Cthulhu Saves Christmas Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 2/10
    Estimated time to platinum/100%: 2 hours
    Missable trophies: 2
    Glitched trophies: None
    Difficulty related: None
    Playthrough: 1


    Welcome to the Cthulhu Saves Christmas Trophy Guide!
    Cthulhu has lost his powers once again! Will you rescue Santa Claus and save Christmas to get your powers back?


    Step 1: Complete the Game / Achieve the Platinum Trophy

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    There is only one stage in this guide and it is pretty simple. Complete the game while paying attention to the two missable trophies:

    Memories of Future Past
    PersonaL Connections

    You can view the above missable trophies for more information on how to achieve them. As you go through the game you will add new members to your party and face several different types of enemies and bosses on the way to save Santa Claus and Christmas. Along the way you will also be leveling up your party, as well as finding new gear and abilities that will surely help you on your journey. It is very likely that you will get the platinum trophy without paying any attention to the missable trophies or the few others that are not story related.

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    Most of the trophies are story related and cannot be missed, and there are very few that you actually have to “go out of your way” or actually do something other than play through the story to achieve. While playing through the story, be sure to do the following things:

    • Be sure to add an ability to all 4 slots as soon as you unlock 4 abilities in order to achieve the Fanny Pack trophy.
    • While going through a dungeon (you can do this as soon as you enter the ice caves with Crystal) start a battle manually from the in game menu to unlock Looking for Trouble.
    • This will likely come naturally in late game but be sure to use a unite ability at 100% to unlock the Eldritch Power trophy.

    If you do all of the above, then your platinum trophy will unlock alongside the trophy for completing the game. Just note that the two missable trophies both take place outside of your expeditions while hunting for bosses. So each time you are doing tasks to pass through the days and advance the game, pay attention to what is needed for those or you will risk having to play through most of the game again.

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    During this step You’ll be earning these trophies:
    Let it Snow
    Looking for Trouble
    Fanny Pack

    Hee Ho
    Yule Be Sorry
    Candy Man

    Memories of Future Past
    Beat a Dead Horse
    Eldritch Power
    For Whom the Bel Tolls
    PersonaL Connections
    Totally the Last Boss
    Cthulhu Saves Christmas

    ‘Tis the Season

    Tips and Strategies:

    • While going through the game, every time you find a new item from a chest or simply advancing the story, the item is always going to be better than what you currently have equipped. Be sure to always equip new items, weapons, and armor so that you can continue to win battles easily.
    • You do not need to finish all of the battles inside dungeons, and you can try to skip them as much as you like. They simply waste time, and net you little xp. The boss fights are what grant you loads of XP to better your party members.
    • Always make sure you are well equipped with what you need prior to starting boss fights. If you make it to a boss and realize you simply are not strong enough, you will have to select the “game over” option which makes you go back to the beginning of your current area.
    • Try not to use your unite abilities until they reach 100% to assure you use them to the max of their power.
    • Always poison an enemy so that they lose a chunk of health every time a turn ends. This will help you drain someone’s health while focusing your attacks on another enemy.
    • Always focus your “one” attacks on the same enemy until they are defeated. This way you can avoid taking too much damage in a single turn. Your “all” or “row” attacks can simply be used however you feel necessary.

    Trophy Guide:

    ‘Tis the Season
    Unlock all the trophies in Cthulhu Saves Christmas!

    This trophy is unlocked after obtaining all of the other trophies in the game! Congratulations on adding a new platinum trophy to your collection, and saving Christmas!

    Let it Snow
    Recruit the Snow Maiden, Crystal Claus.

    Snow Maiden will be recruited very early on into the story, and this will be the first trophy you unlock in the game.

    Upon starting the game and making your way out into the open for the first time, you will have a short battle phase in which you must defeat two easy enemies. Once they have been defeated you will then be greeted by the Snow Maiden, otherwise known as the grand daughter to Santa Claus. After finishing the dialogue with the Snow Maiden, she will inform you that you must help her save Santa as well as Chirstmas.

    Once this dialogue as been finished with the Snow Maiden, she will officially be recruited to your party and you will unlock this trophy.

    Hee Ho
    Defeat the 1st League of Christmas Evil member.

    You will unlock this trophy after defeating the 1st League of Christmas Evil Member, otherwise known as Jack Frost.

