Destroy All Humans (2020) Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 4/10. 
    Estimated time to Platinum: 15 hours. 
    Missable trophies: None. 
    Glitched trophies: None. 
    Difficulty related: None. 
    Playthrough: One. 


    Welcome to the Destroy All Humans Trophy Guide Trophy Guide!
    After more than a decade, Crypto makes his official return to destroying humans with this remake of the original game from 2005. This guide is for the 2020 remake, not the 2016 port of the original.


    Step 1: Complete the story
    Your first objective in obtaining the platinum is to complete the game’s story, which should take no more than 10 hours. Along the way, try to complete as many of the optional mission objectives as possible, upgrade some of your abilities, and grab some of the hard to miss miscellaneous trophies. Don’t bother with the challenges yet, as you will need upgraded weapons and abilities for many of them.

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    Step 2: Challenges and clean up
    With the main game completed, you will now need to go back and replay any missions where the optional objectives haven’t been completed. You will also need to return to each invasion site to complete the game’s 24 challenges, as well as grab the few remaining miscellaneous trophies.

    Tips and Strategies:

    Destroy All Humans 2020 is a remake of the original Destroy All Humans that was released in 2005. The game features upgraded visuals and audio as well as some new abilities and quality of life improvements, while retaining the vast majority of the original game’s structure story, and its beloved voice acting/dialogue. As stated above, this guide is specifically for the 2020 Remake, not the 2016 port, as each version has a different trophy list.

    New Features

    • The saucer now has a “repulse o tron”, activated by hitting , that sends out a shockwave to defend against incoming missiles.
    • Crypto now has access to a dash ability, also activated with , than can eventually be upgraded into a hoverboard for faster ground movement.
    • Some of the weapons and abilities have new or different upgrades.
    • All story missions now have optional objectives available.
    • The side missions from the original have been turned into more difficult challenges.
    • You can now lock on to targets with .
    • Some weapons have been improved in various ways, such as homing shots from the Disintegrator.
    • An entire new mission cut from the original, Mission 13.5 The Wrong Stuff, has been added.
    • New extras and thoughts to scan.
    • The jetpack has been improved, as it lasts for a lot longer per thrust and can be continuously started and stopped for precise movement.
    • A larger variety of items can be PK’d or destroyed.
    • Abilities, weapons, and the jetpack can all be used at the same time.

    Alert Levels:

    • The game features a GTA style alert system with four levels. 
    • At level 1, civilians will run away and try to find help, but getting disguised or running away quickly can keep you safe.
    • At level 2, you will be attacked by police officers. They attack in fairly small numbers using pistols and shotguns and aren’t too hard to kill.
    • At level 3, you will be attacked by the military. The soldiers carry rocket launchers, machine guns, and grenades, and you will also be attacked by tanks. If you are in Area 42 or Capitol City, you may also come under attack from robots.
    • At level 4, you will be attacked by Majestic Agents. Majestic uses energy weapons based on Furon technology that fire quickly and do a lot of damage. Later in the game, their forces will include mutants, an enemy type with a lot more health that launch a powerful shockwave attack.

    Other Tips:

    • Jetpacking into the air is usually a good way to avoid taking damage, as enemies have a harder time hitting you in the air for some reason.
    • All weapons and abilities have a pretty limited range, so you have to be pretty close to someone to deal damage.
    • The saucer is now able to drain humans as well as vehicles for health.
    • The game is kind of buggy at times, with characters and objects prone to hovering over the ground or phasing into solid structures. Also, while the game isn’t prone to crashing, the loading screens are common and surprisingly long.

    Trophy Guide:

    Furon Perfection
    Obtain all trophies

    Obtain all trophies

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    Goin’ to Seed
    Invade Turnipseed Farm

    This is the first trophy you will unlock, upon landing in Turnipseed Farm for the first time at the start of the first mission Destination Earth. This mission serves as a tutorial for the basics of the game, such as scanning minds, the jetpack and Zap o Matic, and PK. It is the only story mission in Turnipseed Farm.

    Rockwell Death Knell
    Invade Rockwell

    This trophy will unlock upon landing in Rockwell for the first time at the start of the second mission Earth Women Are Delicious.

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    The following missions occur in Rockwell:

    • Mission 2: Earth Women Are Delicious.
    • Mission 3: Citizen Crypto.
    • Mission 8: Teenage Zombies From Outer Space.
    Invade Santa Modesta

    This trophy will unlock upon landing in Santa Modesta for the first time at the start of the fourth mission Alien Pool Party.

    The following missions occur in Santa Modesta:

    • Mission 4: Alien Pool Party.
    • Mission 5: Televisions Of Doom.
    • Mission 6: Aliens Stole My Brain Stem.
    • Mission 7: This Island Suburbia.
    • Mission 9: South By Southwest.
    • Mission 10: Foreign Correspondent.
    • Mission 11: Suburb Of The Damned.
    • Mission 15: Its A Wonderful Armageddon.
    Area of Dissect
    Invade Area 42

    This trophy will unlock upon landing in Area 42 for the first time at the start of the 12th mission Whatever Happened To Crypto 136?

    The following missions occur in Area 42:

    • Mission 12: Whatever Happened To Crypto 136?
    • Mission 13: The Mutant Menace.
    • Mission 13.5: The Wrong Stuff.
    • Mission 14: Duck And Cover.
    Union Busting
    Invade Union Town

    This trophy will unlock upon landing in Union Town for the first time at the start of the 16th mission Furon Down.

