path, you’ll come across an area where you’ll be on a small platform, with flytraps on each side. There is a crank north of you. You have to have Vi’s upgraded boomerang for this. Hold the crank and you’ll go up and reach a new entrance. Continue to pass to a second new screen, and you’ll see this Crystal in the far right corner. Use the boomerang on both cranks at the same time, and jump to the bridge, then the green platform.


    • This is basically story related. In the Golden Settlement, you’ll get a boomerang upgrade. You’ll then be told how to use it, and to open a windmill with it. Inside said windmill is a berry.
    • In the Golden Settlement, if you go to the area with the Ant Mine tunnel, you can find this. Go to the bottom right of the area, and you can squeeze between rocks to find a dig spot with this berry.
    • (REQUIRES KABBUS DIG ABILITY) In the Golden Settlement, go to the farm on the west side. Use Kabbu to dig under the fence, in the south pasture with all the little bugs, and you’ll find a dig spot. There is the berry.
    • (REQUIRES KABBUS DIG ABILITY) In the Golden Settlement, go left to the farm and find the fortune teller. Now go to the field above them, and dig under the fence into their area. Talk to the fortune teller to get some silly banter and this berry.


    • After you defeat Acolyte Aria in Golden Settlement, you get to move forward under a statue. Then, in the new area, go left. Then you can hop across fly traps. Go left then up, over a bridge, and follow the flytrap platforms up and to the right, and you’ll find this Crystal Berry.


    • In the Honey Factory, you’ll reach an area with a save and a Venus Bud. This area has two floors. On the top floor, on the very lefthand side is a door. In this room, you have to out ice on two buttons to make a spout flow and raise a platform. Once you do, jump on the platform, then jump right behind some boxes.
    • This is really annoying. In the Honey Factory, you’ll reach a storage room. In the storage room, you have to hit a switch to get up to the top. So hit it once. Then, like Vi, throw the boomerang to the left of the switch and HOLD it. Then, run all the way to the top of the box area, to the right as far as possible, then release circle. The switch should get hit again, revealing a path more to the right and some boxes to jump up to the Crystal Berry.


    • At Bugaria Port, if you go onto the deck with the boat captain, you can fall off of it, at the top left corner and get a berry.


    • (REQUIRES VI’S FLIGHT ABILITY) This berry is in the Lost Sands. From Defiant Root, we’re gonna take the east exit. Then from there, we go through the south, then east exit. Then as you continue along, you’ll see a pit of quicksand. Fly over it with Vi, then follow the path to the cliff and dig the spot for the berry.
    • (REQUIRES LEIFS BUBBLE SHIELD ABILITY) From Defiant Root, take the western exit south. From that exit, go down two screens, and right, across some spikes. You should be at an oasis. Now go downwards and dig under some columns, to find an old town. On the left side, you can go inside a building. This building had a dig spot, with this berry.


    • In Chapter 4, eventually, you get captured by bandits. Kabbu then gets a digging ability. In the prison area, if you go to the cell on the right and dig up the lump, you’ll get a scene and a berry.
    • In chapter 4, in the prison, you’ll come across an Orange Horn in the cafeteria area. Just above it is a dig spot with a berry.


    • In the Ancient Castle, in the room where you find the first Ancient Key, there is a platform that slides to the right, then left, then right. Hop on this platform, and do the platforming that’s required, and a berry will be at the end!
    • In the Ancient Castle, in the room with 2 sets of giant rolling rocks, you’ll find this berry. After the first rock, you’ll need to use Leif to cross a spike pit. If you go to the right against the wall, you’ll cross over to a room with this Berry. Don’t stop holding circle though!


    • (REQUIRES KABBUS DIG ABILITY) Next to the Inn in the Ant Kingdom is a guard. Next to him is a dig spot! Dig it up with Kabbu once he knows the ability, and get this Berry!
    • (REQUIRES KABBUS DIG ABILITY) Next to the Adventurer Association is a house with a bridge leading to it. Halfway across the bridge is a rock with a dig spot on top. The berry is here.
    • In the Ant Kingdom, go to the theater. Then use Kabbu with his normal horn bash skill to hit the long tube on the right wall. Keep hitting it until a crystal berry comes out!


    • In Snakemouth Laboratory, you’ll come to 2 doors that need key cards. In the door on the right is this berry. You have to get the Extra Freeze medal here and equip it. Then freeze the enemy on the bottom and put it on the middle plate. Then jump up the platforms to the right, freeze the enemy, and put that one on the plate. Then jump down and knock the enemy to the left plate, then go up the platforms to this berry!


    • (REQUIRES KABBUS DIG ABILITY) On Metal Island, in the far back right corner, there’s a building with a chef in it. At the front of the building is a wooden fence. Dig under it with Kabbu and hit the bounce pad to the roof. The berry is here.


    • In the Far Grasslands, as you enter the area, hug the fence to the left and walk around it. You’ll find a dig spot with this berry in it.
    • In the Far Grasslands, go left of the entrance. In the next area, hug the bottom of the screen while you move left. You’ll hit a hill you can walk up with a spider on it and this berry!
    • In the Far Grasslands, when you reach the Wasp Territory, you can go past the hive and go left. You’ll be in a tunnel where you can make an ant tunnel to the Ant Mines! Now, if you go south from there, you find a house eventually. On the left side of the house is a hole to go in. Fall down the hole and see the cutscene. When you get control, go right and hop on the bookshelf. Now switch to Vi and use her boomerang to get the Crystal Berry on the other bookshelf!


    • In the Wild Swamplands, you’ll hit a point where you get a cutscene about a ferocious beast. You then have to move some bridges to get across a gap. Once across, go upwards and destroy the pile of rocks. Under them is a dog spot with this berry.


    • In the Ant Mines, there is a room with a table and worker ants. On the far right side of it is a dig spot! Dig it up, and find a berry!


    • This is in the Forsaken Lands. I highly recommend referencing the sidequest “Best Friend In The Fog” to find this one.


    • Once you get to the Termite Kingdom, and you’re inside, keep going right to find the docks. You’ll also see some catapults. If you stand in front of the catapults, you should see a piece of land to the right across the water. Use Vi to fly to it for this Berry.
    • In the Termite Kingdom, you’ll end up in the throne room of the castle. Before you leave after the cutscene, go up between the wall and the stairs. You’ll find a berry there, where you can’t see.


    • In the entrance to Giants Lair, you’ll come across a save crystal. Then an area immediately to the right. As you enter, go down right away to a dig spot!
    • In the Giants Lair, you’ll enter a giant fridge. On the second level, there’ll be a giant carton of milk. Move to the left wall, and use Vi to fly between the milk and the wall for this berry.
    Medal Collectorupscale-245262160018212
    Found all medals!

    Medals are equipable items, that help with some things in battle. Like adding HP to characters, or adding some attack at the cost of defense. A lot are acquired from finishing quests or buying them from the medal stores in the Ant Kingdom. One store uses berries to buy them, the other uses crystal berries. Now, you HAVE TO BEAT BOSSES ON HARD for quite a few medals. If you don’t do the main run on hard, which you should anyways, you can fight bosses on Hard at B.O.S.S in the Bee Kingdom and still finish the requirements for them. Now, I won’t list the medals from quests or shops down below. Just the ones found in the world, or obtained from bosses. So if you’re missing some, finish your quests or go to the medal stores. Here is a LINK to the Wiki, to reference to your medallist, if you’re missing some and aren’t sure what medals you need!


