Call of Duty: Black Ops II – Vengeance DLC Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 6/10
    Estimated time to 100%: 12 hours
    Missable trophies: None
    Glitched trophies: None
    Difficulty related: Silver Mined Games
    Playthrough: 5
    Platinum Trophy Unobtainable (Main game)
    Online Trophies


    Welcome to the Call of Duty: Black Ops II – Vengeance DLC Trophy Guide!
    The four new characters make their way to a buried town in Africa, with Richtofen and Maxis making their final pleas to the group to support their respective plans, all while solving an obnoxious new easter egg!


    Step 1: Learn the Map, Get the Easier Trophies
    You should start by completing the map a few times, learning the mechanics, and obtaining most of the trophies over the course of a few games.

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    You’ll be earning these trophies:
    Bronze Ectoplasmic Residue
    Bronze I’m Your Huckleberry
    Bronze Death From Below
    Bronze Candygram
    Bronze Awaken the Gazebo
    Bronze Revisionist Historian
    Bronze Mazed and Confused
    Bronze FSIRT Against the Wall
    Bronze When the Revolution Comes

    Step 2: Easter Egg
    Once you have learned the map, you will need to complete the Easter Egg.

    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
    Silver Mined Games

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    Tips and Strategies:

    Vengeance is the third of four DLCs for Black Ops 2. Along with the typical new multiplayer maps, the DLC introduces a new zombies map known as Buried. This map, though not as big as some, introduces a ton of new features, and technically concludes the story of the four new characters. Most of the trophies aren’t too hard on this map, but the Easter Egg will definitely test your communication and patience.

    New Features

    • The map contains a number of new weapons, mainly the ParalyzerColt Revolver, and Ray Gun Mk II. The Paralyzer has infinite ammo (though it overheats), and disintegrates enemies over time; it also allows players to jump over barriers and onto buildings. The Colt Revolver is a strong, six-shot revolver like the Python. The Ray Gun Mk II, which is added to all maps in Black Ops 2, is better in every way to the regular Ray Gun, with burst fire, very high damage, and no splash damage to worry about.
    • There is a new special grenade known as the Time Bomb.
    • There is a new perk called Vulture Aid, bought in the church for 3000 points. This perk allows players to see where the mystery box, weapon chalks, and perk machines are located. Zombies will sometimes drop small amounts of ammo or points, and will occasionally emit a green gas that acts as a short-lasting camouflage.
    • The Trample Steam and Turbine return from previous maps, and the map also introduces two new buildables, being the Subsurface Resonator and the Head Chopper.
    • A new friend, often called Arthur, Giant, or Leroy, that helps players along the way. For the sake of consistency, he will be referred to as Leroy throughout this guide.
    • Many of the wall weapons are placed manually by picking up outlines of chalk and placing them on glowing “?” symbols on the walls, allowing players to put the weapons wherever they want.

    The Mansion and Maze

    The mansion and maze are relatively unique new areas for such a small map. The mansion contains an infinite number of ghosts known as mistresses that deal damage and steal 2000 points every time they hit someone. They can also be a source of free perks. Going through the mansion is necessary for a number of trophies as well as gaining access to pack a punch and Stamina-Up.

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    Beyond the mansion is a hedge maze. The maze is different each time players arrive at it. The maze will contain only a single way through to the gazebo containing PAP and Stamina-Up, a central fountain, and a few doors to block the paths. To reset the maze, either go through the fountain in the center, or run back through the mansion.

    Other Tips

    • Buried doesn’t have a lot of good training spots, with the best one probably being the open area right in front of the saloon.
    • There is a very good camping spot for multiplayer games; players can stay in the alley with Jug, hiding behind either a Trample Steam or the Subsurface Resonator. Zombies will only have one entrance to funnel through.
    • There is a bank and weapons locker. The points bank is located in the actual physical bank, accessed through a tunnel in the gunsmith. The locker is located on the ground floor of the general store.
    • The map contains the four original perks, Mule Kick, Stamina-Up, and Vulture Aid.
    • All trophies except the Easter Egg Silver Mined Games can be unlocked on the easy difficulty setting.