    The following missions occur in Union Town:

    • Mission 16: Furon Down.
    • Mission 18: Armquist Vs The Furons.
    Capitol Punishment upscale-245262160018212
    Invade Capitol City

    This trophy will unlock upon landing in Capitol City for the first time at the start of the 17th mission Mr. Crypto Goes To Capitol City.

    The following missions occur in Capitol City:

    • Mission 17: Mr. Crypto Goes To Capitol City.
    • Mission 19: The Lone Gunman.
    • Mission 20: The Furon Filibuster.
    • Mission 21: Shocking Developments.
    • Mission 22: Attack Of The 50 Foot President!
    A Pox on Your Gear
    Upgrade Crypto at Pox’s Lab in the mothership

    At any time after the first mission, you can access Pox’s Lab while on the mothership. You can select either the Crypto or Saucer tab, where you will be presented with a list of upgrades for each weapon, ability, and shields. Simply upgrade anything in the Crypto section with your DNA points to get this trophy. See Silver Grade A Upgrade for more information about the upgrade system.

    And a Pox on Your Saucer Too
    Upgrade your saucer at Pox’s Lab in the mothership

    At any time after the first mission, you can access Pox’s Lab while on the mothership. You can select either the Crypto or Saucer tab, where you will be presented with a list of upgrades for each weapon, ability, and shields. Simply upgrade anything in the Saucer section with your DNA points to get this trophy. See Silver Grade A Upgrade for more information about the upgrade system.

    Down to the Challenge
    Revisit a missionless invasion site and complete a challenge there

    Simply go to the “Mission Select” tab in the mothership and select any of the six invasion sites that does not have a story mission available. Once you land, complete any of the site’s four challenges with at least one star to get this trophy. It doesn’t matter if you have already completed all the challenges as you can replay them as many times as you want.

    Invasion of the Body Swappers
    Try out a new look for Crypto in the mothership’s archives

    In the “Archives” tab of the mothership you will see an option for Skin Selection. Click on this to be presented with a list of skins for Crypto. Some were available as purchaseable DLC, while others will be unlocked naturally while playing the game. Switch to any skin other than the default Crypto-137 to get this trophy.

    Return of the Clone II – Reloaded
    Re-visit a mission in the mothership archive’s Holopoxdeck

    In the “Archives” tab of the mothership, select the first option (Holopox Deck) to be presented with a list of every mission in the game. Select any mission that you have already completed to pop this trophy.

    Swift Harvest
    Accelerate Brain Extract or Transmog by mashing that button like you mean it

    While extracting the brain of a dead human, or transforming an inanimate object into ammunition, instead of just hitting the  button once, mash the button like you had to in the original games. If you remove the brain or transform the object quickly enough, you will get the trophy. This is extremely likely to unlock naturally, probably within the first couple hours of gameplay.

    No Time to Waste
    Destroy a human with a weapon and another with a psi ability at the same time

    To get this trophy, you have to kill a human with a weapon at about the same time that you kill another human with a psi ability. You can use weapons and abilities at the same time in this game. The easiest way to do this is to PK one human (hold to pick them up then release to throw) and while they are in the air, kill another human with a weapon. You can also do this by triggering a brain extract with  and killing someone else with a weapon.

    Covert Thoughts
    Stay covert by scanning primitive human thoughts

    Unlike the bodysnatching ability of the later games, the original game has the Holobob system. By hitting over a nearby human, you will turn into a holographic version of them. You stay in this disguise by scanning other humans with . Do this one time to unlock the trophy. This will be unlocked automatically during the game’s second mission Earth Women Are Delicious, as this mission serves as the Holobob tutorial.

    Harvest Season
    Recover a Furon Probe

    Furon Probes are the game’s main collectible. Probes are hovering black robots about the size of Crypto that are hidden throughout each invasion site. Unlike the 2016 port where you had to find every collectible, in this game, you simply need to find a single probe. However, it is recommended that you find as many as you can, as each probe you collect grants you 100 DNA for upgrades. There are a total of 184 probes in the game.

    As a point of reference:

    • Turnipseed Farm contains 25 probes.
    • Rockwell contains 30 probes.
    • Santa Modesta contains 50 probes.
    • Area 42 contains 24 probes.
    • Union Town contains 25 probes.
    • Capitol City contains 30 probes.

    If you wish to find all the probes for the sake of completion and the large amount of extra DNA, videos of each location have been provided below.

    Destroy All Humans Remake: Rockwell All Probe Locations

    Destroy All Humans Remake: Rockwell All Probe Locations

    Destroy All Humans Remake: Santa Modesta All Probe Locations

    Destroy All Humans Remake: Area 42 All Probe Locations

    Destroy All Humans Remake: Union Town All Probe Locations

    Destroy All Humans Remake: Capitol City All Probe Locations

    Credit to Gaming With Abyss for all the collectible guides.

    Rejected for Probing
    Throw something into something else with the saucer’s Abducto Beam

    You will gain access to the saucer and the Abducto Beam during the second mission of the game Earth Women Are Delicious. Hover over an object and hold R1 to pick it up. Upon releasing the button, the object will be thrown in the direction you are facing, or at a targeted object. Do this once to get the trophy. You will need to destroy three buildings with abducted objects for one of the optional objectives on this mission.

    Explore the more offbeat parts of the mothership

    In the “Archives” tab of the mothership, scroll down to the third option (Furonigami) to be presented with a bunch of concept art. This art is unlocked by completing story missions and their optional objectives. View one piece of concept art to unlock this trophy.

    Reduce, Abuse, Recycle
    Transmogrify an object to replenish your ammunition

    Upon obtaining the Disintegrator Ray in the game’s fourth mission (Alien Pool Party), you will also learn how to transmog objects to obtain ammo. Face any small object, such as a sign, and hit  to transform it into ammo. If you mash the button, it will transform faster. This is how you obtain ammo for the Disintegrator and the Ion Detonator. Do this once to unlock the trophy.