    • Hard Mode: Earned after the tutorial by talking to the big bug in the back corner.
    • Quick Flea Medal: Acquired for beating the boss in Chapter 1 on hard. Go back to town and talk to the person in the association who gave you the Hard Mode Medal.
    • Bug Me Not! Medal: (REQUIRES LEIFS FREEZING ABILITY) In Ant Kingdom City, go to the residential area. You’ll see a water spout that can be frozen. Go into the building left of it, bounce up the pad, freeze the spout with Leif, and hop over to the roof of the building to find this medal.
    • Spiky Bod Medal: Talk to the bug who gave you the Hard Mode medal, after you finish Chapter 2 on Hard.
    • Break Medal: Talk to the bug who gave you the Hard Mode Medal, once you beat Zasp on Hard.
    • Empower Medal: Beat the Chapter 3 boss on Hard Mode, then talk to the bug in the Adventurer Association.
    • Deep Taunt Medal: Beat Ahoneynation on Hard Mode, then talk to the bug in the Adventurer Association.
    •  Hard Charge: Defeat the Dune Scorpion boss with the Hard Mode medal on, then talk to the bug at the Association.
    • Triumph Buzz: Beat Astotheles with Hard Mode medal on, then talk to the bug at the Association.
    • Heavy Throw: Defeat Kali on Hard Mode in the “Stolen Item” sidequest. Then return to the bug at the Adventurer Association.
    • – Life Stealer: Beat Monsieur Scarlet in the “Request Assistance” side quest on Hard. Then go to the bug at the Association for this medal.
    • Enfeeble: Beat The Watcher, the chapter 4 final boss on Hard. Then return to the bug at the Association.
    • Block Heal: Defeat Zommoth on Hard in the “Leifs Request” sidequest. Then return to the bug in the Association.
    • Reverse Toxin: Beat the boss The Beast in Chapter 5 on Hard, then talk to the bug in the Association.- Random Start: Beat Carmina on Hard, who is found on Metal Island! Then talk to the bug in the Association. Refer to Carmina entry for info.
    • Miracle Matter: Beat the Broodmother boss on Hard. This boss is in the sidequest “Power Plant Investigation”.
    • TP Plus: Beat Mothiva on Hard, in Chapter 6. Then talk to the bug at the Association.
    • Resist All: Beat the Primal Weevil boss on Hard. Then talk to the bug at the Association.
    • Berry Finder: Beat Riz on Hard. Then talk to the bug at the Association.
    • TP Core: Beat Mother Chomper on Hard. Then talk to the bug at the association.


    • HP Plus: Found in Snakemouth Den. You need to use Vi’s boomerang to get it in the area with all the water.
    • Poison Defender: In Snakemouth Den, when you have to open the large door by going right and left, go right. At the back of this path is a wall with a hole in it. Go inside and find the medal.
    • Poison Resistance Medal: In Snakemouth Den, once you open the giant door, and are bouncing across blue mushrooms, it’s on the right-hand side of the screen.


    • HP Plus: In Bugaria Outskirts, going to the Pier, there is the cave of trials. Besides that, the cave entrance is a waterfall. Jump onto the rock in the center of the water, and throw Vi’s boomerang into it to find this medal.
    • TP Saver: Finish 40 fights in a row in the Cave Of Trials.


    • Back Support Medal: This is found in the Golden Hills area. As you’re doing everything on the left side of the dungeon, you’ll get a crank piece. You’ll need to put it in a rock to progress. The medal is in the next area after that, behind a patch of cuttable grass, guarded by a mosquito!


    • Super Block+ Medal: Once you finish the Cable Car Bodyguard side quest, choose to ride the cable car up, and the medal will be right in front of you!


    • Tardigrade Shield Medal!: In the Lost Sands, if you follow the area to the right, you’ll come to a giant stone arch. On the left of the arch is a steel nut. Go to the left side, near the little cactus. It’s an enemy. Draw it close to the left side, then freeze it and jump on it to jump up. Use Kabbu to hit the nut, then jump on it, and follow the path up to this medal!
    • Strong Start: If you leave Defiant Root by going south, you go down 4 screens, you’ll find this medal. In the area, go right and you’ll see some grass to cut. Behind the grass is a jump pad. Jump on it, and knock the tree down. Follow the path on the tree, and then go down, and you’ll find this medal.
    •  Meditation: (REQUIRES LEIFS BUBBLE SHIELD) Once you have Leif’s shield ability, go to Defiant Root. Take the exit just south of the elevator to the Bee Kingdom. Then go right. Go through the spikes with the shield active, then follow the path. On the next screen, the medal will be sitting in the middle of a platform.


    • Fortify: In Defiant Root, if you come out of the Ant Mines Tunnel, the medal is to your right. Go up the stairs on the building, then use Vi to fly to the other roof just to the left. Then walk behind the giant pot for this medal.


    • Shock Trooper: In the storage area of the Honey Factory, you’ll end up on top of the boxes. Once you are, there will be a bridge you can cross. To the left of the bridge, at the top of the screen is a hole. Fall in this hole to find the badge.


    • Charge Up: For this, you have to buy a key to a house from a bug in the Bee Kingdom. Go to the balcony where the telescope is, and find the bug with the exclamation mark. 150 Berries and the key is yours. Now go to the Ant Kingdom plaza, and use the key on the red house of the left side. Then use the bounce pads to get to the roof.
    • Detector Medal: Finish 3 fights in a row on Boss Rush Mode at B.O.S.S in the Bee Kingdom.
    • Spy Specs: Finish 6 fights in a row on Boss Rush Mode at B.O.S.S in the Bee Kingdom.


    • Frostbite Medal: In the ancient castle, from the room with the save crystal, go left. In the far left corner, there’s a crack in the wall. Use Kabbu and dig under the wall to find this!


    • Berserker: In Chomper Cavern, if the second area, there will be a crack in the wall on the left. Dig under it with Kabbu and find this medal.


    • Extra Freeze: Found in the Snakemouth Laboratory. There are two doors that require card keys to open. Once you open the one on the right, go inside and go left. You find this in a tube.


    • Eternal Venom: This is a tough one to explain. In the Wild Swamplands, you’ll hit a screen where you have to use frozen enemies and water, to activate pressure plates to move platforms. There will be a destructible thing of rocks in said area. When you break it, two water drops will come down side by side. You want the right droplet. Freeze it, move it down and left, and freeze the enemy and put it on the pressure plate. Move the ice from the water drop onto the platform and get on yourself. Knock the ice around the thing of land, until it drops off to the right. Then knock it on the plate. Jump down, freeze the enemy onto the plate, get on the platform, go right onto the new platform, then freeze the water droplet while on the platform. It will move. Now, freeze the new enemy, and put it on the pressure plate you see. Quickly hop across the platform and you will see this badge, on a stump.


    • Antlion Jaws: This is found in Stream Mountain. As you work through it to find the ore for the “Ore Wanted” quest, you’ll come to a room with 3 spouts right next to each other, and platforms above them. Make your way up there to find the medal. Status Mirror: In the Giants Lair, you’ll come up to a part where you hit a switch, and a little platform moves around to the right. If you walk to the end of that platform before you hit the switch, there will be a platform over an abyss. Use Vi to fly to the right onto another platform, then right again, to this medal.


    • LifeCast: In the Forsaken Lands, go left from the entrance of the area. Then go left, and follow the air stream to the left, then go into the cave. Now, follow the air stream again, to the left, hit the switch, then go to the pipe that flows upwards. Then land on the platform above you, and go right. You’ll see a platform you can jump to. Then go in the door and find this medal.


    Heal Plus: In the fishing village, there are some plants on the right side, that look like sticks. There is also a patch of grass. Near this grass, there is a stick, where if you look closely, it has eyes. Talk to it, and you’ll get this medal.

    Pro Explorers
    Found all discoveries!

    For this, you have to fill up all 50 spots in the discoveries tab of the journal. A lot of the entries come from entering story areas, where others are gained from interacting with certain objects. Below a  list of all the discoveries, and how to get them.

