Call of Duty: World at War Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 8/10. 
    Estimated time to platinum: 25 hours. 
    Missable trophies: None. 
    Glitched trophies: None. 
    Difficulty related: None. 
    Playthrough: Veteran Playthrough Required. 


    Welcome to the Call of Duty: World at War Trophy Guide!
    Call of Duty: World at War takes players back to WWII, putting them in the roles of American and Russian soldiers fighting in Europe and for the first time in a Call of Duty game, the Pacific. Best of luck on earning this challenging platinum trophy!


    Step 1: First Playthrough
    The first stage involves completing the game on any difficulty, while also trying to get the miscellaneous trophies out of the way. Call of Duty: World at War is not that difficult on recruit or regular difficulty. During this stage, you will also want to try to learn where enemies spawn at, where checkpoints are located, etc… All of this information will be very helpful on your veteran difficulty playthrough. Finally, go ahead and collect all of the death cards on this playthrough, as they are required for a trophy.

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    You’ll be earning these trophies:
    Silver Carlson’s Raiders
    Silver Stormed Peleliu
    Silver The Last Stand
    Silver Stabbed in the Heart
    Gold War Hero

    Step 2: Miscellaneous Trophies
    If you missed any of the miscellaneous trophies or death cards during your first playthrough, now is the time to get them. You will certainly have earned at least a few of these trophies, but you will likely still be missing some of them.

    During this step you’ll earn all the miscellaneous trophies that are not related to Online & your Verteran playthrough.

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    Step 3: Veteran Difficulty Playthrough
    Veteran difficulty is the platinum breaker for the game. See Gold Hardened War Hero for general information and tips about veteran mode, as well as the individual trophies for possible mission-specific strategies. Also, if you don’t yet have Bronze Purple Heart, I can basically guarantee that you will by the end of this step.

    During this step you’ll earn the trophies related to the Veteran Difficulty missions.

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    Stage 4: Co-op Trophies
    Your final step in obtaining the platinum trophy will be to get the three co-op trophies. They are all very easy to get, though you may have difficulty finding three other players to work with. I suggest heading over to our Discord and finding partners there, as the servers are sparsely populated and full of hackers.

    You’ll be earning these trophies:
    Bronze Blue Ribbon
    Bronze Get Your Left Foot Wet
    Bronze Get Your Right Foot Wet
    40-platinum Platinum

    Tips and Strategies:

    • This is your typical first person shooter game, consisting of 15 missions where you just shoot various enemies. This time around, there are two vehicle missions in addition to the standard “ground” fighting. You play as the Americans fighting in the Pacific, and the Russians fighting in Europe, mainly Germany.
    • The recruit and regular difficulties of this game are no worse than Call of Duty 4, but veteran difficulty is absolutely brutal. See Gold Hardened War Hero and the individual veteran difficulty specific trophies for tips on how to conquer this challenge. I suggest reading those tips before you read the descriptions of each specific mission, as I will reference it quite a few times.
    • I have discussed each mission in more detail in their respective veteran trophy descriptions. These guides will help for completing the mission on all difficulties.
    • You can always carry two weapons as well as four grenades and four special grenades. The weapons include handguns, sub machine guns, assault rifles, semi-auto rifles, sniper rifles, and a couple of shotguns. The special grenades are limited to molotav cocktails and smoke grenades.
    • Sometimes you will be given additional items accessed by hitting the directional pad, such as mortars or bouncing betties.
    • During the American missions, some of the enemies you fight will be different from what you might be used to in an FPS. The Japanese soldiers use guerrilla style tactics and sneak attacks, generally either sniping from the trees or coming out of holes in the ground. In those missions, be prepared to be ambushed, as it will happen often.
    • Many of the trophies can only be earned in solo, so I don’t suggest playing any co-op until you have earned all the single player trophies.
    • Finally, some of the videos showing the individual trophies are actually Xbox 360 achievement videos. The only difference between Xbox 360 Achievements and PlayStation 3 trophies is that trophies won’t pop for a few seconds while achievements pop instantly, so keep that in mind.

    Trophy Guide:

    Awarded when all other trophies have been unlocked.

    Awarded when all other trophies have been unlocked.

    Get Your Hands Dirty
    Complete ‘Semper Fi’ on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)

    ‘Semper Fi’ is the first mission of the game. The mission involves escaping a small Japanese island and destroying a munitions building. Serving as the tutorial mission, this isn’t the most challenging level on veteran difficulty. You will learn how to use the controls, how to shoot through surfaces, and other basics about the game. As long as you advance slowly and use cover well, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty with this mission.