    Hot to Trot
    Evade a rocket by dashing

    To get this trophy, you will need to dodge out of the way of an incoming missile. Missiles come from bazooka carrying soldiers, and they move pretty slowly, making them easy to grab with PK and throw back. The first good mission to get this trophy is mission 11 Suburb Of The Damned, as quite a few enemies will be carrying rocket launchers. Mission 14 Duck And Cover is another good option, but you have to get all the way to the final portion where you defend the nuke.

    Once you have found a rocket launcher soldier, wait for them to shoot, and when the rocket gets close to hitting, dash out of the way with . It may take a few tries, but once you have successfully dodged a rocket with the dash, the trophy should unlock.

    Brain Drain
    Consume a human brain to kickstart your shield regeneration

    Once a human has been killed by a method that leaves their body intact (such as PK kills), you will have the ability to extract their brain. Face their body and hit , or mash the button to speed up the process. This will instantly begin the process of recharging your shield, instead of having to wait for it to start automatically. You will get this during the game’s first mission Destination Earth, as you have to kill a farmer and extract his brain to progress.

    Simply Repulsive
    Use your saucer’s Repulse-O-Tron to fend off homing missiles

    The Repulse ability is unlocked during the seventh mission of the game The Island Suburbia in Santa Modesta. While piloting the saucer, you can hit  to send out an energy wave that will deflect enemy homing missiles. Successfully repulse one missile to get this trophy. In fact, you are expected to perform this exact action during this mission.

    Gas-Guzzler Guzzler
    Abduct and drain a vehicle to replenish your saucer’s shields

    For this trophy, you will need to drain a vehicle to repair your saucer while it is being held by the abduct o beam. Use to abduct a vehicle and then hit  to drain it. Once the vehicle is fully drained the trophy will unlock.

    When Two Humans Collide
    Use PK to destroy a human with another human

    To get this trophy, you will need to use your PK abilities to pick up a human and throw them at another human. Hold  to pick someone up, aim at any other human, and release the button. If the collision kills at least one of the humans, you will get the trophy. This can easily be earned during the first mission Destination Earth, as there will be a section where you have to kill four weak farmers.

    Man’s Inhumanity to Man
    Destroy multiple humans with a human-made explosive

    This trophy is almost guaranteed to unlock through natural progression, as you will constantly have access to mines, grenades, rockets, red barrels, and the green exploding cows. You can throw the object with PK, or hold  to detonate it from afar. If you somehow don’t get this by the time you beat the game, then load up mission 3 Citizen Crypto. There are tons of exploding cows right at the beginning of the mission. Mission 11 Suburb Of The Damned is another good option, as there are tons of explosive barrels and some rocket launcher soldiers.

    Hop the Hoop upscale-245262160018212
    Display Furonic aeronautic prowess by soaring through giant human pastry without soiling your feet

    In Santa Modesta, there is a large donut on top of a donut shop near the TV station. To get this trophy, you need to pass through the hole in the donut without touching it. You will need the dash ability. Hover up to the roof of the store and land, then jetpack upwards again and dash () through the hole. If you don’t touch the bottom of the donut, you should get the trophy.

    Destroy All Humans Hop The Hoop Trophy Guide

    Credit to PowerPyx for the video.

    Do Feed the Sharks upscale-245262160018212
    Demonstrate Furon free spirit near a warning sign placed by the human authorities

    Another miscellaneous Santa Modesta trophy. For this one, head to the beach depicted in the video, and approach the sign warning about shark attacks. While next to the sign, pick up a human with PK and throw them into the ocean. If they land in the ocean, you should get the trophy.

    Destroy All Humans Do Feed The Sharks Trophy Guide

    Credit to PowerPyx for the video.

    As Is Tradition
    Abduct a cow with your saucer

    For this trophy, you will simply need to hover over a cow and hold  to grab it with the Abducto Beam. Cows are very common in Turnipseed Farm but can also be found in Rockwell.

    Set something on fire, then use it to destroy a hapless human

    This is a slightly trickier miscellaneous trophy, as you may not get it through simple natural progression. You will need to set any object on fire, then pick it up with PK and throw it at a human. The easiest way to get the trophy is to travel to Turnipseed Farm and use the Disintegrator Ray to light a haybale on fire. Once it is lit, pick it up and hit a human with it. If done correctly, the trophy will unlock.

    Destroy All Humans Pyrokinesis Trophy Guide

    Credit to PowerPyx for the video.

    Fly, My Pretties
    Throw a human into the air and juggle them

    For this trophy, you will need to fling a human into the air with PK and then catch them while they are in the air by again hitting . You will probably get this trophy by accident at some point, but if you don’t, load up any invasion site and juggle the first human you see.

    Unilateral Disarmament upscale-245262160018212
    Destroy a certain irritating simian warlord once and for all

    This trophy will be unlocked upon completion of the 18th mission of the game Armquist Vs. The Furons. The level has been detailed in the spoiler section below.

