Call of Duty Ghosts Devastation DLC Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 3/10
    Estimated time to platinum/100%: 5 – 7 hours (Skill dependent)
    Missable trophies: None
    Glitched trophies: None
    difficulty related: 5 Bronze Come Up For Air – 
    Silver Mayday Completionist – Bronze Survived Mayday –
    Bronze The Belly of the Beast – Silver Upping the Ante

    Playthrough: 4
    Fully Online


    Welcome to the Call of Duty Ghosts Devastation DLC Trophy Guide! As Samantha continues to be hypnotized by the cryptids, Task Force CIF makes their way to a Nightfall Destroyer in order to capture Samantha, fighting the cryptid guardians along the way.


    Step 1: Egg-Stra XP Challenge

    The first trophy you will want to go for is the Egg-Stra XP challenge, due to it requiring you to play the online multiplayer, which is pretty much dead at this point.

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    You’ll be earning these trophies:

    Bronze Egg-stra Devastation!

    Step 2: Complete Mayday

    Next, you will want to complete the map for your first time on regular or hardcore difficulty. Try to learn the map as much as possible during this run, as practice for the later playthroughs.

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    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:

    Bronze The Belly of the Beast
    Bronze Come Up For Air
    Bronze Survived Mayday

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    Step 3: Win With a Relic

    Now that you have some knowledge of the map, you will want to complete a playthrough while using a relic, preferably on regular difficulty.

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:

    Silver Upping the Ante

    Step 4: Win After Completing all Challenges

    Now for the hardest trophy of the lot, completing the map while also finishing every random challenge the game throws at you.

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:

    Silver Mayday Completionist

    Step 5: Clean up

    Finally, you will need to clean up any of the miscellaneous trophies that you haven’t already earned.

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:

    Bronze Inquisitive Mind
    Bronze Deforestation
    Bronze Big Game Trapper
    Bronze The Architect

    Tips and Strategies:

    Mayday is the third map in the Extinction storyline. Task Force CIF One, after destroying the Breeder in the Nightfall facility, make their way to a ship called The Stormbreaker to defeat a cryptid outbreak, rescue double-agent Archer, and capture or kill Samantha. Mayday is arguably the easiest of the five maps, both in terms of gameplay and the trophies. The challenges aren’t too bad this time around, most of the hives are pretty straightforward, and the final boss isn’t too difficult, just a bit time-consuming.

    It is best to play the map with two or three total players. The map can be quite difficult to complete solo, while having a full four-player team will result in a ridiculous number of cryptids to kill. Class selection doesn’t necessarily matter, so each player should pick whatever class they are most comfortable with. The Weapon Specialist does more damage, the Tank has more health and melee damage, the Medic can residually heal teammates and revive faster, and the Engineer can use traps more effectively, as well as repair the drill faster.


    The most critical ability is arguably the team’s preferred special ammo (the author’s three-person group used Incendiary for every map), so that the team can constantly have enough ammo to kill the more dangerous cryptids.

    Team Support abilities are also extremely important, primarily body armor (allowing players to take some hits before losing health) and feral instincts (provides faster movement, faster health regeneration, and makes enemies have a yellow outline). If you have a three-person team, the third player should use the team booster, which provides faster reloads and better weapon handling.

    Strike Packages are very effective when used properly. The sentry gun will automatically shoot at cryptids nearby and works well for defending the drill; once fully upgraded you can place two at once. The vulture drone is basically a moving version of the sentry gun that can shoot occasional rockets, but is more expensive and only one can be placed at once. The IMS can be useful in a pinch to kill a few nearby cryptids.

    The Equalizer abilities are pretty much useless, so feel free to equip whatever you want.


    If you have a two-player team, one player should equip the preferred special ammo, feral instincts, and sentry guns. This player should focus on ammo and feral, popping sentry guns when you get overwhelmed and have extra money. The second player should have the same special ammo, body armor, and either a sentry gun or vulture drone. This player should focus on keeping everyone armored and protected with strike packages, popping ammo if necessary.