    Bloody Peleliu
    Complete ‘Little Resistance’ on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)

    ‘Little Resistance’ is the second mission of the game. Though meant to be more challenging than ‘Semper Fi’, there is a helpful easter egg that allows you to use the ray gun. Having the ray gun makes this mission fairly simple, and there is a video posted below on how to obtain it (courtesy of NextGenTactics). Otherwise, the mission involves moving through trenches and bunkers, and calling in airstrikes. With the ray gun, you shouldn’t have too many problems with this mission.

    The Sword Is Broken
    Complete ‘Hard Landing’ on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)

    ‘Hard landing’ is the mission where the game will start to become more difficult. You will start out on this mission surviving an ambush in the jungle, followed by maneuvering through semi-destroyed bunkers and eventually picking up a flamethrower.

    You will then have to survive another ambush in a field of tall grass and trees, before taking a large building that the zombies map Nacht Der Untoten is based off of. Next, you will have to destroy tanks with bazookas; as long as you have somewhere to hide, this part shouldn’t cause much difficulty. The last part of this mission will involve clearing out four anti-air guns, followed by defending the area for a few minutes. Again, this isn’t too bad, but will certainly feel like a step up from the previous missions.

    Complete ‘Vendetta’ on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)

    ‘Vendetta’ is the fourth mission of the game, and, aside from one specific section, is not all that difficult. That one difficult section is the sniper battle early in the mission. The enemy sniper will kill you in one shot, but you will have to hit him 2-3 times to kill him. Wait until Reznov points out his location, then try to peek out and snipe him quickly. If you can’t get a shot off when he appears in a window, immediately duck into cover before he gets an easy kill. Aside from this section, the rest of the mission is not very heavily combat oriented, as you will generally just be sniping enemies from afar.

    The Hammer Strikes
    Complete ‘Their Land, Their Blood’ on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)

    This is the fifth mission of the game, and is on par with the difficulty of the ‘Hard Landing’ mission. When you start the mission, advance slowly so that you don’t get killed by the Germans running out of the tall grass. When you get to a fork in the path, choose to go left. During this entire section, there will be a lot of enemies scattered throughout the trenches, as well as above them, but you do get a lot of cover. You have to advance slowly in this part, or else you will be killed by the grenade spamming. However, there are strong weapons in the trenches, including the FG-42 and MG-42, so use those to your advantage. Eventually, you will have to destroy four tanks with rocket launchers; you have to take them out quickly before they can actually target you. There will be a lot of other enemies in the area, but they seem to have more trouble here than normal hitting you if you go prone in the tall grass, so use that to your advantage.

    The final part of this mission is arguably the hardest, as it requires you to advance through a large German camp. Not just will there be many soldiers on the ground, but the towers will also contain guards. Once again, you need to move forward, or else you will be pinned down by grenades. Use any rocket launchers you come across to take out the towers or vehicles. This section will take quite a few tries, but you will eventually have a good run, and be able to complete the mission.

    Scorched Earth
    Complete ‘Burn ’em Out’ on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)

    The sixth mission of the game, ‘Burn ’em Out’ is generally rated as being one of the toughest missions of the game. Personally, I didn’t find this to be the case, as it was one of the first missions I beat on veteran difficulty when I was younger and far less skilled. The rule of thumb on this mission is to just spray the flamethrower every time you go around a corner or advance anywhere, as newly spawning enemies are likely to get caught in the flames. There will be a lot of enemies in the trees and on the sides of the trenches, but the flamethrower generally works quite well.

    At the end of the mission, throw a smoke grenade into the central area before the final tunnel and mortar pit, and then sprint through to the tunnel. The final pit is an uphill battle, but you can at least run away from grenades that roll toward you, so that helps make this easier. Once you clear the final pit, you will complete the mission.

    Complete ‘Relentless’ on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)

    Mission seven, ‘Relentless’, is often rated one of the most difficult missions in the game. The first section and the next-to-last section are the hardest. The first part requires you to climb a well defended hill, while the latter involves reaching the entrance to a cave. I have done my best to describe a strategy for this mission, though some players may have other successful strategies.

    In the initial part where you go up the hill, pick up a rifle and hide behind the tank. Nothing will be able to hit you while hiding here (aside from grenades), so it is somewhat safe. Use the tank as cover and peek out to hit any enemies you see. When you’re ready, toss a smoke grenade into the center of the hill and run around the left side, taking cover behind rocks and shooting enemies as they appear. Then, advance to the anti aircraft gun and clear the area, and your team should help a bit. When you reach the top, you will get a checkpoint, but be careful, as there may still be a few enemies hiding in the grass on the hill.