    Back in Union Town, you will be following Armquist as he rides in a car to a nearby military base. Holobob a soldier and walk onto the base, then holobob the marked “warlord”. Enter the building for a meeting with Armquist and other military leaders. Regardless of the dialogue you pick, you will come under attack by a few soldiers before starting the boss fight. Armquist will take control of a giant robot, but he actually isn’t that hard to beat. He has a couple ranged projectile attacks, can shoot missiles, and can jump and slam the ground. He is killed by simply shooting him hundreds of times. You will be attacked by other soldiers but that’s about it. Ammo will randomly drop around the battlefield at times and there are a few items to transmog. Once Armquist is dead, watch the cutscene and the trophy will unlock.
    Impeached upscale-245262160018212
    Destroy the pathetic human attempt at a robot overlord

    This trophy will be unlocked upon completion of the first boss fight in the 22nd and final mission of the game, Attack Of The 50 Foot President! The level has been detailed under the trophy Gold For the Glory of the Furon Empire, as it is earned upon completion of that entire level.

    Champion of Abduction upscale-245262160018212
    Ace an Abduction challenge with a three-star rating

    See Gold Ace of Space for more information about getting three stars on all challenges.

    Furon Faster Race upscale-245262160018212
    Ace a Race challenge with a three-star rating

    See Gold Ace of Space for more information about getting three stars on all challenges.

    Righteous Rampage upscale-245262160018212
    Ace a Rampage challenge with a three-star rating

    See Gold Ace of Space for more information about getting three stars on all challenges.

    The Art of Armageddon upscale-245262160018212
    Ace an Armageddon challenge with a three-star rating

    See Gold Ace of Space for more information about getting three stars on all challenges.

    Jerk of All Trades upscale-245262160018212
    Obtain at least a two-star rating for each challenge type

    See Gold Ace of Space for more information about getting three stars on all challenges.

    Grade A Upgrade upscale-245262160018212
    Fully upgrade one of the branches of a weapon or ability

    To get this trophy, you must fully upgrade one branch of any weapon or ability in the game. There are 9 weapons/abilities that you can upgrade on Crypto, and 5 for the Saucer. The cheapest branch to upgrade is the Cortex Scan, as it only costs 1500 DNA to fully upgrade. However, you will want to upgrade all your abilities as much as possible to have a better chance of beating the challenges and later levels.

    Recommended upgrade order:

    • Crypto’s shields (will increase your overall health greatly).
    • Zap O Matic (an infinite ammo weapon operating on a recharge that can also chain attacks to other targets).
    • Disintegrator Ray (a powerful ranged weapon that homes in on enemies but requires ammo).
    • Ion Detonator (the most powerful weapon, functions like a grenade launcher).
    • Dash ability bottom tree (this gives you the hoverboard, which is necessary for some race challenges).
    • PK (so that you can pick up and transmog vehicles).
    • Saucer shields (to increase the saucer health).
    • From here, you can pretty much upgrade your remaining weapons and abilities in any order. The anal probe is borderline useless, the upgrades for cortex scan, brain extraction, and the repulse o tron aren’t necessary, and the saucer weapons come down to personal preference.

    Crypto Upgrades

    Weapon/Ability# Of UpgradesTree 1 Total CostTree 2 Total CostBenefits of Upgrades
    Zap O Matic6 (2 trees of 3)75004750Tree 1 increases damage and number of targets the weapon can arc to.
    Tree 2 upgrades battery capacity.
    Disintegrator Ray6 (2 trees of 3)90008750Tree 1 upgrades capacity and rate of fire.
    Tree 2 upgrades damage and chance to catch targets on fire.
    Anal Probe6 (2 trees of 3)45009000Tree 1 makes probing easier and chains the attack to other humans.
    Tree 2 increases damage and allows you to probe multiple people at once.
    Ion Detonator6 (2 trees of 3)60009000Tree 1 provides a chance of getting ammo back after attacking and eventually slows down time at detonation.
    Tree 2 increases capacity and pulls items in upon landing.
    Shields34500N/AIncreases the shield’s health.
    Dash6 (2 trees of 3)87507000Tree 1 creates a shockwave upon dashing.
    Tree 2 grants you a hoverboard with increased riding time.
    Cortex Scan31500N/AIncreases the duration of the Holobob depending on what kind of human you scan.
    PK39000N/AAllows you to throw and transmog larger items as well as make them fly faster.
    Brain Extraction38000N/AChains the extraction to other humans and causes them to attack each other.

    Saucer Upgrades

    Weapon/Ability# Of UpgradesTree 1 Total CostTree 2 Total CostBenefits of Upgrades
    Death Ray6 (2 trees of 3)37503750Tree 1 increases the damage of the weapon.
    Tree 2 improves the weapon’s capacity and recharge rate.
    Sonic Boom6 (2 trees of 3)52505250Tree 1 increases the damage and shockwave of the weapon.
    Tree 2 increases capacity and causes a black hole that sucks in projectile attacks.
    Quantum Deconstructor6 (2 trees of 3)60008250Tree 1 increases the size of the explosion.
    Tree 2 increases capacity.
    Saucer Shields33750N/AIncreases the shield’s health.
    Repulse O Tron35250N/AIncreases the range of the repulse and re-directs attacks.
    Ace of Space Gold
    Ace all challenges!

