Dr. Mario Review

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    Dr. Mario is a different take on Mario and takes more of a puzzle approach similar to games like Tetris. Here is our Dr. Mario Review.

    The game was developed by Nintendo R&D1 and published by Nintendo, This version was originally released on July 27, 1990, for the Nintendo Entertainment System but has been ported over to the majority of Nintendo platforms. It’s currently also available on the Nintendo Switch Online NES Service, this is also the version I played to review the game.

    In the first few minutes, I absolutely hated my time with the game, I didn’t understand what I had to do and it was a lot harder than it seemed. But not understanding what to do is a general thing in these NES games on the Nintendo Online service, especially with the NES Open Tournament Golf game. When Dr. Mario clicked, it quickly became a ton of fun and made me wanna play more and more, even when things got hard, and that happened pretty quickly into the game.

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    The game is a bit like Tetris, pills come dropping down, but unlike Tetris, there is only 1 shape and you have to line up 4 of the same color for that part to disappear. Also different here, there are 3 different colored viruses and you need to line up the pills with them to take them down, if all the viruses are gone, you win the level and go to the next. Seems simple, but in actuality is a bit harder than you think, It becomes pretty hard early on around level 3/4 already where you will probably fail multiple times before actually making it.

    The game does get a bit one-sided with its visuals and after a while, the gameplay loop does get a bit boring as well, but without knowing, I suddenly lost an hour just playing this, and it is a lot of fun for what it is if you have an hour to kill with nothing to do. But at the same time, there are better versions of the game available on the Nintendo Online service like Dr. Mario 64 on the N64 app.

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    A good game, but there are newer versions that are just a lot more enjoyable due to its visuals.

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    A good game, but there are newer versions that are just a lot more enjoyable due to its visuals.Dr. Mario Review