    Jack Frost serves as the “Tutorial 4″boss, and you will learn about alignments shorty before this fight starts. You will have to take him down as well as the other enemies to defeat him and win this battle. Just continue to use your attacks with Cthulhu and the Snow Maiden until they are all easily defeated and you can continue on with the dialogue.

    Towards the end of the dialogue Jack frost will be summoned into another RPG, and you will then unlock this trophy and can continue on.

    Recruit the witch, Baba Yaga-chan.

    You will earn this trophy after recruiting Baba Yaga-chan and her trust sidekick Cluck-Cluck to your party.After defeating Jack Frost in Tutorial 4, you will be brought to Christmas town and will be tasked with selecting random tasks to surpass the upcoming days. You can choose any of these tasks as they do not matter, and only the rewards are different so be sure to select the tasks that have rewards you want.

    Upon reaching Chirstmas Eve day 6, you will be woken up to Crystal and Baa Yaga-chan. After getting through this current dialogue, Baba Yaga-chan will join your party and you will unlock this trophy.

    Yule Be Sorry
    Defeat the 2nd League of Christmas Evil member.

    You will unlock this trophy after defeating the 2nd League of Christmas Evil member, the Dragon and his Yule Lads.

    You will have to face off against the Dragon and 4 of the Yule Lads at the end of Santa’s Workshop. This will also be your first boss fight encounter with Baba Yaga involved, so you will get to see what its like fighting with 3 people instead of just 2. Just attack them as you would normally, and don’t forget about your items and unite abilities.

    If you are playing on Sane difficulty, there is no need to waste time on stunning the enemies or healing. Simply continue attacking all 5 enemies until each of them has been defeated and you can trigger the dialogue after the fight. During this dialogue you will learn that Santa is of course not being kept in his workshop and you will have to fight the other Christmas Evil members to find him. Shortly after you learn this, the enemies will disappear and you will unlock this trophy.

    Looking For Trouble
    Use the battle command.

    To earn this trophy, all you need to do is use the battle command to manually start a battle.

    You can first start using the battle commands when you enter the ice caves with the Snow Maiden. Before entering the caves you will be taught how to manually start fights as well as how to try and skip them. For the purpose of this trophy, you must start the battle yourself without the in game meter triggering it.

    To start a battle simply press the  button to bring up the main menu. Select the icon called “battle” with the swords and skull on it in the middle of the bottom row. Doing so will instantly start a battle, and pop this trophy shortly after.

    Candy Man
    Recruit the old man, Belsnickel.

    You will earn this trophy after recruiting the old man Belsnickel to your party.

    Belsnickel will join your party automatically as part of the story, shortly after defeating the Dragon and the Yule Lads in Santa’s workshop. Once you are back in Christmas town, complete tasks and on Christmas Eve the 13th you will be greeted by Belsnickel. Upon completing the dialogue with your party, you will be informed that Belsnickel has joined the team and the trophy will be unlocked.

    Fanny Pack
    Fill all 4 item slots with an item.

    You will unlock this trophy after filling all 4 of your item slots with an item.

    Items are unlocked by progressing through the game, opening chests, completing tasks, etc.. You will have enough items to fill all 4 slots by the time you defeat the Rat King/Mech in the Land of Sweets. You can see how many items you have by pressing the  button to open the main menu. Now click on the first icon in the second row with the sword and shield on it called “equip equipment”.

    Here you will see your 4 slots as well as a list of all of your items below that you can use in battle. Once you have 4 of these unlocked simply equip an item in each of the 4 slots to unlock this trophy.

    Defeat the 3rd League of Christmas Evil member.

    You will earn this trophy after defeating the 3rd League of Christmas Evil member, which is a giant mech powered by the rat king himself.

    You will find this boss deep into the Land of Sweets. This is the toughest boss fight so far, and you will have to start making use of different alignments and abilities instead of just going in and attacking with no plans on using defense/healing. You will need to take out the mech as well as his two companions to finish this battle and unlock the trophy.

    Just battle how you normally would, while keeping an eye on everybody’s health and you will get through the battle. After the battle you will have some more dialogue with the Rat King/Mech, and you will unlock this gold trophy once they vanish away ad you can now progress with your game.

    Memories of Future Past
    See a familiar face.

    *Missable Trophy*

    This trophy is unlocked for seeing a familiar face, and is only one of two missable trophies in the game.