    This is probably the hardest trophy in the entire game, as you have to obtain 3 stars in all 24 in game challenges. Each of the six invasion sites has four challenges:

    • Rampage: killing targets while on the ground. These are probably the second easiest type of challenge, as they just require a lot of killing. As long as you have relatively well upgraded weapons and abilities, most of these challenges shouldn’t be too difficult.
    • Race: catch a drone while collecting the DNA it drops. These are arguably the second hardest type of challenge. By the later invasion sites, you will need a fully upgraded dash ability so that you can hoverboard infinitely. These challenges are kind of finicky, as you can pretty much get every piece of DNA and finish in a good time and still end up a hundred points short of the goal. There is also the threat of random events (such as exploding vehicles) getting in your way on some runs. These challenges come down entirely to practice and patience. One good strategy is to either remap the controls so the hoverboard is easier to access, or using your index or middle finger to activate the hoverboard and your thumb for the jumping.
    • Abduction: throw the specified creatures into the abduction beam. These are often the hardest challenge of any area. You will have to throw creatures, humans, or objects into a giant abduction beam as it moves around. The score limits are very tight, and the abduction beam will sometimes get a head start at the beginning of the challenge. You need to focus on doing the optional objective that provides more DNA per abduction, such as sending humans that are already dead; this is the only way to successfully beat some of the challenges. Also, make sure your extraction and PK abilities are maxed out.
    • Armageddon: destroy everything in sight to cause a specified amount of damage. These are often the easiest type of challenge. You basically just have to destroy tons of buildings and vehicles. What makes these challenges easy is that you can drain marked vehicles for a ton of extra points. Focus on the vehicles while destroying buildings on the side and you shouldn’t have any problems.

    Completing all the challenges will require a lot of skill and some luck; it is also highly recommended that you don’t attempt these challenges until you have fully upgraded a lot of your weapons and abilities. You will almost always need at least one upgrade for the hoverboard/dash to beat the races. All challenges can be attempted as many times as you want by approaching the beacons at each invasion site. Minor guides and a video guide have been included below.

    Turnipseed Farm

    • Rampage: you have to kill 95 shotgun toting farmers within 2:30. This one is pretty easy. Just keep PKing them and throwing them away. You have more than enough time. The humans will constantly rush towards you, so this shouldn’t cause many issues.
    • Race: you need to score 5000 points. Pretty simple. Follow the drone and collect as many pieces of DNA that it drops as possible. You will need to collect most, if not all of the DNA and finish with 40-50 seconds on the clock.
    • Abduction: send 65 cows into the abduction beam. Most of the cows will be very near the abduction beam. You just have to pick them up with PK and throw them into the beam. There are more than enough cows, and they don’t have to be alive when they get abducted.
    • Armageddon: cause $200,000 worth of damage to the invasion site. Focus on draining (not transmogrifying) the marked vehicles, as they will give you a ton of money. While waiting for more vehicles to spawn, destroy the few buildings in the area. Having the Sonic Boom and Quantum Deconstructor makes the destruction a bit easier.


    • Rampage: kill 100 cows in 2:30. This one gives you three options for extra DNA: killing the cows with fire, explosives, or electricity. Keep firing with your Disintegrator and Ion Detonator until you run out of ammo and then switch to the Zap o Matic. You should easily get more than enough kills.
    • Race: you need to score 5400 points in a 2 minute race. This one isn’t really any more difficult than Turnipseed Farm, just with a few more complex jumps. Make sure you have at least one dash upgrade so you have access to the hoverboard, or else you won’t be able to get three stars.
    • Abduction: send 100 humans into the abduction beam. There is no way to send a grand total of 100 living humans into the beam in time. However, sending dead humans will provide double points, so this actually isn’t too bad. Kill as many humans as you can with explosive containers and the Zap O Matic to leave their bodies intact, then throw them into the beam. The beam moves fast, but there are tons of humans at the carnival and quite a few more at the campsite where the beam stops.
    • Armageddon: cause $300,000 worth of damage to the invasion site. Same as the armageddon challenge in Turnipseed Farm, but with more stuff to destroy and a higher score requirement.

    Santa Modesta

    • Rampage: kill 90 humans in 2 minutes. This is pretty easy, as the optional objective for extra DNA is to get kills with explosives. There are explosive containers everywhere, and you have your Ion Detonator. The enemies will rush you constantly, so three stars shouldn’t be difficult.
    • Race: you need to score 5000 points in a 1:20 race. This race is very short and fairly easy as long as you have the hoverboard, preferably the second upgrade for dash as it gives you more time on the hoverboard. The course is pretty simple and a successful run will end with about 30 seconds left.
    • Abduction: send 80 human made items into the abduction beam. This one is tricky, as the beam moves quickly and there are a couple areas with almost nothing to throw. You will get a majority of your points on the beach due to the large number of chairs, umbrellas, and pool floats. Additionally, you will want to send at least a few cars, as they give you more points.
    • Armageddon: cause $500,000 worth of damage to the invasion site. No different from the other armageddon challenges, just with a higher score requirement. There are more than enough buildings in the area and plenty of marked vehicles will spawn for extra money.

    Area 42

    • Rampage: destroy 40 tanks in 2:30. This can seem daunting at first, but is made much easier with a fully upgraded Ion Detonator and Disintegrator Ray. During the first minute or so, the tanks will mostly attack alone, so destroy them with the Disintegrator and save your Ion ammo for the later parts when the tanks are often grouped up. Explosive kills give you more progress this time, so saving the ammo for groups of tanks will make this much easier.
    • Race: you need to score 8000 points in a 3 minute race. The difficulty of this race comes from its long length, a few tight turns, and a bunch of shifts between boarding and jumping. You will need the fully upgraded dash to beat this one, as it provides infinite hoverboard. You also have to get lucky and not get hit by random rocks, exploding vehicles, or exploding cows.
    • Abduction: send 90 military items/personnel into the abduction beam. Exactly what is defined as a military object isn’t particularly clear (i.e. some crates and barrels will count while others won’t), so the general strategy is to throw every soldier and vehicle you see into the beam, and focus on random items such as crates when there aren’t any clear military targets. Larger items will provide more progress. The planes in the hanger section also count.
    • Armageddon: cause $500,000 worth of damage to the invasion site. Same as the previous armageddon challenges, just focus on draining the marked vehicles and take out the Tesla Coils, as they are the biggest threat to the saucer.