    Next, toss at least one smoke grenade forward, but don’t pick up the sniper rifle. Instead, sprint into the smoke, and you should quickly get a checkpoint. Some of the enemies will retreat as you and your team advances, so you should be able to clear the area without a whole lot of trouble.

    Climbing to the cave is the really hard part of the mission, as there is an infinite number of enemies and a lot of grenades. Clear enough of the area to make the tank advance to the caves, then duck down on the left side of it for cover. Toss any smoke grenades you have left in order to obscure the enemy’s view, then run up to an entrance to the caves. You should get a checkpoint and your friends will clear the enemies. Eventually, you will have a lucky run where the enemies won’t hit you enough times to kill you, so just keep trying until you get lucky. From there, the rest of the level is fairly simple, as you are just clearing out a cave.

    Hell on Wheels
    Complete ‘Blood and Iron’ on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)

    ‘Blood and Iron’ is the eighth mission of the game, and is one of the easier missions in the game. This is the tank mission, and it simply requires you to advance while destroying towers and bunkers along the way. The tank cannon is very accurate, so you should have no problem hitting your targets. The main difficulty comes from the number of enemies that can actually hurt you.

    Enemy tanks are sometimes well hidden, as are the artillery cannons you must destroy early on in the mission. Many of the towers and some of the trenches contain enemies wielding rocket launchers, so you need to kill them quickly. The tank can only take a few direct hits, so you have to be careful. If you can, let your other tanks do some of the work for you. If you always have a spot to retreat to when engaging a group of enemies, you should be ok. Also, your tank doesn’t heal as quickly as your soldier does, so keep that in mind when waiting for your health to refill.

    No Return
    Complete ‘Ring of Steel’ on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)

    ‘Ring of Steel’ is the ninth mission of the game, and is fortunately not one of the more difficult missions. Throughout the mission, you will be backed by seemingly infinite numbers of Soviet soldiers, and they can actually do a lot of the work for you. Also, if you ever run low on ammo for a good weapon (like the PPSH), you can just shoot a private and take ammo off of him.

    The only tough part of this mission is when you fight towards the entrance of the asylum, about halfway through the mission. The problem is that you will be attacked from the left and from in front of you. Because of this, there isn’t a lot of good cover. The best option really is to try to push forward fairly quickly without being too reckless, and to try to let your team kill some of the enemies. Otherwise, this mission really isn’t all that challenging.

    “When It Rains, It Pours”
    Complete ‘Eviction’ on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)

    ‘Eviction’ is the 10th mission of the game, and I would say that it is quite a bit harder than “Ring of Steel”, but still not one of the toughest missions. Early on in the mission, you will be able to enter an elevator. Inside is a double barreled shotgun; it is extremely helpful during the last section of this mission due to its ability to one shot enemies at close range. You will eventually work your way outside on ground level just before entering a subway tunnel. This is another fairly luck based section, as you have to get lucky and have the enemies miss or something else good happen. You can try to hide behind the tanks in the street, but that often does not seem to offer enough protection. The best strategy is to advance quickly but take cover behind nearly everything. Eventually, a building will collapse; stay back when you notice it coming down or you might get crushed by it.

    The final section of the mission is generally the toughest part. As soon as the building collapses, you will enter a subway station. The subway area is filled with enemies on both sides, as well as in the train cars in the center. It doesn’t matter which side you decide to clear, but both are very challenging. In this section, you need to advance very slowly, as there is a lot of cover you can retreat to when the grenades start flying your way. Just go slowly and make sure that you kill every enemy you can see. On multiple runs of this section I would get near the end and then an enemy I didn’t see before would pop out and kill me. The shotgun works great in this section, as its close range damage is unmatched, and a single shot can sometimes kill multiple enemies.

    One Bad Gato
    Complete ‘Blackcats’ on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)

    ‘Blackcats’ is the 11th mission of the game, and arguably the easiest of all. During this mission, you will be using various machine guns and cannons on a PBY Catalina “boat plane”. First, you will have to destroy three cargo ships and some PT boats. Once the ships go down, you will have to fight tons of Japanese fighter planes (Zeroes), as well as more PT boats. You will be able to save survivors as well, but this isn’t required. I suggest spending most of your time destroying the PT boats, as they will kill you very quickly. The Zeroes aren’t really that big of a threat, so only kill them if you get a break from the PT boats. But the mission really isn’t difficult at all, so have fun with it, and also enjoy the epic music!