    1. Snakemouth Den: Gained automatically in the story.
    2. Snakemouth Depths: Gained automatically in the story.
    3. Explorers Message: When you learn to cut grass, there are 3 pieces at the top of the screen. Cut them and find an interactable message.
    4. The Roaches’ Village: The scene where Leif freezes water, in Snakemouth Den, interact with the monument.
    5. Inn Foremothers: At the Inn in the Ant Kingdom, there’s a painting on the wall to interact with.
    6. The Settler Statue: In Ant Kingdom City, there’s a big statue in the middle of the town. You have to interact with it.
    7. The Ants: Inspect the plate glass window in the throne room in the Ant Kingdom.
    8. The Bees: Inspect the plate glass window in the throne room in the Ant Kingdom.
    9. The Termites: When Chapter 6 starts, inspect the plate glass window on the far right of the Ant Kingdom throne room.
    10. The Wasps: When Chapter 6 starts, inspect the plate glass window on the far left of the Ant Kingdom throne room.
    11. Queen Elizant I: in the Anthill Palace, go to the library, and interact with the big painting.
    12. The Anthill Palace: Once you reach the castle, talk to the ant on the outside to the right. You’ll get a journal entry for this.
    13. Aphids and Cochineals: In Golden Settlement, if you go left from the Inn, you’ll be on a farm type area. Go down and left and you’ll see a caged area. Talk to the big outside of it for a brief interaction, and this discovery.
    14. The Golden Festival: Automatically gained from the story.
    15. The Goddess Statue: In Golden Settlement, go to the Inn, and step out onto the balcony. Once you’re on the balcony, you’ll get interaction and this discovery.
    16. Honored Employee: In the Honey Factory, you have to go to the Overseers Office. By the desk is a large picture. Interact with it for this entry.
    17. Sand Castle Mural: This is on the 3rd level of the Ancient Castle. When you’re outside at a save point and a locked door, head right to go inside. Then go left and you’ll see a drawing on the wall. Interact with it.
    18. Snakemouths Lab: This comes automatically when doing the “Leifs Request” side quest.
    19. Healing Sophie: This comes along with the “Rare Item Wanted” sidequest.
    20. Seedling Haven: Going from the Ant Kingdom, if you head towards Snakemouth Den, you’ll notice in the first area, there is a path all the way at the back of the screen. When you get Leifs water freeze ability, use it to cross the water to the other side, then use Kabbu to cut the grass! There you’ll find a secret entrance and the Seedling Haven! The same place needed for the Seedling King bounty!
    21. Underground Tavern: You have to beat the sidequest “Requesting Assistance” to gain access. Then, in Any Kingdom, go to the general store, and go behind it to the bottle cap. Interact and you can enter the area with bounties!
    22. The Ant Mines: Once you reach the Golden Settlement, you can talk to a miner. Pay the miner 15 berries to finish mining. Then talk to any guard standing near to go into the tunnels!
    23. Chomper Cavern: Go to the Golden Settlement. Now go east of it to leave to the Any Kingdom. When you reach your first area of enemies, switch Leif and use his shield to drop onto the spikes, then go left!
    24. The Power Plant: When you’re doing the quest “Power Plant Investigation”, you’ll end up opening some doors after a puzzle. Interact with the big machine behind those doors for this entry.
    25. The Bee Kingdom: Automatically gained in the story.
    26. Balcony Telescope: In the Bee Kingdom, you’ll need to go to the residential area. Then, on the balcony is the telescope. You’ll end up right beside the telescope when gathering people to the throne room for the story.
    27. B.O.S.S: After Chapter 3, if you go to the science lab in the Bee Kingdom and talk to H.B Professor, he’ll tell you of the computer. Interact with the computer and choose your Explorer Permit. You can then just exit out of the computer.
    28. Defiant Root: Comes automatically from the story.
    29. Relic Museum: In Defiant Root, there is a building that acts as a museum. Simply interact with something in the store, and you’ll get it.
    30. The Lost Sands: Story related. You’ll get this automatically.
    31. Tardigrade Idol: Obtained when you get the Tardigrade Shield Medal.
    32. Bandit Hideout: You’ll get this automatically from the story.
    33. Stream Mountain: Starting from the entrance of the Lost Sands, go to the northwest exit, then up, then left into the cave! Then this will be gained automatically!
    34. Far Grasslands: Automatically gained from the story.
    35. Fishing Village: After Chapter 5, go to the Far Grasslands from the Lost Sands. Then just keep going right. Eventually, you’ll jump across some lilypads, and see a bug. You have to fight this bug to get entrance to the village. It’s a very easy fight, so you shouldn’t have any problems. But go in with healing items, just in case!
    36. Wizards Tower: In the Wasp Kingdom, if you go left from the castle, you’ll find a tunnel. If you go south and keep going, you’ll find a house. On the left side of the house, is a hole. Drop-in this hole and watch the cutscene and get this entry.
    37. Wild Swamplands: Automatically gained from the story.
    38. Wasp Kingdom: Automatically gained from the story.
    39. Forsaken Lands: Automatically gained from the story.
    40. Ancient City: This is confusing. So, from the entrance to Forsaken Lands from Bugaria Outskirts, head down, then right, then down. In the area where you have to cross giant gaps by riding airwaves from pipes, take the left exit. Then head left again! This is the Ancient City. Also where you fight the False Monarch bounty boss!
    41. Termite Kingdom: Now this will be a bit confusing. In the Forsaken Land, you go through it like a maze. You’ll end up getting to an area where you have to move bricks to jump on pumpkins to fly over to other areas. When you clear that area, you’ll be in a small area, with a gear on the ground, and some mushrooms and a screw. There’s also a giant hill in the area. On the right side of this hill is a jump pad. Jump on it, then follow the path to the next pad, and jump on it. When you’re at the top, you’ll see the kingdom in the background. Press X to view it and get this entry.
    42. Termite Statue: In the Termite Kingdom, you’ll end up going to the castle for the story. There’s a giant statue in the foyer that you can interact with. It looks like an art piece!
    43. Termite Colosseum: In the Termite Kingdom, go to the bomb shop, and take the elevator to the roof. Go to the top left corner and interact with the question mark to get this.
    44. Termacade: In Chapter 6, you’ll get a submarine and have to go to Bugaria Port with it. There, termites will get off. After that, you can go to the Ant Kingdom commercial district to find the arcade! Go to it and talk to the bugs to get this entry.
    45. Sailors Statue: Located in Bugaria Pier, interact with the giant steering wheel statue!
    46. Metal Island: Once you have 300 Berries, go east of the Ant Kingdom, towards the Lost Sands. Go past the entrance to the Lost Sands to Bugaria Port. Talk to the captain on the pier, and pay him 300 big ol’ berries to go to Metal Island.
    47. Spy Cards: Gained while doing the “Spy Masters” side quest.
    48. Peacock Island: Once you have the submarine in Chapter 6, you can use it to go around a bigger map. In the bottom right of this map is an island. When you land, go around to the left, and you’ll hit a wall of rock. If you use Leif to put icicles in the water, you can get around it. Continuing walking the island and you’ll see an encampment up on a cliff. Follow the cliff around to the left, and climb the rocks. There will be a note on the wall. Interact with it to get this.
    49. Rubber Prison: Acquired automatically for the story.
    50. Giants Lair: Acquired automatically for the story.
    Battle Ready
    Reached max rank!

    You have to reach max level to get this. Max level is only 27. If you play through on Hard the whole way, you should get this at the end of the game in the Giants Lair! You can also get experience from the Cave Of Trials or B.O.S.S!

    Helping HandGold
    Completed all quests!

    You have to finish every side quest in the game for this. Just about every quest starts at the quest board. There is a quest board in every town too! There are a few quests that you need to do some other actions for before they appear, but I’ve listed those. Below are all the quests and when they appear! Also how to complete them.

