Crysis Remastered Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 5/10  
    Estimated time to platinum/100%: 15 hours
    Missable trophies: None (Chapter Select)
    Glitched trophies: None
    Difficulty related: Yes (Highest difficulty needed)
    Playthrough: 1


    Welcome to the Crysis Remastered Trophy Guide!

    Enter in to Lingshan alien hotspot of the world. Deploy as an elite soldier under the command of Prophet the leader of Raptor Squad. Play as a Ghost, an Armoured Tank or a speed demon with the power of the Nano Suit at Nomads disposal.

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    The year is 2020, a distress call has been received and Raptor Squad has been mobilised to investigate the island of Lingshan just off the Philippines. Unknowing what they will find or encounter they deploy into enemy territory to locate answers and extract priority targets. Along the way the residents of the island awaken the true threat to humanity and the remaining members of Raptor squad will need to deter the threat from beyond the stars, the Ceph.

    It should be noted that due to chapter select you can go back to get anything that you have missed with ease, meaning nothing is strictly missible.


    Step 1: Complete the Game on Delta Difficulty

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    The game consists of a good amount of chapters each possessing its own unique take on challenges, especially on Delta Difficulty. You will want to complete all 3 Acts of the game on this difficulty in order to speed up your trophy hunting and better utilize your time to platinum. 

    You’ll be earning these trophies:
    Bronze A Little Trouble Parking
    Bronze Easy Darlin’
    Bronze You Knew, Didn’t you?
    Bronze Very Strange Readings
    Bronze Livin’ Up To Your Name
    Bronze Pro-AirCraft
    Bronze Enjoy The Fireworks
    Bronze Empty Platform
    Bronze You’re On Your Own
    Bronze Going Underground
    Bronze It’s On Like General Kyong
    Bronze I’m Coming Home
    Bronze Expedition Team
    Bronze I’m A Marine, Son!
    Bronze Strickland Would Be Proud
    Bronze Close Encounter

    Silver Delta: Act I
    Silver Delta: Act II
    Silver Delta: Act III
    Gold Crysis Control
    Gold Cool In A Crysis

    Other Trophies that you should strive for are:

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    Bronze Following Orders
    Bronze Tank Buster
    Bronze This Is My Rifle
    Bronze Special Forces
    Bronze Zoology
    Silver Without Question
    Silver No Fly Zone
    Silver Team Raptor
    Silver Marathon Man
    Gold Perfect, Soldier!

    Step 2: Clean up & Completion

    Since you aimed to compete Delta Difficulty in your first run you should be left with the odd trophies like Marking enemies and the like. Within this stage you will be cleaning them up and gaining the Platinum.

    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:

    Bronze Long Distance Relationship
    Bronze Special Forces
    Bronze Something For Every Occasion
    Bronze Nano Ninja
    Bronze Knock-Off Knockout
    Bronze Catch This!
    Silver Weapon Master
    Silver Team Raptor
    Silver Choke Hold
    Silver Keen Observer

    40-platinum Platinum Trophy

    Tips and Strategies:

    Crysis remastered like on other systems is a little bit of a mess, there are collision errors, floating geometry and even crashes and stability errors in the game. There are a few things that you can do to help and make the glitches not affect you so bad;


    • Backup your save!
    • After each mission close the game for a few minutes, the game was slightly more stable after it rested.
    • The games stability is bad at points, not always! Performance wise as long as not a lot of physical based simulations are going on behind the scenes then the game is smooth, when there are Frame Rate will take a nasty hit.
    • The game tends to lock up for a second or 2 when check pointing which can be a trouble, be aware of your surroundings and try to be in a safe location if you feel a checkpoint is incoming!

    Not entirely sure if you would be able to combat a crash with anything other than checking your data is fine, however on the event that the crash happens when you are saving you will be happy for the backup, especially if you are in Delta difficulty. As for collision errors and floating geometry you will just have to deal with it.


    Trophy Guide:

    Platinum Trophy
    Earn all available trophies for Crysis®

    Collect all other trophies in the game.

    A Little Trouble Parking
    Discover the fate of the Lusca’s Call


    This trophy is obtained for completing the first mission of the game and regrouping with Raptor squad at the ship.

    Easy Darlin’
    Rescue the hostage


    On your way through to find out what’s going on you will get the mission to infiltrate a military instillation which is surrounded by mines and some heavy gunners at the gate. When you make it inside you will need to clear the school looking building and meet with Psycho of Raptor Squad to save the hostage.