    Blowtorch and Corkscrew
    Complete ‘Blowtorch and Corkscrew’ on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)

    ‘Blowtorch and Corkscrew’ is the 12th mission of the game. This mission gave me the most trouble out of all of them on veteran difficulty, though it is usually ranked at about third or fourth most difficult among general consensus. It is a very long level with a ton of enemies to kill, and a lot of uphill battles. It will probably take two or more hours to beat. I have tried to write a step by step guide for this mission, so I hope it helps.

    At the beginning, burn the first few enemies, then move up the left side behind some rocks. Many will be banzai attackers, and an infinite number of enemies will spawn here. Run as quickly as possible to the right to try and get a checkpoint; one should pop after you walk behind a raised piece of ground. Once you get the checkpoint, run back and toss a smoke grenade in front of the machine guns. Run up through the smoke, take cover behind the rocks, and move through the short cave. There will be some enemies on the ground floor of the cave that will be able to shoot you really easily for some reason, but grenades work well to clear them out.

    Next, you will have to clear three bunkers by tossing in satchel charges. This section actually isn’t bad and shouldn’t cause many problems. Just like the majority of the game on veteran difficulty, patience is key. The main difficulty will come from enemies attacking you from both sides of the valley. Fortunately, there is generally plenty of cover you can take advantage of, and there are containers that you can use to refill your satchel charges, so feel free to use some of them as short ranged grenades.

    Next, you will have to reach the final bunker, no easy task in any way. I would suggest going to the right, as it’s a little easier. Toss a smoke grenade into the center of the path, shoot a couple of the machine gunners, then sprint through with the flamethrower. Don’t stop spraying fire everywhere until you reach the back side of the bunker. When you reach the entrance, you will get a checkpoint after entering (and clearing out a few enemies guarding it).

    Now, just clear the bunker with the flamethrower; it isn’t bad until you get to the last floor and the roof. There will be a few enemies on the very top, but they are hard to kill because you typically have to climb a ladder to the top. Climbing the ladder is basically instant death, so don’t even try. Instead, run around the side to a small slope you can climb. If you use aim assist with a decent weapon and stay in prone, you should be able to kill the remaining soldiers. As stated above, this level is very difficult and takes a while, but it can be beaten, so be patient and just keep trying until you do it.

    The Sun Sets
    Complete ‘Breaking Point’ on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)

    ‘Breaking Point’ is the 13th mission of the game, and final mission in the American campaign. To be honest, this mission actually isn’t very difficult. I would put it on par with ‘Semper Fi’ or ‘Ring of Steel’, just longer. You will have access to a Browning, as well as a sniper rifle, both of which allow you to engage enemies at longer range. The only tough part is early on when you have to climb a staircase in the center of a field style area. There are tons of enemies in this area, as well as a mounted machine gunner. I suggest killing the gunner, then throwing one or two smoke grenades down the center. Run through while the smoke is dispensing, and you should get a checkpoint.

    Later in the mission, you will be able to use thrown mortars, which are like grenades, but a lot more powerful. Use these to your advantage, as there are infinite numbers of them on crates. The final battle in this mission is actually not that bad either, as there is a lot of cover, as well as more mortars to throw. You just have to hold out long enough to call in airstrikes on the marked locations; you don’t have to kill all the enemies. Also, the enemies only come from two directions; the door on the left building, and the large open area in front of you. Once you call in the airstrikes, you will complete the mission. Like I said, this one isn’t too bad, but the next one is brutal…

    For the Motherland
    Complete ‘Heart of the Reich’ on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)

    ‘Heart of the Reich’ is the 14th mission of the game, and generally considered to be the hardest mission of all. On this mission, your primary objective is to clear out four artillery guns, then enter the Reichstag. The first third or so of the mission isn’t bad at all; you’ll just need to clear out a few enemies from a couple of buildings. Just fight through like any other level and you’ll be fine.

    The mission becomes a challenge when you have to take out the artillery guns. However, if you find a panzershrek (a rocket launcher style weapon), you can actually hit the guns with it to take them out. I suggest clearing out the gun on the right first, then sprint behind a tank to the left. From there, sprint to the second gun, take it out, and you should get a checkpoint. The second pair of guns should be taken the same way, advancing quickly from cover to cover and quickly clearing the enemies. Often, there will be enemies above you in the partially destroyed buildings, so always look above your position.

