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    Stranded: Alien Dawn Release Date

    April 25, 2023

    Stranded: Alien Dawn is a sci-fi survival game developed by Unreal Engine 4. The game takes place on a deserted alien planet where the player must survive against harsh environments and hostile alien creatures. The player’s goal is to explore the planet, collect resources, build a shelter, and ultimately find a way off the planet.

    The game features a day/night cycle, with each cycle bringing different challenges and dangers. During the day, the player must gather resources, build structures, and explore the planet. At night, the player must defend themselves against the alien creatures that emerge from the darkness.

    The game features a crafting system that allows the player to create weapons, tools, and other items necessary for survival. The crafting system is intuitive and easy to use, allowing players to quickly create the items they need to survive.

    Stranded: Alien Dawn has an immersive storyline with multiple endings, adding to the replay value of the game. The game’s graphics are stunning, with detailed environments and realistic lighting effects.

    The game is available on Steam and has received positive reviews from players and critics alike. Fans of survival games and sci-fi will enjoy Stranded: Alien Dawn’s unique gameplay mechanics and immersive storyline.


    April 25, 2023
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