    You Knew, Didn’t You?
    Regroup with Prophet upriver


    Once you have completed the “You Knew, Didn’t You?” you will need to destroy 2 tanks and head to regroup with Prophet. To do this you will need to head to the river bed and confront a good number of enemies, this can be addressed in either Combat or stealth, the latter is recommended however. Once you have made it through you will meet with Prophet and head into the cave.

    Very Strange Readings
    Infiltrate the excavation site


    At the Very beginning of this mission Prophet is taken by something and you are left alone to find out what is going on. Strickland will contact you asking you to disable the jammer, which will allow him to direct you to the excavation site eventually. Upon reaching the site you will need to infiltrate it and make contact with the scientist there.

    Livin’ Up To Your Name
    Board the VTOL for extraction


    At the End of Mission 3: Relic you will need to make your way from the excavation site to the extraction zone which is located up river. It is recommended that you make your way to the river and secure a boat to make this faster but you can also run there, just be careful of the chopper in either situation. Once you reach the zone you will be confronted by Nano Soldiers, they are not as skilled with the suit as you are but they will pack a punch if they catch you

    Note: You can get the “Knock-off Knockout” here, however it is ill advised if you are playing on a high difficulty setting.

    Destroy all AA guns around the harbor


    The start of Mission 4: Assault will put you into the fight, and task you will taking out some AA Guns. There are 3 in total for you to destroy. 2 of them are located on the outskirts of the Harbor and the 3rd is located in the harbor across from the ship.

    Enjoy The Fireworks
    Destroy the cruiser


    Once you have destroyed the AA Guns you will need to board and destroy a ship, conveniently the ship is located just opposite the last of the 3 AA Guns. Dive in the water and swim under the ship to the other pier, climb up and jump on the ship. Now make your way to the command deck, plant the explosives and dive overboard, when you are far enough away destroy the ship and collect the trophy. DO watch out for enemies however.

    Empty Platform
    Secure the train station


    Mission 5: Onslaught is where this can be obtained. The goal is to drive your tank to the Mining Complex destroying all in your path, and completing this trophy along the way. This is done in the first main stretch of the map and is easy to achieve, basically destroy anything that is moving and an enemy. When you get to the station there will be an objective to clear it before you can move on so you shouldn’t miss it.

    You’re On Your Own
    Proceed to the mining complex


    After you have taken control of the Train Station you will need to carry on and make your way to the mining complex which is the end of the mission. Just take care of enemies with rockets, Tanks and anit-tank mines and you should get there easy. This should be combined with the “One Careful Owner”.

    One Careful Owner
    Reach the end of ‘Onslaught’ in the tank you started with


    The objective of this is to go from the start of the mission to the end without leaving your tank. You can exit the tank just don’t leave it abandoned in the map and finish the mission. If it gets destroyed without you dying restart the checkpoint and continue on to complete the mission with it. Once you reach the blockade on the opposite side of the lake you will get the trophy.

    Going Underground
    Enter the mines


    Mission 6: Awakening, you will need to complete your fist set of missions and secure the Landing Zone for troops before heading into the mines. This involves fighting a good number of troops, but nothing that should pose a real challenge; there might be a hand full of Nano Suit soldiers in the section until entering the mines so a little cation is advised. Once the LZ is secured you will need to head into the mines, which has a good number of troops in the way. There are 3 options to getting in listed below;

    • Combat
      • Basically just kill everything in your way
    • Stealth
      • Where this method will take longer, you have a higher chance of entering undetected and getting the drop on enemies in your way.
    • Combo
      • There is a jeep that is parked near the LZ, use that to get to the final blockade and use stealth the rest of the way to get inside. This method is good till stealth is required because enemies will be on alert looking for you it is highly advised that once you jump out the jeep you take a careful approach and dispatch only necessary enemies so not to over complicate the situation.
    It’s On Like General Kyong
    Defeat General Kyong


    Once inside the mines you will make your way through to meet with the hostages and find answers. Along the way you will come to a main looking area where a cut scene will play. When this is over you will have to fight the General. Although he looks tough and can kill you easily there is not much to this fight. Hide in cover and use your armour when you pop out to shoot him, simple as that.

