Doom 64 Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 3/10
    Estimated time to 100%: 2-8 hours, dependent on using level select right away or not
    Missable trophies: None
    Glitched trophies: None
    difficulty related: None


    Welcome to the Doom 64 Trophy Guide and Achievement Guide!


    Step 1: Play the game through for fun!

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    I recommend just playing the game through normally for fun. Yes, this will make the 100% time 6-8 hours, but it’s a great game that’s made even better with modern controls! So just have fun and enjoy yourself! Or if you just want the 100% and bounce out, skip to Stage 2.

    You’ll be earning these trophies:

    Bronze Mother May I?
    Silver Secret Sleuth
    Silver My Cause is Just, My Will Is Strong
    Silver Unholy Firepower
    Silver Rip and Tear!

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    Step 2: Level select all the levels for the random trophies left over.

    This can either be step one or two. But now is the time to level select. Go to the main menu, and options, and go to Passwords. Then put in the codes related to the trophies and levels, and get the rest of the 100% super easy!

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    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:

    Bronze Walk the Path
    Bronze Persistence is the Key
    Silver That was Fun
    Gold RVNH3CT1CD3M0???
    Bronze Escape Artist

    Trophy Guide:

    Mother May I?
    Defeat the Mother of All Demons on The Absolution

    The last boss is located on level 28. You may also use the level code W93M 7H20 BCY0 PSVB, which starts you with full everything and all demon keys. This game does levels weird, by skipping you from 24 to 28. You’ll get loaded into an arsenal room, and get to stock up on some ammo. Now, there are 3 caves in the big area. Enemies come from them. I circled the map in a counter-clockwise fashion. Use the rocket launcher when you’re in the open area, and the minigun when around the caves so you don’t blow yourself up. After all the enemies are dead, save, so long as you’re in good shape, on a DIFFERENT FILE! Then, you should have full ammo for the BFG. Move around and hit the boss with it. This will take some trial and error! That’s what the save is for after the wave of enemies. After you finally kill the last boss, you win and you can sit back and relax.

    Walk the Path
    Finish the Lost Levels mission

    So you have to finish the Lost Level Missions for this trophy, but in actuality, you just need to finish the last level. These levels weren’t in the original release and can be obtained with level select. Or after you beat the game, click New Game and then select Lost Levels. Using the code: ?QDM 7HYC BB4X FJVB, you’ll be put at the start of the game. Now, press pause, and go to “Features”. DONT TOUCH ANYTHING HERE! Cycle through the levels until you get to “Final Judgement”. Now you can save safely, as you work your way through this level. It’s not hard, and you shouldn’t die. Before you push all 3 colored buttons, I recommend saving. Then use the Unmaker to kill the boss easily!

    Secret Sleuth upscale-245262160018212
    Discover a secret area

    On the first level at the start, go down the stairs and to the left. You’ll find a door on your left with 2 enemies inside. Kill them, then go up the little stairs in the room and follow the path to the left. Hit X on the out of place wall, then go inside and pick up the armor and get the trophy.

    My Cause is Just, My Will is Strong upscale-245262160018212
    Find the BFG9000

    In level 10, you’ll come to an area of water. To the right, you can go upstairs that water is coming down. Follow the path and drop off the ledge. Press the button then go in the teleporter. Go back down the stairs and look right. You’ll notice a gun in the wall you can get. Pick it up and get the BFG9000! Also found in level 28!

    Unholy Firepower upscale-245262160018212
    Find the Unmaker

    You’ll find this weapon behind the red keycard door in level 12! Make sure to pick it up when you see it! Also found in level 28!

    Persistence is the Key
    Acquire all 3 Demon Key Artifacts in the main campaign

    To get this trophy a lot easier, you can level select it by using the code V87L 7C28 BDT1 59VB. As you go through this level, you’ll see the artifact on a tower. You have to hit some switches to lower it. There’s a switch on the bottom floor, and it opens up some stairs. At the top of the stairs, facing the artifact, go into the room on the right. In the big window, you’ll see a switch on a wall across the way. Shoot it. Then look through the little window to your left and you should see another switch to shoot. If you don’t see either, exit and re-enter. Then you just press the switches in the left and right rooms, and the artifact will lower. Grab it and get the trophy!

    Rip and Tear! upscale-245262160018212
    Kill a Cyberdemon

    The earliest you can get this is level 17. There’s also a CyberDemon at the end of level 24, No Escape. As you progress through the level, you’ll circle back to the beginning of the level. I suggest you save when you get there. Now you’ll face a couple waves of enemies. All with 4 enemies each. Relatively easy. The last wave, which consists of 2 fat enemies with rockets, and 2 spider drones, can be the toughest. But each enemy takes 3 rockets to kill. After you kill them, SAVE AGAIN, so long as you’re in good health. This way you don’t have to do the waves again. Then the CyberDemon comes. He is relatively easy. He’ll shoot 3 rockets at you, which can be evaded easily once you get the pattern down. He just takes a ton of bullets. So hit him with your most powerful weapons. Eventually, he will die, I promise, and your trophy will unlock.

    That was Fun upscale-245262160018212
    Finish a ‘Fun’ Level

    Using the code RY48 9BFY 6?JM KBK?, you’ll end up in a “fun” level. Now, this is anything but fun mind you. You start in a pit, with the mechaspiders above you. You have to grab the rocket in front of you and start firing away while dodging. Once they’re all dead, then comes a CyberDemon! Easy enough, plus a 200% HP and Armor pickup in the centre! Pick it up when you need it! After the CyberDemon, comes the enemies with rockets arms!!!! After you kill this wave, you finish the level and get the trophy! I highly recommend saving AFTER each wave of enemies. It would suck to die at the end of something from rushing and blowing yourself up.

    RVNH3CT1CD3M0??? Gold
    Locate the secret level ‘Hectic’

    This secret level is obtained on the first level. Go through the level carefully killing all of the enemies, BUT DONT BLOW UP THE EXPLOSIVE BARRELS! After all the enemies are killed, go back to the start of the level and make a save. Now refer to the video below for the rest of the steps, as it’s kind of confusing afterwards.

    Escape Artist
    Finish ‘No Escape’ on Watch Me Die skill level

    You can either be crazy and play through the entire game on Hard, and this will come naturally, or you can just use this passcode YWW4 7HVD BCLG RKVB and beat the level to get the trophy! This is the last level before the final boss. You should save the game after every encounter in this difficulty!! The trophy unlocks once you kill the 2 CyberDemons at the end!


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