Devious Dungeon 2 Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 3/10
    Estimated time to platinum/100%: 4 – 7 hours
    Missable trophies: None
    Glitched trophies: None
    Difficulty related: None


    This sequel to Devious Dungeon gives us more randomly generated levels and new baddies to crush. There are three heroes you can choose from: Barbarian, Mage, or Rogue. Each has unique abilities and different stats. The trophy list mirrors the first game with some extra trophies related to new features. The game and trophies are straightforward. Beating the game will more than likely net you all the trophies.


    Step 1: Beat the Game
    Play through all levels and beat the final boss. All the trophies will unlock along the way.

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    You’ll be earning these trophies:

    Bronze Training Complete
    Bronze Level Up!
    Bronze Book Worm
    Silver Cat-like Reflexes
    Bronze I’m Not Lost!
    Bronze Armed and Dangerous
    Bronze Suit Up!
    Bronze Shiny Trinket
    Bronze Strange Brew
    Bronze Holy Hands
    Silver Crate Crusher!
    Silver Death Bringer!
    Bronze Finders Keepers
    Bronze The Collector 1
    Gold The Collector 2
    Bronze Wanted Dead Not Alive
    Silver Bounty Hunter 1
    Gold Bounty Hunter 2
    Gold Eat Dirt!
    Gold Dead Undead!
    Gold Trolled
    Gold Worm Food
    Gold Summoned
    Gold Legendary Hero
    40-platinum Platinum Adventurer

    Step 2: Cleanup

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    Play through all levels and beat the final boss. All the trophies will unlock along the way.


    1L853be1Platinum Adventurer
    Get all trophies.

    Once you’ve obtained all other trophies, this platinum is yours

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    2L1a1ae5Training Complete
    Completed the training level.

    On the Castle Map, selecting the area Mines starts the tutorial. This level explains the game’s mechanics. Finish the very first level to earn this trophy.

    3Ld86dfeLevel Up!
    Leveled up for the first time!

    During Mines Level 1-1, you will level up by defeating a few enemies.

    4L8e3fc2Book Worm
    Read 5 tomes.

    These are red books that can be found during a level. They give you a nice experience boost. Search high and low in each level and collect 5 to pop this trophy.

    5L331091Cat-like Reflexesupscale-245262160018212
    Destroy an arrow in mid-air.

    There are certain enemies that shoot arrows at you. Attack ( or ) before an arrow hits you to get this trophy.

    6Lc894dfI’m Not Lost! 
    Checked the map screen.

    At any point during a level, press  to open up the map.

    Collect 60 keys.

    Each level has one key that unlocks the portal to move on to the next level. This will unlock at some point, depending on how well you play the game.

    8Lea8d38Armed and Dangerous
    Buy a new weapon.

    In Olaf’s shop, the first weapon you can buy is the Hand Axe which costs $200.

    9L37b538Suit Up!
    Buy some armor!

    In Olaf’s shop, the first armor you can buy is the Leather Armor which costs $300.

    10Ld6e233Shiny Trinket
    Buy a trinket.

    In Olaf’s shop, the first trinket you can buy is the Copper Ring which costs $100.

    11L3e30ad.pngStrange Brew 
    Buy a potion.

    In Olaf’s shop, the first potion you can buy is the Potion of Health which costs $200.

    12Lb87c9fHoly Hands
    Received healing from the Priest!

    In Olaf’s Caravan, the priest will heal you for $50. this place is accessed every 3 levels. Pay to be healed for the first time to be rewarded with this trophy.

    13Lbbd511Crate Crusher!upscale-245262160018212
    Destroy 100 crates.

    Crates are scattered throughout each level. They drop coins and health. Be sure to attack any you see to eventually earn this trophy.

    14La24e9cDeath Bringer! upscale-245262160018212
    Kill more than 100 enemies.

    Enemies are a dime a dozen and are littered throughout each level. You can attack by pressing or holding down or . Depending on how many enemies you kill, it is possible to earn this by Mines Level 3-1.

    15L724972Finders Keepers
    Found a lost treasure.

    See The Collector 2.

    16L2acd82The Collector 1
    Find 3 the lost treasure.

    See The Collector 2.

    17L7eddf9The Collector 2Gold
    Find 6 the lost treasure.

    Treasures can be found anywhere within a level. There are 20 unique treasures you can find throughout the game but only 6 are needed to pop this trophy. It is possible to earn this before fighting the first boss in Mines Level 5.

    18Lf231dfWanted Dead Not Alive
    Found and killed a wanted mini-boss.

    See Bounty Hunter 2.

    19L867e42Bounty Hunter 1upscale-245262160018212
    Collect the bounties on 3 mini-bosses.

    See Bounty Hunter 2.

    20L06757fBounty Hunter 2 Gold
    Collect the bounties on 6 mini-bosses.

    There are 12 unique mini-bosses and are found randomly in the different areas of the game. You will only need to kill 6 to unlock this trophy. To see which ones you have killed or where to kill others, press to open the menu and go to wanted to see all the mini-bosses. Select one to see the reward and area to find it.

    21Lefc824Eat Dirt! Gold
    Defeat the Earth Elemental Boss.

    This is the boss of Mines 5. He throws rocks at you, creates spires from the ground, and runs back and forth.

    22Lff2816Dead Undead!Gold
    Defeat the Undead Knight Boss.

    This is the boss of Barracks 10. He throws a big sword at you like a boomerang, throws individual swords at you, and makes it rain arrows.

    23L5f3a2dTrolled Gold
    Defeat the Cave Troll Boss.

    This is the boss of Dungeons 15. He walks back and forth, jumps towards you, and punches you.

    24L04cc97Worm FoodGold
    Defeat the Slug Boss.

    This is the boss of Great Halls 20. He shoots fireballs, walks across the stage, and strikes while advancing forward.

    25L199bccSummoned Gold
    Defeat the Summoner Boss.

    This is the boss of Library 25. He shoots magic blasts at you and he swings his sword while moving across the stage.

    26L86a569Legendary Hero Gold
    Complete the game.

    This trophy unlocks after defeating The Necromancer in Crypt 25. He spawns two enemies, throws pots that create fire where they land, and shoots magical balls at you.


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