Donkey Kong Review (1983)

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    Donkey Kong is the legend that started the Mario legacy, you play as Mario and avoid barrels to save the princess. Here is our Donkey Kong Review.

    The game was developed by Nintendo R&D1 and published by Nintendo, This version was originally released on July 9, 1981, for Arcades and in 1983 the Nintendo Entertainment System but has been ported over to the majority of Nintendo platforms. It’s currently also available on the Nintendo Switch Online NES Service, this is also the version I played to review the game.

    Donkey Kong is a classic, it is a game everyone knows or at least has heard of above the age of 15, not sure about the kids these days with their iPads ‘n stuff. I don’t blame kids these days if they don’t know it, because is it really that good? no, not really, it’s just the same 3 levels over and over again, but it does look like each cycle gets a little bit harder when you beat the kong, but other than that, there really is not much meat to it, and gets boring fast.

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    I like its visuals and simplicity, Mario has his iconic look and my favorite power-up from Super Smash Bros. So what else do I need? Well, variety for starters would be nice, but this really is the 1st game that got popular and stuck around long enough to be worthy to talk about today, so for back then I do give it some credit and can see it being fun.

    While I am not very positive about it, bu it is a fun game for a few minutes, other than that, there really is nothing holding you on to play for hours on end, it’s maybe fun for about 30 minutes before it really starts to look worse and worse.

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    A timeless classic, but it is a boring/limited one at that.

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    A timeless classic, but it is a boring/limited one at that.Donkey Kong Review (1983)