Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) Review

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    After taking a break we finally got a new campaign from the call of duty series. After playing through the story 2 times now, I got to say it’s one of the best Call of Duty singleplayer experiences out there. The graphics are great and it adds a lot of new game features into the mix that keeps the game fresh and unlike anything we ever saw in a campaign before.


    The game starts off great with an introduction that makes the game kinda mysterious and unclear of what to expect in the game. Other than that it starts off as any Call of Duty game.

    Every character gets an amazing introduction and how they fold into the story. Some of the characters have their sort of origin story on why they are fighting and how they became the way they are. One of the characters has some of the best missions in the game fully dedicated to this.

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    The gameplay is just like any other Call of Duty. It’s classic, recognizable and fun. There are a few fun surprises in the game, a few missions have some cool new ways to play the game and are kinda like small mini-games. These have great placement and don’t interrupt the main gameplay and even gives you a nice break from it. Some of the missions do feel like they go on forever and feel super slow. There is a mission where you get an amazing overpowered sniper, but it takes forever to actually start because there is so much talking before it.

    Alright, so the multiplayer, I was not going to talk about it because it brings the game down a notch. The maps are way too big, this makes the travel time between spawning and the battle feels like a drag. There are even things that make this worse, Spawnkillers and campers. The one doesn’t let you leave and the other just waits and lets you come to them. They both suck and are invested in the game. They made the game almost unplayable for me because I could not do anything about it other than dying over and over again.


    So this is one of the best visuals and realism in any game I EVER played. You can see everything so clearly and it all feels so alive. The only thing that I didn’t really like is the number of dark levels in the game, this got kinda annoying in some parts of the game because the light makes everything look so good. This darkness really undersells how great games should look nowadays.

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    I gotta be honest, there is not much replayability in the campaign of the game. other then for the trophies, there is no point in going back other than experiencing the story over again or trying or higher difficulty. The story is great but when you played it there you have seen it, not really anything new or special.

    The only replayability is of course in the Multiplayer. Like I said, I was not gonna talk about the multiplayer in the review because it isn’t great. But the multiplayer does give you a bunch of challenges to complete and camos to unlock. This can be really fun because it asks you to keep changing your playstyle.

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    The campaign doesn’t really have any other than its trophies, they are super fun to try and earn. Other than that, no side stuff for the campaign.

    The multiplayer does have some side stuff. There are some fun challenges and camos to unlock. I could spend hours trying to get them because they change up ur playstyle.


    The story of this game is one of the best ones I have ever seen. It’s almost like a movie that is a little bit too long but a tv that is to short. The game gives you just the amount needed where you don’t feel underwhelmed but also not too much so you get bored or get too much. They give you the perfect amount where you want a sequel to the game and know more about the characters and their story. (Looking at you Ghost!). There are so many small easter eggs and callbacks to the original games even though this is a totally new game.

    You should really play this story and follow it. The story and missions are so different from any other game I played. I felt like you were actually connecting with the characters and why they do what they do. Some of the setpieces and in-game cutscenes are so amazingly played out. It’s hard to express how good this actually was.

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    • Stunning visuals
    • Fun gameplay
    • Innovating ways and functions


    • Multiplayer
    • some story parts are too long



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