    Union Town

    • Rampage: kill 100 humans in 2:30. This isn’t a difficult objective, but is complicated by the somewhat random spawns and respawns of the humans in Union Town. Explosive and PK kills will give you more progress. Focus on killing everyone in the starting area, then head forward across the road; there should be tons of humans that have a better chance of respawning. This may take a few tries to get a good set of spawns.
    • Race: you need to score 6000 points in a 2 minute race. This one is pretty tough, as there are a lot of long jetpack sections with very few hoverboard areas, and the score limit is extremely unforgiving. If you get hung up on anything, whether it be a wall or random exploding vehicle, or miss a single DNA pickup, you are better off restarting.
    • Abduction: send 80 workers into the abduction beam. It’s pretty hard to tell exactly who is a worker and who isn’t, so send any civilian that you see. There are a bunch at the very beginning, and well over a dozen during the last 30 seconds. You will get more progress by sending humans that are alive, so just keep picking people up with PK and flinging them into the beam. Not as bad as the one in Area 42.
    • Armageddon: cause $700,000 worth of damage to the invasion site. Once again, use the same strategies as the previous armageddon challenges and you should be fine. The score requirement is higher, but there are tons of buildings close together and drained vehicles will give you more.

    Capitol City

    • Rampage: kill 100 Majestic Agents in 2:30. Shockingly, having a fully upgraded brain extraction can make this a bit tougher, as the optional method of killing for more progress is to use extraction or the Anal Probe. The upgrades cause some of the people having their brains removed to turn against their fellow humans and become semi-invincible to Crypto’s attacks for a little while. The best strategy is to keep mashing  for the entire time limit to try and extract every brain you come across. If you run into a large group that you don’t think you can quickly extract, use the Disintegrator to wipe them out quickly. Also, don’t focus on extracting from the soldiers that will inevitably attack the area, use the Disintegrator on them as well.
    • Race: you need to score 9000 points in a 2:30 race. This race is fairly long and requires a ton of hoverboarding and jumping. If you follow the strategy listed at the beginning of this trophy description, you should be able to get this one down after a few practice runs, but it will still require a bit of luck with your jumps and debris getting in the way.
    • Abduction: send 80 Majestic Agents into the abduction beam. This is absurdly difficult, not due to a lack of enemies, but due to the massive number of Majestic using energy weapons, as well as Mutants. You will get more progress by sending dead Agents and vehicles, so focus on using the Zap o Matic. You should have a fully upgraded brain extraction ability so that you can constantly drain agents of their brains to help with refilling health. A good strategy is to try and stay in the air as much as possible, as the enemies have a harder time hitting you, and the Mutants can’t hit you with their shockwave attack. The beam continuously circles the Washington Monument, so the throws are pretty easy to make. Ultimately, this will take a number of practice runs to perfect your strategy and stay alive through all the attacks, but there are definitely enough Agents available as long as some are dead when you throw them.
    • Armageddon: cause $1.2 million worth of damage to the invasion site. Yet again, attack the many buildings non-stop while draining every marked vehicle. Nothing to worry about compared to the other challenges in Capitol City.

    Destroy All Humans – All Challenges Walkthrough (Ace of Space Trophy / Achievement Guide)

    Credit to PowerPyx for the video.

    The Mandatory Option Gold
    Complete all optional mission objectives! (Use the Holopoxdeck if you have to.)

    Optional objectives are a new feature of this remake. Each of the game’s 23 story missions contains at least one optional objective. This trophy is unlocked by completing all 54 optional objectives in the game. Most of these objectives are relatively straightforward, such as completing a portion of the level without gaining an alert level, or killing humans in various ways. All the challenges have been listed below with brief descriptions; those marked in red are tougher and require more effort.

    Do keep in mind that you can do these objectives over the course of multiple mission playthroughs. If you have to replay a mission for an objective, you don’t have to re-complete the objectives you already did. However, you do have to finish replaying the mission to save any new objective progress. To replay missions, go to the Holpox Deck while on the mothership and select the mission you need to redo.

    Mission 1: Destination Earth

    • Drown a cow in the lake: PK a cow into the pond next to their pen.
    • Kill the farmer’s wife using a chicken: carry a chicken with PK over to the farmer’s wife while she talks to the two cops. You will likely need to hit her twice for the kill.

    Mission 2: Earth Women Are Delicious

    • Escort Miss Rockwell while disguised as the mayor: holobob the mayor while you are next to the stage and then finish the mission normally.
    • Destroy 3 buildings with the abduct-o-beam: pick up cars and other debris and throw them into buildings with the abduct-o-beam.

    Mission 3: Citizen Crypto

    • Kill a scientist with an explosive cow: pick up any explosive cow with PK and throw them at one of the scientists.
    • Scan 3 humans at the gathering: simply scan () 3 humans at the gathering before holobobbing the mayor and progressing the mission.

    Mission 4: Alien Pool Party

    • Drown 5 party goers: PK five of the marked humans into the pool to drown them.
    • Destroy 5 police cars: destroy any five police cars after getting the Disintegrator Ray.

    Mission 5: Televisions Of Doom

    • Destroy the car using explosives: at the beginning of the mission, you will be tasked with destroying a Majestic vehicle. Wait until you find an explosive container along the path and hit the car with it.
    • Drown Sleepy Ernst in the ocean: when you reach Sleepy Ernst, grab him with PK and carry him all the way to the ocean, then throw him in.
    • Don’t touch the ground: at the end of the mission, you will have to move a bunch of TV antennas. While this objective is easy, it can occasionally glitch and instantly fail.