    Note: There is an easy way to kill him as well which is to throw something at him or melee him a few times if you’re feeling brave this might be a faster way to end the fight and get you through on Delta difficulty but it is an unconfirmed method for PS4

    I’m Coming Home
    Escape the mysterious structure under the mountain


    This is for completing mission 7: Core, where you will be placed into making your way through an alien world, in zero gravity. The objective is simple follow the lights and avoid enemies, after a while you will come to a big chamber with a glass looking panel. On the other side are loads of Aliens, this area will serve to tell you that you are nearing the end of the mission. After a little progression you will come to a dead end and need to survive the enemies till you can escape. This is where you will need to use your armour and kill enemies who are around you. The best way is to camp the exit door (big round alcove at back where you were heading) and wait for them to charge you then shoot them. After a few minutes the door will open and the mission will complete.

    Expedition Team
    Escort Prophet to safety


    After getting thrown out of the Alien Machine you will progress down and meet up with none other than Raptor Squad leader, Prophet. A small battle will happen and Prophet’s suit will malfunction, leaving you to protect him. Take up the mounted gun he had and blast away at any alien that comes toward you, while moving from fire to fire.

    I’m A Marine, Son!
    Help the marines evacuate


    When you have regrouped with the marines outside the dome you will come under fire from Aliens and need to hold them off till you can take a convoy down the mountain. When you finally finish that you will be riding in the gunner seat of the car and need to keep aliens off you while Prophet takes you down the mountain, once he stops jump out and follow him to the downed VTOL. Here will be a “Stand your Ground and Fight” situation where you will need to destroy aliens while prophet saves the people in the VTOL. When this is done run down the river to the fall back location and hold position again at the marines encampment. After a while you will be told to head to the VTOL and extract, so do so and end the mission.

    Note: There are 2 parts on this mission that are tricky on Delta difficulty. The first is the VTOL defense with Prophet, you can have an easier time with this by hiding under the broken bridge and shooting only the aliens that get to close to you until you need to fall back to the encampment. The second is the encampment defense with you can hide in a tent at the back till you need to head to the VTOL for extraction.

    Strickland Would Be Proud
    Defeat the flight deck invader


    Once you reach the Carrier you will need to complete a few takes below deck before heading back to the flight deck to repel the aliens. When you finally do the sub-boss will spawn and he really isn’t that tough. The Minigun, Gauss Rifle, and Rocket Launcher are the best weapons to use against this guy, but don’t act all Rambo and stand out in the open shooting him. He might not be all the hard to kill be he can kill you easy and take a lot of your gunfire.

    Close Encounter
    Secure victory in the Battle of Lingshan


    Now the real fight begins, that sub-boss might not have been all that but this guy sure is. You will not be able to damage him normally, only by using the Tac-Gun. This boss will kill you almost instantly on Delta so using armour is mandatory. He will also spawn in aerial units what will distract you in the fight, try to take them out wasting little ammo and sacrificing even less health. The first challenge will be to destroy the turrets, this will allow the VTOL with Psycho and the Doctor to disrupt the shielding and let you shoot it with the Tac-Gun, which needs doing 3 times. Once this is done you will need to run to the VTOL to extract and complete the game.

    Note: There I a cheat with this fight to make is incredibly easy. When the turrets are destroyed, you will have a small window to make your way into a safe area where not much can attack you. If you happen to be hiding by the Rocket ammo cache directly in front of the boss this might take an attempt or 2. Basically where you want to run to is the back of the control tower, which means running round a plane that is on fire and it will deal you damage. If you make it there in one piece and with good health, place your back to the tower and scout the ocean for any aerial units all the way from the wall on either side. Now stay here till you hear Psycho say to attack, armour up, grab your Tac-Gun and head to either side and shoot the lock on location. DO keep in mind that the side you entered into this hide spot is going to damage you so the other side might be better, this side will also give you a better shot at the second point. Once you have shot at the boss return to hiding and grab your other gun and scout again. When you get told to shoot a 3rd time, shoot the boss then run to the far end of the carrier to get to the extraction zone.

    Delta: Act Iupscale-245262160018212
    Complete ‘Contact’, ‘Recovery’ and ‘Relic’ on Delta difficulty

    Refer to Cool In A Crysis

    Delta: Act IIupscale-245262160018212
    Complete ‘Assault’, ‘Onslaught’ and ‘Awakening’ on Delta difficulty

    Refer to Cool In A Crysis

    Delta: Act IIIupscale-245262160018212
    Complete ‘Core’, ‘Paradise Lost’, ‘Exodus’ and ‘Reckoning’ on Delta difficulty

    Refer to Cool In A Crysis

    Crysis ControlledGold
    Complete the game on any difficulty

    Refer to Cool In A Crysis

    Cool In A CrysisGold
    Complete the game on Hard or Delta difficulty

    Completing the game is not that hard but completing it on Delta is what this section will cover. There are several main areas of the game that are considerably harder on Delta than on an easier difficulty, mainly boss fights, and some defence situations. The key ones that might pose troublesome have been outlined in the respective trophies, however past this there are a few things that might aid in the completing of your mission in Lingshan.

