Camping Builder First Impressions (Steam)

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    We don’t know the release date for Camping Builder yet, but the demo is coming out on February 21st during the Steam Next Fest. Build your dream camping on a beach. Here are our Camping Builder First Impressions (Steam)!

    Camping Builder is developed by Two Horizon and will be released for PC on Steam. For these first impressions, we got an early copy and about 30 minutes of playtime.

    During my 30 minutes I got a pretty good grasp of what the full game is going to be, but some things I would have liked some more expanding on, especially its story aspect of it. So you start off at a beach fire with an old lady telling you a bit about the beach camping and its backstory, she basically says that you need to take good care of the isle.

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    You can compare the game to House Flipper, they have a lot in common and are kinda the same in some aspects. You need to clean and take care of the island and then build some bungalows on the beach. While it was locked off for this Demo, you could actually see a bit of the island and see an actual camping grounds that is playable when the full game launches.

    Visually the game is fine, there is nothing really special to it, but i do like how the HUD looks and how it indicates some of the stuff. But the objectives tab kinda annoyed me a bit sometimes because it was so big and not see through.

    Overall, the game is pretty fun, sadly the demo didnt have much to it but it does show a lot of what you can expect when the full game launches and i did have fun for the full 30 minutes of playtime and i cant wait to try its full release when it comes out.

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