    After Chapter 1

    • Lost Books: In the Ant Kingdom Castle, there’s a library. One of the beings behind the desk is looking for some Lore Books! Some are in the world, others are gained from quests. Below are how they can be acquired.
    1. Obtained from Book Return side quest.
    2. In Golden Settlement, you’ll reach a building that has a show going on inside. If you go around the left side of the building and cut a piece of grass to go behind it, you’ll find this book.
    3. In Defiant Root, if you walk along the outside of the museum to the left, you come across a bug under a roof. Go behind the box that’s right against the museum and you’ll find this book.
    4. As a reward for the Butler Missing side quest.
    5. In Chapter 4, right next to the chest where you get all your items back, in the prison.
    6. After you learn to dig with Kabbu, go to the Ant Kingdom commercial area. Beside the store is some grass you can cut, and a dig spot behind it. The book is in the dig spot.
    7. As a reward for Stolen Item quest.
    8. In a dig spot where you fight the boss in Requesting Assistance side quest!
    9. You’ll get this one as a reward for the “Explorer Check” side quest!
    10. As a reward for completing “My Brother Is Gone” side quest.
    11. After you complete the “I Want To Relive Memories” sidequest, you get a key. Go to the mayor’s house in Defiant Root, and walk around the house to a locked door. In the door is this lore book.
    12. In the Far Grasslands, as you leave the Lost Sands, if you go to the top right exit, you’ll see the lore book instantly to your right. An easy find for this one!
    13. In the Golden Settlement, go to the Ant Mine tunnel. Now, don’t go in, but go right to enter Golden Path. Now there’ll be some rocks to smash, just upward of you. Smash then, then dig and find this.
    14. As a reward for completing the “In Search Of Something” sidequest.
    15. In the Fishing Village, there is a giant plant behind the save crystal. The lore book is behind that.
    16. Inside Madelaine’s house. You have to finish the quest “Butler Missing Again” to gain entrance.
    17. In the Termite Kingdom, if you go right from the entrance, you’ll enter the commercial area. Go into the inn, and interact with the elevator, then go to the roof. Once on it, use Vi to fly to the house’s balcony just to the right, and inside is this book!
    18. As a reward for the “Best Friend In The Fog” sidequest.
    19. As a reward for the “It’s Time” sidequest.
    20. In the Forsaken Lands, from the opening of the area, go left and you’ll be in a big area. In the far left area, there is a big piece of grass. In that grass, is this book.
    21. In the Ancient City, there is a building on the right side, and a pillar you can dig under. On the other side of the pillar, is a dig spot with this book!
    22. In Forsaken Lands, you’ll be in an area where you get blown around by a lot of air vents. You’ll get blown downwards and see an exit just under you. Go left and fly over to. A platform that has this book.
    23. This is kind of long-winded. First, you have to talk to the Innkeeper in Defiant Root and ask if he’s okay. Then, you have to wait for all the way until the Termite Kingdom. Then go to the Inn there and talk to the termite in the lobby there. After the conversation, go back to the Defiant Root Inn. Talk to the bugs and ask how things are, then you can go into the room up above for the book!
    24. In the Termite Kingdom, go to the Colosseum. Before you go inside, look to the right. There are two boxes. It’s in between the two boxes!
    25. In the library itself, if you go to the right, and go between the top right bookshelves.
    26. You have to find a bug named Kenny around the world many times. He is a beetle, just like Kabbu, but he wears black clothes and really stands out. Every time you talk to him, he moves to a new city. The places, in order, are: Golden Settlement, in the area right of the town square; Bee Kingdom, on the balcony of the residential area; Defiant Root, in front of the lift to the Bee Kingdom; Ant Kingdom, right next to the chef; Termite Kingdom, on the roof of the inn; Golden Settlement again, on the screen to the right of the town square.
    • Awful Beauty: Reeves is in Ant Kingdom Castle Library. He wants some really bad books. Below are where they are located!
    1. Bad Book: In the Ant Kingdom Residential Area, you can cut down some grass and jump on a bounce pass to end up on top of a building. This book is there.
    2. Bad Book: In the Bee Kingdom art gallery. From the Honey Factory, go one entrance to the right, and enter the gallery. Then go left and find the book behind a table.
    3. In the Far Grasslands, if you go south from the ant tunnel that goes to the Ant Mine, you’ll eventually find a house. On the left side of the house is a hole. Go in it, then go through the house. At the top, you’ll talk to a sorcerer to be able to leave. Just left of them, behind some books, is this book!
    • Inn Review Required: This is simple. Go to the Inn at the Ant Kingdom and talk to the innkeeper. You’ll go to sleep, and then have to talk to them again.
    • Book Return: In Ant Kingdom City, in the residential area, there’s a bug who has an overdue book. Go to the house and talk to him, then take it back to the library. You then have to return to Ali in his house to complete the quest.
    • Parts Delivery: Talk to Eetl in the Adventurer Association, to get his package. Then go east to Bugaria Pier and talk to Diver Ant!
    • I Want A New Taste: For this quest, you have to cook a Hearty Breakfast. Get a mushroom and an egg and go to the Commercial Area of the Ant Kingdom, and go to the chef. Mix both these items. Now go to the entrance of Snakemouth Den, but continue heading left. You’ll meet an old bug again. Give him breakfast.
    • Lost Toy: In the tunnel that links to the Golden Path, it is a thing of grass in the far corner. Cut it, then go right to find a ball behind a rock!

    After Chapter 2

    • Dropped my Hat!: In Golden Settlement, go around to the left side, past the inn, and to the farm. Now walk down, to the left along the fence line, and you’ll end up picking up a top hat. Return it for a reward!
    • Hydration Crisis!: For this quest, you have to get 3 Clear Water, which can be bought at the store in Golden Settlement. Then, go talk to the bug at the farms in Golden Settlement. They’re in the berry field.
    • Cable Car Bodyguard: In the first area of Golden Path, there’s the cable car. For this quest, you have to fight 3 battles in a row. Once you clear all 3, this quest is done!

    Chapter 3

    • Leif’s Request: The first step of this quest is to go to the Residential Area of the Any Kingdom. On the top row of houses, the middle one is finally open. You’ll get a little cutscene about Leif. You won’t be able to continue this until chapter 5. Once you’re there, talk to Neo in the palace hall. He’ll tell you to go to Snakemouth Den. Where you fell in Chapter 1, is a giant open door too! Go in there. At the end of this side dungeon, there is a boss. It has a whopping 110HP! But it’s fairly simple. Use Kabbus normal moves, and use Vi to turn relay to Kabbu. Leif should use his normal move too. Don’t try to rush this fight. When the boss is charging, get your attacks in, then use Leifs Bubble Shield. On the next then you get to use Leif, get him to use a TP healing item. When you need healing, use Vi. It’s a constant cycle, and monotonous, but this boss shall eventually fall. Next, head back to the Ant Kingdom to Leifs family’s house and enjoy the cutscene.
    • Theater Help Wanted!: This quest take place in the theater in Ant Kingdom. Unfortunately, it’s another gauntlet of battles. This time culminating in a boss fight. The boss is simple enough. The only terrible thing is that he summons enemies now and again. Also, your HP comes back after every fight!
    • Requesting Assistance: The first step of this quest is to find Levi on the left side of the Commercial Area in the Ant Kingdom. Then, go to the tunnel to Golden Path. This will start a boss fight. This fight can be a pain as the enemy gains health back with attacks and can up their own attack and defense! The empower skill is great here to use on Kabbu! Then turn relay to him when you can, for more damage!
    • Card Masters: This quest starts in the Underground Tavern though it’s not really specified. You have to speak to a bug at a table and he tells you about Spy Cards. He then gives you a tutorial, then you do the minigame against him. He tells you about other Spy Card masters. Then you’re off on a card quest! Your first master to fight is the old man near Snakemouth Den! If you’ve done the “I Want A New Taste” side quest, you’ll know the place. Then when you beat him, you get a new hint! Now, it’s off to Golden Settlement! On the east side of town, near where the little bug for the “Huuuuu….!!!” side quest is, is the next master! It’s the bug standing next to a house! After their defeat, it’s off to Defiant Root! Halfway there! In the commercial area, there is a shady bug, near some boxes. He’s your next target! After him, it’s time to go to the Bee Kingdom, and then talk to HB’s assistant in the Science Lab. Now, after this, it’s time to go to Metal Island! Go into the big building and talk to the bug guard on the left side. Then, it’s off to the tournament! You have to beat 3 bugs in a row to win the tournament and beat the quest.
    • I Wanna Get Better!: For this, you have to go to the Defiant Root Baker. He’ll ask for a Spud to help make food. If you walk to the right if the area and go behind the boxes, you’ll find a shop. Buy a danger spud, and take it back to the Baker. Next, you’ll need succulent berries. If you go all the way to the left exit of Defiant Root, to the bug shop, you can buy one there! Now go back to the Baker. Your next item is a Spicy Bomb and an Abomihoney. You can buy a Spicy Bomb at a store in the Termite Kingdom. To get the Abomihoney, mix two Honey Drops together. Now give them to the chef, then prepare for a fight! Luckily it’s just two Abomihoney’s to fight. After this, the quest will complete!
    • My Specialty: If you wait until Chapter 5 for this quest, it’s a bit easier. Once you have Leifs ability to make ice on water surfaces, go east of Any Kingdom like you’re going to the Lost Sands. On the first screen, you’ll see an island in the water. Use Leifs ability to get here, then dig the ground. You’ll get a Tangy Berry. Now take it to the chef in Golden Settlement to finish the quest.
    • I Want a Souvenir: This quest is really easy! Once you’re in the Bee Kingdom, there’s a stall where you see Mothiva. There is a hat here for 40 berries. Buy it, then go to the Ant Mines. Talk to the ant between the Defiant Root door, and the Ant Kingdom door. You get the Numb Resistance medal as a reward!

    After Chapter 3

    • Vi’s Request: In the Bee Kingdom, if you go from the entrance of the Honey Factory, the entrance is one to the right. Go in here and talk to Vi’s sister. Next, you have to go to Golden Settlement. Once there, go to the farm and talk to a bee. You then have to return to Defiant Root and go to the commercial district, which is where the item shop is. You then have to find a bee and talk to it. Now to go to the Ant Kingdom! In the main square of the town, talk to the bug in the bottom right who has the bedbug pet. You’ll now need to go to the Pier! Once you have a whopping 300 Berries, it’s time to go to Metal Island. Once there, talk to the purple merchant in the first stall to the left. Now do it all in reverse to beat the quest!
    • Butler Missing!: This quest starts out in Golden Hills. First, talk to the bug there. Then, take the tip right exit, by riding the platform up. Then use Leif and his shield, to walk through the spikes, and over to the back of the area! Then, just return to the bug who gave you the quest, and get your reward. Which is a Lore Book!

