Deliver Us The Moon Review

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    Looking for a comprehensive Deliver Us The Moon Review? We’ve got you covered! “One Small Step For Man, One Giant Leap For Mankind” These words Eched into History by the first astronauts in history, ring out beckoning Humanity to push beyond our planet and to the Moon. Here is our Deliver Us The Moon Review.

    Five years since the Moon went dark an expedition to learn what happened and restart the MPT Generator, which was powering all of Earth, is sent to investigate. A solo Spaceman is sent to the black embrace of Space to head the investigation and see a world beyond the once lush and green planet once called home, in an attempt to save Humanity and buy them the time they need to rectify the centuries of abuse by Delivering the Moon.

    Developed by KeokeN Interactive and released in 2018 for PC this incredible tale of Space Travel saw a later release for Console in 2020, thanks to Wired Productions.

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    The story of Deliver Us The Moon seems a simple one, and yet it is such an incredible tale that speaks to anyone who has dreamt of an adventure outside the confines of the world we call home. Now, over 50 years ago mankind first stepped on the moon and uttered words that changed history forever. Although the game starts on Earth and introduces you to the threat of climate change and the danger that nature now faces, none of this sinks in until you see the planet from space.

    Although seeing this tiny planet from space is only, will only, and can only be a dream for most of us, Deliver Us The Moon addresses this and makes you feel like you are the astronaut. While the goal of the game is to find out why the reactor has stopped and restart it there is a set of subplots, such as the Outward Project.

    Deliver Us The Moon Review - space station

    Although this is a game, it feels more like a simulation where enemies are minimal and you just need to take in the world and story that was built, essentially a learning experience rather than entertainment. This is by no means a bad thing, it’s actually the opposite, I would say the lack of combatant situations and the real threat against you pushes you more to know what happened and try to be the hero you are set up to be. Simulations can be both educational and entertaining, like Train Sim World, which teaches you all about rail Transportation and different aspects and the entertaining feature of getting to live out your dream as a Train driver seeing wonderful landscapes. Deliver Us The Moon does this the same way, but utilizes something that makes you feel like you are the astronaut rather than playing the part.

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    Gameplay-wise it couldn’t be more basic and simple to play. All you really need is the ability to navigate the world, jump and sprint on occasion, and scan/ interact. This is a basic overview since there is also controlling the little Drone (ASE) you have, Driving, and even using a laser. Realistically there is nothing in the game that would been hard set for you to do anything Combat-related or anything like that really, Honestlly it’s very much like “We Were Here” in how the Game functions, only in space, and alone. We compare it to “We Were Here” because of how simplistic the control system is and how you, I do not want to use the term Limited, however, this is not inaccurate. Both Franchises (We Were Here and Deliver Us) work well in comparison to each other. Let’s face it if it were a Third Person Shooter that pushed for Battle scenarios over Exploratory continuation this review would have been compared to the likes of “Star Trek“. As it stands the fact that there is nothing in the way of Combat from the game, makes the gamer focus on the problem and how to solve it which also makes you feel alone, Isolated, and trapped, the experience that Space would presumably supply. What was it, that was said in the 1979 “Ridley Scott’s Alien” Film, “In Space No One Can Hear You Scream”? The game does this in a rather fantastic way, by not having a player voice, which in my opinion made the original Dead Space so much more terrifying. When your player has a Voice you may be drawn to them but on the other side if they don’t it takes a fundamental concept and uses it differently. The point is Sound won’t travel in the vacuum of space the same way it travels on Earth. Games like “Dead Space“, and “Deliver Us Mars” get around this by having a Comlink in the character suit, however.

    Graphics wise it is amazing and entertaining for any science fiction fan. While games like “Mass Effect“, “Star Trek“, and even “Dead Space” address the genre of Sci-fi, they fail to teach the lesson Deliver Us The Moon imparts. That’s not to say the aforementioned games don’t work as Sci-fi games, they just have different lessons to teach, Deliver Us The Moon teaches the value of the planet and its resources, in addition to the beauty and terror space has. It does this through everything that it shows, from the incredible view of Earth from space to the iconic site on the Moon “One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap For Mankind“.

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    Although the Gameplay has been touched on there are some mechanics that make the game more of a simulation and make the player feel like an astronaut, rather than portraying the Scientific Spaceman. This is of course the zero gravity or lack of gravity in areas. Personally, in a Space-based game, this is a must-have, if it’s missing this, it feels like it’s just another adventure but being magnetized, looking towards you “Ratchet and Clank” (sorry we like you really). Sorry to pick on “Dead Space” so much but Visceral Games (Yes Viscreal not the 2023 Remake by Motive) did a lot right with it, and likewise KeokeN Interactive did an incredible job with Deliver Us The Moon. The one thing that I feel let it down, however minimal it was, is the Vehicles. This was only because while driving them around the Moon’s surface no matter how much I tried I could not get it to leave the Moon’s Surface which left me disappointed. Since the Gravity of the moon is Lower than on Earth and the pull of the gravitational Force would be considerably less, meaning you would effectively be able to float, the Human Body shouldn’t return to the surface of the Moon or Space Station soon after departing the ground. This is evident in the game and works almost perfectly to how you would imagine. For the Vehicles, however, this was not the case. While driving feels like you are on the Moon rather than on Earth, I would have imagined that going over a bump or ridge on the Moon would result in some form of Airtime. Despite best efforts, this was not the case and as much as I would have liked to see Moon Gravity on the Vehicle this was not the case.


    Overall the game is a fantastic adventure with a compelling story and a turn away from the typical third-person game where you have firepower and enemies to deal with. Personally, I really enjoyed the game and can’t wait to see Deliver Us Mars, and after this project, I personally plan to look at other titles by this studio.

    None of the game is overwhelming, or distracting to the point where you feel like you want to go and do something else, apart from the Stargazer Trophy. On the point of trophies, they are all simple, straightforward, and easy to obtain, even to the point where you have easy access to replaying chapters to clean up anything that was missed.

    All in all the game is an amazing story that shows potential for what might be the planet we call home someday and a Solution which has been hypothesized. Although not in our lifetime the message that Deliver Us The Moon has is something that should be adhered to.

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    With Earth on the edge, humanity's hope is looking to the moon to help provide answers to the crisis.

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    With Earth on the edge, humanity's hope is looking to the moon to help provide answers to the crisis.Deliver Us The Moon Review