    If you have a three-player team, one player should focus entirely on special ammo and the team booster. The second player should focus on armor, and the third player should focus on feral instincts and sentry guns/vultures.

    Ultimately, the setup comes down to whatever you and your team feel would be the most effective.


    As one additional note, it is highly recommended to have players that have earned teeth for armory upgrades. For only five teeth, you can upgrade the strength of your special ammo types. 20 teeth allows you to revive faster. Each class has an upgrade for 15 teeth that grants a recharging special ability that can be extremely helpful. If you have managed to farm 500 teeth, you can purchase the Cryptid Slayer Ammo, which is a combination of all the other ammo types. For 1000 teeth, you can equip two classes and upgrade both at once during a game.

    Teeth are earned randomly for playing the maps. The more cryptids you kill and the farther you get through the map, the more teeth you will likely earn. You will earn even more by playing with relics or in hardcore difficulty.

    Trophy Guide:

    The Belly of the Beast
    Reach the cargo area in Mayday in Regular or Hardcore difficulty.

    This trophy is earned for completing the first (and shortest) section of the map.

    At the beginning of the level, you will ride a transport boat into the main ship. You will have to drill two hives and one door before you reach the end of the section. There are two other doors that can be optionally drilled for additional items; these will be marked with white symbols instead of the normal orange for hives.

    When you get to the last hive in this section, you will always get a challenge to defeat the tentacle before the hive is destroyed. Regardless of whether or not you complete the challenge, you will get the trophy after destroying this specific hive.

    Come Up For Air
    Reach the top deck in Mayday in Regular or Hardcore difficulty.

    This trophy is earned for completing the second section of the map.

    After fighting the tentacle for the first time, you will have to drill a door to get into the cargo bay. In the cargo bay, you will have to destroy two standard hives, one of which will reveal a drone. Place the drill on the drone, then go to the observation room above to activate it. This will send the drone into a secluded room with a third hive. This is the hardest hive of the level, as you can’t repair the drill; you will be attacked by aliens from behind in addition to dealing with the ones on the drill. Having a Tesla trap is highly recommended to deal with the aliens that come from behind or jump into the window.

    Once all three hives are down, you will have to destroy a door to a control room. There are two optional doors on the lower level as well. Once you get into the control room, flip the switch inside and get into the cargo container that drops down. When you reach the top deck of the ship, you will get the trophy.

    Survived Mayday
    Kill the Kraken for the first time in Mayday in Regular or Hardcore difficulty.

    This trophy is earned for completing the third and final section of the map, which concludes with a boss fight.

    Once you get to the top deck, you will have to destroy two hives; there is also one optional door. Once those hives are destroyed, you will enter a large lab on the ship, which contains three more hives and an optional door. This is where the map starts to get very difficult, as you will often be attacked by multiple rhinos and phantoms on any given hive, as well as seeder pods.

    After destroying the hives, have all players proceed to the marked panel on the upper level and hold . You will now have to defend four pipes on the same wall as the panel, with two on the ground floor and two above. Only one needs to survive, but each time one gets destroyed, it will slow the progress of the objective. Once you successfully defend at least one pipe, you will be sent to the boss fight.

    The boss fight pits you against the Kraken. This fight isn’t too difficult if you have a good strategy, but it will require patience and coordination among your team, or a lot of skill solo. It is highly recommended that at least one player has the Venom-SX (the purple one), as it allows that player to launch their own tentacles that serve as turrets. To damage the Kraken, at least one player will need to pay for and use one of the mounted turrets; there is one in each corner of the ship.  During this time, he will send tons of scouts, seekers, and hunters after you. It is generally best to have one player use a turret while the other players protect them, though you can certainly use two turrets if you have a full four-player team.

    Eventually, the Kraken will glow red and heat up the floor. When this happens, you either need to stand in the center of the deck, or be in one of the turrets, or else you will take damage and die pretty quickly. While fending off waves of aliens, those in the center will also have the ability to damage the Kraken. The weak point is the red dot in the center of its head. After a few minutes in the center, the heat will go away, the Kraken will switch to the other side of the ship, and you will have to return to using the turrets. This cycle will repeat until you fail or manage to kill it. Also, after every 1/4 of the Kraken’s health is depleted, it will release an EMP that will destroy any placed abilities, unless they are behind one of the cargo containers.

