Cuisineer review

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    Cuisineer is a dungeon crawler mixed with a restaurant management system where you take over as a brand-new restaurant owner. Here is our Cuisineer review.

    The game is developed by BattleBrew Productions and published by Marvelous Europe and XSEED Games, it releases on November 9, 2023, for PC.

    After returning home from a long adventure, you come back to an empty restaurant that your parents owned. Apparently, your parents sold everything in the store to go in retirement and go on a cruise and you are left to build up the restaurant again. Something you didn’t know, your parents had a few debts to pay off and you are also in charge of paying that off. It’s an easy-to-understand story but a fun one.

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    The gameplay is a bit of a dungeon crawler mixed with a management tycoon-type game, and it works together perfectly. You go into a dungeon to gather resources (while not dying of course because then you lose some resources), sleep for the night, get some upgrades and quests, open the restaurant to cook some stuff and get money, and repeat. It’s a fun gameplay loop and when you unlock more dungeons you can just go to the places where you can get the resources you need most.

    I would put this game in a row with Disney Dreamlight Valley, Animal Crossing, and Stardew Valley. It’s a game that is fun to play for an hour here and there a few times a week but not to binge and play for 5 hours a day due to its repetitiveness, but it’s not negative in any way, i really see this game as a game to play long term instead of a one and done type game.

    There are a few minor issues I had with the game that might just be me, but there is no minimap in town, I got lost at first and would have liked to see one to see who had a quest for me or an icon what type of store what is and if they are closed at that time. Another small thing I would have liked would be to pin quests, you have to go to your quest log to see what you need to do and you can’t really see any quest on your gameplay screen

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    It’s visually very pleasing and a lot of the things are just clear and in theme. The UI really just blends in really well with everything going on. What also is done great is the characters, they all fit the vibe of the game but also stand out on their own really well by just being cool.

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    A great game with a fun gameplay loop best played in bite-sized amounts of times.

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    A great game with a fun gameplay loop best played in bite-sized amounts of times.Cuisineer review