    Mission 6: Aliens Stole My Brain Stem

    • Use the anal probe on 8 humans: self explanatory, kill 8 humans with the anal probe at the beginning of the mission.

    Mission 7: The Island Suburbia

    • Destroy army assets: destroy enough army vehicles and anti-air guns to fill the bar.

    Mission 8: Teenage Zombies From Outer Space

    • Kill a cop with an agent: during the defend the projector objective, you will be attacked by cops and Majestic agents. Kill a cop by hitting them with an agent for this objective.
    • Kill an agent with a cop: same as the first objective, but a bit tougher as agents have more health than cops.

    Mission 9: South By Southwest

    • Destroy a car using a human: damage a car until it is close to exploding and then throw humans at it until it is destroyed.
    • Kill 5 agents with the Ion Detonator: while causing $20,000 of damage to Majestic, make sure to kill at least five agents with the Ion Detonator.
    • Destroy a building with a Majestic Agent: at the end of the mission, you have to destroy a few buildings and kill some Majestic agents. Use your Death Ray to damage the buildings and trailers, then use the abduct-o-beam to throw agents into the buildings until one is destroyed. This can be a bit tough as you may accidentally grab a civilian or soldier instead of an agent, and the buildings can take quite a few hits.

    Mission 10: Foreign Correspondant

    • Get all hints from the crackpot: while following the guy at the beginning of the mission, scan him 5 times.
    • Reach Bert Wither undetected: holobob one of the cooks at the diner or one of the soldiers on the island and then follow the marked cook all the way to Bert. Recharge as needed by scanning everyone on the island and destroy any EMP generators that get in your way.
    • Kill 10 soldiers with explosives: while escaping from the base, use your Ion Detonator and the many explosives (missiles, barrels, etc) scattered about to get at least 10 kills. There doesn’t seem to be any friendly fire risk.

    Mission 11: Suburbs Of The Damned

    • All three of these objectives can be problematic, as you have to take care of them while also defending the two towers against multiple waves of enemies, all without dying. It isn’t a bad idea to come back to this mission later with upgraded weapons and abilities to make it a bit easier.
    • Kill 5 soldiers using explosive barrels: during the first wave of enemies, you will find explosive barrels scattered around the area. Use your PK to fling barrels until you have killed at least 5 soldiers. Unfortunately, the barrels have a strange tendency to bounce off the heads of soldiers or miss entirely despite your aim.
    • Kill 2 soldiers using rockets: during the second wave of enemies, you will be attacked by some guys with rocket launchers. Use your PK to catch rockets and send them back at the soldiers.
    • Kill 2 soldiers with grenades: during the final wave of enemies, you need to use PK on grenades to get at least two kills. Some soldiers will toss them, as will the giant robots. This is the hardest of the three objectives, as grenades are not commonly used. If you are running out of time, consider letting yourself be killed so you don’t have to replay everything.

    Mission 12: Whatever Happened To Crypto 136?

    • Extract some human brains: after finding the six pieces of Furon tech, extract 13 brains from the soldiers, scientists, and agents around Area 42.
    • Kill a bunch of humans: kill humans until the meter fills, pretty self explanatory.

    Mission 13: The Mutant Menace

    • Reach the lab without being detected: surprisingly not too tough. Holobob the first human you see and keep scanning humans until you reach the lab. There are a handful of EMP devices along the way, but most can be destroyed or simply avoided. Just move slowly and carefully and you should be fine.
    • Trash the lab: once you deal with the mutant human, you will be able to destroy five terminals by holding . Destroy all five for the objective.
    • Destroy 6 buildings with the sonic boom: once you get in your saucer, you will be tasked with destroying a bunch of buildings. Use the sonic boom to destroy at least 6 of them for this objective.

    Mission 13.5: The Wrong Stuff

    • Drop a crate on a scientist: one of the three scientists will be pacing back and forth underneath a crate being held by a crane. Activate the crane for a few seconds as the scientist walks underneath to drop the crate on him.
    • Lure a scientist into a minefield: the scientist inbetween the giant piles of dirt is the prime target for this objective. Approach him, then hit  to make him follow you. He should walk straight into a mine.
    • Cause a BBQ accident: the final scientist will be cooking on a BBQ grill. Just interact with the nearby gas tank to cause a deadly explosion.

    Mission 14: Duck And Cover

    • Kill 3 soldiers using cows: when the truck first approaches the explosive cows, use said cows to kill at least three humans.
    • Kill 3 soldiers using rocks: after the cow portion, the truck will be blocked by rocks. Use those rocks to kill at least three humans with your PK abilities.
    • Kill 3 soldiers using landmines: midway through the truck escort, the truck will approach a minefield on the road. Use PK to throw the mines into the soldiers nearby.
    • Do note that if the truck is destroyed at any point, you will go back to the last checkpoint and have to redo the most recent optional objective.
    • Kill 3 soldiers using rockets: while defending the nuclear device at the end of the mission, you will be attacked by tons of soldiers, including those using rocket launchers. Use PK to grab the rockets and throw them back at the soldiers. Getting 3 kills should be fairly easy.

    Mission 15: It’s A Wonderful Armageddon

    • Destroy a gun turret: at the beginning of the mission, simply destroy any of the army gun turrets while protecting the drone.
    • Destroy a SAM launcher: during the second scan, destroy the nearby SAM launcher. If it has already been destroyed, let yourself die or let the drone be destroyed.
    • Destroy 10 military turrets: while destroying all of Santa Modesta, destroy at least 10 military turrets. They aren’t marked on the map and are a bit tough to find, but there are more than enough for this objective.