    Chapter 4

    • Bandit Hunt: In Defiant Root, you’ll have to go to the blacksmith and talk to the bug with the exclamation mark. You’ll then be asked to kill 20 Bandits/Thiefs/Burglars. You just need to kill a combined total of the 3. You can check how many you’ve killed in the bestiary so long as you’ve scanned them!
    • It’s Too Hot!: Another easy quest! In the Ancient Castle, done enemies might drop some Magic Ice. If they do keep it. If not, you can buy some in Defiant Root for 10 berries. Go to the Museum in Defiant Root and talk to the bug who has the exclamation mark. Give them the ice, and you’re done!
    • Ore Wanted: This ore is in Stream Mountain. At the end of the mountain, you’ll find it on a platform, and a switch which starts an elevator at the Oasis. After you have the ore, take it to the blacksmith in Defiant Root, and get the “First Plating” medal as a reward!
    • Huuuuuuuu…!!!: In the Bandit Hideout, the item for this quest is in the cafeteria, on a table in the back. To get to it, you have to jump on the rafters. To turn it in, go to Golden Settlement, and go right of the town square to the little bug who was trying to break that rock. Then go south of the town square and find the bug at the rock again.
    • Stolen Item: This item you’re looking for is in the Bandit Hideout and it’s Stolen Silk. Once you find it, go to Defiant Root in the commercial area. The building on the right is now open, with the bug to give this too! This will then start a fight, against Kabbu and the owner! Don’t worry about Kabbu. Make sure to scan him though, then focus on the bug in the back!
    • Stolen Item: This item you’re looking for is in the Bandit Hideout and it’s Stolen Silk. Once you find it, go to Defiant Root in the commercial area. The building on the right is now open, with the bug to give this too! This will then start a fight, against Kabbu and the owner! Don’t worry about Kabbu. Make sure to scan him though, then focus on the bug in the back!

    Chapter 5

    • My Brother is Gone!: Talk to the ladybug just east of the Association, then it’s off to Snakemouth Den! Go into Snakemouth Den, and keep going until the big doors, then drop in the hole. Keep going left and you’ll hit a room where the sister says something. The brother will just be to the left of you in the room. Then you beat this easy quest!
    • Helpers Needed At Once!: For this, you have to go to the Bosses office in the Honey Factory. You’ll be asked to go around to find 3 robots. They’re all in the processing area, not the warehouse. You have to fight them all, but they only have 5HP and can’t fight back. Once you fight and fight all 3, go back to the office for your reward.
    • Want to Relive Memories…: For this, you have to go to the Mayor of Defiant Root. He’ll then get you to go to the Whack-A-Worm spot in Golden Settlement. But to unlock this area, you need to do the “Huuuuuu….!!!” sidequest, which is listed under Chapter 4 of this section. You then have to get a score of 20 in Whack-A-Worm. I recommend saving before attempting this, as each try is 10 berries. Once you beat the score of 20, the quest is complete.
    • Help Me Get It Back!: After you start Chapter 5, leave Ant Kingdom by going east. As if you’re going to the Lost Sands. A scene will play out, then you can get the quest from the board. Go to the 2 floored house in the Residential Area and talk to the bug. Now you have to go to the Lost Sands and then go to the Bandit Hideout. Make your way to the area where you got your items back, the first time you were there, and prepare for a fight. After the fight, return to the bug in their house.
    • My Mecha Claw!: After you talk to the bug in the smithery in Defiant Root, maybe your way to the Far Grasslands. From the entrance, if you go from the Lost Sands, work your way left, then up. In the area with the spikes you cross with Leifs bubble shield, there is a pile of rocks. Use Kabbu rock-break skill to get through them. Then, follow the wall around the right side of the new area and find the claw. Then go back to the bug in Defiant Root.
    • In Search Of Something: If you go south of the Ant Kingdom, you’ll come to the caves to go to the Golden Path. With Leifs water freezing upgrade, you can go across the water to find a cave with a hermit. Talk to him, then try to leave and he’ll give you a quest. Now go to Golden Hills, up to where Venus is, and find an ant who wants you to go to the Hermit. Now to go all the way back to the bug in the cave!
    • Power Plant Investigation: This doesn’t appear on the quest board until you go to the Bee Kingdom and talk to the Queen. Then it’s on the quest board. You then have to go to Golden Settlement, and from the main square, go all the way left, past the farms, into the Power Plant. In here, you will fight a giant Midge. It will summon others all the time until it is dead. Try to focus on the big one, when you can, and use Leifs freezing ability, to try and freeze some enemies, to lessen the damage you take.
    • Sweets From Outside: In the Fishing Village, you’ll find a bug who wants some snacks from the desert village! So go to Defiant Root and go to the bakery. Then, buy yourself a Nutty Cake! Now go back to the bug in the village and you’re done.
      Find The Ingredients: This is found in the Witches Hut in the far Grasslands! The items you need are  Magic Ice, Aphid Dew, and Squash. They can be bought in Defiant Root, Golden Settlement, and The Termite Kingdom, respectively. Then, go to the witch in the hut, and turn in the request!

    Chapter 6

    • Butler Missing Again!: This quest starts at the entrance to the Wild Swamplands! Go there to find Madelaine. So this is where it gets annoying, as you have to go through a lot of the swamp again. So I’m gonna break it down by area exits. Go into the entrance where Madelaine was. Then go Up, Up, Right, Right, Bottom Right, Right. The last exit is right by a save crystal. Now, you should be in an area where Madelaine says something. Go to the bottom right of this area to find Seb. Now click yes on the next prompt to go to the Ant Kingdom! Now, go right, up the rock, and get to the house to finish the quest, and find a Lore Book!
    • They Took Her…!: This quest starts on Metal Island. In the town square in the bottom left is a bug. Talk to her. Now, you’re off to the Far Grasslands entrance! Now you can go from either the left, or right, but either way you have to go to the entrance of the Wasp Kingdom. Then, on the right side of the kingdom entrance, are the bees you’re looking for! Talk to them to finish this easy quest!
    • Rare Item Wanted!: Go to Defiant Root, and go to the Clinic, which is located just under the mayor’s house! Talk to the bug, then we’re off to Snakemouth Den…again! Go to the area where the pit entrance is, along with the big door to Snakemouth Lab. Behind some grass, is a jump pad. Jump onto it, then use Vi to fly all the way to the left. Enter this new area and find the leaf, just waiting for you. Then, it’s back to the doctor for our reward!
    • In Search Of Paint…: This quest starts in the Bee Kingdom. In the town square, there’s a bee in front of a painting talk to them then make your way to the Termite Kingdom! In the commercial area, there’s am alley between the Inn and the building next to it. Talk to the bug all the way in the back. Now you have to go back to the Bee Kingdom and talk to the quest giver. Now it’s off to the Ant Kingdom. Go to the Underground Tavern where you get bounties, and talk to the bug at the entrance as you go down. Now to trek to the Termite Kingdom….again! Then talk to the bug in the alley and give him the Shady Note. Now go to the Bee Kingdom and finish this long quest.
    • Lunch Delivery!: This quest starts outside the Colosseum in the Termite Kingdom. Talk to the bug on the right side of the area. Now leave the town and go to the area you fought the Weevil boss. Then go left, and follow the path you’re on without falling. Now, jump down next to the giant red bridge you can knock down. The bug is beside it. Give them the lunch box!
    • Seedling Hunt: To start this quest, go to the bomb shop in the Termite Kingdom, then use the elevator to go to the 5th floor. The bug is in the left side room. You have to kill a total of 50 seedlings, of any variant. You can check the bestiary for your total amount killed, but you should be able to auto finish the quest right away!
    • Best Friend In The Fog!: This begins outside of the Inn in the Termite Kingdom! Talk to the bug here. Now go to where you fought the Weevil boss, just outside the Termite Kingdom. Now go down, then left, then down. Now, this where it gets annoying. This area is a maze, where if you mess up, you go back to the start. You have to go to the correct mushrooms to make it through. So from the starting mushroom, go left to the set of three there. Now from this stock, go down right, then, directly left. Now, you’ll see some mushrooms on the other side of a log. Dig under it and continue north towards them. Now go left to a wall, and walk down against it for a doorway. The quest is now done. Now before you leave this area, go to the hole in the wall and leave an item for a crystal berry!
    • Can’t Sleep…!: This quest starts in the Termite Kingdom at the bug in front of the general store, near the entrance to the town. Now, you’ll need to get a Drowsy Cake. Luckily if you go to Golden Settlement from the Ant Tunnel, the store just outside it sells one. Now take it back to the bug. But wait, there’s more! Now go to Defiant Root, to the bakery. Just outside of it, buy an agaric shroom, then a bag of flour. Now mix it at the cook. Now take the shock candy back to the bug!
    • A Smiling Dish: This quest starts at the cook in the Ant Kingdom. For this quest, you have to cook the two super dishes. The “Crisbee Donut” from the cook in Defiant Root and “Tangy Carpaccio” from the chef in Golden Settlement. The donut is easy to cook. Just glazed honey and flour. The Carpaccio is a bit more annoying because you need a Tangy Berry. If you have access to Metal Island, you can buy one from the pirate bug in the town square for 40 berries. You can find one in the open world, and if you used it, and ate the Carpaccio already, this is your only route. Once you have both dishes, go to the cook in the Ant Kingdom and give him the items, and you’re done!
    • Team Snakemouth…: To start this quest, you need to talk to Acolyte Aria in the Golden Settlement. She’ll tell you she wants Fry’s specialty dish. Fry is the cook in the Ant Kingdom. If you’ve done the “A Smiling Dish” sidequest, you’ll have access to the item you need, which is the item “Queens Dinner”. If you’ve made it and haven’t used it, you can continue this quest instantly! Next, you have to go to see Venus in the Golden Hills! After the cutscene, the quest will be finished!
    • It’s Time…!: You can precomplete this quest. If you kill 10 Water Strider enemies, which are found in the Forsaken Lands or on the Submarine. Then go to the bug in the residential area of the Ant Kingdom and talk to him and finish the quest instantly!