    Once you kill the Kraken, you will complete the map and get the trophy.

    Upping the Ante upscale-245262160018212
    Kill the Kraken using a Relic in Mayday in Regular or Hardcore difficulty.

    To get this trophy, you must complete the map while using a Relic. Relics slots are unlocked upon hitting level 30 and prestiging, sending you back to level 1. So, you will need to have prestiged at least once to get this trophy. Relics increase your final score, and completing the map with relics activated will likely grant you more teeth for the armory.

    There are ten relics available for use:

    • Take More Damage: you take approximately 25% more damage when hit.
    • Pistols Only: you can’t purchase any weapons on the map, and can’t pick up weapons from lockers or build weapons.
    • Smaller Wallet: you earn 25% less cash for all actions and can only hold up to $3000 instead of $6000.
    • Mortal: no class selection allowed.
    • Do Less Damage: you inflict approximately 2/3 as much damage as normal.
    • Fragile: your health regenerates slower, does not regenerate while sprinting, and falling damage is activated.
    • Stand Your Ground: you will move slower and can’t reload while sprinting.
    • No Machines: you can’t use equalizers or strike packages.
    • Limited Ammo: you will get less ammo from pickups and weapon purchases.
    • Earn Your Keep: you can’t use ammo boxes or team support items, can’t scavenge or craft, and can’t get ammo from ammo boxes.

    For this trophy, it doesn’t matter what relic you use, and each player will have their own preferences depending on playstyle. If you are playing as a weapon’s specialist, you should pick “do less damage”, as your upgrades will negate the relic’s effects. A tank should pick “take more damage” for the same reason. Smaller Wallet is good to use in co-op, just make sure you are using cheaper items. Stand Your Ground can be negated by using Feral Instincts and doing the first pistol upgrade. The rest of the relics are arguably tougher to use.

    If you want to make this trophy easier, you can do multiple runs of the map, each time having only one player use a single relic.

    Mayday Completionist upscale-245262160018212
    Complete all Challenges and kill the Kraken in Mayday in Regular or Hardcore difficulty.

    The most infamous trophy from the base game and first DLC returns for Mayday. Fortunately, most of the challenges on this map are actually pretty easy if you are prepared. The more players in the lobby, the higher the requirements for each challenge. Below you will find a list of challenges that can occur on this map and strategies for each. Challenges in green are considered easy, yellow for medium, and red for the hardest challenges. There are a total of 12 hives and a mandatory door that will have challenges for a total of 13 per playthrough.


    These are all challenges and a description for each:

