Classic PlayStation Games We NEED To See remastered

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    Welcome to another Team Tuesday (Yes I know, still not Tuesday, but we will get there someday). Here we look at a game that releases this week and talk about something related to that game. MediEvil released this week and that got me thinking about remasters, call of duty has loads of game modes, that’s why we are looking back and see what our favorite game modes are in games. Last year we had the Spyro trilogy and the year before we had Crash, so what if we get one every year? That is why we are looking at some classic Playstation games that we would love to see remastered. Don’t forget to let us know what you think about this new article format and what we can do to improve it by leaving a comment down below!

    Back in 1998 a game which has been released at the same time as Medievil, Resident Evil 2 and Crash Bandicoot, did not get the success he deserved because of the competition on the videogames market with the previously mentioned titles. I’m speaking about Tombi! ( known as Tomba! in USA and Japan), a beautiful colored platform developed by the same creator of Ghost n’ Goblins, Tokuro Fujiwara.
    Despite the positive critics it has received, Tombi! did not sell enough copies to qualify for inclusion in any of Sony’s budget ranges and even though there was a sequel (Tombi! 2: The Evil Swine Return) this game remained unpopular.
    I know it’s almost impossible to have a remastered of this game, but if that happens, I’m sure that it will get the success it deserves because it was an amazing platform game, with some RPG elements due to its 130 quests available and its quality which can overtake most of the recently made platform games.

    Who remembers Destruction Derby when it first came out?! I remember playing the game and thinking that it was absolutely superb for the time. This is a classic PlayStation title that could be just as awesome if it was remade with the capability of graphics in today’s world. Some current generation games have tried to mimic the fun factor with introducing crashes as part of the gameplay, but none have compared in my opinion. With the possibility of online gameplay in the mix and this would be a sure-fire hit. 

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    I had a hard time picking one, this is mainly because I started gaming when the Playstation 2 came around, I’m gonna have to pick between 2 other games that I want to get into, and that is Metal Gear and Persona. I never actually played any of the Metal Gear games but I really want to get into them. But my pick this week is from a series i recently fell in love with because of its 5th entry in the series and that is, of course, the persona series, the story is so good and just the idea behind it is amazing, there is so much to do and to see in the game. When playing this I really wanted to know more about the older games but when I found out how old the first few where and how it looked I got kinda pushed back a little bit, so I would just love to see how it would look with the current graphics.

    I would love the original Driver game to be remastered. “Driver San Fransico” was a modern Driver game released on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. And one of my favorite games. Driver, however, was only on the PS1, PC, and GBA. I would love to see this game remastered and put on modern platforms and PC. It would be nice to see the game that started the Driver franchise in the modern-day.


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