    • Use Stealth to get through a lot of the game
    • Only engage in combat where necessary
    • Use the binoculars to scout the area before moving in. In Delta mode you will not be able to make enemies and on other modes you will not be able to see enemies that are marked, but the ability to scout will make is so you have a basic idea of what you are going up against.
    • Utilise your Suits abilities wisely and you will be able to deal with any situation that arises
    • Find safe areas to recharge your energy. Might be obvious but something easily forgotten.

    There are some benefits to completing the game in an easier difficulty before heading into Delta which are;

    • Knowledge of the mission and where to go so you are less likely to mess up
    • Chapter Select
    • Don’t have to worry about random trophies
    • Find your own easy way through the individual sections of the game.
    Following Orders
    Complete 3 Secondary Objectives

    Refer to Perfect, Soldier!

    Without Questionupscale-245262160018212
    Complete 6 Secondary Objectives

    Refer to Perfect, Soldier!

    Perfect, Soldier!Gold
    Complete all Secondary Objectives

    There are 10 Sub-objectives that need to be completed for this trophy to unlock, the first 1 being available on Mission 1: Contact, and the last being available on Mission 6: Awakening. Below you can find what they are, and which Mission they are in;




    Disable the Jamming Device


    Investigate the Command Post


    Access the Network


    Disable the Jamming Device


    Gain Intel


    Destroy the Train Car


    Destroy the AA’s


    Deploy the Airstrike


    Claim the Gauss Rifle


    Recover the Intel


    You will be notified about the sub-objective in a mission with a Yellow marker on the map and must be completed before the progression of the main quest. Upon completing the Intel Recovery in Mission 6: Awakening, and providing you have completed the previous sub-objectives you will gain the trophy.

    No Fly Zoneupscale-245262160018212
    Destroy 5 helicopters

    This one is an easy give-away trophy like Tank Buster. All you need to do is destroy the required amount of either Helicopters or tanks to gain the trophy and there are plenty of opportunities in the game. The best play to farm this would be Mission 5: Onslaught, if you are having trouble there are more than 5 tanks on that mission and about 4 or so helicopters.

    Tank Buster
    Destroy 5 enemy tanks

    Refer to No Fly Zone

    This Is My Rifle
    Customize a weapon to use all 5 modification points

    You can achieve this with only a few rifles, which means that you will need to pay attention to what you have and what is around to pick up. The best weapon to do this with is the FY71 Assault Rifle. The idea is to use something in all the mod slots on the rifle, which are obtained by picking up new weapons. Ammo types are found in Caches rather than on weapons so keep an eye out for them. Below are the slots that you need to equip something to;

    • Sight
    • Ammo
    • Under-Barrel
    • Side-Barrel
    • Barrel

    Special Forces
    Kill 200 enemies

    Refer to Team Raptor

    Team Raptorupscale-245262160018212
    Kill 400 enemies

    These trophies are hard to miss even when doing a stealthy run of the game. You will most likely obtain them a good time before getting to the end, however if not then you can pick any mission you feel is best to farm out the kills.

    Long Distance Relationship
    Kill an enemy 200m away

    All you have to do for this trophy is make a kill on an enemy who is 200m away from your location, which is easier said than done. For an easier time with this trophy you will need to use a Sniper Scope or like in the video below, and Assault Scope. Locate an enemy, and shoot him, making sure he is at least that far away. The Video below illustrates a method of doing this in Mission 2: Recovery after completing the sub-objective.


    Weapons Masterupscale-245262160018212
    Perform a kill with every firearm

    Easy, once you find a new firearm you have not used before just pick it up and kill an enemy with it. There are 12 total weapons in the game to use, and are conveniently located below;





    Default Weapon


    Default Weapon


    Common Drop and Found in the game


    Found in Caches within enemy camps


    Found in Caches within enemy camps


    Enemy Drop


    Enemy Drop

    Precision Rifle

    Found in Chapter 2

    Rocket Launcher

    Found Frequently throughout the game


    Found on a Soldier in Mission 6: Awakening and found in Late Game

    Gauss Rifle

    Sub-objective in Mission 5: Onslaught, and fount in late Game

    Alien Gun

    Prophet Drops it in Mission 8: Paradise Lost

    These are not the only things that you will benefit from with weapons, there are also attachments for the “Something For Every Occasion”, which requires you to find all attachments, and can be seen in the table below;