    Mission 16: Furon Down

    • Take on 4 human disguises: after escaping the cage at the beginning, repeatedly holobob the two nearby agents to quickly finish the objective.
    • Drown 6 Majestic Agents: while collecting power cells at the end of the mission, use PK to throw at least 6 Majestic Agents into the water.

    Mission 17: Mr. Crypto Goes To Capitol City

    • Reach the Octagon undetected: Holobob anyone at the beginning of the mission, then follow the objectives until you take control of a scientist. From there, head to the Octagon. You will have to command a soldier to open a gate, and you will have to dodge agents and EMP devices. There are thankfully plenty of soldiers you can use to recharge your Holobob. When you reach the building, the password is “Blue Rider”.
    • Kill 5 soldiers using explosives: during the escape portion at the end of the mission, simply kill 5 soldiers with explosives. The Ion Detonator is the easiest option.

    Mission 18: Armquist Vs The Furons

    • Sabotage Majestic listening posts: for this objective, you will need to sabotage five antennas while following Armquist. They can be a bit tough to spot, though they will appear as small gray hexagons on the minimap when you get close. You won’t be able to do this while in holobob due to some of the antenna locations, so stick to the rooftops.
    • Collect ammo spawning during the fight: ammo will spawn randomly around the battlefield during the boss fight. It seems that only Ion Detonator ammo counts toward this objective, but there should be enough of it to complete the objective before starting to transmog random items.

    Mission 19: The Lone Gunman

    • Don’t alert the police: a long but easy objective. Holobob the first person you can and follow the motorcade to its endpoint. As long as you don’t stay too close to the vehicles, you shouldn’t have any trouble.
    • Drown 6 soldiers: after being ambushed, simply throw six of the marked soldiers into the water with PK.
    • Kill the President with an explosive: when you reach the President’s press conference, there are explosive containers behind him that can be used for this objective. The Ion Detonator also works.

    Mission 20: The Furon Filibuster

    • Collect senatorial craniums: you will need to harvest about 10 brains from unfortunate senators. You can use the Anal Probe or the brain extraction ability. You won’t be able to finish this objective until the second group of senators.
    • Kill 10 senators using explosives: Pox will eventually task you with defending the entrance to the Capitol Building against the military, Majestic, and the senators attempting to get inside. Kill at least 10 with explosives for this objective. This can be done with the various explosive containers and the Ion Detonator.

    Mission 21: Shocking Developments

    • Electrocute 3 scientists using the Tesla Coils: each Tesla Coil on the ground will have a couple unmarked scientists nearby. For this objective, pick them up with PK and carry them into the Coil without throwing; this should kill them instantly. Unfortunately, the scientists can sometimes run away or be killed in the crossfire with other enemies, and can be tougher to identify, so this may take a couple of tries. They look a lot like normal Majestic Agents but speak with a German accent.
    • Kill the 3 Tesla Coil inventors: while destroying more Coils in the saucer, three humans will be marked on the map, and they will have small markers over their head. Kill those three for this objective.

    Mission 22: Attack Of The 50 Foot President

    • Hit the weak spot on Robo-Prez’s chest: simply shoot the giant red segment of the robot’s chest, probably impossible to miss completing this one.
    • Shoot Silhouette out of the air: during the final battle, Silhouette will sometimes hover in the air. When this happens, knock the boss out of the air by shooting them a good 10 times with the Disintegrator Ray. This one is also extremely likely to come naturally due to the nature of the fight.
    For the Glory of the Furon Empire! Gold
    Destroy humanity’s last hope and initiate the subjugation of the species

    This trophy will be unlocked upon completion of the 22nd and final mission of the game Attack Of The 50 Foot President! The level has been detailed in the spoiler sections below. It is highly recommended that you have fully upgraded shields for both Crypto and the Saucer, and at least a few fully upgraded weapons, as the final level is a major difficulty spike over the rest of the game.

    The first half of the mission encompasses the first of two boss fights, this one against Robo Prez. The fight is three phases, just like Armquist, and is conducted in the saucer. In the first phase, simply shoot Robo Prez’s weak spot (the giant red core) over and over until the health bar is depleted. Its only attacks are laser guns firing in a few different patterns and spawning the mines attached to weather balloons. Once the health bar is depleted, the robot will move to a new location. The second and third phases are largely the same, but with some more attacks thrown in. The most dangerous attack the Prez has is the ability to launch homing missiles, which will usually happen whenever you try to fly away. Overall, the boss is little more than a giant bullet sponge. The only real threat is that there aren’t many people/objects you can transmog or drain to refill your health and ammo, but you can constantly hit to repulse missiles with no penalty. Upon draining the third and final health bar, you will finish the first fight and unlock the trophy Impeached.

    After the first boss fight, Silhouette will call you down to the Octagon for a final showdown. This fight is a lot tougher, due to Silhouette’s high powered attacks, some of which are extremely tough to dodge. Her attacks are based around Majestic’s laser weapons, including spin attacks and shooting out hundreds of lasers in every direction. If you get too far away, she will use a purple projectile attack that locks onto you, slows you down, and quickly drains your health if you get hit. Additionally, she has an attack where the severed head of Robo Prez will launch some kind of radiation strike that affects most of the battlefield aside from a few bubbles. This attack will drop your health to almost nothing. The fight has no checkpoints, so death will result in having to restart. After each health bar is depleted, Silhouette will run away and be healed by a device surrounded by turrets. The fight will take time and some practice, but after a few tries you’ll get used to the attacks and get a lucky run.

    Destroy All Humans – Robo-Prez & Silhouette Final Boss Fight + Ending

    Credit to PowerPyx for the video.


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