    The map below contains everything except the starting room, which is a relatively square building with catwalks, a couple buyable weapons, and the Navcard Table build station.

    Trophy Guide:

    Mined Games upscale-245262160018212
    In Buried, be their pawn.

    Difficulty Specific

    This trophy is unlocked for completing the Buried Easter Egg. Unfortunately, this was probably the hardest Easter Egg up to this point in COD Zombies (until Origins), with a few relatively time-consuming steps, and the infamous “sharpshooter” section at the very end. The two versions of the Easter Egg are relatively similar this time around, though Richtofen’s is a little bit easier. Videos of both will be included, but the text walkthrough will be for Richtofen. The Easter Egg requires four players to complete, and a method of communication is highly recommended, especially for the final step. Additionally, this is the one trophy that must be completed on the normal/original difficulty, no easy mode allowed.

    Step 0: Build the Navcard table

    It is not entirely clear if this step is actually needed on Buried, but it is better to be safe than sorry and go ahead and build the table. The table is built in the starting room, on the ground near the hole you enter to reach the main part of the map.

    As with the other maps, you will need four items to build the table:

    • The meteorite is found in the starting room very near where the table is built.
    • The radiotable, and fuse box are all found in the same little area of the map. All three are in the small alleyway between the barn and the gunsmith, which can only be accessed by giving Leroy booze and having him destroy the barrier.

    Once the table is built, it should remain built-in all future games unless someone in the lobby has never built it.

    Step 1: Turn on the power

    Go to the candy shop and flip the power switch. You should also go ahead and free Leroy from the jail and build some points with him, or use the bank.

    Step 2: Build the guillotine

    The guillotine is located outside of the saloon, next to the gunsmith. You will need four parts to build it:

    • Antenna: in the barn, next to a post.
    • Spool: in the gunsmith’s building, in the room with the tunnel that leads to the bank.
    • Satellite Dish: on the rail of the saloon’s balcony.
    • Stone: found in the caves on a wall, near a hole in the ground.

    Step 3: Charge the orbs

    One player will need the Paralyzer from the mystery box. Once they have the weapon, you will need to use it to charge four orbs around the map. They can be charged in any order.

    • The first is in the alleyway between the saloon and candy shop.
    • The second is in the caves.
    • The third is in a pile of rubble to the left of the church entrance.
    • The fourth is just beyond the mansion, next to the hole in the wall you enter if you want to run back through the building.

    Step 4: Get the lantern and charge it

    Once the orbs are charged, a lantern will begin floating around the map, mainly in front of the mansion and into the town. You will need to knock it down by cooking a frag grenade and having it detonate next to the lantern. Once the lantern falls to the ground, pick it up with .

    Now, you will need to charge the lantern by having the player carrying it kill 10 mistresses. Each one you kill will emit a chime, and after killing 10, Richtofen will speak.

    Step 5: Lantern cipher

    The player with the lantern will need to go onto the roof of the gunsmith and look for a large chalk outline of a lantern, which will allow them to place the fully charged lantern. This will cause a set of three ciphers to appear on the wall. Each corresponds to a sign hidden within the tunnels around the map. Once you locate the three signs, one player will need to melee them in the order they appeared on the wall using either Galvaknuckles or the Bowie Knife. Below is an image containing the five potential ciphers, as it will be different each game.

    Step 6: Leading the wisp

    Upon hitting the third sign, a wisp will appear. It is only visible to players that have Vulture Aid, so it is recommended that as many players as possible have this perk. It is bought in the church for 3000 points. Once you touch the wisp, it will teleport to another part of the map. A player has to touch the wisp within about 15 seconds or else it will disappear. If it goes away, you will need to melee the signs again, though this can be done as many times as needed in a single round. Follow the wisp around the map, touching it each time it stops, until it reaches the guillotine. It often goes on top of at least one roof in the town, inside the barn, and into one of the tunnels, so having each player stand in a different part of the town is a good idea. The Paralyzer makes movement much easier.