    Once you have taken out the four artillery guns, you have to get up the stairs in front of the Reichstag, which can be insanely difficult. What you want to do is move into the building on the right, clear it out if you haven’t already, and advance to the bottom of the stairs. Camp there for a moment; Reznov will make everyone move up, and you should get a checkpoint. There are plenty of sniper rifles in the area you can us to take out the machine gunners in the windows, so use those to your advantage. Then, head to the building on the left, and equip two machine guns for the final charge (preferably the PPSH and FG42 or MP40). From here, move up the stairs, jumping from side to side behind cover, and shoot anything in your way. When you reach the top, stay in cover and keep shooting everything until the pillar falls, after which Chernov will be killed and the mission will be over. This last section will involve skill, patience, and luck as to when you kill enough enemies to make the pillar fall. Also, the pillar can kill you, so stay away from it. In the end, this mission is very difficult, but it can be beaten, so just keep trying until you get a lucky run.

    Bearing the Burden
    Complete ‘Downfall’ on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)

    ‘Downfall’ is the final mission of the game, and is fittingly a tough one. However, you’ve come this far and beaten the other tough missions, so you should be ready for this final challenge.

    In my opinion, the toughest part is the beginning. Run around to the right side, and kill a couple friendly soldiers for PPSHs and a Mosin Nagant instead of the terrible starting weapons. You will need to duck down or move quickly to avoid being killed by the many enemies behind the barricade. Kill the enemy off to the right, then sprint behind that piece of cover and pop out to clear the area (carefully). Slowly advance to the stairs where you will eventually get a checkpoint, then climb said stairs.

    Clearing the main hall area is quite easy, just use the PTRS sniper rifles and you will at least have an SMG for close range. When you head to the ground floor of this hall, make sure to kill the flamethrowers when they are near other enemies, and fight this section just like any other.

    The final area can be somewhat challenging. Start off by sniping the few people camping behind pieces of wood, then look around the corner and kill the two respawning enemies behind the short wall. Snipe the panzershrek guy as well. Now, snipe the newly respawned enemies, switch to your SMG, and sprint to the wall on the left. Kill any enemies you can see by peeking out, then charge into the blown out section of the big wall. Snipe the enemies that appear on the other side of the pipe, then start picking off the enemies in the final section. You may get a checkpoint in this area, but there are no guarantees. There will be around seven enemies in this final section, and I don’t think they respawn. There will be grenades thrown, but you should be able to avoid them. Once you kill the remaining enemies, pick up the flag, and finish the level.

    Congratulations, you have completed one of the most challenging veteran difficulties in Call of Duty history!

    Carlson’s Raiders upscale-245262160018212
    Complete ‘Semper Fi’ on any difficulty. (Solo only)

    This trophy will unlock upon completing the first mission of the game, ‘Semper Fi’.

    Stormed Peleliu upscale-245262160018212
    Establish a beachhead at Peleliu Island on any difficulty. (Solo only)

    This trophy will unlock upon completing the seventh mission of the game, ‘Relentless’. It is the last American mission on Peleliu Island.

    The Last Stand upscale-245262160018212
    Survive the conflict in Okinawa on any difficulty. (Solo only)

    This trophy will unlock upon completing the 13th mission of the game, ‘Breaking Point’. It is the last American mission in the game.

    Stabbed in the Heart upscale-245262160018212
    Complete all missions on the Eastern Front on any difficulty. (Solo only)

    This trophy will unlock upon completing the 15th and final mission of the game, ‘Downfall’.

    Hardened War Hero Gold
    Complete the game on Hardened or Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)

    WARNING; there is a nasty glitch in the game that causes your story progress to delete. I haven’t been able to find the exact cause of it, but it appears to happen when you download the DLC’s or play in co-op. Fortunately, unlike later games in this series, World at War gives you a separate trophy for completing each mission on veteran, in addition to this trophy for beating the entire game on either hardened or veteran. Because of this, if you complete some of the missions on veteran and your data deletes, you do not need to complete those missions on veteran again. You just need to complete those missions again on hardened, while completing the remaining missions (that you still need the veteran completion trophies for) on veteran. Once you beat the game on veteran, hardened will feel like recruit, so don’t worry.

    Below are some general tips for veteran difficulty, though it is highly recommended to see the tips on the individual veteran difficulty mission trophies which describe the missions and their strategies in greater detail.