    After Chapter 7

    • Kabbus Request: This starts automatically after finishing the game. What you have to do is go to the Wild Swamplands, to where you killed the boss. Then there will be an interaction marker in the middle of the area.
    • Confidential: This quest starts in the Ant Kingdom in front of the castle. After you talk to Maki, go to the Far Grasslands then head left. Keep going through the screens until you need to use Leif to cross some spikes. Then head north through the breakable rocks. There will be a big fight with a lot of Leafbugs. Simply beat them all, and the quest will be done!
    Cooking Maestroupscale-245262160018212
    Cooked all recipes!

    For this trophy, you have to make all the recipes. These are as simple as talking to a chef in one of the towns and combing some items or using just one! Some recipes require quests that will be done later in the game. Also, Magic Ice can be bought in Defiant Root at the vendor who’s sitting in front of the ice. Tangy Berries can be bought on Metal Island from the pirate who has a whole crate of them. I wouldn’t recommend doing this until you beat the game and have a ton of money to keep buying ingredients! Below is the full list of recipes to make!

    1. Mistake: Anything that doesn’t cook. So cook a leaf salad at the chef!
    2. Leaf Salad: Crunchy Leaf
    3. Glazed Honey: Honey Drop
    4. Abomihoney: Honey Drop + Honey Drop
    5. Cooked Shroom: Mushroom
    6. Cooked Danger: Danger Shroom
    7. Sweet Shroom: Honey Drop + Mushroom
    8. Sweet Danger: Honey Drop+ Danger Shroom
    9. Fried Egg: Aphid Egg
    10. Leaf Omelet: Crunchy Leaf + Aphid Egg
    11. Honey’d Leaf: Crunchy Leaf + Honey Drop
    12. Roasted Berries: Hard Seed
    13. Succulent Platter: Succulent Berry
    14. Succulent Cookies: Succulent Berry + Bag of Flour
    15. Berry Juice: Hard Seed + Clear Water
    16. Mushroom Skewer: Mushroom + Danger Mushroom
    17. Hearty Breakfast: Mushroom + Aphid Egg
    18. Mushroom Salad: Crunchy Leaf + Mushroom
    19. Sweet Dew: Aphid Dew + Honey Drop
    20. Baked Yam: Danger Spud
    21. Spicy Fries: Danger Spud + Spicy Berry
    22. Burly Chips: Danger Spud + Burly Berry
    23. Danger Dish: Danger Shroom + Danger Spud
    24. Shaved Ice: Magic Ice
    25. Cold Salad: Crunchy Leaf + Magic Ice
    26. Ice Cream: Magic Ice + Aphid Dew
    27. Honey Ice Cream: Ice Cream + Honey Drop
    28. Dry Bread: Bag Of Flour
    29. Nutty Cake: Bag Of Flour + Hard Seed
    30. Poison Cake: Bag Of Flour + Danger Shroom
    31. Frost Pie: Bag Of Flour + Magic Ice
    32. Yam Bread: Bag Of Flour + Danger Spud
    33. Shock Candy: Bag Of Flour + Shock Berry
    34. Mushroom Gummies: Bag Of Flour + Mushroom
    35. Sweet Pudding: Bag Of Flour + Aphid Egg
    36. Leaf Croissant: Bag Of Flour + Crunchy Leaf
    37. Honey Pancakes: Bag Of Flour + Honey Drop
    38. Drowsy Cake: Bag Of Flour + Numbnail Dart
    39. Hustle Candy: Bag Of Flour + Hustle Berry
    40. Spicy Candy: Bag Of Flour + Spicy Berry
    41. Burly Candy: Bag Of Flour + Burly Berry
    42. Berry Jam: Spicy Berry + Burly Berry
    43. Hot Drink: Hustle Berry + Clear Water
    44. Plain Tea: Crunchy Leaf + Clear Water
    45. Spicy Tea: Plain Tea + Spicy Berry
    46. Burly Tea: Plain Tea + Burly Berry
    47. Aphid Shake: Aphid Egg + Aphid Dew
    48. Squash Puree: Squash
    49. Squash Candy: Squash + Bag Of Flour
    50. Squash Tart: Squash + Spicy Berry
    51. Plumpling Pie: Squash + Burly Berry
    52. Tangy Jam: Honey Drop + Tangy Berry
    53. Tangy Juice: Tangy Berry + Clear Water
    54. Tangy Pie: Tangy Berry + Bag Of Flour
    55. Spicy Bomb: Hard Seed + Spicy Berry
    56. Burly Bomb: Hard Seed + Burly Berry
    57. Poison Bomb: Spicy Bomb + Danger Shroom
    58. Sleep Bomb: Spicy Bomb + Numbnail Dart
    59. Numb Bomb: Spicy Bomb + Shock Berry
    60. Frost Bomb: Spicy Bomb + Magic Ice
    61. Clear Bomb: spicy Bomb + Clear Water
    62. Abombination: Spicy Bomb + Abomihoney
    63. Cherry Bombs: Spicy Bomb + Dark Cherries
    64. Cherry Pie: Dark Cherries + Bag Of Flour
    65. Berry Smoothie: Dark Cherries + Tangy Berry
    66. Miracle Shake: Dark Cherries + Magical Seed
    67. Tangy Carpaccio: Tangy Berry (Only Kut in Golden Settlement can make this)
    68. Crisbee Donut: Glazed Honey + Bag Of Flour (Only Crisbee in Defiant Root can make this)
    69. Queen’s Dinner: Tangy Carpaccio + Crisbee Donut (Only Fry in the Ant Kingdom can make this)
    70. Big Mistake: Mistake

    Field Researcher
    Filled the bestiary!

    This requires you to fill the Bestiary. You have to do this by scanning enemies. To do that, you have to go to the Strategies Menu and hit Scan. Then you have to hit X while the target is in the circle, three times. Then the enemy will be scanned and put in the journal. This isn’t missable, as you can fight all sorts of bosses on the B.O.S.S machine in the Bee Kingdom if you miss one. Below is a list of all the enemies and where or when they appear.