    Step 7: Charge the wisp

    Once the wisp is in place at the guillotine, you will need to charge it. When a zombie gets near the wisp, it will cause the zombie to glow. Kill five of these charged zombies near the guillotine to move onto the next step.

    Step 8: Infinity mode

    For this step, a player will need to obtain the Time Bomb from the mystery box. Once you have a Time Bomb, place it on the guillotine and have all four players stand right next to it. When you activate the bomb, you will go into “round infinity”; the screen will go black and white, zombies will be invincible, and the mode will last about a minute. In this round, you need to find a switch to add to the guillotine.

    It will be found on one of nine dead bodies of the four main characters scattered throughout the town in the following locations:

    • To the left of the entrance of the gunsmith.
    • In front of the saloon.
    • In the alley next to the barn with the Navcard Table parts.
    • Right in front of the entrance to the jail.
    • In front of the general store (near the initial mystery box).
    • Next to the candy shop, on the mansion side.
    • In the courtyard outside the candy shop, on top of a white arrow pointing toward the mansion.
    • To the left of the church, next to one of the orbs you had to charge.
    • Next to the workbench in the church.

    One of those bodies will contain a switch. When round infinity ends, go back to the guillotine and place the switch like any other buildable. If you don’t find the switch, you will need to wait until you get a max ammo to plant another time bomb and try again.

    Step 9: Hedge maze levers

    Note: for these last two steps, you should make sure that Leroy is holding a crawler; it will make both steps a whole lot easier.

    Enter the hedge maze with all four players and find the four green gates. On one side of each, you will find a colored switch, either redgreenblue, or yellow. These switches must be pulled in a specific order, which will be different each game. There are 24 potential orders. Write down whatever order you try and while pulling the fourth switch, make sure each player is looking at theirs. If a switch emits a small spark for about half a second, that means the switch was pulled in the correct position. If you don’t have the correct order on your first try, you will need to have all players exit the maze to reset it and try again. Through a process of trial and error, you will eventually work out the solution. Do note that on rare occasions one of the gates/switches may glitch out and not spawn, but this can be fixed by simply resetting the maze.

    Other guides state that the order can be discovered by looking at the candy jars in the candy shop from left to right, but our group didn’t have luck with this method.

    Step 10: Sharpshooter

    Ready for pain? The final step requires all players to go to a specific part of the map to play a shooting gallery type mini-game. To initiate the game, the player shooting the targets around the candy shop will need to approach the fountain and hold  to make a wish, starting the minigame.

    To complete the Easter Egg, all four players must hit every single target that pops up in their respective areas:

    • The mansion contains 23 targets, the most of any spot, which will pop up in all the windows on the left side. Unlike the other spots, the targets in the mansion do not move. The best place to stand is to the left of the entrance with your back against the fence. It is highly recommended that the lights are on in the mansion, which will happen 5 rounds after the last time players earned a free perk.
    • The saloon contains 19 targets, which will spawn on the second floor, behind the bar, near the entrance, and on the chandeliers. The best place to stand is in the hole in the wall on the upper floor. Some of the targets will be moving.
    • The sheriff’s office contains 22 targets, which will spawn in the windows of the sheriff’s office, on the roofs of both the office and jail, and on the ground in front of both. The best place to stand is on top of the roof of the general store directly across from the office. Some of the targets will be moving.
    • The candy shop contains 20 targets, which will spawn on the pile of rubble between this area and the general store, in the windows of the candy shop, and on the rock across from the candy shop. There isn’t a perfect place to stand here, with the best strategy being to stand around the white arrow on the ground. This is arguably the hardest position, as the shooter must also make the wish and then get into position.

