Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia Review

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    Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia (DFFOO) is a free-to-play JRPG videogame spin-off the worldwide seller franchise Final Fantasy. Available in both Android and iOS the game was co-developed by Square-Enix and Team Ninja of Koei Tecno and published by Square-Enix.

    Unlike the rest of the Dissidia videogames, Opera Omnia bets on turn-based combat instead of being a fighting game with action role-playing elements. It features over a hundred characters (and counting) both heroes and villains from across the whole franchise. It also features both original and borrowed themes from other games, which makes an incredible soundtrack for fans. The graphics consist of colorful scenarios and chibi styled characters, similar to those of World Of Final Fantasy. Even though the game features hundreds of gameplay hours, by the time this review is posted, you only need about 3GBs of memory on your smartphone to storage the full version.


    In a distant world, heroes and villains from across the multi-verse of Final Fantasy are summoned by gods. Materia born by Cosmo‘s will, who believes the best way to protect something is to summon righteous heroes who form bonds and work together. Spiritus born by Chaos‘s will, who believes only those who strong will and desire can protect something.

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    Both gods decide to summon warriors to protect their worlds from a mysterious threat. Both sides will collide in a new epic and original adventure that worth the time of any JRPG or Final Fantasy fans out there.


    The battle system consists of classic turn-based combat with few changes. We can use a party of up to 3 characters, 1 support character (from another player) and 1 summon to take on a quest. The quests consist of enemy waves that we need to beat, a good performance in each quest grants in-game items as rewards.

    To defeat enemies, we need to drop their Health Points (HP) to 0 making good use of Brave (BRV) points. The HP damage we can make is the current amount of BRV our character has. Each character counts with one BRV attack that steals BRV points from the enemies based on our character ATK stat and the enemies DEF stat. The same way each character counts with an HP attack that deals HP damage. Finally, each character has unique skills that vary from special attacks, party buffs, enemy debuffs, healing actions, etc.

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    Turn-Based battle system.

    As always, we will need to level up our characters to progress through the game. There are 2 level systems in the game, the first being the classic character level that increase while we acquire experience (EXP) points. The other is the crystal strength level, for which we will need to spend crystals to increase the power of our characters. Crystals are obtained by completing quests or completing certain tasks during on-going events.

    Crystal Strength

    Another important part of the gameplay is the affinity gear. Special gear that unlocks unique skills when certain characters equip them. In order to have our Final Fantasy dream team, we will need to unlock and power up these items

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    Affinity Gear

    I’ll let you a little piece of gameplay so you can have an idea. And yes, I did pick an easy quest for a demonstration.

    Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia.


    Characters are design with a chibi-style while the scenarios are simple and colorful. The design is ideal for audiences of all ages. The games sound effects and music are pretty good as well. No voice dub so we can only hear a certain expression from the characters, laughs, etc when the dialog box appears.

    Chibi-Styled characters


    Oh boy, there’s enough game here to keep you playing for hundreds of hours, I’ve already spent about 560 hours. There are 11 story chapters on act 1 and currently 8 on act 2 (until April 2020 where a new chapter will drop).

    World Map from Act 1

    The Events, quest available for a certain time that rewards you with the more tiers you complete. Co-Op parties are available during events in most quests so you can earn co-op rewards with your friends.

    Events (2020-03-06)

    Apart from the story chapters, we have the Lost Chapters where we can recruit certain characters and learn more about their backstory.

    Lost Chapters (2020-03-05)

    The World Of Illusions, the quests here reward you with items that can power up your summons or bind a new one. When one summon reaches a certain level you can take on special quests. These special quests reward you with summon points to upgrade your character stats and unlock new passive skills.

    World of Illusions

    Finally, the Dimension’s End quests. Quests that test your skills on battles against enemies that are only vulnerable to either melee, ranged or magic attacks. Players must obtain a perfect score in each tier in order to unlock the next. Once players complete a tier with a perfect score, all characters involved are locked from the other quests. To unlock a character and use it in other tier, players must repeat the tier where the character was locked and obtain another perfect score with a new party.

    Dimension’s End (2020-03-06)


    Both Story Chapter and Lost Chapter quests are located in a board map where we need to clear one quest to unlock more. The map also includes cutscenes to see the story unfold. The “Hard Mode” unlocks when players clear all chapter’s quests. The “Hard Mode” features new rewards for replaying each quest against stronger foes and a bonus reward for completing the whole chapter again. With these chapters and the rest of the game modes in the game, you will have hundreds of quest available to play once you start the game, it’s insane.

    Also, the game is always receiving new updates with new characters and quests to play. The game actually has about 6-8 updates per month that includes characters, quest, gears. So if you like the game, don’t worry about completing all quests and have nothing else to do. But if this is not enough, you may as well try the Japanese version of the game which was released one year before the international version.

    Act 2 – Chapter 5 (First Stage)


    Space-time torsions threat a world that was meant to be a place of rest for warriors. Goddess Materia summons righteous warriors from across the Final Fantasy universe to stop the torsions and protect the world. These warriors lost many memories from their respective worlds after arriving in this new one. Their guide, a Moguri by the name of Mog who was the ability to “feel” nearby torsions and the “light” of righteous warriors.

    Rinoa’s Lost Chapter (Where to go)

    In this new adventure, the warriors will learn about other worlds, both similarities, and differences. Rivalries will become alliances in order to face a bigger threat. The warriors of light will fight not only to protect Materia’s world but theirs as well. As the torsions grow big, the threat of destruction of their homeworlds becomes a reality. This is the ideal playground for many of Spiritus warriors.

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    • Hundreds of gameplay hours.
    • Huge roaster of FF characters.
    • Constant updates to the game.


    • Repetitive for some people.



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