    Each time you are not on an expedition looking for a boss to fight, you will be back in Christmas Town and will be able to do random tasks in order to get random items and upgrades while you surpass days. After defeating the 3rd League of Christmas Evil member Mech/Rat King, you will get 4 new options added to the task board such as:

    • Park
    • Beach
    • Pet Store
    • Graveyard

    When traveling to these areas you will encounter a random NPC that is a familiar face to Cthulhu. Once these options are available, you have plenty of opportunities to select to go to one of these locations and unlock this trophy. If you would like to unlock the trophy by visiting just one of these places one time, just go to the Pet Store and you will meet Paws the cat. You will unlock this trophy after immediately talking to him, or any of the other 3 random NPCs.

    It has been noted that it is possible for the NPCs to show up elsewhere as well at random, but the trophy can still be missable if you aren’t the luckiest. Just to be safe, simply visit the pet store right after defeating the mech and you will unlock this trophy.

    Beat a Dead Horse
    Defeat the 4th League of Christmas Evil member.

    You will unlock this trophy after defeating the 4th League of Christmas Evil Member, otherwise known as Mari Lwyd.

    You will come to Mari Lwyd’s area after you see a reindeer crash down right in front of your party. You will learn that an evil member has the rest of the reindeer held captive and that you must go and save them. In this next area you will have to work your way around until eventually coming to Mari Lwyd.

    Unlike the other boss fights, Mari Lwyd will be all by themselves with no backup which makes it a fairly easy fight. Just attack them like you normally would while still keeping an eye on your health. Once they have been defeated you will come to another dialogue section and learn more information on where Santa may or may not be kept. Shortly after this, Mari Lwyd will disappear and you will unlock this gold trophy.

    Eldritch Power
    Use a unite ability at 100% power.

    You will unlock this trophy after using a unite ability at 100% power.

    You will learn about the unite abilities early on into the game before even facing Jack Frost. (Tutorial Boss) Each of the four playable characters has a special unite ability that they can use one time every single battle. When hovering over a unite ability in battle, you will notice it will show a percentage of how full it is each time. Each ability will start at 10%, and it will gain an additional 10% for every turn you play in that battle. This means you will need to go through 10 full turns in a single battle to charge one to 100%.

    Once you get later into the game, it will be hard to NOT get a unite ability to 100% (especially boss fights) because most battles will likely take 10 + turns to win anyways. You can use other unite abilities as long as you let at least one of them reach 100% before using it. You should let your unite abilities reach 100% regardless anyways just for the simple reason it is at its max potential and you will be getting the most out of your ability.

    If your character is “hyper” then that also adds an additional 20% to the unite charge which means you would only need to last 8 turns before using it instead of 10. Nonetheless it is likely this trophy is unlocked naturally so long as you dont use all of your unite abilities early on into the battle. It does not matter what ability it is as long as it is a unite. Once using a unite ability at 100% power for the first time, you will unlock this trophy.

    For Whom the Bel Tolls
    Defeat the 5th League of Christmas Evil member.

    You will receive this trophy after successfully defeating the 5th League of Christmas Evil member known as Bel.

    This boss fight consists of two of the same Bel like enemies with a large amount of HP and damage. Before going into this fight, be sure that everyone in your party has the best gear you have available, and you are comfortable with all of your abilities / confident you will get through the fight. If you go into this fight unprepared and feel you want to change some items, you will have to restart the area you are currently in and travel to the Bel again.

    Per usual just battle them like you normally would any battle, while keeping a lookout for your health and abilities. Focus on taking out one at a time unless you have attacks that will damage them both at once. Play defense when needed, and try to charge your unity abilities to 100% before using them for max damage. After you have defeated the Bel enemies you will get more dialogue, and learn more about the whereabouts of Santa Claus. Once the Bel fades away, the trophy will unlock and you can continue on with the story.

    Defeat the 6th League of Christmas Evil member.

    You will receive this trophy after successfully defeating the 6th League of Christmas Evil member known as Gryla.

    Unlike most of the boss fights, Gryla will take you on by herself making it somewhat of an easier battle. Just equip your best gear either before or as you approach Gryla to make the battle much more tolerable and easier. Be sure to poison her so that each turn she takes additional damage while attacking her as you normally would any battle.

    As usual, once all of Gryla’s health has been depleted you will trigger some more dialogue. During this section, Gryla will tell you that the next boss is the one in charge of keeping Santa Claus captive. Shortly after this you will see Gryla vanish, followed by this gold trophy.