    Thankfully, 100% accuracy is not required, but all 84 targets must be hit. Each player should have a fast-firing, low recoil weapon with a lot of ammo, such as the PDW, LSAT, or AN94. You can attempt this as many times as you want on any given round, so it is recommended to spend a few runs learning the locations of all your targets. Each player should have enough points in the bank to buy extra ammo whenever needed. Ultimately, this step comes down entirely to skill and coordination, as all four players have to be perfect at the same time. This step may very well take multiple hours or even multiple runs of the Egg to complete, but with enough practice, everyone will eventually hit all their targets. This step is unfortunately necessary on both the Maxis and Richtofen sides. Once this step is complete, all players will get all 7 perks for the rest of the game, and the trophy will unlock.

    Mined Games Achievement/Trophy Guide (Richtofen Side)

    Mined Games Achievement/Trophy Guide (Maxis Side)

    Credit to MrDalekJD for the videos.
    Ectoplasmic Residue
    In Buried, acquire a perk for free.

    Obtaining a free perk on this map is actually fairly easy. To do so, you will need to get through the mansion at a specific time. The mansion introduces a new type of enemy, the ghostly Mistresses. These ghosts will float towards you and take 2,000 points away if they manage to hit you. They can be killed relatively easily, especially with a weapon like the Ray Gun. Upon going through the mansion for the first time and killing the final Mistress, you will see a perk bottle power-up. Pick it up for a free perk and the trophy. You can do this every five rounds for another perk; you can tell if you will get a perk if the lights are on in the mansion.

    I’m Your Huckleberry
    In Buried, access all areas with the help of your new friend in one game.

    For this trophy, you will need to make your new friend Leroy destroy 8 barriers around the map. Leroy is found in the jail cell of the sheriff’s office, not far from where you enter the town. To get in, go up the stairs next to the mystery box, jump to the second building, and go down the hole inside. Pick up the key next to the cell and use it to get him out. To make Leroy destroy barriers, you must give him booze. One container of booze will spawn per round either in the jail or in the saloon, but you can buy more booze from the cash register in the saloon for 1000 points. Leroy will follow you around the map, and his behavior can be influenced by giving him candy. If you ever shoot him, he will run back to his jail cell and lock it, requiring you to go and find a key to let him back out.

    The key can spawn in five places:

    • On the hooks next to his cell.
    • Behind the counter in the bank (where you can deposit points).
    • Inside the saloon on the second floor.
    • On the judge’s desk in the courthouse.
    • Next to the pack a punch machine.

    Once you have booze, face one of the barriers that need to be destroyed, and make sure Leroy is directly between you and the barrier, and that he is facing you. After getting the drink, he will do a 180 degree turn and charge into anything in his way. Interestingly, you will receive up to 2000 points when he breaks the barrier, depending on how far away he is from it when he begins charging. Once he has destroyed all 8 barriers in a single game, you will get this trophy.

    The barriers are as follows:

    • Blocking the entrance to the jail; you will need to destroy this one with the booze in the cell to get out of the jail.
    • The entrance to the gunsmith, directly down the path from the jail.
    • A small alley between the gunsmith and the barn.
    • The alley next to the jail that contains Jug.
    • The path between the candy store and general store.
    • The entrance to the church.
    • The entrance to the mansion.
    • The front of the fountain (where the barrel is).
    I’m Your Huckleberry Video Guide

    Credit to NGTZombies for the video.
    Death From Below
    In Buried, drop the beat on 10 zombies in one game.

    This trophy requires you to kill 10 zombies in a single game using the buildable Subsurface Resonator. You will also need to build the returning Turbine to power the Resonator. Thankfully, both items are pretty easy to build on this map, as all the parts are always in the same places.

    For the Resonator, you will need the following parts, all of which are located in the General Store:

    • Roulette Wheel: on the counter next to the weapons locker.
    • Wooden Board: next to the back entrance near some hooks.
    • Turn Table: on the ground in front of the weapons locker.
    • Motor: on the ground at the top of the stairs.

