Craves Media Q4 2023 Roadmap

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    As we approach the final quarter of 2023, we are excited to share Crave Media’s roadmap for the rest of 2023. This year has been a transformative journey for us, first changing our name and setting our sights on better content. With Q4 being traditionally the most important time of the year, our roadmap not only reflects our vision for the end of 2023 but also gives some sneak peeks into what directions we’re taking in 2024.

    🎃 October

    Themed Content

    We tested some themed content in September and early October with Mario Month and Assassin’s Creed week, and we will continue doing themed content from now on every once in a while. Every month we will have 1 themed week instead of doing a full month or doing multiple per month. There will be some exceptions like Halloween and other holiday weeks where do an extra themed week. During those weeks we will still do content for new games outside of our regular release schedule.

    Reader submissions

    As of now, we are going to accept reader submissions, you can send them to Not all submissions will be posted, but we will look at all of them. For a post to be posted, the submission needs to have a clear title and the content itself needs to be at least 300 words.

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    New Writers

    We are currently also looking for new volunteer writers to increase our post output to 2 posts a day instead of 1 or to write for our anime site. This will come with some perks like free games and the occasional bonus, but atm we are not big enough to have a paid position. Besides that, we are also always looking for guide writers, this is something we want to focus on more throughout the next few months, but this does not mean only trophy/achievement guides but also smaller how-to guides.


    As mentioned before, we wanna bring a focus back on guides, especially for AAA games. That’s why we are going to start working on guides for brand new games, but also before a sequel comes out, we plan to have a guide out for the game to get you ready for the next game when it is out.

    🦃 November

    Anime Craves Launch

    As our content shifted back to gaming, we dropped DEX.Anime for a while before we rebranded and had to make sure our gaming content was back to the quality we wanted, but this November we will finally bring back anime content under Anime Craves, just not as consistently as the gaming content.

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    Retro Reviews

    Just like the themed content, we took a chance testing out the retro content with Mario, and we want to continue to check out some retro games and see if they are still worth it to play today or if you should just buy a newer version of those types of games. So on the anniversary dates of some games like Ice Climber, Clu Clu Land, etc that are on the Nintendo Switch Online service, we will release a review of the games, but we will hold back a few for themed content, like Wario, Yoshi, Mario, Kirby and other bigger franchises that are still around today.


    At Gamescom 2023 we already tested the waters a bit with TikTok, but starting in November we are going to start making some more content for the platform in the form of bite-sized versions of our articles, trailers, quizzes, and more.

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    🎄 December

    Craves Creators Launch

    We are planning to relaunch the Sleepless Knights initiative under Creaves Creators and name our 1st test gen the Sleepless Knights. So just like writers, we are also looking to manage new and upcoming creators and help them grow in their Twitch and Youtube adventures. Besides that, we want to work with creators to make video versions of our lists and also a Twitch stream for Game Craves/Craves Media, for this we are currently looking for a group of people to run our Twitch channel and have weekly streams and podcasts. All this content will then later be posted on Video Craves.

    Video Craves Launch

    With the relaunch of our creator platform, we are also planning to relaunch our Video platform and bring a focus on video content. We are currently starting to look for gaming creators to work with to make a curated platform for gaming content. Because we are going to be working with Youtube Embeds, it’s super easy to get a hang of and will be open for everyone to upload content and publish on.

    Game Craves Game Of The Year Awards

    We plan to do our own Game Of The Year Award selection where we will let you, the readers, vote on what the game of the year will be. We will be selecting multiple categories and readers will be able to submit their picks for them and we will be selecting 4 games for each category out of the user submissions.

    🔮 2024

    Social Media Localization

    In early 2024 we plan on rolling out some local social channels for Game Craves on X (formerly Twitter) in the likes of Game Craves NL. This will of course not be for everyone and will not affect the sites in any way, there we will mainly do some news content and post the site content, so basically the same as we do for our normal social channel but just in Dutch. We also plan to add more localization options in the future for Spanish, German, and more.

    Creator News Content

    Like most people, you probably follow some influencers, and we want to showcase some of them in the form of Streamer news, clips, stats, and more. For this, we will be running some tests later in 2023 but will fully launch the social account in 2024.

    Craves Magazine

    This is something we had ready in early 2023 but we were not 100% happy with the product, so in 2024 we are going to revamp the product and publicly release it. For the magazine, we will create themed content for both the gaming side and anime side and release it in a bundle that will later become available as site articles/content. At times this can be a Retro theme where we will bundle all the retro reviews we have and other times it can focus on a specific franchise with the majority of content. Of course, regular content will also be sprinkled in there so it’s not just 100% about Pokemon for instance (that was our early 2023 test issue).

    Craves Podcast

    Yes… We will finally do a podcast… Someday.

    So this is some of the stuff we are currently working on and are excited to do more


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