    Default on Scar and Pistol


    Default on Scar


    Default on Pistol

    Grenade Launcher

    Located on Scar from Mission 6: Awakening

    Tactical Attachment

    Default on Scar

    Incendiary Ammo

    Picked up from Ammo Caches

    Normal Ammo

    Default Ammo Type to weapon

    Iron Sight

    Default to Weapons unless Specified

    Reflex Sight

    Default on Scar

    Assault Sight

    Randomly attached to FY71

    Sniper Sight

    Randomly attached to some Precision Rifles


    No Attachment (any Mod Slot)

    Default on Weapons

    Explosive Ammo

    Picked up from Ammo Caches

    Explosive ammo is thought not to count towards the trophy, but best to collect it to be safe. Both of these ammo types can be located in a building/ container at the harbor in Mission 4: Assault.

    Something For Every Occasion
    Use all weapon attachments

    Refer to Weapons Master

    Choke Holdupscale-245262160018212
    Kill 20 enemies with grab

    Grabbing an enemy is a simple and easy thing to do provided you have the energy to do so. This is best attempted in Mission 1: Contact or Mission 2: Recovery, as the enemies that you will fight are humans. It is also worth noting that playing on easy mode is a high recommendation as you will probably last longer if you don’t have to worry about being torn apart by gunfire. Simply walk up to an enemy and press and hold the reload button to grab them, press the fire button to throw the enemy and hopefully kill them. Holding onto them will resulting in chocking them and when energy is depleted the unfortunate enemy will be tossed.

    Marathon Manupscale-245262160018212
    Speed sprint 3km

    This is cumulative and easy to get. All you need to do is press the sprint button and, provided you have the energy, you will run and add distance t this trophy. It is highly likely that you will get this within the first 4 missions of the game.

    Nano Ninja
    Perform 5 consecutive kills without being spotted by an enemy

    This is self-explanatory, all you need to do is kill a total of 5 guys without breaking stealth, to do this you can attempt an number of methods, but by far the easiest is to use the first few enemies in the game and sneak up behind them or shoot them in the head, provided you do not raise an alert. You do not need to do them 1 after another, they will count if you get the first 4 in the early game and then the last on an alien on the carrier. With all that in mind humans are the better option so it is best to do this on human enemies.

    Knock-off Knockout
    Kill an enemy Nanosuit soldier with a Strength punch

    The first time you meet Nano Suit soldiers is in Mission 3: Relic when you are extracting. This would also be one of the best times to attempt this, simply equip your fists and run up to a Nano Suit guy and hit him 2 or 3 times to kill him. There is a video below to help with this.


    Pick up an animal

    This is possibly the easiest trophy the game has. After you not very elegant arrival to Lingshan, directly into the ocean at the beginning of Mission 1: Contact you will need to swim to shore. When there you will find a Turtle, which you can run up to and press the reload button to pick up, netting you your first trophy.

    Keen Observerupscale-245262160018212
    Tag 30 enemies using the binoculars

    This must be done on a difficulty other than Delta! Whenever you need to survey your area to see what is coming you can using the D-Pad. Pressing UP will let you use the Binoculars to evaluate your surroundings, they also have another function which is to mark enemies. Marking is actually pretty simple, hover over a target and when they flash white they are locked in and marked. The Colours that they go represent the state they are in. If they are green they are normal. Amber means they are on alert and know of your presence and Red is combat mode and has seen you. Repeat for a total of 30 and the trophy is yours.

    Now anyone familiar with Crysis 2 or 3 will know that marking is probably more valuable than energy, okay maybe not but the point is marking enemies helps in the higher modes. In Crysis however marking is pretty much useless, you will not see the enemies you have marked outside of Binocular mode, meaning you would end up running round with them out, not a good strategy.

    Catch This!
    Kill 10 enemies by throwing an object at them

    Unlike in Crysis 3 with the “Poltergeist” you will not need to be undetected for this, rather just attack enemies with objects to get the trophy. Throughout your adventure in Lingshan you will find different items that can be thrown, like ammo/ weapon boxes and barrels. Simply pick it up and toss at an enemy to terminate them. This is not an effective kill method and might take several attempts to even land a killing blow on an enemy, for this reason it is highly recommended to do this in easy difficulty and try to have single hit kills.



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