    As for the Turbine, all the parts are also found in and around the General Store:

    • Flag: on the bookshelf in the corner.
    • Mannequin: in the corner of the back room.
    • Fan: in a shelf in the upstairs room.

    Now, place the Resonator somewhere, preferably the small alleyway where Jug is located, and put the Turbine right behind it. The Resonator will fire a wave of energy every few seconds, killing any zombies in its path. Kill 10 zombies with this weapon to get the trophy.

    Death From Below Video Guide

    Credit to S1ipperyJim for the video.

    In Buried, make a candy delivery.

    First things first, you will need to let Leroy out of of his cage, so grab the key from the sheriff’s office to let him out for the first time. Next, make your way to the candy shop near the saloon; you can use booze to make Leroy destroy barriers or open the pathways yourself. Once you get inside the candy shop, pick up some candy from one of the barrels and bring it to Leroy. Once he eats the candy you will get the trophy.

    Depending on what is going on around the player when Leroy is fed, a number of different outcomes can occur:

    • If you give him candy while he is facing the mystery box, he will lock the box into place. If you do this right after you use the box, you will get to use it again for free to get a different weapon.
    • If you give him candy while facing an empty mystery box spawn, he will bring it to that location.
    • If you give him candy next to a crafting table, he will construct a random buildable. Additionally, if you give him candy next to the Subsurface Resonator, he will actually build you a turbine to power it!
    • If you give him candy next to a power up, it will be re-rolled for something different.
    • If you give him candy next to a piece of weapons chalk, he will place the chalk somewhere on the map.
    • If you give him candy next to a crawler, he will pick it up and carry it around, stopping it from dying and/or respawning, which is great for the Easter Egg.
    • Finally, if you give him candy in any other location, he will just go around killing zombies.
    Awaken the Gazebo
    In Buried, Pack-a-Punch a weapon during round 1 with no one using the bank or Weapon Locker.

    This trophy actually isn’t as hard as it seems, given there are multiple ways to get extra points on this map without killing zombies. There are two main ways to accomplish this trophy, both of which are detailed below.

    Normal Method

    • Leave the starting room; when you reach the Quick Revive room, pick up the Remington 870 chalk and draw it onto the nearby “?” on the wall, giving you 1000 points. 
    • Go to the jail and release Leroy using the booze in his cell. 
    • Open the saloon door for 1250 points, giving you access to a second bottle of booze (this is only available once). 
    • Stand near the entrance to the jail and feed Leroy the second bottle of booze while facing the barrier at the gunsmith. The farther away you are when you give him the booze, the more points you will get when he destroys the barrier, with a max of 2000 per barrier. 
    • Inside the gunsmith, pick up and place all five weapon chalks. Two are placed in/around the sheriff’s office, one is on the saloon balcony, one is in the courthouse, and the last one is in the church.
    • While placing the chalk, you will want to periodically buy booze from the saloon for 1000 points each and use Leroy to destroy the other barriers. As long as you are getting over 1000 points per barrier, then you will make a profit. Each barrier conveniently gives you a long, clear line of sight for Leroy to run down, helping to maximize your points.
    • Turn on the power in the candy shop.
    • Obtain a good weapon to deal with the mistresses. The PDW is probably your best option, unless you want to try your luck with a spin of the mystery box to try and get a Ray Gun.
    • Open the door to the mansion for 1250 points, making sure you have at least 5000 left over.
    • You will now need to get through the mansion without getting hit by any mistresses. This is relatively easy with the PDW, but be very careful when going through the hidden passage behind the book shelf, as you can’t see around the corner.
    • After escaping the mansion and killing the last mistress (so they don’t continue following you), navigate the hedge maze to the gazebo. Pack a punch one of your weapons to get the trophy.

    Alternative Method

    This method is not recommended, as it takes a while and requires a lot of luck with the mystery box. If you can get the Paralyzer on your first or second box pull, you can use it to jump over barriers and enter most of the buildings, allowing you to place all the weapon chalks. You can still give Leroy a couple bottles of booze to get a few extra points if you wish. However, you will still need a good weapon to deal with the mistresses. If you get through the mansion with at least 5000 points, you can use the Paralyzer to jump over chunks of the maze, getting you to the gazebo faster. You can also use the trample steam to get into some areas, though this will require you to open the general store and build the item.