    • Kill X aliens with assault rifles, pistols, SMGs, or LMGs: these weapon-specific challenges are very easy, as applicable weapons will be marked on screen with an orange cryptid icon. Simply kill the set number of aliens with the marked weapon before the drill is finished.
    • Kill X aliens with shotguns or sniper rifles: challenges with these weapons are more difficult because snipers and shotguns are generally very weak in Extinction, especially if you get the challenge late in the game.
    • Kill X scouts with melee: generally only appears in the first area, just land the killing blow on the set number of aliens with melee.
    • Kill X aliens with traps: this one can be more challenging depending on where you get it. Some hives don’t have traps nearby, so you will have to lead some aliens to the nearest trap. Additionally, if you have a fire barrel trap, you can place a sentry gun in the fire to trick the aliens into standing in the trap.
    • Kill X aliens while prone: simply kill the set number of aliens while prone, though traps don’t count.
    • Kill X aliens while standing in a circle: kill the set number of aliens while standing in the marked circle. The aliens that you kill don’t have to be in the circle. 
    • Kill X seekers before they explode: seekers are the red aliens that come down in meteorites and explode when they get near you. You have to kill them before they explode. This is easiest to do with traps. The difficulty comes from a potential lack of seekers, as you may only get 3-4 meteorites with 2-4 seekers each, leaving little room for error.
    • Kill X aliens while they are in the air: this one is very luck based. It is best to use incendiary ammo to set the aliens on fire and hope that they die while in the air. Another option is to get to a higher position and shoot any aliens as they jump up to you, focusing on seekers and scouts that are easier to kill. Fire traps and the buildable Tesla traps are also pretty effective.
    • Kill X aliens from over 65 feet away: aliens that are far enough away will have a white outline. This challenge is generally easy unless you get it in a really close quarters area. 65 feet is actually not that far. Focus on smaller aliens that will go down in fewer shots. You can also use a flare to keep the aliens farther away, or stand a good distance away from your partners in co-op.
    • Kill the marked aliens before killing any others: this is one of the hardest challenges. You will have to kill a set number of aliens with white outlines before killing any others. If other aliens get killed by traps or player equipment, you will fail the challenge, so avoid using any of those items. Flares are very helpful here. If you get this challenge in co-op, have only one player near the drill focus on killing aliens while the other(s) run away from the area without shooting.
    • Protect a random player from going into last stand: self-explanatory, don’t let the marked player go into last stand. If you are playing solo, you may get a version of this challenge that is simply “avoid going into last stand“.
    • Don’t bleed out: pretty self-explanatory. Don’t let anyone die. They can go into last stand, just make sure to revive them before they bleed out. This challenge only appears in co-op.
    • Kill X aliens while at full health: this one is surprisingly easy, especially if you have body armor. As long as your health meter is full when you get a kill, it will count. It is fine if you take damage and let yourself heal.
    • Kill X aliens before taking damage: for this challenge, you have to kill a set number of aliens before taking any damage. Use all your best equipment, traps, turrets, flares, and the Venom X to keep from taking damage. Some players have stated that if you get hit while wearing body armor you may not fail the challenge, but this doesn’t seem to work for everyone.
    • Complete a hive without taking damage from seekers: this is arguably the hardest challenge in this DLC. You have to survive for the entire hive without getting hit by a seeker. Even if you kill one before it explodes, you may take damage if you are close to it. Just like the previous challenge, use literally everything you have in your arsenal to avoid taking damage. Constantly pop turrets/vultures, feral instincts, and use every trap available. Riot shields can also prevent you from taking damage. It can also be extremely helpful to use a hypno trap on a rhino for more protection. Whenever you see a meteor land, immediately focus most of your attention on that area.
    • Keep accuracy over 50%: this can only appear in the first area. Have one player shoot one bullet at an alien, then just knife them for the rest of the drilling process.
    • Keep drill health over 50%: this one most commonly appears in the cargo bay on the hive where you can’t repair the drill. The best way to handle this challenge is to have at least one player place a buildable Tesla trap at the entry to the drill overlook, and focus all your attention on the drill. One player should use the turret. The Venom X can make this a lot easier, especially if you have the SX. If you somehow get this challenge on a normal hive, then it is very easy because you can repair the drill.
    • Find and kill the Leper in 30 seconds: this used to be one of the hardest challenges, but is actually quite easy if you know what to do. Have someone pop feral instincts and look for a Hunter sized alien with black eyes. The Leper will almost always be away from the battle, on the walls or crates farther away from the drill.
    • Spend X amount of money before the hive is done: very simple, just keep buying your abilities and traps until you have spent enough. You should have more than enough money. Remember that Rhinos and Seekers give large amounts of money.
    • Don’t use abilities for X amount of time: don’t let any players use any of their four abilities until the timer is up, usually 50-75% of the way through the drilling process. You can still use traps. You get a few seconds before the challenge starts to use abilities, but it can be a bit risky, so make sure everyone has as much ammo as possible before each hive.
    • Don’t spend any money for X amount of time: just like the previous challenge, only you can’t spend any money, so traps are off the table. Once again, make sure you have as much ammo as possible before the hive. You can still use buildable items such as the Tesla to make this easier.
    • Defeat the tentacle before the hive is done: this challenge will always appear at the end of the first section. A tentacle will break through the wall, which you will have to defeat before the hive is drilled. This is very easy, just pump bullets into the tentacle until it retreats. There is also a turret in the area. The tentacle will have more health depending on the number of players in the game. This one is pretty hard to fail, and you will probably have it done halfway through the drilling.
    • Don’t reload for X seconds: this one is generally easy if you and your team are communicating, and it almost always appears during the first section of the map. The best way to do it is to rely on traps, abilities, and melee to get all your kills. Also, don’t pick up any special ammo, as it will automatically reload your weapon and fail the challenge. 
    • Kill X aliens after each player has done damage to it: this one is pretty much impossible if you aren’t communicating with your team, and will only appear in co-op games. The one positive is that an alien that a teammate has damaged will have a white outline, so you can shoot that alien once and wait for someone else to kill it. The challenge is easiest with only two players and may be completed naturally, three people will require communication, and four players is very difficult if you are using special ammo. Remember that Hunters, Phantoms, and Rhinos have more health.
    Inquisitive Mind
    Find all of the Intel in Mayday.

