Donkey Kong Jr. Math Review

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    Donkey Kong Jr. Math is a tool on the NES for kids to learn math by playing some games. Here is our Donkey Kong Jr. Math Review.

    The game was developed by Nintendo R&D2 and published by Nintendo, This version was originally released on December 12, 1983, for the Nintendo Entertainment System but was also available for the Wii and Wii U when those services were still available.

    There is a lot I can say about the game, and sadly it’s all negative. I have absolutely nothing positive to say and that is mainly because of time. Time didn’t do this game justice on the NES, especially due to the controls and unappealing visuals. The game is a tool to teach kids some math and in the 80s I think this was a good solution for kids, but nowadays, there really is 0 point in trying to get a copy or boot it up on the Wii U if you bought it on there before that store shut down.

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    Nowadays, there are just a lot better alternatives on tablets and phones that are just free on the app store and are just so much more appealing for kids nowadays with a lot of colors instead of a black back with some ropes to hang on, there probably are some rip-offs of this on the stores for free that are more appealing just for being on those systems and probably being more colorful.

    That’s not even talking about the annoying controls, it’s all very clunky, and while it does work, it is just annoying. Every time you pick a number it just feels slow going to the next one, the flow is just not there and really interrupts the gameplay and if this was a bit faster I would probably not be as harsh on the game as I’m being right now.

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    Compared to other free games, this really is not worth spending any effort on for kids.

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    Compared to other free games, this really is not worth spending any effort on for kids.Donkey Kong Jr. Math Review