Escape From Tarkov Arena First Impressions – Gamescom 2023

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    The developer behind Escape From Tarkov is working on a brand new game mode named “Arena”. Here is our Escape From Tarkov Arena First Impressions.

    Escape From Tarkov is a (multiplayer) tactical first-person shooter and is in development by Battlestate Games. Currently Escape From Tarkov is only available on PC, but the developer has teased a console version. It’s a hardcore game and the developers try to make it as realistic as possible.

    There is a war taking place between two private military companies (United Security “USEC” and the Battle Encounter Assault Regiment “BEAR”). Players can join matches called “raids” in which they fight other players and scav’s (and bosses). Extract and get the loot. Remember to keep in mind that Tarkov is still in Beta.

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    We were lucky enough to get invited by Battlestate Games to play the new game mode at Gamescom 2023. Here were able to play Arena and we had a chat with the developers.

    Escape From Tarkov Arena First Impressions - Gamescom 2023 - Menu
    “Main menu”

    The Arena works completely like the standard mechanics in Tarkov. That means that playing Arena will be hard and challenging. You need to keep an eye on your health because you got different types of bleeding. It’s possible to get heavy or light bleeding. Also, it’s possible to break bones. Use a splint to heal or use a painkiller if you are still in combat, that removes your limping. You need to see Tarkov’s Arena as gladiator fights. The fights are organized by the mysterious Masters and led by the Host. You can play the competitive PvPvE first-person shooter with tactical team modes. Before you spawn in, you need to wait and prepare yourself for your (next) fight. You can watch the fight by walking on the balcony or using a camera and spectating the player. This system works similarly to the Gulag from COD Warzone.

    Where you normally try to get loot as a Scav or fight your way to the loot as a PMC, you have now Pre-selected loadouts. You can choose between Assault, CQB, Scout, and Sniper. Arena en Tarkov are two different games, but your character’s level, skills, and weapon mastering will grow in both. There will be a “ranked games” system. You will play against opponents of equal skill.

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    Escape From Tarkov Arena First Impressions - Loadout select
    “Choose your pre-build”


    I will give my opinion as an “advanced” Tarkov player with an enormous amount of in-game hours (2312 hours). If you are new to the game, you will probably like this new setting. The mechanics will be hard, but easy to learn. But if you are a hardcore Tarkov player, it will be a challenge to really like this. The fighting system is not the same as the traditional Tarkov game because you don’t really “extract”. The switch between “normal” and “Arena” will be good for the traditional Tarkov. Are you stuck with tasks? Or today isn’t your day? Switch to Arena and have some fun! As a side note, the painkiller effect will be the same as before the wipe. Not like the weird effect that it has now!

    Escape From Tarkov Arena First Impressions - map overlook
    “Capture the point and win”

    Different game modes

    Round-robin tournament – each team plays against each other in solo, duo, or trio modes. The two teams with the most victory points meet in the final to determine the winner of the tournament.

    2 teams of 5 players fight for victory in 7 rounds. Capturing objective points on the map after the timer expires will also lead to victory in the round.

    PvE missions for 5 players. The goal of the team is to clear the location from waves of enemies, complete the given objective, and evacuate to a safe zone.

    Last Hero
    Deathmatch between multiple players. The goal of each player is to score the most kills in the allotted time.

    This mode has at the time of writing no information released for it yet.

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    Escape From Tarkov Arena First Impressions - Scoreboard
    “Get ready to fight and watch the scoreboard”
    Escape From Tarkov Arena First Impressions - damage
    “A broken leg and a heavy bleeding”

    Game Locations

    An old private sawmill on the outskirts of Tarkov. Rumored to be a concealed back-up TerraGroup Labs command post with an autonomous control system.
    A former TerraGroup Labs secure cargo warehouse in the port area. An iconic location with a new look.

    Aair pit
    A terminal hall of the city airport, transformed by local thugs into the Arena for death fights.

    A makeshift Arena for gladiator fights, redesigned out of the Equator-2 shopping mall.

    There are 3 maps announced with only a name and no information, these maps are The Bowl, The Box, and Resort.

    Escape From Tarkov Arena First Impressions - Map: Air Pit
    “Map called Air Pit”

    Arena will be released in Q4. “Pre-order now and get a unique gear set from The Chronicles of Ryzhy series protagonist”. See here our selfie with “Nikita”.

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