    Mayday contains a total of nine intel items for you to collect. Thankfully, you can pick them up over the course of multiple games. Five of them are in set locations, while the other four are random spawns. Collect all nine to get the trophy.

    Note: you can do this trophy on casual difficulty if you don’t find all the intel during your normal playthroughs.

    The four random pieces of intel are found in searchable containers. It is entirely random as to where the containers spawn, or how many you get in each playthrough, and each one has a rare chance to spawn an intel piece. If you search every container through the cargo bay section, you will most likely find at least one intel. If you want to speed this up, you can simply reach the fight against the tentacle and search every container up to that point. If you don’t find anything, you can simply restart. Repeat this process until you collect all four.

    As for the five set spawns:

    1. In the starting area, use the drill to open the door up the long ramp. Aside from crafting parts, you will also be able to jump through the window. Climb out the window onto a pipe running around the room, and follow it to the left. When you reach the corner, look down to find the intel tablet.
    2. After completing the first section of the map, use the drill to open the next door, leading up a staircase to a room with schematics. If you walk past the schematic table, you will find yourself on a catwalk. Turn right and follow it to the end to find the intel.
    3. In the back of the cargo bay, climb the sloped crate, then look to the right for some crates, one of which will have a barrel on it. Jump to this crate, then use the barrel to climb on top. Once on top, you will see a lone crate behind you, jump to this one to find the intel.
    4. In the lab room just before the final boss, go to the back of the room where you will see a huge vertical pipe. Look behind it for the intel.
    5. During the final battle, head to the raised platform opposite of where you spawn; the intel will be on this platform.
    Inquisitive Mind Video Guide

    Credit to Rooster Teeth for the video.

    Kill 15 Seeder Turrets in one game in Mayday in Regular or Hardcore difficulty.

    Seeder turrets are spawned by the new “Seeder” alien; they look very similar to Scorpions but are a lot smaller. Seeders will run around the map shooting spores that create these seeder turrets, which are basically red flowers that fire barrages of spores at your team. These turrets are extremely dangerous, as they can kill you in just a few seconds. Thankfully, they can be destroyed with a few shots from any weapon. For this trophy, you have to destroy 15 seeder turrets in a single game. This is very likely to unlock naturally during a successful run of the map, unless you are really good about killing the Seeders themselves. 

    Big Game Trapper
    Use a hypno trap to turn a Rhino friendly in Mayday in Regular or Hardcore difficulty.

    See Bronze The Architect for more information about creating all the different buildable items.

    For this trophy, you must construct a Hypno trap and then use it to turn a Rhino friendly. Once you have built the trap, wait until the game spawns a Rhino, then deploy the trap right in its path, or even right under it. If you are playing solo, you are guaranteed to get a Rhino during the final hive or mandatory door in the cargo bay. If you are playing in co-op, you will most likely get a Rhino while dealing with the optional doors in the cargo bay. Regardless of which mode you are playing, once you turn a Rhino using the Hypno trap, you will get the trophy.

    Egg-stra Devastation!
    Reach the top deck in Mayday in Regular or Hardcore difficulty.

