Cat Quest III Preview

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    Cat Quest III is the long-awaited sequel in the Cat Quest series, and the cats are back with brand-new mechanics and a new enemy. Here is our Cat Quest III Preview. Wishlist Cat Quest III on Steam now!

    The game was developed by The Gentlebros and published by Kepler Interactive, it will be released on August 8, 2024, for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

    I’ve been a massive fan of the Cat Quest series ever since I played the 1st game, and the 2nd game was better in a lot of ways. In Cat Quest III, they seemed to have raised the bar another level adding so much more mechanics really giving the game more reasons to play besides its interesting story.

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    With a brand new story comes brand new characters, and the villains seem more villainy than ever. This time you go on a rat race to the North Star Treasure against an actual rat, The Pi-rat King. He looks badass with its purple glow and massive stature, it really gives you a good idea of how “evil” the villain is this time around. So the bad guys this time aren’t dogs or random creatures, but the Rats. At times you also still battle some cats or boars or other sea creatures, but the main baddies this time are the rats.

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    This time, you are in a brand new location and play as a brand new cat as well, but the location is a lot different this time because there are a lot of small islands you can go to with a brand new ship with combat mechanics. There are these forts on the water and random blockages that you need your ship to shoot at to go past, besides that there are also enemy ships out at sea to take down for some coins and exp.

    The combat feels very smooth and a bit more souls-like in some ways with its dodge mechanic, but just on easy mode because it’s not that you get hit 1 time and then die, but it’s still important to use the dodges. A lot of the mechanics are the same as in Cat Quest II but more refined like the upgrade and gear mechanics just feel a lot more thought out now. It’s also just a lot of fun to go out and find other gear to get stronger, especially when you get to a point and notice things get harder, it really made me think I missed something and made me want to go and check some more places for better gear or a side-quest.

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    As someone who loved all the previous Cat Quest games and has been recommending them any time I get the chance, this is a worthy sequel and I can’t wait to check out the full game to see what other secrets lay hidden in this new world and what the North Star ends up being.

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