    • Like any other first person shooter, this game’s highest difficulty will decrease the amount of damage you can take before dying. You will usually die in 2-4 shots depending on the weapon the enemy is using.
    • The absolute biggest problem with this game on veteran difficulty is the infinite grenade spamming. If you wait in a single area for more than about 15 seconds, grenades will start appearing out of nowhere on top of you. Anywhere from one to six grenades will land on you at a time, and the only way to stop them is to keep advancing, which will seem impossible at times. You won’t have enough time to throw back all of them, so the best strategy is usually to run away. Just be careful trying to run away, as you might run straight into the enemies’ bullets.
    • Patience is a necessity; if you aren’t patient, then don’t even try to beat this game on veteran. Some sections may feel easy, but many sections of the game will take a lot of tries to beat. Just keep trying; you’ll eventually get through everything.
    • Aim assist is very helpful, as it allows you to peek out from cover for a second, pick off an enemy, then duck right back in. I highly suggest turning it on for veteran (go to the options menu to turn it on or off).
    • Though aim assist is helpful, you will often need to hip fire at enemies, as aiming down the sight will cause you to move a lot slower and obscure your field of view.
    • Your teammates are usually not very helpful, so don’t rely on them to kill many enemies for you. However, they do make good bullet sponges, and will sometimes throw grenades back at the enemies, so they don’t hurt to have around.
    • Checkpoints in this game are very random; they seem to come at slightly different times every time you play through a level. You might get lucky and get one at just the right time, or sometimes, the game will give you one for absolutely no reason. If you can remember where checkpoints are during your first playthrough, that may help you plan out your veteran run.

    Here is a video playlist by Labradoodlesrule where they play through the game on veteran difficulty. This walkthrough DOES appear to be on veteran difficulty, unlike many of the videos of this game that are floating around on YouTube. If anything, this player’s strategies should help you out, even if you can’t replicate his playstyle exactly. On that note, be wary of any videos of this game where the players claim to be playing on veteran difficulty, as they are often playing on hardened.

    War Hero Gold
    Complete the game on any difficulty. (Solo only)

    This trophy will unlock upon completion of the mission ‘Downfall’. Since this trophy unlocks at the end of the game, it should also unlock along-side with Silver Stabbed in the Heart.

    Saved Private Ryan
    Save the soldier before he burns to death.

    Early on in the first mission of the game, ‘Semper Fi’, an American soldier will get pushed out of a building by a burning Japanese soldier. Kill the enemy soldier quickly to earn the trophy.

    Weapon of Mass Destruction
    Radio in a naval bombardment that kills at least 4 Japanese soldiers.

    During the mission ‘Little Resistance’, you will have access to airstrikes. They can be called in about once every 30-40 seconds, and you have to kill at least four enemies with one strike. The best place to do this is at the end of the mission where you have to destroy two Japanese tanks. There will be a pit filled with enemies just in front of and below your position. Call in an airstrike on this location and you should easily get four kills. If you don’t, just kill yourself with a grenade and try again.

    The Professional upscale-245262160018212
    Shoot all of Amsel’s henchmen, including their attack dog, without reloading. (Solo only)

    In the mission ‘Vendetta’, right after you meet Reznov, you will have to kill Amsel’s henchmen with your sniper rifle. You get five bullets to kill seven soldiers and an attack dog. I always kill them in the order I have listed below, though this is just a recommendation; the video does it in the opposite order.

    1. The pair on the far right; shoot through the closer soldier’s arm/shoulder to kill both.
    2. The pair in the middle; shoot through the crouching soldier’s head or neck to kill both.
    3. The pair on the left; you can either wait for 30 seconds or so until they get close enough together to kill with one bullet, or you can shoot each individually.
    4. After killing these six soldiers, another soldier will appear in the center, followed by an attack dog. Depending on if you use one bullet or two in step 3, you will have one or two left for this shot. If you have two shots left, then you can kill the soldier and the dog separately (though the dog is really fast so I suggest taking him out first). If you have one shot left, you will have to wait until the dog walks behind the soldier’s leg for about half a second. That is when you need to shoot.

    Fortunately, if you screw up, you can just alert the enemies to your presence and they’ll kill you, giving you another chance. Hopefully, the video below will help clear up my description. Oh, and whatever you do, don’t hit , as that will reload your rifle and fail the trophy.

    Gunslinger upscale-245262160018212
    Assassinate General Amsel with a pistol shot. (Solo only)

    At the end of the mission ‘Vendetta’, you will have to kill General Amsel. The game intends for you to assassinate him with a sniper rifle, but for this trophy, you have to do it with a pistol. You will find the pistol during the sniper battle early on in the level. There is a helpful glitch with the pistol that you should definitely use: fire off all the rounds in the weapon so that you automatically switch to your rifle, then switch back to the pistol. Your ammo should be full (80 rounds), which will make killing Amsel much easier.

    When you reach the assassination point, Amsel will be guarded by a few soldiers. I suggest trying to kill at least two of the guards so that they don’t fire at you while you’re hunting Amsel. Amsel will look different from the other soldiers; he is dressed like an officer instead of a standard soldier. Whenever Reznov shouts that Amsel is running, that is generally your cue to fire at him. If he survives all the way to his car, snipe the driver to force Amsel to run. This is also a good time, as he is in the open and unguarded. If you still don’t manage to kill him, he will escape and you will have to restart the checkpoint. This might take one try, or it might take 20, so just be patient and you will eventually get the trophy.