    For this trophy, you will need to venture into the nearly dead online mode of COD Ghosts. You will need to locate a cryptid hive on each of the DLC’s four multiplayer maps: BehemothCollisionRuins, and Unearthed. Once you have located the hive, simply shoot it once with any weapon, then move onto the next map. You will get a notification on screen for a challenge called “Egg Hunt“. Thankfully, you can do this trophy by playing the “squads” game mode, and then “safeguard”. Then select “find game” and “play now” on the needed map. It is pretty much impossible to do this in actual online multiplayer, with so few players left, and even fewer playing DLC maps.

    The locations are as follows:

    • Behemoth: in the western section of the map, hidden in the metal beams below the square portion of the map.
    • Collision: go to the east side of the map and look at the bridge ahead. On the bottom of one of the pillars, just above the water, you will see the hive.
    • Ruins: inside of a stone tower on the east side of the map, hanging from the top.
    • Unearthed: on the southern part of the map, in the room with the giant rock sticking out. Look into the small hole between the rock and the walls to find the hive.

    Once you have shot all four hives, go into Mayday and destroy the first hive to pop the trophy. Do note that if you have already completed this challenge on one console, you will only have to destroy the first hive on the other console, no need to enter the multiplayer at all.

    Egg-stra Devastation Video Guide

    Credit to Maka91Productions for the video.

    The Architect
    Successfully build all of the Schematics in Mayday in Regular or Hardcore difficulty.

    Among other things, Mayday introduces buildable traps and weapons. To build an item, you need to find schematics for it, and then three other items to actually build from the schematics. Once you have all the parts, hit Touch Pad to access the upgrade menu and  to build the item. Mayday contains a total of 10 buildable items. Thankfully, you can do this trophy over the course of multiple playthroughs. Schematics are located on glowing tables throughout the map, while parts are found in red toolboxes, which can only be opened if you have schematics. Once you have built all 10 items, you will get the trophy.

    Sticky Flares: built with TNT, a fuse, and resin. The first opportunity to pick up the schematics is up the stairs on the right side of the starting area. Sticky flares act like normal flares but can stick to an alien.

    Pipe Bombs: built with TNT, a fuse, and a pipe. The first opportunity to pick up the schematics is on the same table as the sticky flares. Pipe bombs are basically more powerful versions of grenades.

    Hypno Trap: built with a pressure plate, cell battery, and biolum. The first opportunity to pick up the schematics is on top of the stairs after you fight the tentacle at the end of the first area. You have to actually place the trap for it to count. The hypno trap acts as a hypno knife for any cryptid that steps on it.

    Tesla Traps: there are three different kinds depending on what kind of battery you find. They emit constant bursts of electricity that will instantly kill nearby cryptids. The only difference is that better Teslas last for longer and are slightly more effective. All three require a wire, an amolecular magnet, and a battery. A cell battery will result in a Basic Tesla, a liquid battery will result in a Medium Tesla, and a nucleic battery will result in an Advanced Tesla. The first opportunity to pick up the schematics is on the same table as the hypno trap.

    Venom X: there are four different versions of the Venom X depending on what kind of biolum you find. All four versions require a nucleic battery and a deactivated venom-x. The first opportunity to pick up the schematics is behind an optional door to your left as soon as you enter the cargo bay. The weapon has a two-shot magazine, and up to four shots in reserve, that can only be refilled by picking up glowing eggs on the ground after killing random cryptids. The versions of the weapon are as follows:

    • Venom X: built with the regular (green) biolum. Acts like a grenade launcher; when the shot explodes it will damage nearby cryptids and leave the area poisoned for a few moments.
    • Venom FX: built with the orange biolum. Does flame damage to any nearby cryptids.
    • Venom LX: built with the blue biolum. The shot creates a small electrical barrier, a few feet in diameter, which will quickly kill any cryptids inside. This one is very useful for protecting someone repairing a drill.
    • Venom SX: built with the amethyst (purple) biolum. This is the best version, as each shot creates a friendly and relatively powerful seeder turret that will attack enemies.


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