    PersonaL Connections
    Forge an unbreakable R’lyehtionship.

    *Missable Trophy*

    This trophy is earned after forging an unbreakable R’lyehtionship.

    This is one of the two missable trophies in the game and if you do not do it during your initial playthrough, you will have to basically get to the end of the game again to achieve it. You form R’lyehtionships with your part members by interacting / visiting them between expeditions. Each time you defeat a boss you will be able to choose how you spend your time on your days off. There are only three people in the game you can form a R’lyehtionship with and they are:

    • Crystal (Snow Maiden)
    • Baba Yaga-Chan
    • Belsnickel

    Each time you see their names on the list, be sure to select it or at least stick with one of them as you only need an unbreakable R’lyehtionship with one of them for the purpose of this trophy. Each time you choose to spend your day with them your bond will grow, though there is no in game indicator showing what your status is with the party members. You will be able to form an unbreakable bond with each of them if wanted, but as stated before as long as you focus on one person there is no need to do so if you would rather go after different items.

    Belsnickel though the last person you unlock, is the fist person you are able to form this unbreakable bond with. If you select Belsnickel every time you have the option to do so, you will be able to get an unbreakable R’lyehtionship with him after defeating Gryla the 6th boss. You aren’t able to max out Crystal or Baba Yaga-Chan until defeating Krampus the 7th boss.

    Once you achieve an unbreakable R’lyehtionship with somebody, you will get dialogue that reads:

    “Cthulhu senses that he as forged a lasting R’lyehtionship” each time you form one with somebody. As soon as you see this dialogue, you will know you have maxed out your bond as well as unlock this trophy.

    Totally the Last Boss
    Defeat the 7th League of Christmas Evil member.

    This trophy is unlocked after successfully defeating the 7th League of Christmas Evil member known as Krampus.

    This fight is unlike any of the others simply because it is broken up into two separate battles. Upon traversing through the big Christmas tree area you will eventually find your way to Krampus and see that he is holding Santa Claus captive. As usual be sure that you have all of your best gear and equipment equipped before starting this battle to assure that you can successfully win it.

    The first battle consists of just Krampus himself, and it is a fairly easy battle at that. Once you have successfully defeated Krampus however, you must battle him one more immediately after except this time he will have some help. After the first battle you will see that another boss known as Nyarlathotep will join the fight. With the two of these bosses together it is still an easy fight so long as you are staying on top of your health and regenerating your abilities and focusing your attacks on one boss at a time.

    Once you have successfully won this second battle against Krampus and Nyarlathotep, you will get some more dialogue in which you will learn the game is not quite over yet. Once they both vanish into thin air, this gold trophy will be unlocked and you are now moving onto the final part of this game.

    Cthulhu Saves Christmas
    Complete the game.

    This trophy is unlocked after successfully completing the game.

    After defeating Krampus and saving Santa Claus you will see that the game is not quite over yet. You will soon find out that you will need to chase after one more boss known as “Christmas Future”, and the future of Christmas depends on you defeating him. You will come to the snow covered town that you previously visited and make your way the same as before until reaching a new area in the sky.

    This area can be confusing and is easy to get lost so keep track of where it is you come from. Eventually you will make your way past a small graveyard area and will soon be faced with Future. At first glance the fight does not look too intimidating, but once the battle starts you will quickly learn that you must defeat:

    • Christmas Future
    • Yule Cat
    • Mouse King
    • Jack Frost
    • Mari Lwyd

    You will have to fight all 5 of them at the same time which makes this the hardest battle in the game. If you have all of your strongest equipment equipped and are comfortable with all of your abilities, the fight will still come at ease as long as you pay attention to health and use your attacks / defensive abilities wisely. Defeat Yule Cat and Jack Frost first as they both only have 1000-2000 HP. You can then go for Mouse King followed by Mari Lwyd in that order to quickly take out as many enemies as you can so you will intake less damage. You should also poison future while going for the other bosses so that he is constantly losing health as well.

    After defeating all 5 bosses here, you will trigger the last bit of dialogue in the game, pay a visit to all of your newly acquired friends, and visit Santa Claus to receive your hard earned present. After receiving your powers back from Santa Claus, the game will come to an end and you will unlock this trophy as well as likely the platinum.


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