    Lights Out!
    In ‘Black Cats’, blast out all of the spot lights in the Japanese cargo convoy. (Solo only)

    During the mission ‘Black Cats’, you will have to destroy three large cargo ships. Each time you pass the ships, you will be tasked with causing as much damage to them as possible (mostly by shooting the white explosive tanks on them). At the front and back of each ship will be a spotlight. You need to destroy all six to get this trophy. They can’t take that much damage, and you will pass the ships multiple times during this mission, so you should have no problem destroying all six.

    Rough Economy
    Kill 3 enemies with a single round.

    This trophy is kind of buggy, as some players have reported that it will not unlock if you use a shotgun (since the shotgun fires shells/pellets instead of individual bullets). Others have said that it unlocked for them even while using a shotgun, but just in case it doesn’t work, I suggest just getting it with a rifle. There are a few methods you can use to get this trophy.

    1. Just play through the game normally and you might just earn it by accident along the way.
    2. Play a game of Nazi Zombies and get the PTRS 41 or .357 magnum out of the box. After you get one of these weapons, line up at least three zombies and kill them all with a single shot. This will have to be done on a fairly early round though, as the zombies will become too strong to one-shot later on.
    3. There are a few good places to do it on the mission ‘Vendetta’, but this is one of the easiest places to get it 
    Guardian Angel
    In the final battle for Okinawa, save Sergeant Roebuck.

    At the end of the mission ‘Breaking Point’, you will encounter a few surrendering Japanese soldiers. As Roebuck and Polonsky go to search them, the soldiers will assault the pair, and you only get to save one. Roebuck will be on the right, so stay next to him (or even behind the two enemy soldiers), and as soon as you pull out your weapon, kill both of them. Polonsky will die, but you will earn the trophy.

    Close Shave
    Survive a banzai attack. (Solo only)

    You are almost guaranteed to get this trophy while playing through the game, and I don’t think a video guide will be necessary. On any of the American missions, you will get Japanese ambush attackers that yell “Banzaiiiiii!!!” as they charge toward you. Let one get to you and knock you down, then quickly hit to stab him (or if you’re using tactical controller settings). If you aren’t fast enough, you will die.

    Snake in the Grass
    Take out a Japanese soldier lying in wait in the grass.

    You can get this trophy in virtually all of the American missions, and you might get it by accident. The best strategy is to just throw grenades into an area of grass where you know there are enemies waiting, or just burn the area with a flamethrower. There are a lot of good places to do it in ‘Little Resistance’, ‘Hard Landing’, and ‘Blowtorch and Corkscrew’, so if you don’t get it just by playing the game, choose any of these missions to go for it.

    Grave Robber upscale-245262160018212
    Collect all Death Cards in the game. (Solo only)

    There are 13 death cards in the game, one in each mission aside from the two vehicle missions (‘Blood and Iron’ and ‘Blackcats). They are basically cards mounted on helmets, which are sitting on top of rifles that have been pushed into the ground. None are particularly hard to find, but below is a video on their exact locations.

    Also, if you have to return to a mission to collect a death card, once you collect the card for a mission you do not have to complete it to save the card. You can simply pause, save and quit once you pick it up and the game will register that it has been collected. Thanks to Xxleonardo97xX for reminding me of this.

    No Safe Place
    Burn an enemy out of a tree with the flamethrower in ‘Hard Landing’.

    This trophy is earned in the third mission of the game, just after acquiring the flamethrower. Once you obtain the weapon, you will reach an area with tall grass and a few trees. Aside from the standard banzai soldiers that will charge at you on the ground, a few enemies will be located in the trees. Simply kill one by burning down the tree to earn the trophy.

    Throw a Six and a Half upscale-245262160018212
    On Hardened or Veteran difficulty, complete a level without dying. (Solo only)

    As the trophy description says, you must complete a mission of the game on hardened difficulty (or veteran difficulty, if you’re a superbeast) without dying. Obviously, you should do it on hardened difficulty. If you have completed the game on veteran difficulty, than you will be more than ready to tackle a level on hardened without dying. The best missions to do this on are ‘Semper Fi’, ‘Little Resistance’ (by abusing the ray gun and artillery strikes), ‘Blood and Iron’, and ‘Blackcats’, as they are arguably the easiest. If you die, you will have to start the mission over.

    Purple Heart
    When staring into the face of adversity, show courage and persevere.

    This trophy is unlocked for dying 20 times in one level. You may not get this during your first playthrough, but I guarantee it will come during your veteran difficulty playthrough.