    1. Seedling: Bugaria Outskirts
    2. Acornling: Golden Path
    3. Underling: Bugaria Outskirts towards Bugaria Pier
    4. Cactiling: The Lost Sands
    5. Flowerling: Far Grasslands
    6. Plumping: Forsaken Lands
    7. Golden Seedling: To get this, equip the Seedling Affinity Medal and go to the Seedling Haven. This is where you fight the Seedling King. Fight the seedlings and hope you find one. If you don’t get one. Restart your game and try again!
    8. Zombiant: In the cave on the way to Golden Path from Bugaria Outskirts
    9. Zombee: Snakemouth Laboratory
    10. Zombeetle: Snakemouth Laboratory
    11. Jellyshroom: Snakemouth Den
    12. Bloatshroom: Snakemouth Laboratory
    13. Inichas: Snakemouth Den
    14. Denmuki: Honey Factory
    15. Madesphy: Far Grasslands
    16. Numbnail: Golden Hills
    17. Ironnail: Forsaken Lands
    18. Midge: Cave towards Golden Path from Bugaria Outskirts
    19. Chomper: Golden Hills
    20. Chomper Brute: Chomper Cavern
    21. Wild Chomper: Far Grasslands
    22. Weevil: Golden Path
    23. Psicorp: The Lost Sands
    24. Arrow Worm: The Lost Sands
    25. Thief: The Lost Sands
    26. Bandit: The Lost Sands
    27. Burglar: The Lost Sands
    28. Ruffian: Rubber Prison
    29. Bee-Boop: Honey Factory
    30. Security Turret: Honey Factory
    31. Mender: Enemies needed in the “Helpers Needed At Once” sidequest.
    32. Abomihoney: Honey Factory
    33. Ahoneynation: Boss fight in Chapter 3
    34. Krawler: Ancient Castle
    35. Warden: Ancient Castle
    36. Haunted Cloth: Ancient Castle
    37. Leafbug Ninja: Wild Swamplands
    38. Leafbug Archer: Wild Swamplands
    39. Leafbug Clubber: Wild Swamplands
    40. Mantidfly: Far Grasslands
    41. Jumping Spider: Far Grasslands
    42. Mimic Spider: Forsaken Lands
    43. Diving Spider: Stream Mountain
    44. Water Strider: Stream Mountain
    45. Belostoss: Stream Mountain
    46. Mothfly: Forsaken Lands
    47. Mothfly Cluster: Forsaken Lands
    48. Wasp Scout: The Lost Sands
    49. Wasp Trooper: Boss fight in Chapter 2
    50. Wasp Bomber: Boss fight in Chapter 5
    51. Wasp Driller: Boss fight in Chapter 5
    52. Venus’ Bud: Golden Hills
    53. Acolyte Aria: Boss fight in Chapter 2
    54. Mothiva: Boss fight in Chapter 2
    55. Zasp: Boss fight in Chapter 2
    56. Astotheles: Boss fight in Chapter 4
    57. Dune Scorpion: Boss fight in Chapter 4
    58. Primal Weevil: Boss fight in Chapter 6
    59. Cross: Boss fight in Chapter 6
    60. Poi: Boss fight in Chapter 6
    61. Spider: Boss fight in Chapter 1
    62. Venus’ Guardian: Boss fight in Chapter 2
    63. Heavy Drone B-33: Boss fight in Chapter 3
    64. The Watcher: Boss fight in Chapter 4
    65. The Beast: Boss fight in Chapter 5
    66. General Ultimax: Boss fight in Chapter 5
    67. ULTIMAX Tank: Boss fight in Chapter 6
    68. Mother Chomper: Chomper Cave
    69. Broodmother: Enemy in the “Power Plant Investigation” side quest
    70. Zommoth: Boss fight in Leifs Request sidequest.
    71. Seedling King: Boss for the bounty
    72. Tidal Wyrm: Boss for the bounty
    73. Peacock Spider: Boss for the bounty
    74. Devourer: Boss for the bounty
    75. False Monarch: Boss for the bounty
    76. Cenn: Enemy in the “Explorer Check” sidequest.
    77. Pisci: Enemy in the Explorer Check” sidequest.
    78. Monsieur Scarlet: Enemy in the “Request Assistance” sidequest.
    79. Kabbu: Enemy in the “Stolen Item” sidequest.
    80. Kali: Enemy in the “Stolen Item” sidequest.
    81. Carmina: On medal island, in the arena for the Spy Cards tournament, is a crack on the right side of the wall. Use Kabbu to go under it, and emerge into a room. You’ll see a cutscene and enter a fight!
    82. Riz: Far Grasslands. This is the guard you have to beat to gain access to the fishing village.
    83. Maki: Extra boss in front of Ant Kingdom Castle, and the “Confidential” sidequest.
    84. Kina: Fight with Maki.
    85. Yin: Fight with Maki.
    86. Dead Lander: Giants Lair. This is the stick monster version.
    87. Dead Lander: Giants Lair. This is the balloon monster version.
    88. Dead Lander: Giants Lair. This is the spider, crab hybrid version.
    89. Wasp King: Boss in Chapter 7.
    90. The Everlasting King: Boss in Chapter 7.

    Music Collector
    Purchased all music!

    There is a bug in every town, who sells you music. But, in the Ant Kingdom, she is in the town square, just at the bottom corner of the Theater. When you first meet her, she tells you no one wants to hear her music. Say you want to hear it. Then you can buy music from her. After every chapter, there’s always more music to buy, and it all usually costs a handful of berries. So make sure to talk to her after every chapter. You can’t get this until you beat the game though. So once you finish, make sure to talk to her again to buy all her music for this trophy.

    Vicious Spiderupscale-245262160018212
    Defeated Chapter 1’s boss in Hard Mode!

    For this, you have to beat the boss of Chapter 1 on Hard Mode. To get hard mode, you have to have the Hard Mode medal equipped. This boss can be a bit rough. He has 40 HP, and you can do quite a bit each turn. There are 3 attacks he does.

    • Bite
    • Poison clouds
    • Poison balls.

    He also gets 2 actions in a turn. When he has less than 20 HP, he will summon two enemies with him. Kill them as soon as you can. One thing you want to make sure is to end your turn with the boss on the ground. If he’s in the air, he pummels you with damage. Give Vi extra turns if need be to not let him be in the air come to his turn. The trophy unlocks after the cutscene of the next chapter.

    The Guardianupscale-245262160018212
    Defeated Chapter 2’s boss in Hard Mode!

    This chapter has 3 fights. The first is with Acolyte Aria while in the Golden Settlement. It’s an annoying fight on hard. I recommend choosing Kabbu and Vi to fight. There are only 2 real attacks that she does. She will jump in the air and attack from there or make two vines comes out of the ground at you. But, eventually, she will summon a plant that will heal her. Defeat this as quickly as you can! Keep your skill points for Vi’s healing as well!

    The second boss is against Mothiva and Zasp. This one can be quite hard as well! Surprise, surprise. I recommend focusing on Zasp first. Yes, Mothiva is a pain, but Zasp is the damage dealer. The worst Mothiva can do is put you to sleep. You can freeze her though! But when Zasp is dead, Mothiva will revive him constantly. So if you have some skill point items, I recommend using them and hitting Zasp with Heavy Strike every turn using Kabbu. He’ll die in one hit. Then widdle away at Mothiva. The fight may take a few tries, but you’ll get it!

    The third fight, and honestly the easiest, in my opinion, is against Venus’s Guardian. This boss is big, mean, and burly but, fairly easy. Near the end of the fight is when it gets menacing and a bit difficult. Attack it normally, as you would any monster, then anytime it flies, hit it with Vi’s tornado toss skill. If you get every hit in, you’ll do 7HP of damage each time. Then, when it’s almost dead, a flower will spawn to heal it. You can either kill it quickly or attack it so it stays in the air constantly. I chose to keep it in the air. Only downside? It can put you to sleep if you don’t block its attacks. So it’s a catch 22 honestly. Just keep toiling away, and the boss will eventually die! Also, don’t waste turns using Hard Seeds. They only do 1 damage.

    Heavy Dutyupscale-245262160018212
    Defeated Chapter 3’s boss in Hard Mode!

    This chapter has 2 boss fights!
    The first fight is against a giant Abomihoney. It’s called Ahoneynation.
    This fight is super easy. The boss takes a lot of damage from every attack, and his basic attack is spitting globs at you. Unfortunately these turn into Abomihoney’s. Luckily, they’re super weak. This boss will also punch you. When it’s almost dead, it will start to puff up and charge an attack. Heal as best you can! It will jump in the air, and land on you, causing damage to everyone! If you block, everyone should still be alive, then it should only take a turn to kill it!

    The second boss is rough. My medal setup was as follows: HP Plus on Kabbu, HP Plus on Vi, TP Plus, Shock Trooper, Spiky Bod, Break. Now, this fight is horrendous. I suggest you buy a ton of TP restoration items and good HP restoration items. Now this fight, has you fighting a robot bee, and it hits hard. The best strategy is to use Break on it with Leif, then use Tornado Toss with Vi, and use Heavy Strike with Kabbu. Keep Leif as the item used for this entire fight. Eventually, the boss will summon a little bee. Keep this bee in the air, with its cannon out. If it dies, another will replace it. Now, when the boss gets severely hurt, it will do a move where it gets a green arrow on it. Use Leif’s bubble shield skill, cuz it will hurt a lot! This will take a few tries to get down because the boss is a pain, but you’ll get it!

