Can You Skip Practice Races In Forza Motorsport?

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    The roar of engines, the adrenaline of the race, and the beauty of the tracks are a treat to the senses. However, before getting to the main event, you have to do some annoying practice races before each race. While practicing can be a crucial step for novices, seasoned players might find them repetitive, especially if they are familiar with the tracks. So, the question arises, Can you Skip Practice Races In Forza Motorsport? The answer, luckily, is a resounding yes.

    Every race in the Builders Cup and after comes with its own practice session. While these sessions can offer invaluable insights and provide a competitive edge in the actual races, not everyone may want to indulge in them every time. Some racers just want to get to the real action right away. For those eager beavers, here’s a simple guide on how to do so.

    1. Start the Practice Race: Begin any practice session in the game.
    2. Pause the Game: Once you’re in the practice session, press the pause button to access the game menu.
    3. Go to Exit: In the menu, navigate to the “Exit” option.
    4. Click Skip Practice: Within the exit menu, you’ll find the “Skip Practice” option. Click on it, and you’re good to go!
    Can You Skip Practice Races In Forza Motorsport? - menu screen

    It might come as a surprise to many that such a straightforward option isn’t evidently highlighted. The process isn’t immediately obvious, which might leave some players tediously completing the mandatory 3 laps or more when they don’t really want to.

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    Practice in Forza Motorsport, like in real life, makes perfect. But if you’re already an ace or simply want to dive straight into the heart of the action, this guide is your ticket to skip the preliminaries and hit the tracks running. Remember, while this feature is invaluable for some, never underestimate the value of a good practice session. After all, every champion was once a beginner who practiced.

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