    Awaken the Gazebo Video Guide

    Credit to MrDalekJD for the video

    Revisionist Historian
    In Buried, rewrite history.

    To get this trophy, you must successfully use the new Time Bomb weapon. It is a special grenade that can only be earned from the mystery box. To use the bomb, hit  to equip it, then to place it and  to detonate. Simply using a single time bomb will earn the trophy. When you use the bomb, you will return to the point at which the bomb was placed, but will keep your perks and weapons from the time at which it was placed. This basically acts like a checkpoint system. You are guaranteed to get this trophy during either side of the Easter Egg.

    Mazed and Confused
    In Buried, survive an entire round within the maze on round 20 or higher.

    This is probably the toughest miscellaneous trophy in the DLC, but isn’t too bad with a decent strategy. Throughout the first 18 rounds, you should try to obtain two strong weapons (such as the LSAT and Ray Gun Mark 2) and pack a punch both. You should make sure you have Juggernog, Speed Cola, Quick Revive, and Double Tap. Additionally, you may want to try and obtain the time bomb and plant it on round 19, effectively giving you a save to reload if you are about to fail. You are free to use the bank and weapon’s locker if you wish.

    Once you have your weapons and perks, go through the mansion on round 19 and into the center of the maze with the fountain. The trophy is very difficult unless you get a layout with only one entrance, so it is best to leave the maze, go back through the house, and repeat the process until you get a better layout. After getting a good layout, kill the last few zombies and begin round 20.

    During this round, the zombies will mainly come from the lone entrance to the fountain area, however they can also emerge from the ground. Your best bet is to try and kill the zombies coming through the entrance as quickly as possible, so you don’t get overwhelmed by the digging zombies. If you are playing with a partner, you could place a Subsurface Resonator/Turbine at the entrance and kill a good chunk of the zombies with little effort; you can use the Trample Steam if playing solo. Ultimately, as long as you focus and play carefully, you should be able to get this within one or two tries.

    Also, you may want to leave the fountain intact, so you don’t accidentally fall in and die or return to the spawn room.

    Mazed and Confused Video Guide

    Credit to Rooster Teeth for the video.

    FSIRT Against the Wall
    In Buried, purchase the LSAT off the wall and Pack-a-Punch it.

    The LSAT is actually found in the starting room, and costs 2000 points. It is tough to reach, as the platform underneath will collapse after a few seconds. Sprint up the stairs and jump to the ledge, you should be able to pull yourself up. Quickly walk over to the gun and hold  to buy it. Now, you will need to Pack-a-Punch the weapon for 5000 points. Build up enough points, or use the bank, and open the path to the mansion. Once you get through the mansion, pass through the hedge maze to the spiral staircase with Stamina-Up and drop down to the machine. Once you PAP the LSAT, you will get the trophy.

    If you miss the jump at the beginning, you’ll need to return to the starting room later to try and pick it up again (Bronze When the Revolution Comes).

    FSIRT Against the Wall Video Guide

    Credit to Rooster Teeth for the video.

    When the Revolution Comes
    In Buried, return to processing.

    This trophy refers to the act of returning to the starting room. To do this, you will first need to free Leroy and have him destroy the fountain in front of the mansion (by giving him booze while he is facing the opposite direction). Once it is destroyed, you and your team will need to obtain an explosive weapon, the Ray Gun Mark 1 or 2, monkey bombs, or a minimum of five grenades. Once you have your weapons, make your way through the mansion to the hedge maze and navigate your way to the center of the maze, where you will find another fountain. Blow up this fountain with your explosives and jump into the newly created hole to return to the starting room and obtain the trophy.

    When the Revolution Comes Video Guide

    Credit to Rooster Teeth for the video.


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