    Always Watchfulupscale-245262160018212
    Defeated Chapter 4’s boss in Hard Mode!

    This chapter has 3 bosses.
    Astotheles is easily one of the easiest bosses of the game! With 50 HP and no defense, you can do tons of damage easily. I recommend just normal attacks the whole way and healing with Vi every turn. When the boss has a bit of health left, she’ll start having 2 turns. So she can deal a lot of damage. End each turn with Leif’s icefall skill to try and freeze her so she can’t attack at this point. It shouldn’t take many tries.

    Dune Scorpion is the second boss. This happens after you have the key to the sandcastle. So if you get the complete key after the Astotheles fight, MAKE SURE YOU SAVE! This fight is rough. The boss hits hard, and with poison. Vi is crucial to healing. You can do extra damage with Heavy Strike with Kabbu if you have the extra TP restore items on you, but if not, this fight will be tough. Keep Vi as the healer, and Leif as the item user when one needs to be used. If you have the Break medal, it would also be a good thing to use, so you do extra damage to the boss.

    The Watcher is the 3rd boss, and this is the worst boss of all time. Beating this sheer dumb luck. My medal setup was HP Plus on Kabbu and Vi, TP plus, Freeze Resistance on Kabbu, Berserker on Kabbu, and Empower. Though I didn’t use Empower. You need many revive items. Then just throw yourself at the boss. Kabbu will do 6 damage at a time. Use Leifs normal attack and Vi’s Tornado Toss skill. Once the boss is almost dead, he’ll do two attacks per turn. If he uses defense up, use Vi’s Hurricane Toss and start trying to freeze with Leif. When the boss makes a wall, Hurricane Toss it with Vi. This battle is just dumb luck to win, but you’ll just barely get it eventually.

    The Terrorupscale-245262160018212
    Defeated Chapter 5’s boss in Hard Mode!

    Chapter 5 only has 2 boss fights, and one’s pretty tough, while the other is a joke. Certainly not as tough as Chapter 4’s last boss, but still pretty tough. The first thing I recommend is going to the option and switching the “Fill Bar” option, from the mash button, to the sequential button, or you may take a lot of damage if you can’t mash fast enough. This boss does move a lot where you have to fill a bar.
    Now, the boss fight is standard, just like the rest. Use Kabbu to attack, Leif to turn relay to Kabbu, and Vi to heal. You’ll need to use Leif to get the boss from the ground sometimes, and to use Bubble Shield when the boss is charging, but it’s a standard boss fight. I recommend some TP healing items and Revive items if you have the money to spend. Now when the boss is almost dead, it will do an attack that kills everyone. This is scripted. Then just Kabbu remains and you have to use him to knock off 10 points of damage from the boss. This is pretty easy and you shouldn’t fail. This trophy also won’t pop until the chapter ends, even though you’ll get an “Achievement Unlocked” icon on the screen.

    The second fight is against a General Wasp and his soldiers. This fight is a joke. Just use Kabbu and Heavy Strike your way through. Turn relay to him all the time, unless someone needs HP. When you’re on just the general, he will barely do any damage and you can finish him quickly. It’s a nice relaxing fight, compared to other boss fights!

    All Geared Upupscale-245262160018212
    Defeated Chapter 6’s boss in Hard Mode!

    This chapter has 4 boss fights!
    The first is against a Primal Weevil. If you have the Antlion Jaws medal, this fight is made easier! It is pretty easy, to begin with though! At the start of every turn, use Kabbu and his Heavy Strike skill. Then turn relay to him with everyone and use his basic attack  If you have the Antlion Jaws medal, you’ll manage 10 damage each turn this way! If you have the TP items, you can use Heavy Strike for more damage, but it’s not necessary. The boss will eventually spawn in a weevil. If it’s behind the boss, leave it alone. If it’s in front, you’ll need to kill it, or you can try to hit it with Under Strike while hitting the boss as well. So long as you keep Kabbu healed, and alive, this boss fight will end quickly!

    Now the second and third fights are in an arena. This fight is against Cross and Poi. Now, they act just like basic enemies, but Poi uses a lot of poison-based attacks and resides in the back. So you’ll need to take out Cross before you can really focus on him. Vi is gonna need to heal quite a bit in the fight. But don’t go too crazy with your items or TP, because there’s another fight right after!

    This fight is against Zasp and Mothiva…AGAIN! Their attacks are the exact same as they were the first time you fought. Mothiva sings notes and throws them at you, and revives Zasp when he’s dead, and if Mothiva takes damage, Zasp gets a damage buff. So focus Zasp right away. Whether you use skills to kill him quickly or not. Then, attack Mothiva. Though anytime she revives Zasp, take him down. Eventually, she may not revive him once! The only attack you need to look out for from Mothiva is her kick attack. If you don’t block it, she’ll stomp the character who is hit and do massive damage. This isn’t that bad of a fight.

    The last fight is against General Ultimax again, although this time he’s brought a tank. By this point, you should have enough TP to make every fight easier. You can open up every turn with Under Strike to start off with massive damage. Then turn relay to Kabbu when you don’t need to heal. The bosses’ moves just consist of shooting projectiles at you. Sometimes he’ll attack multiple people in one attack, other times he won’t. You just have to stay prepared. Eventually, he’ll summon a bee to his side. The enemies are close enough to hit with one Under Strike, so you can kill the bee and damage the boss at the same time. Once the tank blows up, you have to damage Ultimax himself. But he’s just as weak as he was the last chapter! So you can quickly finish him off.

    The Endupscale-245262160018212
    Defeated Chapter 7’s boss in Hard Mode!

    This chapter has 1, very long boss fight. Of course, by this point, you’ll know the boss is the Wasp King. I HIGHLY recommend you stock up on really good TP recovery items and revival seeds. As you will need them! Now, this fight comes in two phases. The first phase is the easiest, as the boss just throws fire at you, and hits you with an ax. Nothing too difficult here. You can go all out as much as you want, but try not to use items. I recommend using Kabbu with his Under Strike skill, for some good damage every turn, then turn relay to him and normal attack. As you get fully healed after this fight, in preparation for the next one.

    Now, this phase is so long to do, and you better be ready. My medal loadout was as follows. With 41 Medal Points I had, Hard Mode (obviously), 3 HP Plus badges on Kabbu, HP Plus on Vi, 5 TP Plus Badges, Power Exchange on Kabbu, Antlion Jaws on Kabbu, and 2 HP Core Badges on Kabbu. This boss is mean and long. The boss has 65 health. But when he’s almost dead, he will heal himself back to full health TWICE! So he technically has about 180 HP in total. The boss floats, and when you hit him on the ground, he goes back to floating. So it’s a lot of busy work. Use Kabbus Under Strike at the beginning of every turn. Whether the boss is floating or not. Then, you can use it again if you’d like, but I wouldn’t. Knock him down with Vi and Turn Relay to Kabbu to hit him with a normal attack. After the boss heals for the first time, they will bring in other objects that hurt you. You can Under Strike one of them and hit the boss as well! Make sure to keep Leif as your item user if you need to use some, and Vi as your healer. This boss will throw a lot of heavy-hitting moves at you. Unfortunately, you have to learn them. The worst one is spikes coming from the ground. This attack can either hit once or 3 times, causing a lot of damage. The primary objective in this fight is keeping Kabbu alive! Without him, the fight is over and lost. This fight is a long marathon. But with enough damage, you’ll manage the boss fight eventually and beat the game!

    Chapter 1 Complete
    Finished Chapter 1!

    This unlocks once you start Chapter 2.

    Chapter 2 Complete
    Finished Chapter 2!

    This unlocks once you start Chapter 3.

    Chapter 3 Complete
    Finished Chapter 3!

    This unlocks once you start Chapter 4.

    Chapter 4 Complete
    Finished Chapter 4!

    This unlocks once you start Chapter 5.

    Chapter 5 Complete
    Finished Chapter 5!

    his unlocks once you start Chapter 6.

    Chapter 6 Complete
    Finished Chapter 6!

    his unlocks once you start Chapter 7.

    Chapter 7 Complete
    Finished Chapter 7!

    This unlocks after the credits are done rolling.


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