    Firestarter upscale-245262160018212
    Complete a level using only the flamethrower. Melee, grenades & explosives are OK.

    This trophy is actually not that difficult, as it can be done on recruit difficulty. The best mission to do this on is ‘Burn Em Out’, as it is short and easy. Just run through that mission using only the flamethrower and you should be fine.

    Kamikaze upscale-245262160018212
    Complete a level on Regular difficulty or higher using only melee or grenades. (Solo only)

    This trophy can be a challenge, as you have to complete a mission using only melee OR grenades. A lot of people miss that “or” in the trophy description. It is suggested to complete ‘Semper Fi’ to get this trophy, as its the easiest non-vehicle mission (though I personally got this trophy on ‘Burn Em Out’). Also, this has to be done on regular difficulty or higher, so don’t select recruit difficulty. You will likely die a few times attempting this, but as long as you don’t fire a bullet or throw a grenade, you should eventually get it.

    Iron Fist upscale-245262160018212
    Destroy all towers and bunkers in ‘Blood and Iron’.

    During the tank mission ‘Blood and Iron’, you will come across five bunkers, three water towers, and 13 guard towers. Most of them are not that well hidden, but this video guide below should greatly help you out if you can’t find one. The only one that’s actually hard to find is early on in the level. When you reach the area that’s covered in fog, look through the fog to find a red water tower. Otherwise, they aren’t very difficult to find, especially using the video guide. Also note that the bunkers usually take multiple shots to destroy, so keep firing at them until they blow up.

    Kill 15 enemies while mounted on a tank in ‘Ring of Steel’.

    At the end of ‘Ring of Steel’, you will be chasing the retreating Germans. You will need to get on the tank and use the machine gun. Kill 15 enemies while using it to get the trophy. This is easier said than done, as the gun will feel very shaky in this section. The main issue is that if you screw up, you will have to replay the entire mission to try again.

    Kill 8 Japanese with thrown mortars in ‘Breaking Point.

    During one of the later sections of the mission ‘Breaking Point’, you will have to kill all of the enemies in four mortar pits. Fortunately, you are given mortars of your own to use against them, and they are very powerful. The mortars act like overpowered grenades and have a large blast radius, though they can’t be cooked. You will probably get this without really trying.

    Shot in the Dark
    Kill 10 enemies while the lights are out in the subway in ‘Eviction’.

    During the last section of ‘Eviction’, you have to traverse a subway area. The lights will flash on and off as you move through; you need to kill ten enemies while the lights are out. This does have some luck to it, as the ease with which you can get these kills will depend on where the enemies spawn at.

    Sum of All Zeros upscale-245262160018212
    Down 45 Japanese Zeros in ‘Black Cats’. (Solo only)

    This is arguably the most difficult miscellaneous trophy in the game. Shooting down 45 Japanese Zeros (the planes), even on recruit difficulty, is not an easy task. I suggest not focusing too much on the PT boats, and don’t worry about saving all the sailors, as its not required to complete the mission.

    If you play the mission enough times, you may be able to memorize where the planes spawn, as they appear to spawn in the same places each time you play the level. There are at least 57 planes that can be shot down, but that’s still not a lot of room for error. This will most likely take a few tries, so just keep going at it until you earn this trophy. For your own sake, I suggest turning off the rumble feature on your controller, as every shot you fire will make it rumble.

    Blue Ribbon
    Complete a 4-player Competitive Co-Op match in 1st place. (Online co-op Only)

    You will need to complete any mission in online competitive co-op and finish first with three other players in the lobby. The missions ‘Burn em Out’ and ‘Semper Fi’ are both fast, easy missions to get this trophy on. Just take turns letting one player do all the work and each player will have this trophy in about half an hour.

    Get Your Left Foot Wet
    Complete a match in Campaign Co-Op mode. (Online co-op only)

    Simply complete any mission in the game in campaign co-op mode. The only two missions that can’t be played in co-op are ‘Blackcats’ and ‘Vendetta’. Campaign co-op is just the campaign of the game, but played by up to four people at once. This, as well as competitive, are a lot of fun to play, so I suggest playing them for more than just trophies.

    Get Your Right Foot Wet
    Complete a match in Competitive Co-Op mode. (Online co-op only)

    Simply complete any mission in the game in competitive co-op mode to unlock this trophy. The only two missions that can’t be played in co-op are ‘Blackcats’ and ‘Vendetta’. The difference between campaign and competitive is that in competitive, you will receive points whenever you do something helpful (a kill, assist, collect a death card, specific types of kills, etc).


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